15 Of Zayn Malik's Best Fashion Moments (That Got Him A Model Girlfriend)

The path of the boy band has seen its share of ups and downs throughout the years. Starting in the 1980s, the boy band gained prominence. New Kids on the Block made a huge splash and they kick started a wave of boy bands that eventually started to trickle away by the late 80s. But, just as they began to lose steam, they picked right back up again.

The 90s saw a host of newly formed boy bands. N’SYNC, Backstreet Boys, and 98 Degrees were some of the highlights of this new wave. With boy bands once again petering out by the mid-2000s, the cycle seemed dead. And then, a group of boy bands once again resurged back into social importance. One Direction is a part of this third group of boy bands.

One Direction became a cultural phenomenon and was touring all the way around the world. After a handful of years of massive success, the band did what almost every band does and they ended up breaking up. That doesn’t mean, however, that the members of the band haven’t found solo success. One of the members of the band that is doing great right now is Zayn Malik. He’s got a great career and seems to be heading in a good direction in life. Besides being in the spotlight for his music, Malik has a great sense of fashion. He’s always wearing something fascinating and making normal clothes look amazing. He nabbed a model girlfriend, and his wardrobe is part of the success.

15 Skinny Jeans

via: Daily Mail

It’s said that everything is cyclical. If you look at varying facets of society, you quickly come to realize that this is completely and utterly true. For instance, television shows and certain genres of the medium tend to come into and out of popularity. Certain products and activities, such as listening to a vinyl record, have even come back into fashion. Speaking of fashion, a trend that Zayn Malik pulls off without even trying is something that saw a rise in the 1970s.

Tight-fitting pants began to become popular in the era of disco. More specifically, bellbottoms were worn. While skinny jeans aren’t exactly bell bottoms, they bring with them the same kind of feeling. The skinny jeans of the 2000s rose to prominence in the late 00s. Rockstars such as Fallout Boy helped promote the trend. It seems that Malik is still rocking this look, and why not? It’s still quite fashionable in 2018.

14 Bomber Jacket

via: The Idle Man

Weather doesn’t really affect fashion. In most cases, it doesn’t matter if it’s actually cold outside. If the more fashionable thing to do is wear a sweater, then you better believe that sweaters are going to be rocked in the sweltering summer temperatures of July. On the flipside, fashion can play perfectly into the weather. Take, for instance, the bomber jacket.

First off, this must be one of the coolest names for a piece of clothing. Taking its roots from the 80s, the bomber jacket is a highly fashionable piece of clothing. It’s an accent that declares cool and it doesn’t let you forget it. Seen in the picture, Malik is wearing a jacket that sports a lovely camo palette. The white shirt underneath really brings out the camo and it looks as if the entire outfit was a great choice for Zayn. Whether camo is in or out, Malik always tends to make the right choice.

13 Suit And Tie With Ribbon

via: MTV.com

Classy: it’s a word that gets thrown around often. When you refer to someone or something as classy, what are you really saying? Are you saying that they buy more expensive things than you? That they are of an upper class that you aren’t in? Or, does classy mean that they are better than you? Whatever the case may be, some people refer to classiness as a good thing and others see it as snobby.

Either way you look at it, wearing a suit and tie is almost always considered classy. But, that comes into question when you’re wearing a suit and tie and you’re in high school. The word “pretentious” may come up. Zayn Malik, though, pulls off this suit while on the red carpet. And, he adds a bit of a twist with a small black ribbon at the top. It is truly a classy look that steals a girl’s heart.

12 High-Top Sneakers

via: Footwear News

Fashion is an ever-changing beast. One season, those yellow stripes are the killer look that everyone wants. The next season, you wear those same stripes and you get laughed out of the room. It’s a fickle business, but a business that is supremely important and influential in society. And, it doesn’t matter what you’re wearing when it comes to fashion. If it’s on your body, it’s considered a piece of fashion!

Take, for instance, sneakers. When you think of fashion, you probably picture visions of models in shirts, sweaters, and cool looking pants. But, sneakers are also a part of the fashion industry. Malik knows how to pair his fashion items together, and he does so wonderfully when he sported these high-top Air Jordans. Paired together with a plain white shirt draped by a stellar light leather jacket, Zayn hits both the “bad boy” and “streetwear” look. It’s a good look that’s sure to catch everyone’s eye.

11 Neck Polo

via: The Idle Man

Imagine, for a second, that you enter a cocktail party. There’s a ton of upper class and “smart” people there. Everyone from highly regarded college professors to scientists and esteemed socialites are there, sipping on cocktails and talking about the latest political issues. This picture probably conjures up visions of people dressed in suits. Bow-ties, flowing black dresses, and everything in-between is seen in this “higher class” party. However, one of the pieces of fashion that gets associated with this type of imagery that wasn’t mentioned is the neck polo.

For some, the neck polo creates the image above: an image of intelligence and sophistication. It seems as if Zayn takes this image and utilizes it on the red carpet. The picture sees him posing, and he looks like a stud in the suit paired with the black neck polo. It screams class and gives off a highly stylish look for a younger man.

10 Louis Vuitton Hawaiian Shirt

via: Daily Mirror

Jumping from a high class look to a little bit of an odder one, this next look from Zayn is divisive. But, how so? What makes a Louis Vuitton piece of clothing divisive? Well, if you look at it, you might see why.

Historically, Louis Vuitton has been known for creating some of the most fashionable pieces of clothing ever. They tend to be on the cutting edge of design and are always raising eyebrows when another celebrity hits the streets with a piece of their clothing. This time around, the piece worn by Malik is a Hawaiian Louis Vuitton shirt.

That may sound counterintuitive, but Louis Vuitton makes a lot of things you may take a second glance at. The silk shirt has a beautiful flower pattern on it. But, it is still a head scratcher to most people as to why a prestigious company would create a Hawaiian shirt.

9 Ripped Jeans

via: Denimology

The 80s were an interesting time in society. Action movies began to take over Hollywood, big business was taking over on Wall Street, and the fashion of the time was something to behold. Some people look back at the 80s and think it was one of the best times for fashion. Others think this is one of the worst times for fashion. Whatever your opinion, you can’t deny the fact that the 80s made its mark on the industry.

One of the exports of this markedly fascinating time is the concept of the ripped jeans. Ripped jeans were the way you showed people you were cool. Besides acid wash jeans, the ripped jeans were a sign of the times.

In 2018, Zayn Malik keeps the fad going. In this photo, he’s wearing a black hood with the ripped jeans. The outfit looks fantastic and Malik pulls it off without a hitch.

8 Tracksuit

via: Daily Mirror

When you’re one of the elite in Hollywood, you can do pretty much anything you want in terms of fashion. For the most part, people will accept whatever choice you make. Inevitably, this will back fire from time to time. Lady Gaga’s meat dress is still something of a shock that people are still scratching their heads over. Most of the time, though, celebrities can get away with wearing almost anything. And that includes a piece of fashion that downplays all the money that celebrities make.

The tracksuit is a perfect symbol of relaxation. The suits are baggy, so you don’t have to worry about belts or keeping things fancy. Most of them are lightweight, so you don’t have to bother with heavy clothing. And, you can just throw it on and go. Zayn uses this laid-back look as he busts out this blue and red track suit. He looks as if he’s in a hurry in the photo, and that’s exactly what the tracksuit is for!

7 Neckerchief

via: Pinterest

Many trends have encapsulated society over the years. For example, the evolution of ear phones has been a rollercoaster ride. In the 80s and 90s, head phones were huge. As the new millennium dawned, though, technology got smaller. By 2004, small ear buds were all the rage. By 2013, the huge head phones were back in style. While this type of trend involved the evolution of technology, another trend is still in its upward swing in the fashion industry. And that trend involves the much-debated neckerchief.

The neckerchief, to most, looks like a scarf. Some would even question the purpose of it. After all, most neckerchiefs are lightweight and really serve no functional purpose. But, fashion isn’t always about functionality. Rather, the neckerchief accents a variety of clothing options. Perhaps you’re wearing a suit like Malik is in the photo, and need something to spice it up. A well-placed neckerchief can emanate the bad boy vibe while maintaining a sense of importance in the fashion world.

6 Checkered Shirt

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The checkered shirt has had a checkered past. Not really a fashion staple until fairly recently, the checkered shirt has never really stood out. It’s always been in the background, and it’s never had its own time in the spotlight. However, every dog has its day. And it seems as if the checkered shirt is rising in prominence.

Normally, a checkered pattern wouldn’t be utilized in fashion society. When you think of a checkered pattern shirt, you may immediately think of outside work and labor. Lumberjacks are famous for sporting the checkers on their shirts and a lot of flannel shirts display this same pattern. Zayn, however, takes this concept and turns it on its head.

Not only does Zayn pull this look off, he does it in absolute style. Wearing a white shirt with the words “yes” printed upon it, the bad boy look draws attention to the person wearing it.

5 Hoodie

via: Daily Mail

The hoodie is a modern staple. Rising in popularity in the early 2000s, the hoodie made an interesting transition. At first, the hoodie was simply used for its functionality. If it was cold, rainy, or anything in between, it was worn. However, as the years wore on, the hoodie began to conjure up an image of its own. It evolved into something that people wore regardless of the weather. Most notably, people who tend to shy away from social contact can use it almost as a defense mechanism. In essence, the hoodie keeps them guarded.

Since the hoodie now stands more for a brand and less for its functional use, you can almost read a person’s mood by when they wear it. Zayn looks as if he’s maybe hiding from something in the photo. Or, maybe it’s just a tad chilly. Regardless, Malik makes the hoodie look good and continues the trend of the popular clothing item.

4 Jean Jacket

via: Us Weekly

Much like many of the entries on this list, this particular fashion item is something that many people can’t really pull off. Unless you have a certain look and confidence about you, wearing the jean jacket comes off as tacky and as if you’re trying to be something you aren’t.

Zayn makes the jean jacket cool again, as the photo shows. Steeped in the 80s, the jean jacket became the epitome of cool. It was the item to wear when you wanted to show people exactly how hip and cool you were. But, as with many trends, the jean jacket went from a fashion icon to a fashion faux pas.

Today, the jean jacket can still only be pulled off by a handful of individuals. Only a select few can wield the power of the denim and make it look effortless and amazing. Malik does this with ease and makes you want to go buy one yourself.

3 Rain Coat

via: GQ.com

When you’re onstage as a performer, it can feel as if the world is at your fingertips. The crowd expands in an endless sea in front of you, and you feel as if you can influence and inspire everyone in the world. While most people won’t ever know what that feels like, it’s interesting to break down the performance of superstars on the stage.

Various performers have different approaches to the stage. Some go all out with pyrotechnics and truly make their concerts a spectacle. Others take a more down-to-earth approach. This decision often translates into the performer’s outfits. Some are outlandish and a bit over the top. Others are more subdued.

Malik decided to go all out with an interesting raincoat for a performance. Regardless of your opinion on it, it always gives off a dashing feeling. He looks classy and as if he knows something you don’t. It is a great look for a concert.

2 Dress Coat

via: FashionBeans

A dress coat is something that isn’t seen much in modern society. After all, when are the most appropriate times to wear a dress coat? Most of the time, dress coats are used for high-class affairs. If you’re attending a party, a dress coat may be appropriate. However, most people don’t get the opportunity to attend these types of parties. You also see dress coats a lot in period dramas in cinema.

But, with all of that being said, the dress coat can still be pulled off if done right. And, it turns out, Zayn Malik can pull it off with the best of them.

In the picture, Malik is sporting a navy and red dress coat. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but you can’t deny that the dress coat is a unique fashion statement. It makes you look elegant and smart and you need to have a lot of confidence to pull it off.

1 Open Collared Shirt

via: The Sun

Some fashion statements are hard to make effectively. For some people, certain fashion trends just aren’t feasible with their body type. A positive self-image is everything, so people should wear what they want. However, that doesn't always mean it translates well for others. A perfect case in point is the open collared shirt.

It’s hard to pull off for one main reason. This reason has to do with body type and how you present yourself. A hairy guy with a chest full of hair isn’t exactly going to be giving off the sexiest vibes when it comes to his looks. The hair is a turn-off for most people. But, Malik doesn’t seem to have a problem with this.

The white open collared shirt looks great and shows off his physique. He’s not jacked by any means, but he does have a slim figure that plays well to the camera.

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