15 Onscreen BFFs Who Didn't Like Each Other Off-Set

At least one time in our lives, all of us have had a coworker whom we couldn't stand to work with. Most of us are lucky enough to have bosses that we can ask to not schedule us together or request to have a work environment where we can avoid that person as much as possible. But what if it was your job to pretend that the coworker you absolutely can’t stand is actually your greatest friend in the entire world? For many of our favorite on-screen BFFs, this is definitely the case!

It’s important that two actors playing the roles of friends should appear to have great chemistry so as to make the audience believe they have a great relationship and create a realistic scene that we actually have the desire to watch. Some actors, however, have the extra obstacle of overcoming a heated feud between their closest costar! In our lifetime, we've all had a favorite onscreen BFF duo who seemed so close and perfect, they made us question our own friendships. We have to remember, however, that many times, these actors are doing exactly that: acting! Sometimes onscreen friends are real friends off-screen as well, but in other cases, their feuds could be so bad that it could end or almost end a show, or at least their roles on the series or movie!

Do you think you would be able to play nice with your most hated coworker? Maybe you already are! Let us know which duo shocks you the most! Here are 15 Onscreen BFFs That Can't Stand Each Other In Real Life:


15 Sarah Michelle Gellar And Alyson Hannigan On Buffy

Sarah Michelle Gellar and Alyson Hannigan are some of our favorite stars from the nineties, so it hurts to find out that the two actually had some difficulty getting along. Everything was smooth sailing for the first couple of seasons on the show; however, once the two started to get more fame from the various movies they starred in as well as having crazier shooting schedules, things went downhill. The two claim that their fights and feuds came from the stress of being overworked and having to do late night shoots. The biggest fight came when Sarah Michelle Gellar announced her departure from the show on a magazine cover before ever telling any of her costars. Imagine finding out from a magazine cover and not the actual person that you’re basically losing your job because your coworker is quitting! Since all the drama on the show, the two have rekindled their friendship. That’s probably not hard when sitting on a huge pile of vampire slayer money.

14 Kenny Baker And Anthony Daniels In Star Wars


Anthony Daniels and Kenny Baker were the two men behind our favorite droids, C-3PO and R2-D2, in the Star Wars Franchise. The two have their onscreen bickering, but for the most part, they’re a pretty good duo who make it apparent they look out for each other. In reality, their relationship was much darker. Anthony Daniels was apparently constantly and incredibly rude to Kenny Baker to the point of being called a bully. Kenny Baker would give him some heat back, but the stuff Anthony Daniels said to Baker before is enough to make us cringe. Kenny Baker is a little person, and Anthony Daniels would cut deep and sometimes refer to him as “little man,” constantly looking down on Baker and mocking him because of his disability. He even referred to him at one point as “nothing more than a bucket!” It’s clear that Daniels had some issues and was taking it out on Baker, but it’ll still be hard to re-watch the movies without thinking of this feud.

13 Kim Cattrall And Sarah Jessica Parker On Sex And The City

Even though the two played a role in a group of four best friends, Samantha and Carrie were probably our favorite duo from the long-running HBO series. The two had some of the best chemistry on the show and are probably the most memorable characters. In reality, all four of the women were pretty close friends, that is, until Kim Cattrall asked SJP to help her get a raise! Even though they were making millions on the series, Kim still felt it wasn’t fair that SJP was making more money than the rest of the cast. SJP refused to help the situation, putting a pretty big wedge in their friendship. Some rumors also state that SJP was actually jealous of Kim’s character, wishing Carrie was more of a Samantha. The feud was so bad Kim almost didn’t come back for the movies; however, the two have since worked out their problems and are civil enough to at least work together.

12 Charlie Sheen And Selma Blair On Anger Management


Charlie Sheen has never been an actor about whom we would think, “Oh yeah, he’s probably easy to work with,” but his feud with his co-star, Selma Blair, might be the biggest one of all. Apparently, the two had some trouble getting along on set, and Selma referenced this in an interview without saying anything too harsh. Well, Sheen doesn’t take criticism very well and decided to fire Selma for what she had said. He even did it in a text and also called her the “C” word! He claims that their feuding had nothing to do with anything she said about him to anyone and that he wanted to write her off the show because it would make his character more interesting. Seems pretty coincidental that he would fire her at the same time she badmouthed him to the public, though. She even threatened to file a lawsuit, but both have moved on since.

11 Alyssa Milano And Shannen Doherty On Charmed

Sometimes, in real life, our best friends also double as our siblings. The same can be said for the characters, who also happened to be witches, played by Shannen Doherty and Alyssa Milano. The two had so much trouble getting along that Shannen actually ended up leaving the show. It was stated that she was fired; however, she states that she wanted to be freed from her contract to move on to other projects. The unfortunate reality is that this wasn’t Shannen’s first time being fired from a show she starred on. Holly Marie-Combs, the other witch in the trio, was friends with Shannen before the show, so it created a bit of a clique when Milano joined the cast. Milano often described her experience on the series as being like she was back in high school even though the women were in their thirties.

10 Betty White And Bea Arthur On Golden Girls


It’s hard to imagine anyone fighting with Betty White or even disliking her in the slightest. That’s especially true for her and a costar who worked together on a show all about their friendship together and with two other women! Unfortunately, Betty White and her costar Bea Arthur didn't get along in real life as well as they did behind the camera! Betty White has not been shy in discussing this feud either. Betty claims that Bea absolutely hated her positive energy and would sometimes get annoyed and angry if Betty was simply in a good mood. Those close to Bea claim that this was the way that she was and that she wasn’t far from her character in real life. Bea was also a bit jealous of Betty’s fame and recognition, which could definitely cause some resentment. The two remained civil throughout the show, but knowing they didn’t get along in real life puts a little bit of a bad taste in our mouths when watching the series.

9 Emily Osment And Miley Cyrus On Hannah Montana

Miley Cyrus is not shy to celebrity feuds, but her fights with costar Emily Osment might be some of the most surprising to us. Apparently, the two had a lot of difficulties when shooting the series that got them both famous together. Miley talked a lot in interviews about how she desired to have a real off-screen relationship with Emily in order to make their characters more realistic, but the two had challenges in trying to make it real. They often argued on set and would sometimes subtweet about each other. When working with young actors, it’s not uncommon for them to carry some jealousy or resentment that leads to them being unable to get along. Since the wrap of the show, both claim that their relationship is fine and have even been seen together reunited several times. The two aren’t real life BFFs, but they've improved since fighting once the cameras switched off.


8 Lauren Graham And Scott Patterson On Gilmore Girls


One of the most iconic “Will they or won’t they?” romances has to be the one played by Lauren Graham and Scott Patterson on the long-running Gilmore Girls. The two teased at a romance season after season, all the while remaining best friends on the popular series. In reality, however, the two had trouble being in the same room together. Apparently, Scott Patterson is not the easiest guy to work with, and Lauren even stated that she had wished she had actually ended up with Rory’s dad at the end of the show! When asked by reporters if she and Scott were even friends, Lauren had no problem simply saying no. They didn’t ask if they were best friends or lovers, just simply friends, and she still said no! It says a lot about their relationship that after years and years of working long days together that they can’t even call themselves friends.

7 Isaiah Washington And Patrick Dempsey On Grey's Anatomy

Isaiah Washington and Patrick Dempsey have often been referred to as heartthrobs by the fans of the show; however, they saw each other as enemies during the filming of the series. Apparently, the two often fought and found trouble getting along, so much so that they actually got into a physical altercation while on set! During the fist fight, Washington also referred to one of his other costars, T.R. Knight, as the “f” word, a derogatory slur for homosexuals. The altercation, as well as the hate speech, actually got Isaiah in a ton of trouble, though he denied ever saying something so terrible. He left the show to seek help for his anger management. The show is one that lost characters often due to various deaths and other reasons, but this one was a bit more dramatic as it had a real life feud behind it all.

6 Victoria Justice And Ariana Grande On Victorious


Before Ariana Grande was famous for her sexually explicit music, she was just another costar involved in a feud on the series that got her famous. Apparently, in an interview, she claimed that she was being bullied by the cast of the show, with Victoria Justice assumed to be the biggest bully of them all. Since the interview hit magazine racks around the world, the two have claimed that nothing actually happened between them and that they get along just fine. Of course, when trying to build an image and a million-dollar brand, this is the thing to say. However, once a seed gets planted, it’s hard to stop wondering what the truth of the situation is. Ariana seems to be a sweet girl, so feuding with someone doesn’t seem to be her thing; however, it seems likely that teenage girls fighting for fame would run into some issues while working long hours together.

5 Mariah Carey And Nicki Minaj On American Idol

If you had to think of two of the biggest divas in Hollywood, Mariah and Nicki would probably pop into your head at some point. There’s nothing wrong with being a diva; they’re just two independent, successful women who know how talented and powerful they are in the music industry. However, if you put these two in a small room and tell them to do nothing but judge pop star wannabes and discuss what they know best, you can’t expect them to get along perfectly, right? Apparently, Mariah spent a lot of her time making passive aggressive jabs at Nicki to the point that Nicki had an explosive rant leaked to the press following a fight with Mariah. Some claim she threatened Mariah with gun violence; however, Nicki has denied these claims. During the filming of the show, the two acted civil, even though they were playing themselves. When the camera was off, however, who knows what claws actually came out?

4 Blake Lively And Leighton Meester On Gossip Girl


Blake Lively and Leighton Meester were two of the most popular actresses during the time of their run on Gossip Girl. The two were best friend goals for a while; however, in reality, they absolutely hated each other. They both seemed to have started off completely fine when filming first happened, and they actually were best friends in real life. However, as the show continued, the two drifted apart and began fighting on set. Many rumors have circulated about what went down between the two, but for the most part, the two deny ever having trouble getting along during shooting. Hollywood is full of gossip, and you’d expect even more for a show so involved in pop culture and even has “gossip” in its name. However, not all rumors just appear out of nowhere. The two have been known to avoid each other in public and at award shows, so their claims nothing went down are clearly just cover-ups.

3 Gillian Anderson And David Duchovny On X-Files

If there was a duo in the world that we would have to pick as our favorite BFFs of all time, Scully and Mulder would definitely be in the top five. Unfortunately, in real life, they don’t get along as well as their onscreen characters do. Apparently, when the filming of the show first started, everything was fine. As time went on, the two began to argue more and found difficulty in getting along. Neither denied rumors that there was tension between the two and discussed the difficulty in working with someone so closely for so long. However, toward the end of the series and since the wrap of the show, these two became close again, mended whatever issues they had in their relationship, and continue to remain close friends to this day. The only thing we still have a problem with is our curiosity as to whether or not their relationship has ever gone past being just friends…

2 Will Smith And Janet Hubert On Fresh Prince


If you asked a lot of people whom they might want as their own best friend, Will Smith might be a popular choice among many fans. He seems like a pretty friendly person and would not be someone we expect to be involved in a feud with any of his costars. However, he found himself in a nasty battle with the original Aunt Viv, Janet Hubert. The two interacted so badly that she actually left the show and was replaced by a completely different actress! Of course, just switching an actress is hard, so the show briefly mentioned it and stated she had just gotten a serious makeover. Janet and Will disagreed a lot, and to this day, Janet still refers to Will as an “a**hole.” Will has been in countless productions as an actor, musician, and producer, and for the most part, Hubert is the only one to have much bad to say.

1 Courteney Cox And Jennifer Aniston On Friends

Monica and Rachel were probably the closest duos that we saw throughout the entire series on Friends. They had amazing chemistry and never once made us question whether or not they were truly friends off screen. At one point, however, they actually had some pretty serious issues. Courteney Cox struggled on the show a bit with wanting to get more recognition and desired her character to be a bit more like Rachel. She was jealous of the attention Jennifer got for her famous hairstyle and wished to have more interesting styles like Rachel. The two definitely had their fights and feuds, but the happy ending is that it only made them stronger. Out of all the BFFs on the list, these two definitely remain among the closest on the list, backing each other up on tabloids and attending major life events together. All friends have fights, and luckily for us and our love for the show, these two never let anything get in their way.


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