15 Overplayed Celebs We Probably Won’t Be Seeing On Screen In 2018

Movie stars are some of the most recognizable people on the planet, and partly because so few people get to appear in the biggest kind of movies. Hollywood isn’t the biggest source of unique ideas when it comes to casting. For every up-and-comer that manages to get the kind of exposure and recognition they deserve, Hollywood is more likely to just cast the same people in roles that they maybe don’t deserve to get. Hollywood casting agents are more likely to go with familiar faces than new ones, because those are a safer bet with audiences. But the politics of Hollywood are always changing, and it sometimes can be the one thing that can really bring down careers for people.

Sometimes stars have been overexposed, and it can put a real strain on their career from rolling smoothly, and it can happen to young stars or members of the old guard. Maybe they starred in too many bad movies or have too few movies on the docket for the next year to remain in the public’s eye. And in other (more unfortunate) cases, it was their personal ideas and politics got them ostracized from the rest of the industry. A few movie stars chose to leave the job for greener pastures, while others had their jobs put in jeopardy by their own actions and controversies in their private lives. For whatever reason, here are fifteen movie stars that won’t be seeing much time on screens in 2018.

15 Johnny Depp

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For a while there, Johnny Depp had claim to being possibly the biggest movie star in the world. Thanks to his beloved performances as Jack Sparrow and a series of impressive indie roles, Depp had climbed the social ladder to the very top of the A-list. But his appeal has been dwindling for years now, and his movie roles have suffered from it. The Pirates of the Caribbean franchise is all but dead at this point. His more dramatic fare (like Black Mass) failed to really make any impact on audiences or critics. And his personal life has become increasingly ugly, with accusations of horrible behaviour being thrown against the actor by his ex-wife, Amber Heard. Audiences have lost their taste for Depp, with even his role in the Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them movies being heavily criticized by fans of the series. He has a handful of movies coming out in 2018, but all of them were filmed in previous years, and he only has one new movie coming up on his docket. The world has gotten tired of Johnny Depp, and Hollywood is taking notice.

14 Megan Fox

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Megan Fox spent a good chunk of the last decade as an actress known for her looks rather than her talent or skills. Her film appearances played up her natural beauty, sometimes to her concern. Her disputes with director Michael Bay are well documented, especially after he forced her to wash his car in a bikini to get the lead part in the Transformers movies. But her problems with the industry have gotten more and more public in recent years. She’s come out against her earlier characterization in public as a sultry babe. She’s stepped out of the public eye more on her own terms than most of the other people on this list. She only has a single role lined up for the next year, and is spending more time with her family. And considering that she had to work with Michael Bay for a while, it’s a good thing to see her more relaxed.

13 Adam Sandler

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After experiencing a decade as the premier comedy actor in America, Adam Sandler entered a (much too brief) span of time where he tried out more dramatic work. He was shockingly good in these roles, using his trademark hair-trigger anger that got him laughs in Happy Gilmore to heartbreaking effect in Punch Drunk Love. But after remembering that the big bucks came from the lowest common denominator, Sandler switched back to dumb comedies – which had stopped being as creative or enduring as they had been in his prime. So while he would make the occasional appearance in a movie not solely about toilet humour, for the most part, he was starring in silly movies. But as he gets even older, those kind of bits have just stopped appealing to fans. His four movie deal with Netflix is slated to end this year with the release of The Week Of alongside Chris Rock, and he only has his voiceover work for Hotel Transylvania 3 coming up besides that. And considering how the last three movies failed to catch anyone’s attention (despite what Netflix says, no one watched those movies), it’s not surprising to find out that he’s not popping back up on screen soon.

12 Jessica Alba

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It’s depressing to put together lists like these, in a way. On the one hand, talking about the failings of others will always offer up interesting ways to examine what exactly brought them down, and also give writers an opportunity to slip in some jokes at their expense. But for a lot of these actors, especially on this list and within this year, the reasons we won’t be seeing much more of them aren’t just related to their bankability but their off-screen antics too. So, let’s talk about an actress we probably won’t see much on screen in 2018, and but for good reasons.

Jessica Alba was always funny, personable, and beautiful. But she wasn't the most skilled when it came to her acting style, and she brought the same tone and energy to most of her roles. As audiences grew less enamored with her, her place in big budget comic book movies waned and ebbed away. In 2017, she was in only one movie, El Camino Christmas. But she’s probably somewhat distracted, what with her helping run a successful international business. Alba helped create The Honest Company, which has proven to become a successful brand for infant care and beauty products. She’s even been named one of the richest self-made women in the country by Forbes magazine. So, yeah. She probably doesn’t really want to come back to movies.

11 Gerald Butler

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After spending years in side roles, Gerald Butler blew up overnight thanks to the success of 300. The hyper-violent comic adaptation was a cultural juggernaut when it was released, and it helped transform Butler (who had just a few years previously been singing in Phantom of the Opera) into an action star. Or, that’s what Hollywood was hoping for. But as the years went by and we got further away from that initial blast of success, Butler’s light dimmed significantly. His action movies have been drawing fewer and fewer crowds, his frequent appearances in low-budget affair usually ends up hurting him more than helping, and his latest starring film Geo-Storm was one of the most ridiculed and hated films of 2017. Audiences are trying to tell Hollywood that they don’t care for Butler, and it looks like Hollywood has noticed. He has nothing actively in production, and it doesn’t look like that’s going to change.

10 Cara Delevingne

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Model Cara Delevingne was leading a successful career in the beauty sector, when she started getting cast in movies. She had an incredibly strong start, giving an impressive performance in films like Anna Karenina and Paper Towns. But then, the unthinkable happened: she starred in Suic*de Squad. No one left that movie with their dignity, but Delevingne's belly-dancing Enchantress might have been the lowest moment of the mess. Her next biggest movie, Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets, also failed to really make any kind of impact either. She currently only has a single movie on the docket for next year, but hopefully she’s able to pick back up some steam. She’s a genuinely skilled actresses, and it would be nice to see her more on the silver screen.

9 Tyrese Gibson

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Tyrese Gibson had a weird 2017. Well, everyone had a weird 2017; that’s the world we live in now. But Gibson in particular found himself in the public eye more often than he usually does, and not always for the best reasons. Tyrese has been a part of the Fast & Furious movies since almost the beginning of the franchise, so it’s not surprising to find out that he cares a great deal about them. But the series seems to be on the verge of cracking, with Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham thrown into the mix.

Gibson has been trying to reach out and keep the film together, but after failing to get anything done behind doors he decided to bring his grievances to the public square that is the internet – specifically Instagram, where Gibson has an active presence. And he’s been going after Johnson since 2016, during the height of the on-set feud between Johnson and co-star Vin Diesel. But it got more and more ridiculous this year, with Gibson posting sprawling and confusing posts online. It got to the point where friends of his were promising to pay him if he just stopped – and he still kept posting stuff. With the Johnson spin-off coming out over a year before Fast and the Furious 9, Gibson might just be afraid of being left out of the franchise he’s always been a part of, which, considering he doesn’t have much else lined up at the moment, just makes it worse.

8 Bella Thorne

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Bella Thorne is one of the biggest young stars in the world right now. But despite appearing in some major Hollywood films, her fame doesn’t really come from her time on the silver screen. She’s a major force on Instagram, attracting millions of views and followers. She’s more concerned with that side of the industry, which is fair when it’s compared to her film roles recently. After a handful of strong film appearances in recent years, she managed to help set history in a bad way during 2017. She starred in Amityville: The Awakening, a movie so bad that it was released online completely for free. That is saying something, because no one does that, even if the movie is a wreck. Thorne probably doesn’t care much, though, and can fall into her social media career instead.

7 Ben Affleck

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Ben Affleck has had a rollercoaster of a career, even when compared to other actors on this list. He had his big breakout during the 1990s, and hit a series of career hiccups after the fiasco that was Gigli. It took years – almost half a decade – for Affleck to win back the love of the general public, but his universally appreciated work like The Town and Argo helped bring him back up to the public eye. His career seemed like it had fully recovered when he was cast as possibly the most popular character in popular culture, Batman. And, well, that’s where everything went wrong. His stint as Batman was despised. His personal mistakes became public, and his wife Jennifer Garner divorced him. He became more famous as a meme than an actor or director, and that’s never a good look. And while he wasn’t accused of any crimes during the recent wave of accusations against Hollywood men, his defences of his brother Casey Affleck have done some serious damage to his image. Looks like the career of Affleck is going into another dip, especially as he tries to escape his Batman contract.

6 Bradley Cooper

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For a hot minute there, Bradley Cooper was appearing everywhere. This meant big name comedies like the Hangover films, and at others it meant showing up in Oscar nominated dramas. He even started lending voice work to the Guardians of the Galaxy films as Rocket Raccoon. But, to be honest, his recent output hasn’t been giving much confidence to his former status as an A-list movie star. For someone who was starring in award-winning films on a regular basis, his 2018 is relatively light. And one of his only two projects is already shaping up to be something of an embarrassment. A Star is Born is a modern remake of a classic Hollywood musical, starring Cooper and Lady Gaga. But the movie has been in production for some time with various different stars, and the studio has been trying to push this one out for a while. It’s a worrisome prospect for a former major star, and doesn’t bode well for his next year.

5 Shailene Woodley

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Shailene Woodley came out of the gate strong, impressing audiences in dramatic roles in The Descendants before becoming a major star with The Fault of Our Stars. The romantic film helped make her a big deal, with her even being considered for a role in the Amazing Spider-Man movies as Mary Jane Watson. Then she joined up with the Divergent films, which at the time probably seemed like a good call. The YA sci-fi franchise didn’t find the audience it was looking for, though, never escaping the shadow of other series like Hunger Games. It got to the point that the final film in the franchise was effectively cancelled and replaced with a television series. She’s stepped back from the spotlight to a degree, appearing in smaller roles. But she’s definitely not becoming the star of any more franchises anytime soon.

4 Jeremy Piven

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Jeremy Piven has always seemed kind of… well, kind of a jerk. He’s utilized it for many of his most famous roles, mining it for material in series like Entourage and movies like Smokin’ Aces. But the sheer level of smarmy attitude may not have been acting at all. Piven was one of the many stars accused of attacking women in the industry. Three different women have come out with allegations against him, which defiantly played a part in the effective cancellation of his CBS drama, Wisdom of the Crowd. Piven has tried to fight back against the allegations, but these kind of accusations have already had an effect on his career and it’s not hard to imagine that they won’t keep him from picking up any bigger roles in the future.

3 Katherine Heigl

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Katherine Heigl has had a rollercoaster of a career, and it looks like her latest attempts to end up back on an upswing were short-lived. After breaking out hard in the early years of her career thanks to success like Knocked Up and Grey’s Anatomy, Heigl ended up burning quite a few bridges in that time. Her cold attitude saw her losing friends all around the place, and general audiences turned on her after a series of failing romantic comedies. She seemed poised for a return to fame with television series, starring in State of Affairs on NBC. Unfortunately, the show failed to get attention and was promptly cancelled by the network. She tried taking over the lead in CBS legal drama Doubt, but even fewer people tuned in. It only took two episodes for that show to be cancelled, and it doesn’t look like Heigl has anything big lined up for the future.

2 Dane DeHaan

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Dane DeHaan has given good performances in the past He’s usually one of the better parts of whatever film he’s in. But the problem is that most of the movies he’s ended up being a part of just couldn’t manage to be good in the slightest. Amazing Spider-Man 2 was a wreck of a film that ruined the franchise so much that Sony had to give the character back over to Marvel. His dramatic fare like A Cure For Wellness wasn’t able to connect with an audience when it was released, and even managed to get some pretty horrible reviews from critics. His biggest movie to date, Valerian and the City of Thousand Planets, managed to be a massive flop with DeHaan as one of the most criticized parts. And the less said about Tulip Fever, the better. He only has one movie set up for next year, but his poor choices might have ruined his bankability in the eyes of Hollywood.

1 Kevin Spacey

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Kevin Spacey had spent over twenty years as a major force in Hollywood. In recent years, his biggest work was probably House of Cards, where he was the lead character. He was almost untouchable, and respected across the industry – up until last year. In one of the most high-profile cases of last year’s scandals, multiple people in the entertainment industry were accused and revealed to have seriously harmed men and women over the course of decades. Kevin Spacey was accused of making an advance on a then-teenage actor during a party. And it was only the beginning, as multiple accusations became public from as recent as 2016. Spacey tried to win back some public support by coming out of the closet, but it only made matters worse. Spacey was effectively kicked out of Hollywood so hard and fast that Ridley Scott re-filmed his parts in the upcoming All the Money in the World and cut out Spacey. There is no way that Spacey will reappear on screens this year.

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