15 Of The Steamiest Ring Girls For The UFC

If you have paid attention to the latest boom in the sporting industry, MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) has been incredibly dominant over the last 5 years as a fighting platform for the world's most dangerous athletes. If you were paying attention, then you most definitely noticed that hot little thing intervening before and after the rounds concluded. These ‘ring girls’ are absolute bombshells that promote fights and help the audience keep up with the intense task of ‘remembering what round it is..’. Because this is America and because we can, we have handpicked some of our finest young ladies to dress up in skimpy outfits that are generous, to say the least, and let them perform the most rudimentary of tasks in order for us to get a little extra ‘eye-candy’. It should come as no surprise to any of you that these gorgeous girls have stirred the pot of conversation, especially the always controversial topic of women's rights, but nevertheless, we have compiled a list and handpicked our own dominant list of these steamy chicks.

These women are incredibly pleasing, if only aesthetically, and they do their jobs with pride and honor, but honestly, even they know why they got hired. In a male dominated sport (both as spectators and ask fighters), naturally, the only thing the UFC was missing was a ring girl to gallop across the ring from time to time to keep us that much more interested. There’s nothing like watching the fights with your friend, grilling up some hot dogs, and watching Edith Labelle stroll across the mat in an unbelievable small outfit. It’s these delicacies that make you just want to drink a beer and yell ‘Merica at the top of your lungs.


15 Amber Nicole Miller

As one of the best looking, and most popular UFC girls of our list, the wife of UFC famed legend Tito Ortiz undoubtedly deserved a spot as one of our steamiest ring girls. She gained most of her fame and notoriety because of her husband (The Huntington Beach Bad Boy, Tito Ortiz) acquired famed success in the sport of MMA, so she created her own side-hustle to generate her own revenue stream from the sport. With her stereotypical bombshell look, she was able to do this with relative ease, and she has never looked back. Some of Amber Nichole Miller’s other business venture have included the nostalgic “Lingerie Bowl”, as you can imagine any television show where steamy models and ring girls play tackle football in skimpy Victoria Secret lingerie can gain even the most mundane of individuals fame. Miller has found multiple routes to capitalize on her incredibly gorgeous look, and being a ring girl for the UFC is just another example.

14 Holly Madison


This former Playboy has probably caught your attention from her role in the incredibly popular television show, The Girls Next Door, Holly Madison has created another route to generate profits; strutting up and down the venues in Las Vegas where the UFC holds it’s main events. Holly Madison has generated an abundance of wealth for herself with her Playboy modelling days and her success as a reality star, so it’s likely that a job for the UFC as a ring girl is all but a formality at this point, but who cares, as long as we get to keep staring at those long steamy legs of hers. From a life of pampered luxury in the Playboy mansion to a life of front row vantage points to some the most brutal fights in recent memory, it must be quite a shock for Holly to have to witness such medieval forms of barbarity; but as long as we get to witness her holding ringside in between each round, we’re willing to watch just about anything that barbaric.

13 Vanessa Hanson

“I love the traveling, the fans, and of course the action”, said Hanson when asked about the best parts of being a ring girl. “I enjoy guys over 6 feet tall, humble men, and they have to have a crude sense of humor!”. Vanessa Hanson might as well have said I want a rough and tough bad boy, who’s muscular and flirts with disaster. By all accounts, Vanessa Hanson is a stereotypical “bad girl”, who admittedly loves the action in the fights she watches from ringside. She is a yoga enthusiast and says her favorite foods include pizza and ice-cream; it’s safe to say she enjoys having a good time and possesses a “wild-side”. Vanessa Hanson can be seen in all of the upcoming UFC events, including the Ultimate Fighter 17 Live Finale on Spike.

12 Luciana Andrade


Luciana Andrade certainly has what it takes to be a ring girl, she’s drop dead gorgeous and has a rocking body coupled with her natural beauty. After you find our her accomplishments other than her talent at the ring girl position, it’s enough to make you want to marry her. She’s graduated Law School and had worked in the Judicial field for 9 years prior to becoming a ring girl. Before becoming an official UFC ring girl, she was a model on the side as well. She has harbored incredible success compared to the other ring girls on our list, she is incredibly talented as a ring girl, but it’s safe to assume she has several avenues she can go if things with the UFC don’t work out.

11 Edith Labelle

Edith Labelle is one of the most well-known ring girls associated with the UFC, you may have heard her name before or seen her on television. She has a background in modeling, which should come as no surprise, as well as an amazing set of assets that rival the most “loaded” of ring girls on our list. She was a former model hailing from Canada but has earned the majority of her fame when the UFC started its ascending peak of popularity just a short time period ago. Aside from UFC, her aspirations include the real estate market, and if she ever truly followed that passion, we would surely buy a house much over the asking price if beautiful Edith Labelle was listing it!

10 Natasha Wicks


After a college injury in where her tailbone was broken so badly it was set out of alignment (ouch!), Natasha Wicks set aside a would be career in long-distance running, and became one of the UFC’s steamiest ring girls. After rocking out on center stage for years next to some of the gorgeous women in the UFC, she has reportedly made a second effort at making the women’s Olympic team for track and field. This is no easy task, competing for the highest caliber of athletes in America, to compete against the top athletes in the world; but Natasha Wicks is a dedicated and talented athlete. Her body is proof that she is an athlete at the peak of her performance and physique, whether she makes the team or not seems like an irrelevant matter to what she has proven in her life.

9 Chrissy Blair

Probably the most seductive and attractive of all the ring girls, Chrissy Blair is one of the steamiest as well as the most down to earth ring girls on our list. She enjoys a guy who can “make me laugh, don't act like you just want to get in my pants”, and she loves going to the beach and watching Family Guy. She has big dreams and goals for herself don't stop at the UFC. As you probably have guessed, Chrissy Blair has worked for other modelling agencies such as Maxim, Sports Illustrated, and Guess. She has created a wide body of work in the modelling agency and UFC is probably more lucky to have her, than the other way around. She is a great talent ringside, and she deserves all the praise she has gotten throughout her life, she’s worked incredibly hard and has come a long way.


8 Arianny Celeste


Arianny is probably the most familiar of the ring girls on this list in popular culture, for a variety of reasons, but mostly because she’s absolutely gorgeous. Arianny’s popularity came around the same time as the much-anticipated release of UFC’s first release of their video game, which also featured the ring girls; enter Arianny Celeste. She looked about as good in the video game as she did in real life, and gamers who might have been unfamiliar with her before sure didn't stay that way for long. She is as talented as she is beautiful, and she’s one of the household names when it comes to ring girls in the fighting game. With a body like that and a face to go along with it, it’s not difficult to see why she has been holding it down for so long as the UFC’s main fight chick.

7 Brittney Palmer

Brittney Palmer might be the most popular of the UFC ring girls today, she has made her own website and made a significant amount of capital in the process. Most recently, she has been able to make her own design of “weigh-in T-shirts” that will be worn by the fighters during the UFC 213 weigh-ins. As a major in Art when she first moved to Los Angeles back in 2009, she had this to say when she found out she could be designing the T-Shirts “it’s absolutely surreal, I’ve been waiting for an opportunity like this to come around!”. Needless to say, whether she’ll be wearing the shirt or not, we’ll be watching attentively to make sure we don't miss out on anything.

6 Rachelle Leah


Rachelle Leah is a girl who at first glance definitely is cut out to be a ring girl, she’s a tough cookie, a drop dead gorgeous former model, and as a former swimsuit model, she definitely has the prerequisites when it comes to her frame and physique. When you take into consideration that she was born and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada, it makes even more sense that this diva has thrived in a business that operates in the worlds biggest little city. She has been quoted as saying that the UFC is, “the most fun at any job I've ever had!”, and by all accounts, she looks like she’s truly enjoying herself. She’s a young and talented chick who show’s every sign of thriving through continuous years with the UFC, and we can’t wait to see more of her either!

5 Logan Stanton

Logan Stanton is a jack-of-all-trades when it comes the list of women we have compiled here; she has thrived in the UFC, but also runs a multi-faceted modelling website called The Chalkboard. Her website includes approaches to skin care, modelling tips and tricks, personal bio and life background, insights on her favorite clothes and clothing lines, and much more. She might not have the most curvaceous physique compared to other girls on our list, but she certainly has the talent and the motivation to be a success in several areas of her life. She has used the UFC as a platform to catapult her brand into the limelight and has profited nicely from this business tactic. We look forward to seeing what’s next for Logan Stanton in the future, and at the very least we look forward to drooling over her.

4 Ali Sonoma


Ali Sonoma has made a significant amount of money in the modeling industry, and with a body and face like that, it’s not hard to see why. She initially was found by the UFC because of her modeling photo-shoots with acclaimed companies like Muscle Pharm, Maxim, and even her own brand at It’s no wonder it only took a matter of time for the agents at the UFC to spot Ali Sonoma and immediately hope to add her to their team of steamy ring girls, and she fits right into that category. She has primarily worked in the fitness field of both modeling and personal training, and as she adds Ring Girl to her list of successes, she continues to become more diversified in her talents as the years go by.

3 Carly Baker

As the first girl to get so much notoriety that she has become the first UFC girl to travel to Europe, she said she can’t believe she’s gotten this opportunity. Carly Baker might look familiar, and you probably can’t remember from where right away, but if you can recall commercials for PlayStation, Sony TV, and Guitar Hero, then it might ring a bell. With various television appearances as well, including minor roles in Disney Channel, MTV, and has begun researching nutrition and fitness in hopes of starting her own fitness/health program. Carly Baker has made a splash in a multitude of areas, predominantly areas of appearance and physique, which she dominates in spades. She’s a gorgeous ring girl and is now attempting to make a splash across the pond, as Europe’s first UFC ring girl.

2 Camila Oliviera


A model hailing from Brazil, she has been a professional model since she was the age of 16! Camila Olivera stands out more for what she does outside of the ring, she has been known to help out the less fortunate in the slums of her native town in Brazil, as well as over here in the states. She has a heart as big as her curves, and she’s got very large curves indeed. She has also included planting trees in areas that have deprecated forests, she’s very involved in nature and passionately does whatever she can to help out wherever it's needed. Camila Olivera is one of the steamiest women we have included on our list, and it's a joy to watch her parade in and out of the ring on fight night.

1 Chandella Powell

Chandella Powell is as beautiful as she is professional, and that professionalism took center stage when she actually decided to put her career on pause, in order to raise her new 10-month-old baby boy, and she was able to do so in the Bahamas. Many fans of the UFC were intrigued at where the model and famous ‘ring girl’ had gone when they noticed she hadn't been at the fights or weigh-ins recently. In a career that has been riddled with controversy, due to her past that involved explicit photographs and a career in the lucrative industry of adult stars, fans started to catch on that we “cross-over’” fans of both her areas of expertise. No judgments here, Chandella Powell has every right to pursue any avenue in which she has talents, and she definitely has talents as the UFC’s top ring girl.


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