15 Of The Steamiest Shows On TV That You Aren't Watching

There is more television programming available now than ever before. In the old days, the major networks were the only ones putting out original programs, but over the years, that quickly expanded to

There is more television programming available now than ever before. In the old days, the major networks were the only ones putting out original programs, but over the years, that quickly expanded to cable networks. Now, non-traditional viewing outlets such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon and more have begun to offer their own original programs. With all of these shows available and with only so much time available for watching, there is all kinds of television that you’re missing.

These days, television is a lot of cutting edge as well with shows pushing the envelope with their content. The simple truth is that there is some pretty steamy television out there! We’re not talking about hardcore paid adult channels or anything, but television with a great storyline, great writing and some pretty hot acting talent! But how do you sift through all the television and find the gems out there? Don’t worry, we’ve done that for you. This list identifies 15 of the steamiest shows that you may not be watching right now. We have done the research for you so all you’ve got to do is watch and enjoy. So get your favorite TV watching position and put the phone on silent because you’ve got a lot of catching up to do!

15 The Affair - Showtime

This series is incredibly well written with a very realistic premise. Following the lives of Noah and Allison, who are having an affair with one another. Noah has a wife and children, is a teacher and a novelist. He feels the weight of the world on his shoulders as a result of a wealthy father-in-law who he cannot stand. Allison is a married waitress who is struggling with the death of her child. The series shows a very raw and real look into the process of an affair and much like a trainwreck, you just can’t look away. The plot thickens over three seasons and there is plenty to keep you in suspense and absolutely intrigued. Since it’s a Showtime series, there is no shortage of heat either in the acting.

14 Outlander - Starz

Starz's Outlander is a series based on the popular novels by author Diana Gabaldon. With elements of science fiction, coupled with romance and some history lessons intertwined, this series is both wildly interesting and very complex. Based upon the life of Claire Randall, a married World War II nurse, who is transported to eighteenth century Scotland and falls in love with a Highland warrior named Jackie. While it may sound pretty tame, the show features a great deal of passion and heat along with its excellent story and acting. The show is very closely aligned with the concepts of the novels, so there’s no shortage of content for future seasons. Airing on Starz (another network that gets to show a little more than others) this show is certainly worth a watch.

13 Dollhouse - Fox

With two seasons and a total of 27 episodes, Dollhouse was a science fiction thriller series centered around a corporation that programs temporary skills and personality types to people they refer to as “dolls.” Wealthy individuals can essentially rent these dolls for a wide variety of necessary activities (I’m sure you can guess how this can get awfully steamy). The series ran between 2009 and 2010 on Fox and it had a somewhat rocky beginning. As the series continued, the quality got better as well, leaving the fans wanting more. With a super hot star like Eliza Dushku, you can imagine the hot level of this show going up considerably. Dollhouse went away far too soon, but on the bright side, you can now binge watch the whole thing from start to finish.

12 The Girlfriend Experience - Starz

The Starz network has created quite a stir with this look into the world of high dollar escorts. With one season under its belt and a renewal for a second season, we see the life of a law student nearing graduation who begins working as a high dollar escort. She tries to juggle her budding legal career with the exceptional money she can make having sex for money. The writing is excellent, as is the acting. While it is quite obviously a show with a great deal of sexuality and hotness, the storyline is compelling and will keep you watching. For the upcoming season two, there will be a different group of characters with a similar premise, promising for even more hotness and the same great writing and production quality.

11 The Americans - FX

This show is set in the 1980s when the Cold War was still at the forefront of everyone’s mind. It follows the lives of deep cover KGB operatives working as spies for the Soviet government. They are so deep undercover, posing as an American married couple, they even have children that have no idea who and what their parents truly are. The show depicts the balance and struggle of their job, mixed with the alter egos that have become all too real. The show is amazingly interesting and gets awfully sensual as they do whatever is necessary for their country. Keri Russell and Matthew Rhys do a wonderful job as the leading characters in this historical fiction drama. The Americans is about to start its fifth season and a sixth and final season has been announced.

10 You’re The Worst - FX

When two of the most cynical and generally negative personalities on the planet happen to find one another after a wedding reception, you get the amazingly hilarious plot of You’re The Worst on FX. Beginning pretty much only on the premise of a meaningless one night stand, Jimmy and Gretchen kind of accidentally keep finding themselves gravitating toward one another. The show is both hilarious with some dramatic elements included, along with some very hot scenes that make this one to watch without the kiddos. There is a limited cast, but some great writing with a lot of powerful scenes between the main characters, including some really steamy moments! With three seasons and approval for a fourth, there’s enough people watching to keep it going, but if you haven’t started, you’d better hop on the bandwagon and enjoy this one!

9 Being Mary Jane - BET

Getting into the world of dramatic television, BET dives right in with Being Mary Jane. Starring the brilliant and sensual Gabrielle Union, this series follows Mary Jane Paul, an Atlanta news anchor as she navigates her life both professionally and personally. It takes a refreshing look into the life of a single African American female and shows a strong performance with great writing and production. Being Mary Jane has a little bit of everything you want in a great drama series, including some witty moments, affirmation that your life is not the only one that’s a little crazy and a little extra hotness, because well, it is a drama after all. BET is a niche network, but Being Mary Jane has been around for four seasons and has developed a loyal following. So set your DVR and get busy watching this hot drama.

8 Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce - Bravo

With a little drama and a little comedy mixed-up into one great television series, Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce on the Bravo network follows what happens to a self help guru that needs a little help herself getting through a divorce. Starring Lisa Edelstein (known primarily for her work as Dr. Cuddy in the hit series House), the show has lots of the elements you would expect in a series about a female divorcee, including some steamy scenes here and there. The refreshing plot line of how someone that makes a living helping others help themselves, but needs a helping hand herself if what makes the show so intriguing. Season one is now available to stream on Netflix. The series is in its third season with a renewal through a fifth season, showing that it’s got a strong following and positive critical reviews.

7 The Originals - The CW

The CW has become known for its super hot casts in dramas. It’s kind of a formula that has paid off for the network. The Originals fits within this mold with a pretty cool continuation of a world of vampire lore. It is actually a spin-off of The Vampire Diaries, another CW series with a super hot cast. In The Originals, however, it follows a vampiric family and its dealings with the great city of New Orleans. Honestly, people are so into vampires and werewolves that it has to be successful. With the heat you get from other vampire shows, including some biting, and sensual behavior, The Originals doesn’t fail at all. Just about to start its fourth season, you’ve got some catching up to do. Beware however, if you start watching, it will hook you in pretty quick, as have so many vampire soap operas. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

6 Reign - The CW

Breaking from the vampire format a bit, The CW tried a historical romance drama based upon Mary, Queen of Scots and hit a home run. The show titled Reign, still has some of the characteristics you’ve come to know and love in a CW series, namely a smoking hot cast! With four awesome seasons filled with historical fantasy and steamy action, Reign has a lot to offer its viewers. The show has its fair share of hot scenes and even generated a little controversy as a result of some additional content that was made available for streaming but edited out for television. Reign is certainly fiction, based only on loose historical facts, but there’s plenty of intrigue and four seasons worth of episodes to keep you watching and glued to the screen.

5 Jessica Jones - Netflix

An interesting Netflix series, Jessica Jones follows the life of a former superhero. Right off the bat, the idea of following a superhero’s life after they give up being hero is pretty intriguing. Not only is the premise of the show interesting, but it goes to new levels when it comes to pretty serious topics, including sexuality. The show is totally different than anything else Marvel had done up to this point. Netflix has given the green light for a second season of the series. With plenty of heat and some awesome writing and production, Jessica Jones does a lot to develop the character paying respect to the original graphic novel character, while taking a few extra liberties as well. Good luck not having withdrawal after binge watching season one!

4 Younger - TV Land

Created by Darren Star, the guy who brought you Sex and the City, the series Younger on TV Land is a whole new format for the network. Television series now are more complex than just a few decades ago. Plot lines go deeper and with more complex scenarios, giving movies a real run for their money. When a newly divorced 40 year old mom finds herself starting over financially and professionally, she recreates herself into a younger version of herself. With a 26 year old boyfriend who thinks she is the same age, what could possibly go wrong? Imagine the hot chemistry between these two on camera! Younger has a funny but dramatic edge and has been renewed for a fourth season, so you’ve got plenty of catching-up to do before the fourth season begins.

3 Shameless - Showtime

Taking a comedic view of dysfunctional life, Shameless is a series on Showtime starring William H. Macy. It’s about an alcoholic dad with six kids that very quickly learn to fend for themselves. While it might seem like a real downer, the show is both funny and highly addictive. While Macy’s character Frank, is a self destructive alcoholic, the show outlines the very different and interesting personalities of each of his children. Imagine how a series like this on Showtime could capture your attention! With a fair amount of promiscuity, mixed with hilarious, yet impossible situations to navigate, Shameless is a seven season guilty pleasure with plenty of hot situations to make for some great viewing. So get yourself set for some major binge watching!

2 The Tudors - Showtime

King Henry VIII was the oversexed, murderous ruler of England during the 16th century. How has no one not created a television series about this guy and his exploits before The Tudors on Showtime. When you’re the King of England in the 16th century you can do anything you want, so why not sleep with an insane amount of women? It is Showtime after all, so there’s no shortage of adult content, but the plot of the show is absolutely amazing and well produced. The history behind the Tudor family was pretty amazing all on its own, so the show didn’t have to get too out of the box. The Tudors lasted four seasons and maintained a pretty loyal viewership. It was as a result of this show that the historical fiction genre of shows gained popularity.

1 The Borgias - Showtime

Continuing in the historical fiction genre, Showtime aired three seasons of The Borgias, following the powerful Borgia family during the 16th century. With members of the family rising to the level of Pope in the Roman Catholic Church, it follows the scandal and power that ran rampant in these dark years of the church. But regardless of the subject matter, there’s no shortage of hot subplots throughout the show. With lots of adulterous behavior and “priests behaving badly”, The Borgias ended all too soon according to its fanbase. With a strong desire for more, there was a push to take the series to another network. Fans had to be satisfied with an ebook follow-up instead. Binge on all 29 episodes for some great writing and production, as well as steamy situations.

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15 Of The Steamiest Shows On TV That You Aren't Watching