15 Parents Who Shared Uncomfortable Things About Their Kids Online

The internet is a wonderful place, but as any young person will tell you, social media and parents don't mix. Parents including themselves in your life on the internet is becoming more and more inevitable. However, because of the increasing popularity of these various platforms, we've got old grandmas posting on Twitter, your Aunt Louise is on Instagram, and yes, even your mother and father are on Facebook and they are seeing everything that you post. You can block them, sure, but then you have to awkwardly explain to them why you don't want them in your online life... Sometimes, it's better just to allow them access. Usually you just tell yourself that you'll watch what you post from now on... But you inevitably forget all about that, and then come to regret it.

Some of the most cringe-worthy, most embarrassing, and yes, most hilarious moments on the internet have been when parents discover the details of their child's online life. Suddenly, they see what really goes on when they're on the family computer, and most parents react badly. Publicly scolding and humiliating their children is not out of the question, and this can lead to some golden moments. Here are some of the very best times when parents found out something about their kids they weren't supposed to, and decided to resort to social media for public shaming and humiliation. These parents shared things that we all definitely did not need to know.

15 Josh Will Not Be Available For The Next Little While 

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It's always embarrassing when your close family members find out what you're doing on social media. When you're older, you can kind of shrug it off. Your parents are no longer such a huge presence in your life, and they don't have much control anymore. But when you're young and still living with your parents, these moments can have some pretty dire circumstances. Because parents have the right to actually take away privileges from their kids, and this can lead to not only embarrassment, but total boredom as well.

A great example is this father, who completely humiliated his son after finding out about his habits online. Apparently this kid had become quite popular with "the boys," and had been doing things that his father felt were inappropriate. The level of professionalism in this post is amazing, and that's how you really tell that this dad is pretty angry. All we can say is best of luck to whoever this happened to!

14 Sharing Too Much On Facebook

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Most of you have probably found this out the hard way, but parents and Facebook really don't mix. It's a tough situation though, as more and more old people are joining Facebook. It really isn't something solely for young people anymore, and pretty much everyone is online these days, including our grandparents, for heck's sake. It seems a long and distant memory when Facebook was first created, and you actually had to be a college student to be allowed to create an account. Now, we've become overrun by moms and dads ruining everything.

What do moms even do on Facebook? Well, judging by this post, embarrassing their kids is one of their favorite pastimes. This mother actually goes on Facebook and makes a post informing everyone that her son has plugged the toilet yet again, much to the son's embarrassment and dismay. She then admits that she's been drinking wine, turning up the cringe level of this post to near catastrophic levels.

13 Savagely Owned By His Mom

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But that guy wasn't the only one to be owned by his mom. Facebook has a knack for exposing us at our weakest points. Some offhand remark that you might not have put that much thought into can suddenly be used against you before you even know what's happening. You could be complaining about the weather and then get accused of being a racist homophobe. And the last thing you want is for your mother to savagely own you in front of everyone...

This guy starts off his post with a simple tirade complaining about a headache. One can assume that he's talking about a headache following a night of partying, although that isn't really clear. Then, out of nowhere and attacks him for using curse words. If that wasn't bad enough, his father then chimes in and tells him he seems like he's on his period, and suggests that he takes his mother's medication! If he had a headache before, he probably has a serious migraine now!

12 She Broke The Rules

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As any father will tell you, one of the hardest parts about raising a girl is when she gets old enough to date. Most fathers are extremely protective over their daughters, and rightly so. It's always hard to watch your daughter go into the arms of another boy, and part of you never wants this to happen. But it must happen at some point, and each father must learn how to deal with this in his own special way. And thanks to social media, fathers can get a much clearer picture of what their daughters are up to...

In this case, a father discovered that his daughter had been seeing a boyfriend without his permission. That's not such a big deal, right? Well, it is when she's actually been lying about her age, telling guys she's 14 when she's really only ten! That's why this father took extraordinary measures in this situation – not just humiliating her online, but forcing her to wear a shirt with "ten years old" emblazoned on the front.

11 Tash Is A Bad Girl 

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Social media is so appealing because it allows you to become someone you're not. Your profile pictures can be carefully taken, Photoshopped and edited to the point where you look nothing like your real self. Then, you can actually create a whole separate persona to your actual personality, fooling people into thinking you're a completely different person. This is especially appealing to young people, who are still trying to find themselves in many respects.

But if there's someone who can see through all of these lies, it's the mothers of these less than honest individuals. And in this case, a mother logged onto her daughter's Facebook account to see lies after lies. This was enough to prompt her to post a huge rant about how her daughter is just faking being "cool" and "hardcore" to impress people. The girl was probably completely humiliated, but in the end it probably taught her a valuable lesson.

10 Jesus, Mom... 

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Breaking up is always hard. There's simply no getting around that simple truth. And sometimes, the best thing you can do is vent. Talk about your feelings! Get them off your chest! And in the end, you might not feel totally over it, but you'll definitely feel better. Now, some people do have a very close relationship with their parents, such that they can discuss their relationships with them. But most people would rather not talk about these things with their mom and/or dad.

This guy didn't even do much to warrant the situation that led to his public online embarrassment. All he did was change his relationship status from "in a relationship" to "single." That's all! And then, out of nowhere, her mom makes a crude joke about him being single. That really rubbed salt in the wound, and we are not even sure he deserved that. This is why you don't befriend your parents on Facebook, everyone.

9 Inflate Her

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Sometimes, the single life can get lonely. Most of us know how it feels. We're just wishing for someone to come along and take all our sorrows away. Much like after a breakup, it's also great to talk about this loneliness, if only to get it off your chest. Social media offers a great opportunity to do this, although you might be the victim of some hate. Honestly though, complaining about being single on social media is one of the most cringe-worthy things you can do.

And who better to ridicule a moaning single guy than his own father, right? That's exactly what happened here, and there are no words for the humiliation this poor kid must have felt at this point. It's clear that he's been completely destroyed by his own father, but I think it's for a good reason. Sometimes, the bluntness of our fathers can remind us that we need to toughen up and get on with life, rather than sitting around moaning and feeling sorry for ourselves.

8 19 Years Of Disappointment 

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What child wouldn't feel some level of pride at the fact that their parents have been together for 27 years? That is no small feat, especially in the current era of extremely high divorce rates. That's something to celebrate, right? Maybe it is even brag about on social media to all your friends. After all, not all parents stay together that long. But if you're going to honor your parents' marriage, you might want to do it the right way, instead of making a fool of yourself.

This girl actually misspelled the word "parents" when posting about them being together for 27 years. How is that even possible? Keep in mind you have the option to go back and edit your post at any time. She likely didn't even read this over after posting it, which is probably the most bewildering thing about it. Her dad didn't hesitate to point this out, and he let everyone know that this is just another example of why he's perpetually disappointed in his daughter.

7 Son, Please Learn How To Type

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Almost every single one of us can look back on our teen years and cringe. There was just so much we did wrong, so much we didn't understand, and so many things we wish we could take back. We were still trying to find our true personalities, and that's why so many things we did back then were so amazingly cringe-worthy. For example, a lot of guys in particular try to be really edgy when they're in their teen years. We think it's cool to be emotional and "misunderstood."

This guy took the edginess factor to epic proportions when he posted about breaking up with his girlfriend. For extra measure, he typed the letters in a mixture of capital and lower case letters, because nothing says edginess like randomly inserted capital letters. His mom is quick to make fun of him for this embarrassing behavior, and she ultimately tells him to stop whining and help her with the chores. This mom seems awesome, and she knows he just trying to get attention.

6 40 McNuggets On A Weekly Basis 

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There's a huge trend for older people to look a the current younger generations and lecture them with tirades that begin with the phrase, "Back in my day..." A classic example of this are people from the Baby Boomer generation. They had it very easy back in the day in terms of the economy and jobs, but they seem to equate this all to their hard work and perseverance. Well, it turns out that even the generations that are starting to get old today are turning around to the kids these days and giving them lectures of their own...

This guy went on Facebook and tried to lecture all the kids about how he used to play outside instead of being addicted to video games, and how he used to eat much healthier than kids these days. It almost sounds convincing... until mom steps in and reminds us all that he had a Sega, Playstation, and a Game Boy, and he used to eat upwards of 40 McNuggets a week...

5 You Are So Grounded

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There is a raging debate about how young children should be before they are allowed to use social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Many of these social media platforms actually have age restrictions that prevent children under a certain age from even signing up with their platforms. But even then, parents might decide to ban their kids from joining these sites beyond the platform's own age restrictions.

This is probably a very clear example of a parent who does not want their child to be using Facebook, and the reasons are pretty clear. The daughter seems to be obsessing over men at an age that seems to young, and the mother is less than impressed. She actually threatens to ground her daughter because of this unseemly behavior, and can you really blame her? It's clear that this girl will one day look back on this moment and feel serious embarrassment.

4 He Had Accidents Until He Was 14

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Sometimes, when we break up with someone we feel the need to exact revenge upon the person we once had feelings for. Love is something that sparks fiery passion within us, and this passion can influence us in dangerous and unpredictable ways. Social media only adds fuel to the fire, because it presents us with an entire range of ways to publicly humiliate and denigrate our loved ones in a fully public online setting.

This father's young son did exactly that to a girl he had been dating and had since broken up with. Presumably his son posted something intended to humiliate this young girl, and when his father found out about it he almost lost his mind. But to the father's credit, he kept his cool and decided to enact a very unique brand of punishment on his own son. He decided to humiliate his boy in a way that overshadowed even what he had done to his ex...

3 Mom Humiliates Him Online 

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Public breastfeeding is an issue that has sparked a lot of debate recently both online and in real space. There are those who think that women should not be able to publicly breastfeed their babies, and that this action somehow equates to a crime that requires severe punishment. Then there are those who believe that a woman should be free to do whatever she wants, especially given the fact that a man is able to go shirtless in public with little to no consequences.

But before you go online and start spouting your own opinion on this matter, you might want to check what happened to this unfortunate guy who decided to post about the matter. He is actually against public breastfeeding, but he probably didn't expect his mom to reply to the post and brutally repudiate her own son right there in full public view. But it did happen, and this mom actually makes some very good counterpoints to the ones raised by her son.

2 Taking Care Of Business

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There are some things that should remain behind closed doors: Family matters, certain embarrassing things that happen within the family that should never be spoken about ever again, let alone in a public setting. But the worst part about parents on Facebook is that they often can't figure out how to use the app properly. A good example is the fact that they often get confused between the direct message function and the public post function.

Was this post supposed to be public? Or did this father actually fully intend to embarrass this young boy in front of everyone on the internet? I guess we'll never know. What's clear though is that this one of the most cringe-worthy, embarrassing posts on Facebook you'll ever see, and the reaction from his friend is just plain hilarious. This is the type of thing that haunts you throughout high school, so we hope this whole thing blew over for him.

1 Please Remove Your Nickname

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Not all of us are lucky enough to be given nicknames by our peers, but those of us who are often have mixed feelings about the whole thing. Nicknames are supposed to be fun for everyone, but often they're designed to make fun of the person in question. In other cases, the nicknames are actually intended to honor the person for past accomplishments or notable traits. But the worst kinds of nicknames are the kind people give themselves, for obvious reasons...

This particular boy decided to give himself a very immature nickname, and when his mother found out she had no option but to completely humiliate him in front of all his friends. Her reasons are pretty understandable, but it's her professional tone that makes this whole incident so incredibly hilarious. The boy's friends are laughing their heads off, with some even cheering on this mother for so savagely burning her own son publicly.

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