15 Of The Worst Costumes Marvel And DC Have Ever Come Up With

Since the list of heroes and villains is endless, and each has to be unique, there is always the possibility of having a few costumes look terrible.

Marvel and DC are arguably the biggest names in superhero comic books and movies, because they have been in these businesses for over 70 years now. Although there were other cartoon heroes appearing in newspapers and other comics before the production of the first DC comic, Action Comics #1 in 1938, we can give credit to these two for shaping this industry. If there were the slightest chance that a human being would develop superhuman abilities and decide to fight crime, we would expect him or her to wear something similar to what the characters from Marvel or DC wear.

Most of the costumes that our favorite superheroes wear are great and well thought out, especially the versions we have today. However, since the list of superheroes and villains is endless, and each has to be unique, there is always the possibility of having a few costumes looking terrible. The cartoons usually have a way of pulling off most of the costumes, but the biggest problem comes when DC and Marvel want to make a film and they have to make a human being look like the character in the comics.

Some of the costumes here look so bad and almost everyone out there agrees; however, some are not too bad but they made it on this list because their current versions make these ones look hilariously terrible. Most of our favorite superheroes and villains are on this list. Which of these costumes would you say is your all-time worst?

15 Bane

Bane was so close to becoming the star of the 2012 film The Dark Knight Rises, but he did not because he is a villain and Batman ended up victorious in the end. The 2012 Bane, played by Tom Hardy, lived up to his name, because he was nothing short of being the cause of great annoyance, fear, and distress to the citizens of Gotham and especially the security forces.

Since Bane is famous for breaking Batman's back, Tom Hardy's character could have very well served Batman with a thorough beating in the end. Jeep Swenson and Michael Reid Mackay played this Bane, from Batman and Robin, and apart from having an underwhelming performance, the costume is terrible when you compare it to the most recent Bane.

The mask on his face looks terrible, and the tubes at the back of his head look ugly. In addition, the veins on his body and especially the ones we can see on his fingers are fake and unsightly.

14 Mr. Freeze

As the name suggests, Mr. Freeze, who is Batman's villain, freezes his adversaries by shooting at them using his freeze gun. Mr. Freeze's real name is Victor Fries, a man who used to be a cryogenics expert, who got into an accident in his laboratory when he was trying to cure his wife.

The effects of the accident are that, in order to survive, Fries has to wear this cryogenic suit, which looks terrible. Arnold Schwarzenegger is the actor playing the role of Mr. Freeze in this image, and there is no question about how terrible this costume looks.

This costume looks as if it is made up of numerous pieces of metals put together to make the ugliest suit. The bluish parts of the suit and on his head are probably as useless as they are weird. There is little, if any, positive thing anyone would say about this suit, because even the animated version of this suit is much better.

13 Green Goblin

Although we do not expect a goblin to look good in any way, the Green Goblin's costume here is just terrible. This villain is supposed to be Spider-Man's archenemy, and since we already hate the character, there was no reason to make him so hideous that he frightens not only the kids, but also the adults who love watching Spider-Man.

Some of the films that the Green Goblin has appeared in include Spider-Man (2002), Spider-Man 3 (2007), and The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (2014). One of the worst things about this costume is that the head is extremely ugly, and the audience can clearly see the character's mouth moving within the Goblin's mouth.

Everything on the goblin's face is ugly; the ears, the nose, and even the mouth that has useless teeth and zero function. The rest of the body looks so complicated, with numerous parts and details that add no value to the wearer.

12 Two-Face

Two-Face is another one of Batman's villains, a psychopath who needs attention from a mental health professional more than the beating that Batman is usually ready and willing to give.

Before turning into the criminal we know him to be today, Two-Face used to be an upstanding district attorney in Gotham called Harvey Dent, with some versions of the story establishing a past close relationship with Detective James Gordon as well as Batman. Harvey turned into Two-Face when a mob boss threw acid on his left side, which is the reason half of his face looks creepy and the other one looks normal.

The incident drove him crazy; he became a criminal, and gained an obsession with duality, always making decisions with the flip of his two-headed "lucky" coin. This is Tommy Lee Jones portraying the character in Batman Forever, and we can all agree that the costume here is a big joke. All he has on his face is paint, and the ridiculous clothes he wears throughout the film only make the look worse.

11 The Thing

The Fantastic Four are some of the best crime-fighting heroes in the Marvel universe, with each member possessing a different set of skills from the other, which they bring together to form the winning team.

It always comes out clearly in the movies that Ben Grimm got the short end of the stick, since his transformation turned him into a monster. Although the Thing appears to have an ugly body made out of rock, the upside to the transformation is that he gains superhuman strength, stamina, and durability. He is the muscle of the team and we love him for his sense of humor and his indestructibility.

The Thing shares some qualities with the Hulk but, unlike the Hulk who gets to go back and become Bruce Banner, the Thing is stuck in his ugly form. Although the idea behind the transformation was to transform Ben Grimm into a rock-like being, Marvel can surely do better with regard to this costume.

10 The Riddler

Since the Riddler, whose alter ego is Edward Nigma, is a criminal mastermind with a genius-level intellect, why is his costume so dumb? The Riddler is another one of Batman's villains, and as opposed to having expert fighting abilities or the ability to use weapons skillfully in a fight, he sets up catastrophic schemes and leaves clues on how to stop them.

Although it seems as if Batman is one of the few people in Gotham with the intelligence to solve the Riddler's complex puzzles and riddles, it seems as if this villain derives much more pleasure in outsmarting everyone compared to committing the crimes.

Jim Carrey is wearing the Riddler's costume in this image, and it is clear that the guys at DC were so exhausted after coming up with the Riddler's plots that they did not give much attention to the costume. This character needs a serious costume upgrade for us to take him seriously.

9 Juggernaut

Juggernaut is one of the strongest beings in the X-Men world, with his physical attributes also including superhuman durability and invulnerability. It is almost impossible to stop him when he is in motion and, as long as he is wearing his helmet, he remains immune to mental attacks from any mutant.

Juggernaut's real name is Cain Marko, a super villain who happens to be Professor Xavier's stepbrother. You would expect that this huge character would at least want to stand with the X-Men, but he chose to be in Magneto's brotherhood and often has to fight against the superhero team.

Vinnie Jones, who we see here, played the role of the Juggernaut in X-Men: The Last Stand, and almost everyone who was expecting so much from the character, especially the costume, went home very disappointed. Whatever straps he wears on his chest seem to be of no use, and his helmet is an eyesore.

8 Green Lantern

The Green Lantern is one of the most powerful members of the Justice League and is one of the longest running characters in DC. We have had different Green Lanterns over the years, with the first one being Alan Scott and arguably the most popular one being Hal Jordan.

Without the ring, the Green Lantern is just a normal human being with human limitations but, when he wears the ring, he transforms into a superhero with unique powers that put him on the same level with godlike heroes like superman. Although the Green Lantern's first costume in the comics was bad, he has changed over the years and is possibly one of the best-dressed superheroes in DC today.

However, the 2011 film Green Lantern had Ryan Reynolds wear a CGI costume, which might have been a good idea in the conceptual stages, but ended up being one of the worst superhero costume disasters in film.

7 Iron Man

If there were a list of the coolest armors out there, the chances are that at least two of Iron Man's suits would be in the top three positions, because they are all awesome. Whenever we are watching a film where we expect to see Iron Man, one of the things we look forward to is seeing him wearing his suits.

However, Iron Man's awesomeness is highly dependent on the technological advancements, both in his lab and in the Marvel Studios. The reason this first armor looks nothing like the Iron Man we know today has a lot to do with the time it was designed and built. However, even with all the limitations, we can all agree that this suit is terrible.

Everything, from its color, the weird looking helmet, the metal used to make it, and the overall appearance is wanting. The reason this armor is so bad is because this was Iron Man - if it were another hero or villain, we would have let it slide.

6 Batman

Coming up with a list of terrible costumes and failing to mention the Batsuit that George Clooney wore in 1997's Batman & Robin would be a crime. People agree that the Batsuit was a disaster that could have brought down the whole franchise, but thank God, it did not.

Thanks to the Batsuit and its nipples, Clooney was nominated for a record 11 Razzie Awards - the awards that no actor wants to be nominated for, let alone win. Although none of the Batsuits ever look comfortable or ever give Batman the privilege of turning to look sideways, the suit is generally not too bad.

Yes, the ears are slightly longer than we would expect and the cape is unacceptable, but the only thing that makes this Batsuit the worst that any Batman has ever worn are the nipples. We can never be sure when the idea of having nipples on the suit sounded great but, apparently, DC did not see that as a big deal at the time.

5 Deadpool

Deadpool was one of the most successful Marvel films of 2016, and everything about it, from the storyline, the humor, the characters, and the action was great. Since the release of this movie, we have almost forgotten about all other appearances of Deadpool in other media, except this one in X‑Men Origins: Wolverine.

Wade Wilson, the character who transforms into Deadpool, is a mercenary, but he used to be a Special Forces operative. The reason Deadpool's face is so messed up is that an evil scientist called Ajax tortured and disfigured him, a process that transformed him into Deadpool. Deadpool can heal remarkably fast; this coupled with his training make him a very dangerous man, who is in search of the people behind his transformation.

When you compare the Deadpool costume here and the one that Ryan Reynolds used in 2016, you would not believe that the two are supposed to be the same person, because this one looks terrible. What is up with his mouth and the weird marker pen markings all over his body?

4 Catwoman


Catwoman is one of those characters that we are not sure whether to love or hate. Traditionally, she is an anti-hero and is often Batman's love interest. The 2004 Catwoman film was one of the biggest film failures that DC has ever had - a film that attracted seven Golden Raspberry awards and won all the seven categories.

Halle Berry is a great actress and Catwoman is a great character, so it is such a shame that the film was such a disaster. Although the film made $82 million, it was a financial failure as well because it cost $100 million to make. The costume that Halle Berry had to wear in the movie was a serious fail.

The costume is showing too much skin, her pants have too many unnecessary scratches, she is wearing peep toe high heels, and her mask is ridiculous. Halle Berry attended the Raspberry Awards and received her Worst Actress award, which was a polite move on her part.

3 Captain America

One thing we can all agree is that the costume that Chris Evans wore in Captain America: Civil War was probably one of the best he or any other Captain America has ever worn. Judging from its appearance, that costume looked comfortable to wear, to run in, and even to fight in, and it appeared to be as functional as it was good-looking.

It is clear that a lot of thought went into making that costume, owing to the remarkable fine details and the amazing looking shield. However, we cannot say the same about this costume, because everything about it is laughable. This is Reb Brown, the original Captain America back in the 1970s.

We can forgive the fact that this was a long time ago and people did not have access to the technology they have today, but this is clearly the worst costume that Captain Steve Rogers has ever worn. The worst things about it are its lack of creativity or imagination, that weird clear shield, and that helmet.

2 Steel

Which movie would you say was DC's worst of all time? Coming up with an answer that would satisfy everyone out there would be a tall order, because the horrible DC films out there are quite abundant. However, on that list, the 1997 film Steel would probably be one out of the three worst films, because it was truly bad.

Shaquille O'Neal was - and probably still is - a great basketball player, but whoever thought that he can take up roles where he is not acting as himself was mistaken. Shaq has the body and strength to pull off a superhero role, but he did not do such a good job in Steel. Shaq received a nomination for the Golden Raspberry Award for Worst Actor for this movie, the second one he had been nominated for in three years.

In addition to his acting, the costume made his whole performance terrible. The awful helmet made his face look funny, the color was dreadful, and the overall design was wanting.

1 Superman

This will come as a surprise to many, because people love Superman so much and he hardly appears on lists of worst dressed superheroes. However, Superman was the first superhero comic book produced in 1939 and was also the first superhero film ever produced in 1951 (Superman and the Mole Men). Therefore, this character has had a lot of influence on all other superheroes after him, to an extent that most people have no idea of.

Superman's first image in the comics and his first film appearance as George Reeves did not change much all through the years - even to the time of Christopher Reeve. When you think about it, this costume was terrible, in the sense that Superman set the trend of wearing the underwear on the outside.

In addition, what is the relevance of the cape, and why doesn't he have a mask on? We can all blame Superman for most of the chaos we have experienced in superhero and supervillain costumes, because he set a bad first example.

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15 Of The Worst Costumes Marvel And DC Have Ever Come Up With