15 Of The World's Sleaziest Male Gold Diggers

When we hear the not-so-admirable term “gold digger,” most people jump to the conclusion that it is a woman that is being spoken of. We picture an eager, young, and highly attractive woman seeking out the affections of a usually older, and most certainly far richer gentleman so that she can benefit from his mounds of money and worldly possessions. Mega yachts, private jets, diamonds, and fine dining are all in the cards for these millionaire-minded mamas. The debonair dude, in return, gets some sexy and sweet “arm candy” and guaranteed canoodling.

But not all money-hungry folks are of the female gender. Women can make loads of dough and there are plenty of fellas who find no issue with pursuing a well-to-do doll in order to reap the rewards of all her hard work. Gold digging works both ways, and these 15 infamous gold digging chaps prove just that.

Some seek out “sugar mamas” to take care of them and others go for any chick of any age as long as she’s loaded. And the women they hook up with seem to have no issue with the fact that their guys’ bank accounts have a much lower balance than theirs does. The power and pride make up for the fact that their men can only take them out to KFC when it’s their turn to foot the dinner bill.

Money may not buy you love, but it will lead gold diggers to sniff you out and hunt you down. Do these men love their “we are the 1%” women for their personality and compatibility or for their mansions and millions?

15 Kris Humphries

Remember Kim Kardashian’s second (yes, second) hubby, basketball player, and somewhat dim-witted dude, Kris Humphries? Their “marriage” only lasted 72 unblissful days, but surely Humphries was looking for a little more time in the Kardashian “holding cell” so he could have landed more loot after the two split up. It was pretty clear that the ball player couldn’t much stand Kim or her extended family, but he stuck it out in order to become part of their never dying money-making machine. Sure, NBA players make a heck of a lot of cash for tossing balls, but nothing close to the millions the reality family is bringing in. Kanye West, despite his eccentricities, is much more Kim’s speed, and Humphries can go dribble his tears of sorrow on the basketball court.

14 Matt Rutler

Production assistant and basically unknown dude, Matt Rutler, met the much more famous, tremendously talented, and far wealthier, singer and actress Christina Aguilera when she was starring in the film Burlesque with the iconic Cher. Aguilera was married at the time, but the two had a connection. Eventually, X-Tina split from her man and hooked up with Rutler, got engaged, had a kid, and he is now a gold-digging success story for the books. “What a Girl Wants” is love, but what a gold-digger wants is a new wardrobe, a housekeeper, and a fancy sports car. Oh, and a world-famous pop singer to chill with… in the mansion she’s paid for, in full. Looks like Rutler hit the jackpot with his one singular sensation!

13 Rossano Rubicondi

His name may sound elegant, but the only fancy thing about the Italian Rossano Rubicondi was his ex-wife, Ivana Trump, the former Mrs. Donald Trump. Rubicondi is a whopping 23 years younger than the blonde and beautiful millionaire and they married back in 2008 in a $3 million lavish affair. The May-December couple split only 8 months later, but apparently still hook up to this day. He gets what he wants – her piles of money and a fabulous lifestyle, and she gets a strapping young man to escort her to A-list parties and exclusive events. Hell, if the relationship works for them, who’s to stop a gold digger from going for the shiniest of precious metals? She’s willing to shell it out, and he’s happy to oblige.

12 Nick Cannon

We all know Nick Cannon as a fun-loving TV personality and actor, but when he got married to the most divalicious of all divas, Mariah Carey, he was billed as a gold digger of epic proportions. Sure, as a successful fella in Hollywood, Cannon was making a fine living, but he wasn’t earning even close to what Mariah could pull in with one mega-concert. The couple surprised many people, but their love was real – at least to the two of them. They got married and had “dem babies” and lived happily ever after… for a few years. They are now split up and Mariah moved on to someone even richer than she is. But that engagement blew up in her face too. Maybe Ms. Carey is too special for her own good. And did Cannon make any loot from the divorce settlement? If it were up to Mariah, that would be “Against All Odds.” Her “Vision of Love” is being pampered, not pinched for pennies.

11 Justin Theroux

We all know Justin Theroux now, but that’s because he is engaged to everyone’s favorite “friend,” actress Jennifer Aniston. Yes, Theroux was making his way up the Hollywood ladder on his own, but once he was tied to the alluring Aniston, he shot directly to the tippy top. She’s far more famous and has tons more money and pull in the industry, exactly what could assist a fella like Theroux to catapult his career. It doesn’t hurt that Jen’s a natural beauty and seems down-to-Earth, but if she were a waitress at the local diner or a stylist (like the chick he kicked to the curb in order to get with Jen), would he have pursued her? Romance is nice, but it’s even nicer when it is plated in 24-carat California gold.

10 Dean McDermott

Oh, where to begin? D-list actor, Dean McDermott, cheated on his wife to make it with former Beverly Hills 90210 actress and daughter of a zillionaire Hollywood legend, Tori Spelling. She cheated on her hubby at the time too, so she was no angel in this hookup, but the two dumped their respective spouses, got hitched, and won’t stop having babies. Of course, many people believe that Dean got with Tori for her money, but that plan was a bust, as the couple is always dealing with publicly-known money issues. They live their lives on reality TV in order to make a buck, and Dean’s having child support issues with his ex. Let’s not forget Dean cheated on Tori too, but she took him back. Gold digging may have been the plan, but this fella simply dug himself into a hole that is full of $#it.

9 David Gest

Actor and producer, David Gest, who is now dearly departed, had what many considered a very odd romance with Hollywood legend, Liza Minnelli. Some people thought he was after her mounds of money, and perhaps he was, but she and he married and lived their seemingly unusual, and heavily plastic surgery-filled lives in holy matrimony… for a while, at least. But when it came time that the two divorced, the gold digging personality of Gest reared its ugly head and he wanted lots of her dough. Their original prenup went down the drain after a nasty divorce battle, and Gest wound up with quite the parting “gift” from his wealthy ex-wife. Was the marriage a sham or did the two actually love one another? Or, did Gest just love money so much that he was willing to fool a Hollywood icon into believing he really wanted her for her and not what she had? Maybe the “made for TV” movie will give us the answers we seek one day.

8 Kevin Federline

Backup dancer turned baby daddy, Kevin Federline, met pop princess, Britney Spears when he was dancing in her show, but was in a relationship with actress Shar Jackson at the time. He broke it off with Shar (while she was knocked up with his kid!) and took up with Spears who was obviously far richer and more famous than Shar was or probably will ever be. K-Fed and Brit got married, had two sons, and lived happily ever… nope! They got divorced and he got millions from her bank account. Wasn’t that the plan all along? He’s now with a third baby mama, and Brit seems to have gotten her head on straight, or at least straighter than it ever was. Is K-Fed a good daddy? Hopefully. But we do know for sure that he’s a talented gold digger!

7 Casper Smart

With a last name like Smart, being a successful gold digger is all the more attainable. Dancer Casper Smart set his sights on the older and far wealthier, Jennifer Lopez, and the attraction was mutual. The “cougar” had lots of fun with her younger fella while the relationship was hot and heavy, but like all of J. Lo’s romances, even this one wasn’t destined to make it until the end of time. Reportedly, Smart got an “allowance” from his lady friend, but even if that rumor isn’t true, he certainly lived a life of luxury during their time together. A backup dancer’s salary could never compare to that of a multi-talented and well-paid star like Jen, so he must have enjoyed the fruits of the romance while he could get his hands on it. Smart may be billed as a gold digger, but no one could say he didn’t have some smart moves!

6 Guy Ritchie

Guy’s last name is Ritchie, and now he is super rich thanks to the divorce payout from his ex, superstar Madonna. Ritchie is a film director and was doing pretty well before meeting and marrying the music legend, but with her pull and power, his fame and fortune hit the roof. The two were married for 8 years - pretty long for the Hollywood average - but they called it quits and Ritchie reaped the rewards, to the tune of over $90 million as listed by some reports. That’s chump change to the obscenely wealthy Madge, but a hell of a lot of loot for the Brit who cashed in on his marriage misfortune. Getting “Into the Groove” with Madonna for a while certainly had a lucrative payout!

5 Russell Brand

Actor and comedian, Russell Brand, is super-famous in his own right these days, but when he got together with pop sensation, Katy Perry, it helped him up his game and get noticed by the movers and shakers. It also made him boatloads richer. The two didn’t sign a prenup, meaning Brand got half of Perry’s moolah when the two broke off their marriage. He got millions and she got branded as Brand’s ex. Who knows if he was out for her money or was simply smitten, but Perry was a fool to have never demanded a prenup. She may have “kissed a girl” and liked it, but kissing Brand was the kiss of death. She buried half her fortune in Brand’s greedy hands.

4 Rene Elizondo

The incomparable pop icon Janet Jackson was secretly married in the ‘90s to Rene Elizondo but they got divorced in 2000. No one ever knew she was married, as she kept the relationship on the down low. But when the couple split, Rene wanted what he thought he deserved and he got $10 million of Jackson’s hard-earned loot, including moolah from her successful Rhythm Nation world tour. Of course, Janet has millions and millions more left over, but handing off such a pile of money to an ex-lover must have been painful. Hey Janet, in Hollywood, “That’s the Way Love Goes.” Men, especially gold diggers can be “Nasty” and they can certainly make you want to “Scream.” Thankfully, Janet met her soul mate and she just had a baby.

3 Gabriel Aubry

For someone so beautiful, smart, and talented, actress Halle Berry never seems to get it quite right in the romance department. She was with the gorgeous model, Gabriel Aubry for a while and they had a child together, but eventually split. During the nasty divorce proceedings, it is alleged that Aubry demanded $20,000 per month in child support so the child could keep the lifestyle she was used to when with her time with her dad. Sure, the lifestyle she’s accustomed to?! He got Berry’s money and all she got was a pain in the butt. Hopefully the couple worked things out amicably for the child’s sake, but even hunky and successful models can be greedy gold diggers. Berry may be sweet, but she picked a rotten one in Aubry.

2 Tom Arnold

Funnyman Tom Arnold wasn’t playing around when he landed himself an alleged cool $50 million after breaking up with his ex-wife, the polarizing comedian, and actress, Roseanne Barr. Since they did not have a prenup in place, he was able to win this load of loot and all she got was another ex under her then, much larger, belt. With her wild success at the time of their partnership, Arnold hit the divorce jackpot with his handout from the comedian, but she surely saw nothing humorous about it. Next time, get a prenup, Roseanne! Your royalty checks must still be coming in, and you shouldn’t have to split your money with a gold digging douchebag. Losing money? Not so funny.

1 Eric Johnson

What’s a young and retired NFL player to do to make more money? Marry a super-rich business woman/former singer and actress, that’s what! After the sexy and silly Jessica Simpson divorced boy-bander, Nick Lachey, she hooked up with Eric Johnson, who certainly has no issue with his wifey being the breadwinner. They now have two kids who are super-adorable (and rich), and Johnson is just fine with Jess doing her thing while he sits back on their fine leather sofa and plays with the kids. Sure, he must have a good hunk of money in the bank from his past career in football, but Jess is still ballin’ and makes his bank account look like a piggy bank. Let’s hope she has a tight prenup in place so Johnson doesn’t get her millions if the two ever call it quits.

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