15 Of Your Favorite Cartoons That Strangely Predicted The Future

It's funny the epiphanies that come to you late at night while watching the senseless cartoons that come on Adult Swim. What appears to be even stranger is the amount of your favorite cartoons that st

It's funny the epiphanies that come to you late at night while watching the senseless cartoons that come on Adult Swim. What appears to be even stranger is the amount of your favorite cartoons that strangely predict the future. This leads to research and before you know it, bam! You have a whole list of a variety of cartoons that all predicted things to come. It may be as simple as older cartoons such as The Jetsons or Inspector Gadget predicting current technology. Or in some cases they can even dive deeper to predict tragedies like 9/11 on The Simpsons and Looney Toons.

All of these predictions lead to more questions than answers. Did all of these cartoons really predict the future or did people just copy the cartoons to build our future? Either is possible, but it would be silly to believe that the writers behind these cartoons could have known that the two tallest buildings in NYC might one day be hit by planes. They may not have realized that ISIS would eventually attack Paris, but with terrorism being what it has been for some time, it's possible that someone might suggest that in a cartoon.

Feel free to draw your own conclusions. All conspiracy theorists, illuminati researchers, and even those of you who don't believe any of this still have to admit it's interesting. Here are 15 Of Your Favorite Cartoons That Strangely Predicted The Future.

15 The Simpsons - 2016 Presidential Nominees

via:Greenwich Time

Quite a few people have pointed to a sixteen-year-old episode of The Simpsons for predicting Trump's current run for president. What most failed to point out is that the episode also hinted at Hillary Clinton possibly becoming President. Not only did the episode reflect upon Trump as the worst case scenario, but it also showed Lisa as the first “straight woman” to preside over our country.

Lisa finds herself in a tough position in “Bart to the Future”, as she tries to fix the mess that the county's financial crisis has faced in the wake of a Trump presidency. She has been told that the United States is broke and Lisa says "As you know, we've inherited quite a budget crunch from President Trump”.

Hollywood Reporter was able to get an interview with the writer of The Simpsons back in March. In the interview, Dan Greaney told them: "And that just seemed like the logical last stop before hitting bottom. It was pitched because it was consistent with the vision of America going insane." The episode can be seen as a bad omen of what was yet to come.

14 Family Guy - Caitlyn Jenner

It seems like Family Guy should have been the go-to show for predictions about Bruce Jenner's transformation into Caitlyn. The show used Stewie Griffin to make the first prediction back in 2009.

In the episode, Stewie questions Jenner's sexuality by saying that he “can't believe that came out of Bruce Jenner's vag*na”, in reference to Brody Jenner while having a conversation with Brian. When Brian responds that “Bruce Jenner is a man”, Stewie replies with: “That’s what the press would have you believe, but he's not. Bruce Jenner is a woman. A beautiful, elegant Dutch woman.”

Family Guy struck gold again in a 2011 episode which had Jenner dancing provocatively onstage for a group of sailors. The predictions were so on point that Seth MacFarlane was later asked about the similarities while discussing Ted 2 on a conference call with Huffington Post. His response was to not respond by saying, “Once the outrage industry shuts down, I will be happy to have an adult conversation about all of this stuff”.

13 The Jetsons - Modern Technology


Um... Let's see here. Dog treadmills, Roombas and flat screen TVs, among other things; it seems that while you were watching The Jetsons as a youth, they were busy predicting the future of technology.

Not to mention FaceTime, Skype and all of the other very convenient ways to communicate while looking at each other over the internet and without a phone. The Jetsons may be responsible for the internet existing when you really think about it. Not that they actually made any of the things that we have technologically today, but whoever made them might have studied The Jetsons first.

Looking back now, it looks like the biggest question shouldn't have been about "if", but "when" instead. Maybe we haven't quite conquered the flying cars or true skyline houses, but wouldn't that make all of the other coincidences complete if that is eventually how we deal with pollution, too? By living and driving above it all. Sounds kind of reasonable, don't you think?

12 Inspector Gadget - Modern Gadgets


Inspector Gadget was always working on some sort of new technological device. The only problem was that they always seemed to fail miserably. Some of his gadgets did make it in the future, except unlike his, they actually work.

It's unclear where Penny got her various devices from, but it's safe to say that Uncle Gadget got things right too sometimes. Like with Penny's watch which could make video calls and navigate her to where she needed to be. There were a few more things that Penny’s watch could do that our own Smartwatches cannot, but do we really need lasers to shoot out of our watches?

At one point Inspector Gadget also had his car equipped with a navigation system that drove his car off a cliff when the device was hijacked by a villain. Again, very similar and highly possible. Is this not one of the biggest fears faced by electric cars that completely drive themselves?

11 Looney Toons - 9/11


Yes! We can date 9/11 predictions to as far back as Looney Toons in the 1940s! Well kind of… Daffy Duck appears to be having a panic attack… Or is possibly hallucinating?

He is screaming about all of the dangers he sees to Porky Pig! Anyways, he continues to point out various dangers, such as a truck coming their way, and acting all freaked out. Then he points over the fence and towards the sky as he is holding on to the front of Porky Pig's shirt by the neck and screams, "Look! It's the towers! They’re falling!” and he passes out.

There aren't any towers actually seen in the cartoon so it would be hard to say that it was the Twin Towers, but at the same time, this could definitely pass as a bad omen. Especially when Bugs Bunny almost flew a plane into the Twin Towers in another episode. Bugs at least managed to save them by flying the plane up at the last moment.

10 The Cleveland Show - Paris Attacks

In March of 2013, an episode of The Cleveland Show aired called “Brownsized”. In the episode, Donna has gotten herself a job loading planes at the airport. The screen flashes to Donna working to load luggage onto the moving ramp as she is talking about her conflict, telling Cleveland about her second job.

In the clip she throws several bags along with a Muslim suicide bomber, who happens to have a Paris tag on him. It could be a coincidence, but at the same time the idea rings so close to home. Not that The Cleveland Show actually saw an attack in Paris coming, but that terrorism has become common enough that it makes for an easy prediction.

Of course this was not exactly how the attack in Paris went down, but the idea is that a terrorist was headed to Paris. The real prediction however, comes from the Paris tag being included. How do you guess that?

9 South Park - Mel Gibson's Breakdown

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Maybe this prediction is a little far-fetched, but this came out right after The Passion of the Christ. Mel Gibson was still the fun actor who put on lipstick and electrified himself with a hairdryer. This was way too soon to see what was ahead for the once-great actor.

The idea was for 'The Passion of the Jew' to look at the criticism met from the movie and showcased Mel Gibson as a lunatic. He rambled at Stan and Kenny who wanted their $18 after watching the film. The cartoonish Gibson also did very odd things, like strap himself onto a rack and pushing them to torture him. The boys ended up getting their money back.

Gibson later had a real mental breakdown as you should remember, but just in case you don't... He went on a rather racist rant involving his girlfriend and killed his reputation. Oh, and lets not forget his DUI arrest rant.

8 The Simpsons - 9/11

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Looney Toons was not the only cartoon to predict 9/11, although it might have been the oldest. Several cartoons made this prediction, but none quite as accurately as The Simpsons did back in a 1997 episode called 'The City of New York vs Homer Simpson'.

Lisa holds out a magazine at one point in the episode which says New York $9, across the front. The biggest part of this that reflects a strangely accurate prediction is the World Trade Center towers are positioned just beside the 9. It appears to say 911 with the towers acting as the ones.

The episode aired in September, as if the writing on the magazine did not spell it out enough. It really appears as though The Simpsons knew what they were talking about.

7 Family Guy & American Dad - Boston Marathon Attacks


This has been pushed aside by many as a way for conspiracy theorists to vent, yet the theorists are calling out "illuminati", as loud as they can. First, two clips are put together from Turban Cowboy from Family Guy, and doctored to fit together in a way that shows Peter making a call just before a Muslim he had befriended earlier blows up a marathon in Boston. As a result Peter wins the race.

The hoax makes it look as though Peter's call to the friend caused the bombing. Again, the clips were not originally put together. However, an episode of American Dad was more of a coincidence and never had to be doctored at all.

The episode in question aired the night before the bombings, and the entire suggestion happened in a matter of seconds. It is called 'The Missing Kink' and towards the end the episode shows Haley talking to Snot. Haley comments about their date and says, “it was a blast”. Snot then returns the favor by responding, “with the blast I had that makes 2 blasts!”. There were 2 blasts in the Boston Marathon Bombing.

If the episode had aired on any other day it wouldn’t have even been a thought, but both shows knew what was coming. Right?

6 Rugrats - 9/11

via:Donanım Haber Forum

Rugrats was the popular cartoon-turned movie franchise which gave you a look into the minds of babies. Tommy Pickles, Stu and Dill Pickles, were always getting into mischievous adventures whenever the adults were occupied. Angelica was a little older and always belittled the boys by calling them babies, but always ended up in the middle of their plots somehow.

The prediction of 9/11 was not lost on the Rugrats either apparently, as Angelica seemed to know just what was in store for our country. If she didn't know exactly what would happen the year following the release of Rugrats in Paris, then she at least offered up a handy idea of it.

In the movie, Angelica visits Santa and following a long list of gifts that she expects for Christmas, she finally finishes the list with a “911 emergency surgical kit, with working stethoscope”. Only she doesn't refer to it as a nine-one-one emergency surgical kit. She calls it a “nine-eleven surgical kit”.

5 The Simpsons - Wrecking Ball


Was it Miley Cyrus' mind playing off of The Simpsons Movie in which Homer swings back and forth on a wrecking ball? Or did she come up with the idea all on her own and The Simpsons simply predicted it? You might never really know, but either way, the result was groundbreaking. So, let's just count it as a prediction.

Homer gets caught trying to save his house at one point in The Simpsons Movie. While trying to save his house from the EPA he gets caught on a wrecking ball. The wrecking ball swings Homer between A Hard Place Bar and a rock. Homer never gets crushed, since he is a cartoon, of course. Instead he ends up swinging on the wrecking ball in various positions, bouncing off of both… And into other harmful objects.

4 Johnny Bravo - 9/11


Johnny Bravo also succeeded in predicting 9/11. This is yet another instance that can be passed off as just a coincidence, but then again the 9/11 coincidences just keep piling up. Are the conspiracy theorists right after all? Or could it just be that skyscrapers are a common point of interest for burning buildings and planes flying into them?

An episode of Johnny Bravo aired in 2001 and was called 'Johnny and the Chain Gang'. In the episode Johnny Bravo and Carl are thrown out of a movie theatre because Johnny was reading the subtitles out loud. Behind them you can see a poster as they are arguing outside of the theatre. On the poster is a skyscraper building with flames coming out of the higher up windows and across the front is one of those "coming soon" emblems that normally are on the posters advertising upcoming movies.

Coincidental thinking or prediction? Close call on this one, but theorists believe it!

3 Family Guy - Harambe


It's really sad to think that a baby was attacked by Harambe the Gorilla. It's also really sad to think that Family Guy predicted it. Harambe was the gorilla at the Cincinnati Zoo, who attacked the three year old boy after he climbed into the gorilla habitat. The gorilla enclosure was separated by a 3ft fence. Obviously, that was low enough for a toddler to climb into. Harambe saw the boy splashing in the moat, went after him, and dragged him around a bit.

The zoo officials ended up killing Harambe much to the dismay of animal rights activists. The officials had no choice at that point, but couldn't the enclosure have been surrounded by a fence higher than 3ft? Maybe it would have been higher if the zoo officials had seen the 'Internal Affairs' episode of Family Guy, where the gorilla attacks Stewie outside the door marked "Not an Exit".

2 Simpsons - Roy Horn's Tiger Incident

Another prediction that boiled down to common sense was The Simpsons' accuracy in predicting Roy Horn's tiger mauling him in 2003. When dealing with animals, especially wildlife, it is easy to foresee disaster.

In 1993 The Simpsons aired an episode called '$pringfield' (or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Legalized Gambling). In the episode there was a parody of Siegfried and Roy, the magicians who often worked with white tigers and lions. The magicians' names were changed to Gunter and Ernst, although it is still pretty obvious who The Simpsons were poking fun at.

Homer and Ned go to Vegas and get to see the magicians. In the parody one of the team's white tigers viciously attacks the duo. Then 10 years later Roy is actually attacked by one of their white tigers and mauled. Had Roy watched The Simpsons and been forewarned, would it have made a difference?

1 Iron Man - 9/11 Towers & Pentagon

Ok, this one's a doozy! In 1994 an episode of the old cartoon version of Iron Man, predicted attacks on both the Pentagon and the World Trade Center. The episode is titled 'The Grim Reaper Wears a Teflon Coat'.

The first clip begins with the call that New York City is under attack! War planes are shown shooting missiles into various buildings in New York, including the two tallest buildings, which were the towers. Then the episode clips over to the villains M.O.D.O.K. and Mandarin, who have planned the attacks.

In the new clip, we are shown that another plane is sent out by Mandarin. This one heads straight into the Pentagon causing it to explode. Can't hit much closer to home than that! Now, did they actually predict the 9/11 attack or did the terrorists base their attacks off of this cartoon and others?

Conspiracy theorists believe that the writers knew something. Others believe that it's several coincidences; but what if we are just that predictable. Shouldn't we be able to prevent some things?

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