15 Once Loved Childhood Crushes Everyone Now Hates (And Why)

Back in the 1990s and early 2000s many of the current social media generation were still growing up and considered many of the singers and actresses who were all over the news at the point to be their childhood crushes. There were a number of men and women who were considered to be crushes by people who are now grown up with their own families. The problem for many of these stars is that fact that they have been in the spotlight for so long and it only takes one wrong word to turn the world against you. It took these stars a number of years to build a reputation and only a moment to destroy it, which is why they have seemingly gone from heroes to villains in record time.

Surprisingly, there are a number of stars who are still currently working in the public eye, even though they are no longer liked very much by their fanbase. This could be because of a number of things, because the public usually turns on their figures at a drop of a hat nowadays. The following list looks at just 15 childhood crushes who have been in the spotlight for so long that they have been able to go from hero to villain. There is a legitimate reason why the public now hates many of these stars, even though many of these seem to be because of mistakes that the person in question made, or because of comments that they made without thinking.


15 LeAnn Rimes Was A Home-Wrecker

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LeAnn Rimes is someone that everyone remembers for singing the main song on the Coyote Ugly soundtrack back in 2000. Since then it seems that LeAnn has continued to work on her music and coast through the industry and probably would have been successful in doing so if her personal life didn't become a huge talking point.

LeAnn has been branded a "home-wrecker" by many of her former friends since she broke up the marriage between Brandi Glanville and Eddie Cibrian. Even country singer Carrie Underwood is said to dislike the singer because of her personal ventures and the fact that she once insulted Carrie when she won Female Vocalist of the Year at the 2006 CMAs and she has since waited over a decade for an apology. It seems that LeAnn isn't the bubbly country star that the world once knew any more and growing up has brought her a number of new enemies.

14 Katherine Heigl Badmouths The People She Works With

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Katherine Heigl became a crush to many of her adoring fans when she was seen as Izzie Stevens on long-running hospital drama Grey's Anatomy. The show not only boosted Heigl into the spotlight, but it seems that it was one of the reasons why she is now disliked as well.

Heigl was nominated for an Emmy for her performance on the show a few years ago and she turned it down because she didn't feel like her character had been given enough to work with at that point. The show took this as a slap in the face and promptly wrote her out of the drama after that. She later went on to become associated with chick flicks for a while, before she inadvertently accused Knocked Up producers of being sexist because of the way the story of the film is told. It seems that Heigl's mouth has been the reason why she has become one of the most hated female actresses at this point.

13 Mel Gibson Is A Racist Piece Of Garbage

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Mel Gibson was everyone's favourite actor a few years ago after showing off his skills in films like Braveheart and Mad Max. Gibson built a reputation as a fantastic actor and director until he made a number of mistakes that made him one of the most hated men in Hollywood.

Around a decade ago, Gibson was arrested for a DUI and instead of going quietly he decided to insult the arresting officers using anti-Semitic and sexist language. If this wasn't bad enough an audio tape was then leaked that recorded him threatening his girlfriend at the time with violence and other physical abuse as well as referring to her as the N-word. Many believed that he would never work in Hollywood again after that, but it seems that since then many fans have taken a step back from Gibson and only appreciated the characters he has portrayed rather than the man behind them.

12 Lindsay Lohan's Addiction And Bad Behavior Ruined Her Life

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Lindsay Lohan was one of the biggest child stars of the 1990s. Her performance in The Parent Trap led her to worldwide success and then onto a number of well-known movies like Mean Girls and Freaky Friday.

It seems that while Lohan's rise to fame was a slow and steady one, her descent happened quite quickly due to the fact that she has been on something of a bad run recently. Addictions and jail time has seen Lindsay go from one of Hollywood's best stories when it comes to teen stars to one of their worst. It seems that the fame finally went to her head and after a handful of terrible movies, she should be finally getting the help that she needs. Lindsay has completely changed from the girl that first appeared on the big screen, which was expected after almost three decades, but it seems that the public didn't expect her to change so much.

11 Kristen Stewart Was Caught Cheating On Robert Pattinson

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Kristen Stewart was once one of the most envied female actresses in the world. Not only was the women chosen to bring Bella Swan to life, but she was also the women whose job it was to work alongside Robert Pattinson. The film later led to the two becoming an off-screen couple as the fans of the Twilight saga lived their lives vicariously through Kristen, since Pattinson had become one of the most attractive men in the world at this point.

Stewart slipped up, though. She had an affair with director Rupert Sanders, which led to the breakup of her and Robert, which is something that his fans have never been able to forgive her for. Kristen has since gone down a strange path over the past few years, which could be a reaction to the negative attention, but it seems her acting career is definitely in a bad place right now.

10 Stacey Dash Was Dropped By Fox Due To Her Controversial Opinions

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Stacey Dash was once considered to be one of the most attractive women in America. As a former teen actress who later went into News Reporting, it seems that Dash was both beautiful and smart, but this opinion quickly changed since she is now branded one of the most hated women in America.

Her views on race relations, Black History month, women’s rights and the so-called bathroom bill for transgender people have brought so much negative attention to Fox News that the station decided that she was too controversial to remain employed. The public reacted in many humorous ways on social media when it was reported that the company had decided not to renew her contract, because it was thought to be a step in the right direction for everyone involved, since she was considered to be one of the most controversial people on Fox News ever since her debut on the network back in 2014.

9 Jennifer Lopez Is Known For Being A Huge Diva

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Jennifer Lopez was once considered to be one of the sexiest women alive, but back in 2013, she was named the third most hated celebrity behind Gwyneth Paltrow and Kristen Stewart. It seems that Jenny From The Block has completely lost touch with her roots over the past few years with her diva-like reputation taking over and many fans being lost for words when it comes to how much she has changed.

J-Lo has been in the spotlight for a long time as both an actress and a singer and it seems that during that time she has been able to create an ego. It happens to the best of people, but Lopez was one that was always attempting to stay true to who she was, so much so that she even wrote a song about it. It seems that this reputation is all the proof that her fans needed to claim that she is now a hypocrite and it has left Jennifer in a place on the most hated list that she probably wouldn't have expected.


8 Gwyneth Paltrow Is Seen As A Pretentious Snob

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Gwyneth Paltrow has been around the acting world now for almost three decades and it seems that her acting ability has never been called into question, but her life outside of the big-screen could well have been. Gwyneth was labelled the "most hated" celebrity a few years ago by a tabloid magazine, with Gwyneth herself commenting that she feels that main issue is what people have started to believe to be true.

Even though Gwyneth has had a successful career as an actress, there is a perception that this was only made a reality because she grew up very wealthy and her parents were able to give her a financial cushion to then pursue a career that is not always considered to be a stable one. The resentment has grown over the years and it seems that regardless of what the actress says in interviews, the public has already made up their own mind.

7 Shia LaBeouf Has Been Arrested More Times Than We Can Count

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Shia LaBeouf first came to the attention of the public when he played the main role in Disney's Holes back in 2003 after playing the role of Louis Anthony Stevens on Even Stevens ever since he was 14 years old. Shia's role in the Transformers franchise was what really introduced him to the world a few years later, but it seems that this once promising actor has managed to become a joke ever since.

Shia has always had a strange relationship with the law ever since his first arrest back in 2005. Since then he has been accused of trespassing, drunk driving, assault, harassment, and even disorderly conduct. Then came the accusations of plagiarism of not just the short movie that he wrote, but also his comic books. It seems that even his apologies for these were considered to have been plagiarized as well. Shia has been removed from the big screen all together over the past few years and now it seems that the only place his fanbase can see him is in indie films or in random YouTube clips.

6 Madonna Is Ridiculed For Her Onstage Antics

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Madonna has become an idol all over the world. She was the woman that other women wanted to be as well as the woman that never seemed to age. It seems that the fact that she has remained in the spotlight for so long has become more of a downfall to her career than it has been a positive attitude.

Over the past few years, there have been a number of pages and websites created just to mock the Queen of Pop since she still attempts to perform as she did more than two decades ago. Madonna isn't the young sensation that she once was and while the world respects her contribution to the business, right now it seems that they are all just hopeful that retirement is on the horizon. A few years ago when Madonna fell off the stage during her tour, many would have thought this would have brought sympathy. Instead it was met by humorous memes and Piers Morgan stating that it was "God's way of telling you you're too old to cavort like an [escort]."

5 Raven Symone Is Hated For Her Controversial Opinions On Race

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Raven Symone became well-known for her part in That's So Raven on the Disney Channel in the early 2000s, as well as being part of The Cheetah Girls. Despite having a great foundation for a career outside of Disney's bubble, it seems that Raven managed to cause many of her own problems over the past few years.

Not only did the former child star manage to ignite enough hatred from her time on The View that 27,000 people signed a petition to have her fired, but it seems that she has also been seen as someone who is only "saying what white people want." Raven has been hounded by critics and negative media attention for a number of years now because she has been seen regularly defending police officers, including one who assaulted a female in a high school when she refused to turn her phone off back in 2015.

4 Johnny Depp Was Accused Of Domestic Abuse Towards Amber Heard

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There aren't many women in the world who can claim that they weren't attracted to Johnny Depp at one point in his earlier career. From Edward Scissorhands back in the 1990s to his recent portrayal as Jack Sparrow in The Pirates of The Caribbean saga, Johnny has been one of the biggest crushes in Hollywood – until recently.

Depp's personal life has managed to boil over into his professional life and after his ex-wife, Amber Heard claimed that he had been verbally and physically abusive throughout their relationship. Despite these claims never being proven, it seems that J.K. Rowling was hit with a wave of abuse herself when she revealed that Depp was reprising his role as Gellert Grindelwald in the second instalment of The Fantastic Beasts series. Many have taken the allegations at face value and it seems to have affected Depp in both his personal and professional life over the past few years.

3 Mischa Barton Had A Public Breakdown

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Mischa Barton became an icon in the early 2000s when she starred as Marissa Cooper in The O.C. but it seems that after she asked to leave the show and destroyed the series in the process following the third season, things have gone downhill for her ever since.

Not only did Mischa decide to rip into almost all of her former cast members from The O.C. in an incredible interview where she was seemingly mad that Rachel Bilson was curvier than her and decided that none of her male co-stars were even considered to be attractive. Mischa was arrested for a DUI following her departure from the show and spent time in a psychiatric ward, something that has become public knowledge. Her downfall has continued over the past few years and it seems that all she's managing to do is make more enemies, rather than accepting help and moving forward with her life.

2 Ashton Kutcher Is Hated For No Particular Reason

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Ashton Kutcher became a huge star off the back of his role in That '70s Show before he went on to become a hit on the big screen almost overnight. Kutcher has obviously not been without his doubters over the past few years since many are still of the opinion that he was the wrong casting choice in a number of the movies that he has made, but it seems that the hatred of Kutcher goes much deeper than this.

Right now the star is considered to be one of the top 20 most hated celebrities and he is even disliked by many of his former co-stars. His feuds with former friends have been well-documented over the past few years as it seems that his outspoken attitude paired with his laid-back persona seem to have gained him a lot of negativity in public over the past few years.

1 Anne Hathaway Annoys People For Some Inexplicable Reason

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Anne Hathaway has seemingly been around Hollywood for as long as many of us can remember and has managed to go from the young girl who appeared in Ella Enchanted back in 2004 to the woman who won a Golden Globe for her role in Les Miserables.

It seems that her Golden Globe was the first hint that she was the most disliked women in Hollywood since the world became awash with reasons why she shouldn't have won the award. Anne herself has claimed that the hatred over the past few years has got to her because it was something that she wasn't aware of until it all became too much. Many of her critics have been reduced to stating that her appearance or even her personality are the reasons why she is hated so much rather than the fact that the actress actually did something that would then welcome the hate.


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