15 Overpowered Superheroes Who Are Nearly Impossible To Kill

Superheroes boast some of the most impressive abilities known to man and alien alike. Sometimes, the writers take amazing powers and run them to extreme levels. What results are some of the most overpowered characters in storytelling ever. Anyone who has watched a single superhero film knows what I'm talking about and can relate in some way. This move can often lead to uninteresting characters and a severe lack of challenge.

When creating a superhero, the writers always like to test their limits. Because the hero always has to come out on top, the stakes become higher and the challenges become greater. As such, heroes never seem to decrease in power; they only get stronger. Then the writers have to introduce stronger villains to take them on, so the heroes get better and better. At that point it becomes a vicious cycle.

Because comic books and superheroes have been around for so long, there are plenty of incredibly strong heroes present in both the Marvel and DC universes alike (and some not from that neck of the woods). Due to the nature of the powers and extent of their abilities, many of them have become overpowered. No matter what trials they face, you can be sure they will always come out on top. They'll turn any fight in their favor.

Grab your capes and comics, because we're looking at 15 ridiculously overpowered superheroes.


15 The Hulk

If gamma radiation really had the same effect on everyone that it did on Bruce Banner, I'd be heading to a special lab right about now. Banner, as we all know, became the Incredible Hulk after a science accident. He began this new life as an unrestrained being of never ending rage, but since then has learned to control it a bit better. Needless to say, the Hulk still manages to be good at one thing: smashing. His amazing strength and healing factor make him nearly impossible to kill and there are few who've managed to pick a fight with him and walk away.

As the Hulk was introduced in the MCU, it was clear that he boasted a different level of power that was entirely his own. He nearly destroyed a SHIELD Helicarrier just by running around, and he managed to take on an army of aliens (as well as stopping a giant flying beast with one punch). The Hulk can also jump impossible heights in a single bound, making him useful in transportation as well. When it comes to nasty fights, the Avengers always make sure to have the Hulk on the team, because he really can't be stopped.

14 Thor


Here is another example of an overpowered Avenger. All of Thor's abilities would be so broken in a fighting game, and it's no secret why the Marvel Universe wants him around. He can channel lightning and shoot it at foes, he can fly, and he has super strength. Thor, being the Prince of Asgard, is also a really good fighter (even by Asgardian standards) and was given the legendary hammer, Mjolnir, as his trademark weapon. Mjolnir packs a powerful punch and gives him a lot of his trademark abilities. When he throws the hammer as a projectile, it can even return to him mid-flight.

There are few champions who could best the might Thor, and that can make him a little uninteresting at times. In the first Thor movie, audiences watched the son of Odin take on all of Jotunheim. When things got too dicey, he struck the ground with an electricity-wrapped Mjolnir to simply clear the crowd. Thor's powers only get greater as he increases in status. He can go toe to toe with the greatest of the Marvel Universe's villains, and there are few who can give him a legitimate challenge.

13 Martian Manhunter


The DC Universe is full of overpowered heroes who are all members of the Justice League, and none aren't as different as Martian Manhunter. This estranged Martian has a host of abilities that he gained from his time on his home planet. On top of being as strong as Superman, Martian Manhunter can fly, travel straight through solid matter, morph his body into various weapons, disguise himself in any appearance he chooses, and even change into his true form that is even stronger. Topping off his powers is his telepathy. He can communicate with others simply by using his mind, but this can also be used to manipulate other people and search other brains for whatever information he needs. If things get really bad, he can even incapacitate people by screwing with their heads. If it weren't for the existence of fire (just light a match and he's done), Martian Manhunter would be an unstoppable force that would put the Justice League at the top of the intergalactic food chain. Despite this, the powerful alien chooses to take the path of enlightenment and wisdom. He seeks to resolve conflict before it even begins, but this only makes him more OP when he gets agitated.

12 Captain Atom


When compared to other members of the Justice League, there isn't that much information about Captain Atom. However, a lack of info doesn't make a character any less impressive or overpowered. Captain Atom is invulnerable and cannot be killed by any normal means. Anybody seeking to destroy him has to think outside the box. On top of that, he has the powers of flight and super strength.

His powers come from a dimension known as the Quantum Field. This reality is infinite and Captain Atom can increase his abilities when he taps into it. Because the source itself is infinite, so too are the capabilities of Captain Atom. He manipulates this energy to rid himself of the need to eat and sleep. He is so incredibly strong and durable that he has managed to live through the destruction of entire universes, making him nearly impossible to kill. In Flashpoint, Captain Atom was captured and the energy living inside him was being harvested by Aquaman's scientists in order to create the largest nuclear bomb in DC history. Any superhero that can contain such a destructive force inside them is easily one of the most overpowered beings alive.

11 Spawn

After Al Simmons lost his life, he paid for his sins by going to Hell. Then he struck a deal with the demon Malebolgia to get back to Earth. The only catch was that he needed to become a Hellspawn and do Hell's bidding. Spawn has since been the poster boy for Image Comics and has a host of spiritual powers that enable him to do seemingly impossible things. A lot of his powers come from Necroplasm, which is limited, but incredibly strong. Through the use of this energy, he has been able to fly, teleport, and so much more. His suit itself is composed of Necroplasm, which gives him inherent abilities such as super strength and speed. Because of his military training before his untimely death, Spawn also has hand-to-hand training and is proficient with just about any gun he gets his hands on. Spawn, due to being a creature from Hell, also cannot be killed by any normal weapon. The only beings or objects that can kill him reside in spiritual realms like Heaven and Hell. If you throw a knife into his eye, he'll probably laugh and throw it right back at you. If that's not overpowered, I'm not sure what is.

10 Magneto


I know this article is titled "superheroes", but Magneto has constantly found himself on the fence of good and evil. Because he has been a hero on multiple occasions, he deserves inclusion here.

After being horribly persecuted during World War II by the Nazis, Erik Lehnsherr discovered that he had an unnatural mutation that allowed him to bend metal to his will. While this might not seem like much, the writers of Marvel Comics always seem to make Magneto do even more impressive feats. He doesn't just make metal float around him, Magneto can manipulate magnetism itself. By using this, he can bend the poles of the Earth and cause himself to float. He can pull blood out of people so long as it has Iron inside of it. He can swerve bullets that fire at him. It seems that there are no limits to what Magneto is able to do with his powers. In the X-Men movies, his feats become even more grand and impressive. One film, he lifted an entire stadium. The next movie, he was able to destroy the entire world just by tapping into the metal all around him.

9 Silver Surfer

When a cosmic being flies down from the stars and says that an all-powerful being is coming to eat your planet, you'd better take his word for it. Being the servant of a god, Silver Surfer has a host of breathtaking powers all his own. He bears something called the Power Cosmic that allows him to fight creatures much stronger than he is. He can use this power to make himself indestructible, pass straight through any form of matter, shoot lasers that are strong enough to destroy entire planets, fly at incredible speeds, create black holes, and so much more. He can move so quickly on his board that he can reach light speed and enter the realm known as hyperspace. Silver Surfer can also travel through time. He can live in any environment in the universe and doesn't require food, rest, or water. Silver Surfer lives entirely off the conversion of matter into energy. The only thing the Surfer can't do is bring people back from the dead, but considering that he doesn't have any friends and spends his days shooting through the cosmos, it's a loss that he can afford to have.


8 The Flash


When you think of the Flash, you probably think of the classic Barry Allen who can break every speed record in the DC Universe. However, the Flash is so much more than just running really fast. As explored in The Flash, traveling at super speed brings a host of other benefits that make Allen one of the most OP things to come from DC. By running at certain speeds, he can perform the Super Sonic Punch, which decimates any foe he faces at a molecular level. He can also channel the lightning around him and throw it (and even electrically charge water as he runs across it).

The Flash has access to a dimension and energy source known as the Speed Force. This reality is the limitless source of his speed and allows him to perform mind blowing things. He can create tornadoes, create speed mirages, travel through time, out maneuver anybody he faces, phase through matter, and create sonic booms just by snapping his fingers. Traveling as fast as the Flash brings a host of benefits that make him very overpowered. Those that face him don't even have time to think before suddenly they're dropped off at the Central City Police Department.

7 Deadpool

When Wade Wilson was brought into the Weapon X program, little did the scientists know that they would create something so horribly strong and overpowered. After the little experiment was finished, Wilson found himself having a healing factor that made him impossible to kill. He didn't get any powers outside of that- Wilson was already a skilled combat expert and knew how to use a vast array of weapons.

After being turned into a weapon, Deadpool turned to the life of a mercenary to make a living. This life only enhanced his already perfect skills. In the field of battle, he can be quite careless due to his inability to be killed. He can be very frustrating for his opponents to fight as they scramble to think of a way to bring him down. Even if they manage to get past his swords and weapons, they're still out of luck at the end of the day. Deadpool can regenerate from one molecule, and he can take all kinds of damage and still live. Wolverine could just as easily have made this spot on the list for many of the same reasons, but we figured Deadpool would fit better because he is aware of how overpowered he is.

6 Doctor Fate


The spirit Nabu lives inside a mysterious helmet that seeks to take a host. Once the helmet is placed over an individual, Nabu manifests itself in that person, transforming them into the impressive Doctor Fate. I've made the argument before that Doctor Fate is the most powerful member of the Justice League, and I still stand by that statement today. Doctor Fate has entirely magical abilities that allow him to fly, be invulnerable, use telekinesis, and so much more. Being the master of sorcery in the DC Universe, Doctor Fate is known to bend realities and worlds into whatever way he sees fit. He is capable of traveling across various dimensions and can bring others along with him. He can shoot magic in the form of an energy-fueled ankh that damages even the greatest of enemies. While the body that Doctor Fate takes over can be injured or killed, the spirit of Nabu itself is impossible to destroy. The sorcery of this spirit is infinite, and when it merges with another esteemed sorcerer, the results would be truly astounding. When Fate comes knocking, the bad guys go running in fear.

5 Jean Grey

Jean Grey is an Omega-level Mutant. That just sounds overpowered, doesn't it? When Jean first noticed her powers, she decided to suppress them in fear of one day losing control. Once she began using them again, she realized that she had a host of amazing abilities that weren't rivaled by any other mutant in existence. Jean Grey had astounding telepathy that allowed her to control, communicate, and manipulate other minds. She could make herself invisible in the eyes of others if she wanted. Jean also had powerful telekinesis that let her move and throw around even the largest of objects. She even learned how to manipulate matter at a subatomic level. Once the Phoenix Force manifested itself in her, she became one of the most overpowered mutants in the Marvel Universe. All of her abilities were multiplied exponentially, enabling her to take on just about everyone in the world. These powers were even strong enough to defeat Galactus- the master of the Silver Surfer. Jean Grey was also the mutant who was able to defeat Apocalypse in X-Men Apocalypse. It seems there is no limit to Jean Grey's true power, and it's unfortunate that it eventually gets to her head.

4 Franklin Richards


Superheroes have powerful children. Look at Magneto's daughter Scarlet Witch. She was able to create realities and change matter as she wished. What happens then, when two superheroes have children? You get Franklin Richards. The child of both Mister Fantastic and Invisible Woman, Franklin Richards was unlike any other mutant in the Marvel Universe. Scarlet Witch doesn't even compare to what this little tyke can do.

If Franklin Richards comes up with a thought, he can make it a reality. If Franklin Richards wants to create his own dimensions, he can do that too. There is nothing that this young mind can't do. He can separate his astral body from his physical body, and he can fire blasts of energy. His powers quickly became so great that he even caught the attention of the Cosmic Beings (including the aforementioned Galactus). They even considered young Richards to become a new Celestial because they felt he was on par with even their infinite strength. Obviously, Richards is crazy overpowered. Being able to create and destroy as he chooses and even garnering the attention of Cosmic Beings and Celestials is way beyond the realm of reality, but it is cool to think about nonetheless.

3 Batman

Batman is just an ordinary guy with a lot of money and patience. He should not be as strong or capable in battle as he is. Batman, while beginning by just fighting ordinary thugs and criminals, became a staple of the Justice League and learned how to fight individuals that were much stronger than he. Because of this, Batman spent a lot of his resources creating suits and contingency plans that gave him an edge against gods and monsters. He even managed to create an emergency plan in case any fellow member of the Justice League went AWOL. This information got him in serious trouble, but it never stopped him. Batman was also prepared enough to fight Superman on multiple occasions, and more often than not, actually won. His prowess and skill has become so renowned by the public that it's a bit of a joke that he can do anything simply because "he's Batman." The Dark Knight is one of the most brilliant minds in the DC Universe and will always be able to stand on top of incredible foes like Darkseid and Sinestro. How does he do all of this? Easy. It's because he's Batman.

2 Black Bolt


What do you get when you cross Captain America with an Inhuman? Something incredibly overpowered, that's what. As an infant, he was already infused with the Terrigen Mist that turned him into an Inhuman. However, there was additional experimentation that turned him into one of the most ridiculously overpowered superheroes known to the Marvel Universe.

Black Bolt has a very powerful voice (and not in the effective public speaker way). A simple word out of his mouth can destroy entire continents. A mere whisper out of his mouth can damage a battleship. By learning to control his powers, Black Bolt gained the ability to fly at high speeds. He is also an adept combat expert, making him dangerous up close and at a distance. When he begins to scream, the resulting energy is so powerful that it can destroy entire planets. Because of how overpowered he is, Black Bolt spent years of training in order to never utter a sound unless absolutely necessary. Instead, he often communicates to others through telepathy. His voice is also controlled by his emotions, so Black Bolt also has to remain composed at all times. When he lets go, there isn't anything anyone can do to stop it.

1 Superman

You all knew this was coming. Ever since Kal-El crash landed on the Planet Earth and gained a host of super abilities, he's become the poster boy for overpowered superheroes. Superman can fly, has super strength, super speed, can shoot lasers out of his eyes, has frost breath, can withstand any environment, and so much more. Over the years, the writers at DC have given Superman more powers and capabilities. While his strength comes from the sun, it's clear that he practically has no limits. None of us are sure where Superman's strength ends.

In the comics, he's been known to do incredible yet ridiculous things that make him so incomprehensibly powerful that it's almost too much. Superman can tow planets over his shoulder and even alter realities. In each incarnation, he always has impressive powers that make him impossible to defeat. His only weakness is Kryptonite, but the writers had to refrain from using that too much. Because of this, there are simply bigger foes for the Man of Steel to fight, meaning that he is only going to get stronger as the years tick by.

Sources: Marvel Comics, DC Comics

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