15 Outrageous Family Guy Fan Conspiracy Theories

Family Guy is an adult animated sitcom that revolves around the Griffin family and their many adventures, hijinks and misadventures in the city of Quahog. The family consists of Peter and Lois, as wel

Family Guy is an adult animated sitcom that revolves around the Griffin family and their many adventures, hijinks and misadventures in the city of Quahog. The family consists of Peter and Lois, as well as their children Meg, Chris, Stewie and their pet dog, Brian. Other residents of Quahog include Peter’s friends Cleveland, Joe and Quagmire, as well as their families. Seth Macfarlane created Family Guy which airs on the Fox Network. The series first premiered on January 31, 1999 and is currently in its 15th season. Family Guy has aired 227 episodes and counting. The series was cancelled in 2002 but gained a cult following. The series was released on DVD and its high sales convinced the network to revive Family Guy. It returned in 2005 and became an even bigger success. It features a phenomenal voice cast, which includes Seth Macfarlane, Alex Borstein, Seth Green, Mike Henry and Mila Kunis. The series is critically and commercially acclaimed while at the same time is one of the most controversial shows on the air. The series has been nominated for several awards including 13 Primetime Emmy awards (winning 5). Family Guy exists in the same universe as another Seth Macfarlane series, American Dad, and the Family Guy spin-off, The Cleveland Show. The series is known for its cutaway gags and pop culture references.

After being on the air for so many years the series has found itself at the center of many interesting fan conspiracy theories. The series does have some unexplained moments and some bizarre situations that have led to speculation. In some cases, the series even ended up making some very fascinating predictions that in a way came true. Here is a look at 15 most outrageous Family Guy fan conspiracy theories.

15 Humanoid Animals Are A Result Of CIA Experiments


It might be difficult to explain to somebody how a giant chicken and a man can get into an epic battle that causes great destruction. Well, several Family Guy fans have set out to explain how there are so many humanoid animals in the Family Guy universe. Brian Griffin is the most prominent humanoid animal to be featured. He’s smart, a liberal and loves women. He’s not the only humanoid animal in the series. Fans point out that American Dad, which takes place in the same world, includes Klaus. He was once a German athlete and the CIA transferred his brain into a fish. The theory suggests that the CIA has been conducting experiments on potential threats. They transfer the brain into an animal as a way to deal with the threat without resorting to lethal violence. The theory also suggests that because the CIA has been conducting several experiments for so long, humanoid animals are now common. This is why nobody ever wonders how a dog can smoke pot, sleep with women and drive a car. This would also help explain why a psychotic chicken would never back down from Peter.

14 Did Family Guy Predict Paul Walker's Death?

This seems to be the most outrageous and most unlikely fan conspiracy theory. The theory suggests that somehow Family Guy predicted the death of actor Paul Walker. Paul Walker died tragically on November 30, 2013, in a car accident. Paul Walker appeared in several films, such as Varsity Blues, Running Scared and the Fast and the Furious series. At the time of his death several conspiracy theories popped up but were quickly shot down. On November 24, 2013, Family Guy aired the episode, “Life of Brian”. In the episode Brian is killed when hit by a car and the Griffins struggle with coping with the loss. The two incidents are completely unrelated but Family Guy fans found a way to connect it. The theory suggests that because Walker’s name is Brian in Fast and the Furious, and Brian dies in Family Guy, that it was a prediction and somehow Family Guy was aware of Walker's upcoming death. However, this theory has been largely discredited.

13 Peter And Lois Have Another Son

This theory suggests that Peter and Lois had another son that was older than Chris but died. A Reddit user, noebo_: believes they’ve discovered the truth. On September 25, 2011, Family Guy aired the episode “Lottery Fever”. The episode revolved around the Griffins winning the lottery. In the episode, Peter tells Meg and Chris that because he’s now rich they must try to impress him. At one point Peter says to Chris, "and Chris try as you may you will never be as good as your older brother who died, he was good at sports and talking.” Some fans just assumed it was a one-off joke but others believed they uncovered a mystery within the series. At the end of the episode all the characters go into their separate rooms and look out the window. However, one room is empty, which noebo believes is the room of the deceased brother. It’s also possible that the second window is connected to Stewie’s room, however several fans still believe that there was another Griffin child.

12 Antonin Scalia, A Hunting Trip And Family Guy

On May 20, 2007, Family Guy aired the episode, “Meet The Quagmires”. The episode revolved around Peter going back in time and causing himself to end up with Molly Ringwald instead of Lois. Lois ends up married to Quagmire and they live across from Peter and Molly. Peter needs Death’s help to go back in time and correct everything so that Peter’s life can go back to normal. The episode features a one-off joke that many fans believe is actually a prediction by the series. In the episode, Death announces that Dick Cheney had shot Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, in a hunting accident. This is another eerie coincidence but fans of the series believe that Family Guy predicted his death. Antonin Scalia died in February 2016 after a hunting trip. However, he died of natural causes and was not shot by Dick Cheney. Regardless, some fans of the series still suspect that somehow Family Guy was able to predict his death.

11 Seth Macfarlane Has A Crush On Alex Borstein

This theory suggests that Seth Macfarlane has a major crush on his co-star, Alex Borstein. In addition to creating the series, Seth also voices several characters in the series, including, Stewie, Brian, Peter and Quagmire. Alex Borstein voices several characters, such as, Lois, Loretta Brown and Tricia Takanawa. The theory suggests that because Borstein is married and therefore Seth cannot make a move on her, he plays out his fantasy in the Family Guy universe. The evidence that fans point to is the fact that just about every character that Seth voices is some way in love or obsessed with Lois. Peter and Brian are both madly in love with her and Stewie as a weird love-hate thing going on with her. Quagmire is kind of a pervert who is trying sleep with anything with a pulse. However, he has a strong and deep love for Lois. Also, Quagmire enters into a relationship with both Loretta Brown and Tricica Takanawa, both voiced by Borstein. However, Seth Macfarlane has never confirmed this theory, but nobody can blame him if it's true.

10 Did Family Guy Predict Bruce Jenner’s Transition To Caitlyn Jenner?

In April 2015, Caitlyn Jenner came out as a trans woman. She was formally Bruce Jenner and won a gold medal at the Olympics. Her transition was a surprise to some but might not have been such a surprise to those fans that watch Family Guy. The series made several jokes that now seem like a strange coincidence. In the episode, “We Love You Conrad”, which aired on May 3, 2009, Brian and Stewie have a brief but interesting conversation about Jenner. Stewie and Brian talk about Brody Jenner and Stewie can’t believe that Bruce Jenner gave birth to Brody. Brian corrects Stewie and says Jenner is a man. Stewie replies that Jenner is an “elegant, beautiful Dutch woman.” Later, Bruce Jenner made another appearance in the September 25, 2011 episode, “Lottery Fever”. A cutaway gag shows Peter performing on a USO tour for the Navy. Bruce Jenner comes out and performs a burlesque dance and Peter states, “Just wanted to remind you fellas what you’re all fighting for.” At the time it was a joke at the fact that Bruce’s wife Kris Jenner, wore the pants in the family. However, in 2015 both those jokes went viral with many fans believing Family Guy somehow predicted Jenner’s transition.

9 Seth Macfarlane Tried To Make A Terrible Episode

On May 2, 2010 Family Guy aired the episode “Brian & Stewie”. The episode features Brian and Stewie locked in a bank vault over a weekend. They reveal new information to each other and are forced to confront feelings about themselves. The episode received polarized reviews from fans and critics. Some absolutely hated the episode while others are fans of it. The episode features none of the hallmarks of the series, such as; no opening theme song and no cutaway gags. Fans online believe they figured out why they dislike the episode so much and why it’s so different from the rest of the series. The theory suggests that Seth Macfarlane was frustrated with Fox so he purposely made a terrible episode. Rumors suggest that Seth was going through depression at the time and apparently was so fed up that he did everything he could to make a bad episode that nobody would like. However, this theory has never been confirmed and many fans have praised the episode.

8 Family Guy And Robin Williams' Suicide

Iconic stand up comedian and actor Robin Williams committed suicide on August 11, 2014. His death was sudden and tragic. Robin Williams appeared in several critically and commercially acclaimed films, such as Good Morning, Vietnam, Dead Poets Society, Mrs. Doubtfire and Good Will Hunting. Two years earlier, Family Guy aired the episode, “Family Guy Viewer Mail #2” on May 20, 2012. In one of the segments, Peter discovers that everything he touches turns into Robin Williams. Peter becomes so annoyed and irritated by Williams showing up that he attempts to commit suicide on several occasions but is always thwarted by Williams. It’s an eerie coincidence that the episode revolves around Robin Williams and suicide. Even more of an eerie coincidence, the BBC3 aired the episode just moments before his death was announced. The episode aired at 11:25 pm and his death was announced on the BBC3 not too long after. Later, Seth Macfarlane sent out a Tweet about Williams’ tragic death and wrote, “The world just got a lot less funny. Robin Williams is a tragic loss.”

7 The Griffins Are Rich From Stewie’s Modeling Career

Stewie Griffin is a little diabolical genius that has some of the coolest and most expensive high tech weapons and gadgets. Peter Griffin has had several jobs, such as working at a toy factory, beer factory and a fishermen. He also has been seen flying a Petercopter and HindenPeter, crashing both into Joe’s house. Joe even asks the burning question, “How can you afford these things!?” That seems to be a very fair question since the Griffins go on wacky and crazy adventures and spend money like its limitless. Well, some fans believe they have figured out the mystery behind the Griffin's finances. The theory suggests that Stewie made millions as a model for Calvin Klein. In the episode, “A Picture is Worth A 1,000 Bucks”, Stewie becomes a model for Calvin Klein. However, the storyline is largely forgotten but fans of the series believe that Stewie is still working as a model and that is how the Griffins can afford everything. It’s an unconfirmed theory but it does make some sense.

6 Did Family Guy Predict The Boston Marathon Bombings?

On March 17, 2013, Family Guy aired the episode, “Turban Cowboy”. Two unrelated scenes in the episode would be an eerie coincidence and cause a considerable amount of controversy. The episode revolves around Peter befriending a terrorist and getting caught up in some trouble. In a cutaway gag Peter is shown winning the Boston Marathon by mowing down the runners in his car. Later, in an unrelated scene Peter uses a cell phone to accidentally set off a series of bombs. This was roughly one month before the tragic Boston Marathon Bombings on April 15, 2013. It was simply an eerie coincidence but several fans of the series believe that Family Guy predicted the horrible bombings during the marathon. However, the situation became more controversial when someone edited the two scenes to make it seem like they were connected and furthered the theory that Family Guy predicted the event. However, Seth Macfarlane denounced the edited video, which he called “abhorrent”. The episode has since been removed from airing.

5 Brian Is A Writer On Family Guy

Brian Griffin is a struggling writer that has been unable to write anything deep with meaning. He’s also a walking and talking dog but nobody seems to question why a dog can walk, talk and sleep with the most beautiful women in Quahog. Well, fans online have a theory to explain all of this. Brian is actually the writer of the entire series and everything that happens is based on his real life experiences. That would help explain why Brian is usually the voice of reason. Stewie and Brian have a very close friendship, which is why several episodes are dedicated to them. Additionally, Peter and Chris are just two wacky guys so Brian exaggerates their adventures. Also, Meg once fed Brain a pie with her hair so to get his revenge, Brian makes her the butt of all the jokes. Finally, Brian is madly in love with Lois because she is nice to him so he portrays her as a beautiful woman that he desires. This is another theory that actually makes a bit of sense but has never been proven.

4 Peter Is Depressed And The Whole Series Is Happening In His Head

Peter Griffin is a lovable buffoon who lives in an unrealistic world where the most fantastic things can happen. However, a Reddit user (bblank0308) believes they have the answer to this fantastic world and it’s a pretty depressing answer. The theory suggests that Peter was once a very intelligent person. His daughter, Meg, is actually smoking hot and one night took Chris to a party. She had too much to drink and on the way home Meg and Chris are involved in a drunk driving accident that resulted in Chris’s death. Lois was pregnant at the time with Stewie and was so devastated that she committed suicide. Peter became so depressed over the incidents that he imagined a wacky world where everyone is still alive. Peter is still upset with Meg for the drinking and driving accident and he still resents her, which is why he’s so mean to her. However, he still loves his daughter deep down. Stewie was never born so Peter imagined him a brilliant baby that never ages. However, Peter is upset with Lois for taking Stewie away from him and that’s why Stewie is always trying to kill Lois. Peter is now an idiot because he feels intense guilt over not being able to keep his family safe and transfers his intelligence into the family dog, Brian. This theory has never been proven but it does help explain a lot.

3 Seth Macfarlane, Stewie Griffin And 9/11


On the morning of September 11, 2001, Seth Macfarlane was scheduled to depart from Boston on American Airlines Flight 11. 15 minutes after takeoff, the plane was hijacked and at 8:46 am it was flown into the North Tower of the World Trade Center. There were no survivors. Seth was supposed to be on that flight but because of a hangover and wrong departure time he arrived 10 minutes too late. Many fans of the series believe that Macfarlane used the near death experience as inspiration for the direct-to-video film, Stewie Griffin: The Untold Story. It was released on September 27, 2005, and featured Stewie having a near death experience of his own. Stewie is almost killed when he blows up a lifeguard tower. Later, he realizes he must go back in time and prevent that from happening in order to fix future events. Many fans believe that they have found clues that Stewie’s near death is an allegory of 911. For example, future Stewie’s address is “1109”. Also, Stewie says, “I must ensure that I never had the close call with that lifeguard tower in the first place". Later, after averting death Stewie remarks, "Yes! I did it! I stopped the tower from falling!" However, Seth Macfarlane has never confirmed this theory.

2 Brian Was Actually A Human Whose Brain Was Placed In A Dog

Brian Griffin is intelligent, witty, shellfish and looking for love. He’s just like the rest of us with one very unique difference; he’s a dog. Brian is the Griffin's family dog. He’s very close with all the family members but has a special relationship with Peter and Stewie as well as being extremely attracted to Lois. He’s also a struggling writer who has dreams of making it big someday. He enjoys chasing the mailman, going for car rides with his head sticking out the window and chasing squirrels. Some fans have wondered how it’s possible for Brian to be a walking, talking and pot smoking dog. Fans online believe that Brian was once a human whose brain was inserted into a dog’s body through some type of experiment. Fans point out that Family Guy takes place in the same universe as American Dad, another Seth Macfarlane series. In American Dad, the Smith Family own a pet fish Klaus, who was once a German athlete until the CIA transferred his brain into a fish’s body. The theory suggests that Brian was apart of the same CIA experiment.

1 Everything Is All In Stewie’s Head And From His Perceptive

Some fans believe the series takes place from Peter’s perspective. This inspired some other fans to come up with a theory that might make a little more sense and be less depressing. The theory is that everything takes place in Stewie's head and from his perspective. This theory makes some sense and might actually help explain the series. With it all occurring in Stewie’s head, this would explain why he’s an evil genius. It also explains his “high tech gadgets” and “weapons”. Also, Lois is just a simple mother who forces her son to eat well and bathes him but because of this, Stewie views her as being evil. Peter is just a goofy father trying to relate to his kids but Stewie views him as an idiot. Brian is at the same intelligence level as a baby and that’s why Stewie views him as his best friend. Early seasons featured Stewie as being an evil villain trying to kill his mother and take over the world.

It also helps explain why nobody questions that Stewie is a brilliant little baby because he’s actually not, but from his perceptive he is capable of taking over the world.


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15 Outrageous Family Guy Fan Conspiracy Theories