15 Once Ugly Celebs Who Suddenly Turned Heads In 2017

When it comes to celebrity transformations, it’s safe to say that we’ve seen it all. While a lot of celebrities want us to believe that they are “all natural” or that their looks have changed as a result of several different environmental factors, we know better than to believe it. A lot of celebs – from the A-list to the Z-list – think they can get away with going under the knife without anyone noticing it.

But with the internet and before and after pictures, that’s just not possible. A lot of fans have noticed that some of their favorite celebs look nothing like their former selves. Take Kim Zolciak for example. The girl has done a complete 180 in the looks department. The same can be said about many other celebrities. These people have definitely gone from not to completely hot.

With that being said, we’ve got 15 celebrities who were once considered ugly but are now some of the hottest stars in the entertainment world. And we can safely say some of these makeovers were anything but natural. Take a look at our pics below and let us know what you think!


15 Teresa Giudice

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Teresa Giudice is one Real Housewife has gone through a major transformation over the years. The Real Housewives of New Jersey star used to be another gaudy but label-obsessed and dressed gal from the Garden State but now she’s one of the most glamorous stars of the franchise.

As a matter of fact, a lot of her critics would often poke fun at her looks, her style and of course, her behavior (we all remember how she flipped that table at her co-star Danielle Staub!). These days it’s a different story. She’s gone through hell and back and as a new single mother and breadwinner of her family, she’s never looked better. While other reality stars fade into obscurity, Teresa has proven that she’s in it to win it. This Jersey gal isn’t going anywhere.

14 Ariel Winter

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Everyone knows Ariel Winter best as the smart sister Alex Dunphy on Modern Family. But boy, has she changed over the years! Ariel has made it pretty clear that she’s not shy about her body, and she’s certainly not shy about showing it off in public, either!

And apparently, Ariel doesn’t really care what her critics have to say about her wardrobe. She recently said in an interview, “So many years I tried to change my appearance, and I tried to do different things to make myself so everyone is going to accept me, and they didn't. The thing we all have to realize is the media is going to portray you the way they want to portray you and it's not going to change. The only person's opinion that matters, the only person that gets to have a say in you, is you."

13 Kylie Jenner

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Kylie Jenner is definitely someone who has changed so much, you’d think she was a totally different person. She used to be the cute, freckled-faced Jenner sister who would always hang out with her older sister Kendall. These days she looks like she’s totally morphed into her sister Kim Kardashian instead.

From the hair, to the lips and even the sultry way she poses for her Instagram selfies, Kylie is now the vixen of the Kardashian and Jenner clan. But according to the reality television star, it’s all part of her public persona. She insists that the person her fans see on social media is not the same person she is behind closed doors. Well, she sure has us fooled. She’s done such a 180 that some people say she looks many years beyond her real age.

12 Mama June Shannon

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Mama June Shannon has changed so much in the last year that she has become totally unrecognizable. As a matter of fact, she looks nothing like her former self now that she’s shed over 300 pounds off her body. Thanks to her reality television show, Mama June: From Not to Hot, she’s now got one of the most enviable bodies in the entertainment business.

Okay, that last part is probably a stretch but seriously, we’ve never seen Mama June look this good before. She even celebrated her new size 4 body by posing in a red bikini just like Pamela Anderson during her Baywatch days. Now all that’s missing is a new boyfriend to go with her new self-confidence and her new look. There’s a strong possibility that a Mama June dating show might be in the works next!

11 Kim Zolciak

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It’s safe to say that Kim Zolciak looks very unrecognizable from her early days on The Real Housewives of Atlanta. In fact, many of her fans have been forced to do a double take as she looks like two entirely different people. She used to be a single mother trying to raise her two daughters on her own in Atlanta. Now she’s married to an NFL star and lives in a huge mansion in the suburbs with her six kids.

While Kim has been very honest about her plastic surgery, a lot of her critics believe that she might not be telling the entire truth. Kim has admitted to having a little correctional surgery here and there but according to Real Housewives fans, she’s basically had an entire body makeover. Many are even surprised that her kids still recognize her and call her by her name!

10 Amy Schumer

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Amy Schumer is one comedian who made it no secret that she loves the way she looks, no matter what anyone has to say about it. But her fans couldn’t help but notice that she’s been glamming up her image in recent months. She’s no longer schlepping it on the red carpet, as many would say.

In fact, Amy once went on the record to say, “I can be reduced, so quickly sometimes, I want to quit. Not performing, but being a woman altogether. I want to throw my hands in the air, after reading a mean Twitter comment, and say, ‘All right! You got it. You figured me out . . . All my self-worth is based on what you can see.’ But then I think, f*** that.”

9 Khloe Kardashian

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It’s without a doubt that Khloe Kardashian has gone through the biggest transformation yet when it comes to the Kardashian family. Sure, her sister Kylie Jenner comes in at a strong second, but it’s Khloe who has managed to transform herself from the “ugly” sister to the hottest one.

And now that Khloe Kardashian is reportedly expecting her first child with her boyfriend Tristan Thompson, it’s without a doubt that she’ll be showing more of her “sexy” side in the future. After all, motherhood brings out the best in everyone. Khloe has always had the confidence and now she has the looks. Considering how Khloe’s been waiting for this moment her entire life, she’ll be flaunting every extra curve on her body for months to come. She’ll also be giving the rest of the Kardashian sisters a good run for their money.


8 Kelly Osbourne

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Kelly Osbourne first debuted on the scene as an awkward but definitely unfiltered teen during the Osbourne family’s first reality television on the MTV network back in 2002. As a matter of fact, they were the pioneers in modern reality TV. Many fans have seen Kelly transform into the “ugly duckling” of her family to one of the most stylish and chic celebrities in the entertainment world these days.

Also, Kelly has been very honest about her body image and weight issues. She’s been through it all and seen it all, too. But that hasn’t stopped her from being true to herself. Kelly once said, “Women are so unforgiving of themselves. We don't recognize our own beauty because we're too busy comparing ourselves to other people. I'm an emotional eater. When I get upset, my diet goes out the window.”

7 Taylor Swift

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There’s no one that’s going to deny that Taylor Swift is now the queen of the pop world. In fact, no one can touch her. Each single she records turns into gold. And now that she’s climbing the charts again with her hit single, “Look at What You Made Me Do,” she’s on the rise once again.

But Taylor wasn’t always this glamorous in the past. In fact, she’s gone through plenty of personal and professional transformations over the years. She used to be that awkward pre-teen with cornrows and a leftover tan from her summer vacation. Now she’s one of the most stylish and elegant celebrities on the planet. She manages to make the dullest gym outfits look super cute whenever she’s photographed while she’s out and about. Who would have thought that Taylor would have been everyone’s new style icon of 2017, right?

6 Blake Lively

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When a lot of people think of Blake Lively, they think of plenty of things. She’s hot. She’s stylish. She’s glamorous. And she’s one of the biggest stars of the entertainment world right now. And everything she wears basically makes her look like a goddess. It’s no wonder Ryan Reynolds fell so hard for her!

But little do many people know is that Blake didn’t always look this perfect. In fact, many rumors have persisted for years over Blake Lively’s changing appearance. Simply put, she doesn’t look like the same girl who debuted on the Hollywood scene back in 2003 and 2004. While we don’t want to point any fingers, a simple look at before and after pictures will show that Blake definitely looks different in a few areas. What do you think?

5 Jennifer Lawrence

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Jennifer Lawrence has already achieved in her few short years what many Hollywood actresses can only dream of. She’s got an Oscar and A-list recognition. She’s one of the biggest stars in the entertainment industry. And she’s also a household name.

But J-Law didn’t always look this perfect on the red carpet. As a matter of fact, she’s even admitted that it takes a lot of work for her to look this good during her public appearances. She once said, “I just kind of opened up and said, 'I feel like a rag doll. I have hair and makeup people coming to my house every day and putting me in new, uncomfortable, weird dresses and expensive shoes, and I just shut down and raise my arms up for them to get the dress on, and pout my lips when they need to put the lipstick on.”

4 Meghan Markle

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This time last year no one even knew who Meghan Markle was. Sure, she’s always starred on the USA legal drama Suits, but not many people really paid attention to her outside of the show. Fast forward 12 months later and now Meghan is one of the biggest stars in the world, mostly because of her royal romance with none other than Prince Harry.

While there’s no doubt that a huge princess transformation is awaiting Meghan for her future, she already looks very different these days. Now that the entire world is watching her every move, Meghan has glammed up her look in more ways than one. But it’s not like Prince Harry has even noticed. This girl has got brains, and that’s what he loves the most about her.

3 Blac Chyna

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Blac Chyna looks nothing like she did before she became a model and Rob Kardashian’s baby mama. In fact, she’s gotten a complete face and body transformation. We wouldn’t be surprised if any of her former friends and classmates from high school didn’t recognize her, as she looks nothing like her former self.

While they say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, Chyna must have given a picture of one of the Kardashian sisters before her major makeover because it’s safe to say that she looks like their long lost sister. And no, we won’t say if that’s a compliment or not. Either way, Chyna’s transformation doesn’t surprise us at all. And we have a feeling that she's not even done with her style makeover yet. There’s surely more to come!

2 Lena Dunham

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While Lena Dunham has made it clear that she doesn’t like it when people talk about her looks, we just can’t help it. She looks nothing like the same actress who first started off on HBO’s hit show Girls. As much as Lena doesn’t want to admit it, she’s definitely glammed up her look. But she did slam her critics for bringing it up in the press.

And while Lena has been regularly hitting the gym lately, she hasn’t always been this dedicated to her new fitness routine. Just like many other women, she goes up and then she goes down and then she goes back up again. And it’s something that a lot of women can relate to. Lena once said, “My weight fluctuates depending on my mood and my current devotion to my fitness routine.”

1 Miley Cyrus

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Miley Cyrus is one celebrity who has gone through several different transformations over the course of her career. She used to be the cute girl next door before she became a country singer. She then went the Disney Channel star route before exploring her own style and her own s*xuality. For a lot of her fans, it was just too much to handle.

Luckily, Miley’s twerking and bizarre outfit days are over. Now that she’s with her boyfriend Liam Hemsworth, she’s gone back to her roots – quite literally. And honestly, she’s never looked better before. Love is definitely a good look on her! She’s toned down her looks, her behavior and her crazy on-stage antics. Whatever spell Liam has on her seems to be working because this is the Miley that we like to see. In other words, she’s just being Miley.


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