15 Once Adorable Child Actors Who Totally Lost It As Adults

If you think that child actors have all the fun, well, you have it so wrong. While they are in the limelight and loved by the millions, their lives are super stressful, which is probably why so many break under pressure, and then go broke as well! We lost many of them too. Many succumbed to addictions to drugs, depression, and a super dangerous and out of control lifestyle. Still, others made a successful transition into a more ordinary life, not that the trolls spared them for that, either. It seems like child stars really can't win, and most of them are doomed in their adult lives.

And then there are these child stars. They were 15 of the sweetest, cutest and most wholesome child actors who completely lost their marbles as adults. These kids were cute, and they made a ton of cash as youngsters. They were famous and had the world at their feet. Little ones wanted to be them and parents wanted their kids to be like the onscreen wonders too, until these idols turned out to have feet of clay. Then they were trolled, trashed and talked about like nobody’s business. Unfortunately, in these cases, the trolls seemed right, for these kids lost it completely as adults. Not only did they fall into the pit of drugs and despair, many never really made it back out again. Hollywood destroyed these kids and even in adulthood, they weren’t able to redeem themselves. They represent the dark side of Hollywood, where fame and fortune are fickle…

15 Lindsay Lohan Destroyed Her Own Life

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Lindsay Lohan was once in the news for being the cutest little girl around when she appeared in movies like The Parent Trap. And then she had the world at her feet as a healthy and pretty redhead as she starred in a succession of hits like Mean Girls and Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen. Basically, at the time, she was at the top of the world and dating the goofily adorable Wilmer Valderrama, who later moved on to better things, like Demi Lovato. But being a famous kid and then a teenager ain’t everyone’s bitter pill to swallow and to ease the choke, Lohan turned to clichés: drugs and diva behavior. She was actually fired from sets and soon it was one DUI after another, interspersed with a couple of theft charges as well. Her recent movies have been duds and frankly, while she’s trying to get her act together and actively seeking work, no one wants to touch her with a ten-foot pole.

14 Tatum O’Neal Was Abused And Was Into Drugs

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When she was just 10 years old, Tatum O’Neal, the daughter of the legendary actor Ryan O’Neal, won the Oscar for Best Actress for the movie Paper Moon, also starring her father. Well, winning an Oscar when you’re not even old enough to attend the after party can certainly have an effect on you. Talented and pretty, Tatum went on to act in more hit films but being the famous daughter of a famous man soon took a toll on her. Even before she had won the Oscar, drugs and alcohol were her friends since she was nine years old and soon she became addicted to heroin. It didn’t stop her from being Michael Jackson’s first girlfriend or from marrying John McEnroe. After eight years of marriage, three children and a divorce, Tatum was arrested for drug possession in 2008. In her 2005 autobiography, A Paper Life, O'Neal said that her father's drug dealer molested her. Then she also claimed her father physically and emotionally abused her. The incensed father had only this to say as an answer: "It is a sad day when malicious lies are told in order to become a 'best-seller.'"

13 Amanda Bynes Had An Inexplicable Meltdown

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Amanda Bynes once held Hollywood in the palm of her hands. The Nickelodeon series All That and The Amanda Show catapulted her to fame. Then she starred in well-received movies like What a Girl Wants, She’s the Man, Hairspray, and Easy A. Suddenly, out of the blue, in 2012, Bynes announced that she was retiring from acting. Then the sh** hit the ceiling. Multiple DUIs, arrests, hit-and-runs and drug busts later, she was arrested again this time for trying to start a fire in front of a friend’s house. She went in for treatment at the UCLA medical center. She spent a lot of time in court, just like Lohan, and would show up for appearances looking bizarre, unkempt and completely unlike herself. She seems to be doing better now and has enrolled in a fashion course. Now, of course, no one cares – she was news when she was being crazy!

12 Aaron Carter Has Had Multiple DUIs, Went To Rehab, And Declared Bankruptcy

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Since 2017 seems to be the year of coming out of the closet, Aaron Carter dutifully announced his bis*xuality too. Aaron Carter who? You know, Nick Carter’s younger bro, the one who sang “Crush On You.” Still doesn’t ring a bell? Well, Aaron is mostly now in the news for being in rehab, getting arrested for DUIs, filing for bankruptcy, and using facial fillers. This was the singer who received his own record deal when he was only ten years old. He used to date chicks like Hilary Duff, Lindsay Lohan, and even Brooke Hogan. But then this dude got addicted to pills, and it was literally all over for him. Forced into rehab by his family, he then had to file for bankruptcy, though he remained upbeat about both and told his fans, "not to be afraid of being human." But though he has tried, his career hasn’t recovered. They say that there’s no news like old news, and Aaron Carter is already ancient news…

11 Jaimee Foxworth Made Her Way Into The "Other Industry"

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When writers and producers boot child actors off shows, they never realize the damage they just caused to a child’s sensitive psyche. Jaimee Foxworth began modelling at the age of five and then landed the role of Judy Winslow, the youngest of the Winslow family's three children, on the long-running sitcom Family Matters. In season four, her character was simply written off the show due to budget cuts and it was as if little Jaimee/Judy never existed. No acting offers came through and for a while, she tried to make it big with a band she formed with her three sisters. But soon not-so-little Jaimee began to appear in adult flicks under the name Crave. Plus, she battled heavy addiction and even came on one season of Celebrity Rehab. But she has been brave enough to openly talk about her sadness over her less than stellar choices of the past. Now, she lives a pretty anonymous life as a wife and mother. Hopefully, it’s all well for her from now on.

10 Jeremy Jackson Was Arrested For Possession

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Most child actors have to compromise big time to make a career as a star. Their normal childhood is gone, replaced with homeschooling, and there are tons of fans ready to mob them. Of course, there is also too much money and fame than they know what to do with. Case in point: Jeremy Jackson a.k.a. Hobie Buchannon from Baywatch, the kid who plays Mitch Buchannon’s adorable boy. Now, this is the kid who in his growing up years was around more hot women than most dudes are in their lifetime. Not too rough an adolescence, right? Especially since he wrestled away this role from a rather hopeful Leonardo DiCaprio. Once the show ended, Jackson’s troubles began. He struggled with addiction and was arrested for drug possession too. He tried to pull himself together and even became a guest on Big Brother but was thrown out when he grabbed another housemate without her permission. He then joined Dr. Drew’s Celebrity Rehab to clean up an addiction to steroids. With a buff body, this dude even got embroiled in a private tape scandal, much like his co-star Pamela Anderson. Her tape was far more popular, though…

9 Lark Voohries Is Looking A Little Messed Up

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Remember Lisa Turtle in the TV series Good Morning, Miss Bliss? The series was later revived and renamed as Saved by the Bell. The same cutie later grew up pretty and played Jasmine Malone in The Bold and The Beautiful. She seemed to be on the cusp of gorgeous adulthood but then, she had an epic fall from grace as well. Both Lark Voohries’ behavior and beauty declined over time. When a publication claimed she had a drug problem, she filed a libel suit against them. Then her own mother claimed that Lark was bipolar and had lupus too. She vehemently denied that as well. Then she showed up looking nothing like the pretty young thing she once was, sporting badly applied makeup and too much of it as well. No one knows what exactly is wrong with her but nothing seems right either anymore.

8 Shia LaBeouf Is Always Getting Arrested For Ridiculous Behavior

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Where do we begin with Shia LaBeouf? Though he had been acting since he was a kid, the Transformers franchise turned him into a mobbed celebrity overnight. The roles were reversed. From having no money and nearly having to chase women down for a date, LaBeouf had women all over him and far too much money. Movie offers were pouring in. Then suddenly one night, this dorky hero turned into a dark anti-hero. At 19, he was charged with criminal trespassing and assault with a deadly weapon – this is when he threatened his neighbor. Then it was a DUI, and then it was failing to appear in court, and finally unlawful smoking. Recently he went on a vicious diatribe against a police officer of color. Then he claimed that a woman r*ped him at an art installation. He basically looks and acts like a crazy homeless guy in public and his movie choices too have been less than stellar. Remember Nymph*maniac? That sums up his recent behavior…

7 Jodie Sweetin Was An Addict

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Jodie Sweetin, a.k.a. Stephanie Tanner, practically grew up on the sets of Full House, starting the role in 1987 and carrying on until the series ended in 1995. Soon after the series ended, though, she went off on the deep end using alcohol and drugs like nobody’s business. Eventually, she became addicted to a variety of hard drugs and she has been very open about it in her autobiography, UnSweetined. Over parts of the next 15 years, she used every drug available, saying that she turned to drugs because she was "bored." The incessant and inebriated partying, the three failed marriages and drug-interspersed motherhood all worked to end her career. But then she turned it around and returned to Hollywood clean and sober – and then got into the sequel of Full House, titled Fuller House. While she did seem to be in an all-out spiral to nowhere, she managed to pull herself together and is happier for it today.

6 Haley Joel Osment Had Several DUIs And Accidents

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“I see dead people.” With that one piece of iconic dialogue, Haley Joel Osment became the biggest thing since sliced bread. Successful movies such as The Sixth Sense, Pay It Forward and much more put him on a roll, so accolades and awards came easily to him. With his trademark cuteness, everyone thought he was destined for big things. But when adulthood came knocking, he lost out. For some reason, Haley’s facial features remained the same size, though his face and his body grew almost unrecognizably. He was involved in a single-driver automobile accident in 2006 when he was 18, where he struck a brick mailbox and overturned his car. A broken rib, a fractured shoulder blade as well as many cuts and abrasions later, Haley pleaded no contest to misdemeanor driving and drug possession on October 19, 2006, and was sentenced to three years’ probation. He has been a study of discretion since then, though his fans lament that this big dude looks nothing like that child superstar no one could tear their eyes away from once.

5 Mary-Kate Olsen Rejected Her Full House Cast Members And Is Married To An Old Man

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For the longest, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen were simply dubbed The Olsen twins, but Ashley was the bigger of the two. It’s like Mary-Kate wasn’t even recognized for being half of the talent that looked so adorable on the hit sitcom Full House and whose presence seemed to make fans and parents go a tad crazy. For most of the episodes in Full House, the twins were attributed to their work as Mary-Kate Ashley Olsen – making them appear like one girl rather than twins. So Mary-Kate grew up and decided to un-twin, beginning with her rather infamous bag lady costumes. Then came that whole messy and tragic Heath Ledger death affair where she very basically refused to cooperate with law enforcement, citing a million excuses. Today, she has a successful fashion line and steadfastly refuses to join former cast members in Fuller House episodes. She’s also married to much bigger and much older Olivier Sarkozy and now is a mommy as well as well as being Carla Bruni's sister in law.

4 Devin Ratray Is Creepily Obsessed With Condoleeza Rice

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Remember Buzz from Home Alone? After Macaulay’s cuteness, this was the other kid we remember. He was the one who wanted to feed Macaulay Culkin's Kevin to his pet tarantula, and would not let him sleep. And this was also the stellar gentleman who wondered if French babes shaved their pits or not. Yeah, classy. Of course, Kevin stole his money and trashed his room and dug into all of Buzz’s contraband as well – the crackers and the dirty magazines. Fair play, we guess. The real dude, Devin Ratray, turned out a tad weirder. Though he’s kept himself busy as a musician in the bands he’s helped create and had several (though unmemorable) TV and movie appearances, his pet project is the reason we think he has lost it. His movie/documentary is called Courting Condi and it came out in 2008, In it, he professed his love for former U.S. Secretary of State, Condoleeza Rice. No, we are not kidding.

3 Taran Noah Smith Went Bankrupt

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Taran Noah Smith was the blue-eyed youngster with an adorable thatch of blonde hair in the sitcom Home Improvement. The show made Tim Allen a household name and even served to be the launch pad for Pamela Anderson. Taran was Marcus “Mark” Taylor since he was seven and the run ended when he was 16. By then he lost his cuteness and then managed to lose his family too, since he said that acting was never a choice for him, because he was forced to start too early  and could not say no. When he was 18, he legally separated himself and his fortune from his parents. And then he married a woman 16 years his senior. The roles vanished and the vegan business that his wife and he wanted to launch went belly up. A baby and a divorce later, the banks also foreclosed on his mansion, leaving him heading into a fast downward spiral headed nowhere. Unfortunately, this cute kid became yet another notation in a long list of child actors who never made it big.

2 Angus T. Jones Rejected Two And A Half Men And Became A Hardcore Christian 

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Angus T. Jones was the cherubic, adorable and smart-alecky Jake Harper on Two and a Half Men, who seemed to take particular delight in driving his already batty Uncle Charlie even crazier, not only by eating everything in sight in his bachelor pad’s kitchen, but also by actually stealing the attention of all the hot girls his uncle would bring home. As cute as he was, the character was also the emotional glue of the series. But when Angus grew into an older Jake, the writers gave him a shadier shadow. The older Jake seemed dim-witted and his humor now bordered on the sleazy, a drastic change from his previous characteristics. Fans harshly criticized the show and Angus found the change in Jake to be disgusting as well. So he went on a rampage and blasted the show in a video. He said, “Jake Harper from Two And A Half Men means nothing. He is a non-existent character. If you watch Two And A Half Men, please don’t…” Since then, after biting the hand that fed him and getting thrown out of the show, he has found his true calling at a Christian church called World Harvest Outreach in Texas.

1 Edward Furlong Was An Abusive Drug Addict

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The angst-ridden Edward Furlong, a.k.a. John Connor, was adorable when he starred in Terminator 2: Judgment Day at the age of 14. Just into his teenage years, it was his big break, and it looked as if he was really going to go places. What could be cooler than being in a movie with Arnold Schwarzenegger? But then things started to go a little weird. Not an adult yet, he got involved with his tutor who was twice his age. Apparently, they were in love and did manage to stay together for six years. When they split, the woman claimed that Furlong had been physically abusing her. Then even his career took a nosedive as he got involved with drugs and alcohol. He violated restraining orders and had many issues with domestic violence. He finally went into rehab in 2014, and the last we saw of him was an overweight, haggard man with dubious hygiene.

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