15 On-Set Romances That Got Ugly

Nowadays, with all these gossip mags, we always get to know who’s dating who. Journalists and writers have their sources, and the baying paparazzi are always out in full force when there’s a Hollywood A-lister or celeb out and about. It means, as a celebrity, like it or not, you’re in the public domain, and should expect every little thing to be made public. I’m not saying that’s right; that’s just the way it tends to be. And let’s face it. We love it. We love to see who’s dating who, who’s split up from who, breakups, and it’s even better – not for them of course, but for us – if things get ugly.

Dating must be pretty hard if you’re a celeb. I mean, it’d be easy to get dates – there’d be no shortage of people wanting to date you – but it’d be tricky to know who’s genuine, who’s dating you for you, because they like you and not your celebrity status. One way to get around that is to date people who are in the same walk of life. That actually tends to be the case for any profession. Say you work in a certain industry, in a job that keeps you around the same people day after day. You could end up hating those you’re with, but that’s going end up being like torture. On the other hand, feelings could develop for one of your coworkers and romance could blossom. That’s exactly the same for these celebs. When they’re on-set day after day together, perhaps doing intense scenes, larking about in between shoots, going for drinks and dinner after work, it’s inevitable that sparks are going to fly. Some actually work out. Take Javier Bardem and Penelope Cruz for example. They met on a movie set, and a couple of years later they got hitched, and then children followed. But more often than not, things don’t work out. Sometimes things turn downright ugly. Here are 15 on-set romances that got ugly.

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15 Blake Lively & Penn Badgley

via: justjared.com

In 2007 – wow that seems like a long time ago now, how things have changed! – Blake Lively and Penn Badgley embarked on an on-set romance. They were both young 20-somethings, in the infancy of their acting careers, at the same stages of their careers, too. It was on the sets of Gossip Girl that the two first got together. There was a spark, and it resulted in a romance that lasted around three years. But then things turned ugly. This can’t be attributed to either one of the couple – it wasn’t really anyone’s fault. It was basically down to the fact that they were having a long-distance relationship. Blake was away in Africa for six months filming, and in the end Penn was honest about how he felt and they split. Their characters actually remained together on Gossip Girl – a show that became an endurance test for them both. Their characters actually got married, which much have been seriously tough because their breakup in real life was far from amicable. There were arguments and fights, and they certainly didn’t remain friends. It was strictly professional after they split.

14 Bradley Cooper & Zoe Saldana

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Bradley Cooper and Zoe Saldana met on the sets of The Words. They kept things private for about a year before going public. They’re probably wishing they kept their relationship under wraps. The two got together in 2011. When we came to know that they were dating at the Sundance Film Festival, I think everybody instantly thought that they just fit. But their turbulent relationship was anything but. For around two years, they were the Ross and Rachel of the movie world; on-again off-again. Except that in their case, they ended up splitting for good. At the time of their split, it was reported they’d broken up amicably. But then Zoe gave an interview in which – although she didn’t mention names – she made plenty of references to Cooper. She said they’re not friends, and that she has no room in her life for men who disrespected her. It certainly didn’t take her long to get over the split, because a matter of months later she was walking down the aisle with artist Marco Perego. She revealed she’d known him for a “long time.” Read into that what you will.

13 Jennifer Aniston & Vince Vaughn

via: dailymail.co.uk

This star couple got together for what was more of a fling than a relationship. That’s not to say that neither one of them didn’t want things to become more substantial. Vince Vaughn was what can only be described as a rebound relationship for Jennifer Aniston. They got together after Jen had divorced Brad Pitt, and started seeing each other, rather ironically (a sign that may have meant that their relationship was doomed from the start), on the sets of The Break-Up. They were together for a little under a year before they split. Things got ugly – not throwing temper tantrums, getting into fights ugly, as far as we know anyway, but ugly all the same – when Vince just couldn’t deal with all the attention. Jen, being a superstar actress, had paparazzi constantly following her about, baying at her heels, and Vince just couldn’t deal with the attention. That’s the ugliness of being a megastar. If rumors are to be believed, Jen didn’t take too kindly to being shown the door by Vince. But they’ve now moved on and have sorted out their differences. Vince describes Jen as “great,” and Jen has been pretty complimentary about Vince too. They’re obviously at happy places in their lives.

12 Jake Gyllenhaal & Reese Witherspoon

via: nydailynews.com

Jake Gyllenhaal has gained a reputation for being a bit of a lady’s man. He’s been in a number of high profile relationships over the years, one of which was with his Rendition co-star, Reese Witherspoon. They met on set in Morocco. Reese developed a little crush, which just got stronger over time. They got together, but then she’s the one who decided to split, saying that she’d just gotten over a divorce and wanted to be alone. They reconciled, but again split up, and sources say that the split was Reese’s decision, but was Jake's fault. Things actually got rather unpleasant for Reese because of Jake’s overbearing nature. There was also the fact that apparently, he wanted to get married, but Reese just wasn’t ready for that. He had a tough time coming around to the fact that her kids were always going to be her priority, and that they and she just weren’t ready for them to be wed.

11 Olivier Martinez & Halle Berry


Celebs tend to rush into things. Everything happens quickly in the life of a celeb. They meet someone, don’t date for very long, then before you know it, they’re hitched and are walking down the aisle. Then, often a year or two down the line, marriage bliss is no more, and divorce proceedings start. That’s exactly what happened to Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez. The two met in 2010 on the set of the shark movie, Dark Tide. They began dating, married a few years later, and divorced a couple of years after that. It came as quite a shock, because everything happened really quickly. Halle rushed to finalize the divorce for a reason, and that reason was because things got ugly in their relationship. It got so ugly that Halle just couldn’t stand to be with him for a moment longer. It’s thought she wanted to split because of his temper. Apparently, Olivier had one hell of a temper and was prone to violent outbursts. Things got ugly as Halle went about sorting out divorce proceedings, too. She rushed to finalize everything because she had a number of pending contracts and deals, and already had a sizeable amount in the bank, and she didn’t want Olivier to get a cent.

10 Winona Ryder & Johnny Depp

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Winona Ryder and Johnny Depp really were the iconic couple of the 90s. The hot item first laid eyes on each other at the 1989 premiere of Great Balls of Fire. The spark had been lit, but they didn’t get together until they were both filming Edward Scissorhands. They dated for four years before Winona reportedly split with him and they went their separate ways. At that time, things got ugly because of the media’s involvement. There was plenty of gossip about the two, mainly because of the fact that Winona was just a teenager and that there was a nine-year age difference. Winona found that seriously hard to deal with. There’s also been speculation as to whether or not Johnny was abusive, and if so, if that had a part to play in the split. Another one of Johnny’s exes, Amber Heard, has claimed that Johnny repeatedly abused her.

9 Rachel McAdams & Ryan Gosling

via: nickiswift.com

Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling got together while filming The Notebook. A lot happened on the set of that movie. Initially, they weren’t too fond of each other. Hate is a strong word, but that’s what Gosling felt for his co-star – he hated her. In fact, he hated her so much, he tried to get her kicked off the set, and had to go away to a quiet place where he could scream and let out all of his frustrations. It’s pretty amazing that from that level of hate, they ended up dating on-again and off-again for the next four years. But it wasn’t four years of bliss. It was a pretty ugly relationship from the get-go. There was plenty of tension, and apparently lots of fighting. There were also other factors that made the relationship ugly. It’s rumored that Gosling put his career first, they disagreed about having kids, and they just weren’t soulmates, which is what Gosling said down the line. It seems like it was doomed from the start. It started off ugly – no wonder it ended on an ugly note, too.

8 Nina Dobrev & Ian Somerhalder

via: cwtampa.cbslocal.com

Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder met on the set of The Vampire Diaries. If you meet on the set of a teen drama, something’s bound to happen. It did for these two actors, and they remained together for around three years. They did their utmost to keep their relationship under wraps, though. Although they were frequently spotted out and about, they didn’t confirm they were seeing each other until they’d been dating for a year. They also kept things pretty quiet when they split in 2013. It caused plenty of speculation as to why they went their separate ways. The two did their best to make it look like things just weren’t working out. But sources close to the two came out and revealed that things got pretty ugly towards the end. Ian’s a decade older than Nina. He got very serious about wanting to get married, kids and settling down. The age difference apparently also caused a number of other issues. In the end it proved to be too much.

7 Ben Affleck & Jennifer Lopez

via: laineygossip.com

Something good came out of the box office bomb that was the movie Gigli, for these two actors anyway. Actually, it probably wasn’t such a good thing, looking back at their tumultuous relationship. Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez embarked on an on-set romance, and they subsequently became Hollywood’s biggest couple. Things got serious and they got engaged in 2002. But “Bennifer,” once Hollywood’s super-couple, soon became the industry’s joke couple. That’s what Ben was considered to be by his peers and public. He ended up destroying Jennifer when he called off the wedding. Things were miserable for Ben and he ended up tearing Jennifer’s heart out of her chest. Understandably, there’s been bad blood between the two. Ben credits Jennifer, the diva that she is, for destroying his career. Jennifer hasn’t held back on the jibes either, commenting on Ben’s lack of bedroom skills, amongst other things.

6 Milo Ventimiglia & Hayden Panettiere

via: fanforum.com

It’s amazing to think that Hayden Panettiere is still in her 20s. She’s seemingly been around forever, not that we’re complaining. It also seems inconceivable that she’s ever dated anyone other than former boxer and heavyweight champ, Wladimir Klitschko, who she’s been with since 2009. But Hayden did have a dating life before Klitschko came into the picture. Her first major success as an actress was her role in Heroes. She was in her teens at the time, and fell for her costar, Milo Ventimiglia, who, by the way, is 12 years her senior. That age gap had a large part to play in things not working out. Milo’s said he’d never want to go out with Hayden again, things were that bad. They were at different stages of their lives and eventually they couldn’t deal with it. Apparently, things got rather ugly towards the end, and splitting up was really the only option.

5 Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson

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Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson met on the set of the Twilight movies. It was a highly-publicized relationship, and I reckon most people know how it ended. What happened was massive news at the time, and resulted in the star duo going their separate ways. They were together for around four years, but Kristen Stewart did something to Robert that was just unforgivable. To be fair to Robert, he did try to forgive her, but the relationship was ultimately wrecked because of Kristen’s actions. In 2012, it was revealed the Kristen had been having an affair with director Rupert Sanders. It was massive news, not just because Kristen cheated on Robert, but because Rupert was a married man. The explosive scandal brought things crashing down, and although Kristen issued a public apology, things couldn’t be salvaged, and that’s something pretty much everyone finds to be totally understandable.

4 Brad Pitt & Gwyneth Paltrow

via: vanityfair.com

After starring in the movie Seven, way back in 1995, costars Brad Pitt and Gwyneth Paltrow began dating. Even back then, Brad Pitt was a massive name in the movie industry. Everyone wanted to get a piece of him, every woman wanted to date him, and Gwyneth ended up being that lucky woman. But the relationship didn’t last long, and things ended up getting ugly, mainly because she messed things up. She’s admitted that it was she who’s responsible for things getting ugly. Gwyneth was 22 at the time and just didn’t have a clue about dating. She claims she was young and immature, and just wasn’t ready for that type of relationship. But things couldn’t have been too rosy anyway, because she’s revealed that her parents loved Brad probably more than she did. They were besotted with him, and the breakup hit them harder than it hit her. That says a lot.

3 Jennifer Lawrence & Nicholas Hoult

via: usmagazine.com

It’s amazing who you can run into at a screen test. Jennifer Lawrence and Nicholas Hoult got together during a screen test for the movie, X-Men: First Class. They then enjoyed a long-term relationship, one that was mostly filled with bliss and love, but one that got ugly towards the end. There have been different reasons circulating as to why they broke up. Jennifer’s a pretty private person, so there was no way she was going to divulge any juicy bits of gossip. The only reason she gave was that she felt too dependent on him; she’d just wrapped up shooting a load of projects, was 24 years old, and wanted to be on her own. But other reports have said that Hoult actually ended up getting quite angry at Jennifer. Due to her busy schedule, she was constantly sacking him off, cancelling plans, and they never got to spend time together.

2 Angelina Jolie & Billy Bob Thornton

via: independent.ie

Billy Bob Thornton met the hottest woman in the world – in many people’s eyes, anyway – on the sets of the 1999 movie, Pushing Tin. After a two-month courtship, they got hitched in 2000. It was a highly publicized relationship, and a pretty weird one from the outside looking in. They wore vials of each other’s blood around their necks, for god's sake. If that’s not a tad strange, I don’t know what is. Aside from that and their various other crazy antics, they just weren’t compatible, and things got ugly pretty fast. It sounds ludicrous, but Billy was really uncomfortable around rich and important people, and people don’t get any richer or more important than Angelina Jolie. It was building up to a separation, but the penny dropped over one night. Angelina said: “"It took me by surprise, too, because overnight, we totally changed. I think one day we had just nothing in common. And it's scary but... I think it can happen when you get involved and you don't know yourself yet."

1 Freida Pinto & Dev Patel

via: independent.ie

The 2008 film Slumdog Millionaire, proved to be a massive hit. It was widely acclaimed, people were raving about pretty much every aspect of the film. That included the performances of two of the lead characters, portrayed by Dev Patel and Freida Pinto. Patel was 18 when he was cast in the role of a lifetime. But even at that age, he had this aura about him, and managed to charm his co-star Frieda Pinto, who was six years his senior. A lot was made of this age difference – but hey, if you like each other, go for it, age shouldn’t be a factor, right? It wasn’t for them, and they had a pretty long relationship which lasted until the end of 2014. Apparently, Pinto had a mid-life crisis in her late 20s and just wanted to be single. It was about self-love, and finding herself. If rumors are to be believed, this didn’t go down to well, and there was more to it. You don’t suddenly end a seven-year romance because you just decide you want to be on your own, do you? Apparently at the time of their breakup things got ugly. But down the line, they became amicable, and are now friends.

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