15 Of The Most Terrible Costume Mistakes In Movies

When we watch movies, we rarely analyze scenes the way a critic would. We, for the most part, are there as viewers to be entertained. We want a two-hour window that we can relax and not worry about wo

When we watch movies, we rarely analyze scenes the way a critic would. We, for the most part, are there as viewers to be entertained. We want a two-hour window that we can relax and not worry about work or our home life. It’s a means of escape from the everyday life. So it’s unlikely that we will start to knit-pick an outfit that a star is wearing. It wouldn’t even occur to most of us that there might be something wrong with the design choices. Small details pass most of us by because it’s just not something we focus on when watching a movie. It’s not that big of a deal to not have an attention to detail. Unless you are trying to follow directions to a destination, it’s truly not the end of the world.

I’ve always been one of those people that are always surprised when someone points out a mistake in a movie. I feel silly. How could I have missed something so obvious, well obvious once it was pointed out? But hey, I can’t be the only one. When you think about all the oversights that can happen while making a movie, it’s tremendous. The people involved in making a movie can’t remember everything. If you think about all the things they have to remember to keep the movie flowing there is a lot going on. So, some things can easily be missed. Costume errors seem to be a big thing, and I’m embarrassed to say that I even missed these.

15 Django Unchained

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Django Unchained was a great movie, it was funny, interesting and had one hell of a cast. It was also a movie that had the N-word said a whopping 47 times throughout the movie. It told the story of a slave that was freed and able to rise above and save the woman of his dreams. It was a great action movie, laced with blood and mayhem. The great thing about the movie was not only did we get a glimpse of what slavery was like but the African-American was the one that rose above the rest and got the upper hand in the end. During the whole film, Django sported a pair of circular shades that suited him perfectly. The problem with those amazing shades was that sunglasses weren’t even invented in America until the 1920s, which means that there was no way Django should have been wearing sunglasses.

14 Braveheart

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Braveheart became an iconic movie pretty quickly; Mel Gibson brought life to William Wallace in a way that really brought life to the character. He was an endearing character as well as one that knew how to make a scene elegantly violent. He took a lot of his fighting scenes from his experiences on Mad Max; he believed that he could bring a bit of modern badass to William Wallace. Mel Gibson didn’t have a lot of experience with directing so producers wouldn’t allow him to direct unless he played the lead character. When it comes to the outfit that Gibson wore that’s where the mistakes came in for the movie. Mel Gibson wore a kilt for basically the entire movie which was placed in the 1300s. The problem with that costume design is that people in Scotland didn’t wear kilts until the 16th century.

13 My Girl

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I remember watching this movie as a kid, and there was just something really special about it. There was this great relationship between Vada and her best friend and the dynamic that happened after his death. It was a heart-wrenching moment that stayed with us long after the movie ended. There was also the great dynamic with the father and daughter scenes and how she didn’t like the new addition of a step-mother into her life. It was a coming of age movie that has stood the test of time. There was one design flaw however that happened in the movie, and that was the addition of the mood ring that was given to Vada. The mood ring, unfortunately, hadn’t even been created during the time that the movie was set in. In fact, it wouldn’t be created for another three years.

12 Schindler’s List

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Another classic birthed from the mind of Steven Spielberg; he is truly a legend. This movie took a very human look into the horror of what the Holocaust was really like. It had a strong cast of characters that brought the Holocaust to life for the rest of us. It was a dramatic movie that had many tender moments to it as well. When it comes to the mistakes in this movie, they were a little weird. Shaving is hugely popular these days; women are out there waxing just about everything. We’re in a very hairless generation. Shaving didn’t really become a trend until the 1940s with European women. So in the movie, there shouldn’t have been any indication that women really bothered with shaving. But all the women were hairless except for their heads regardless of the fact that shaving wasn’t a trend at the time.

11 Dirty Dancing

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Dirty Dancing was such an iconic movie because when it first came out it brought back the love of dancing. Many people couldn’t wait to get into the dance studio to learn all those sexy moves, even though they had been around for years. The movie just brought back that love of dancing for a new generation and many people, including me, wanted to learn all those dirty dancing moves. The styles in the movie were also iconic especially when it came to the dance outfits that were worn for the stage work. When it comes to the casual looks, a lot of the characters wore jean shorts including the lead, Jennifer Grey. We are so used to seeing jean shorts that it didn’t occur to us that there was ever a time that there weren’t jean shorts. But the fact remains that jean shorts hadn’t even been a fashion trend until the 1980s which means that it was highly unlikely that Baby would have been wearing them during the time that the movie was set.

10 Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade

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The Indiana Jones franchise has been hugely popular obviously since they keep pumping out the movies. You may not be aware of this, but Harrison Ford decided to make the Last Crusade because he felt so terrible about the Temple of Doom. Raiders of the Lost Ark was such a great movie that viewers were disappointed with how gruesome the sequel was; they didn’t like it as much. Even Steven Spielberg agreed with the viewers, “I wasn't happy with the second film at all. It was too dark, too subterranean, and much too horrific. I thought it out-poltered Poltergeist. There's not an ounce of my own personal feeling in Temple of Doom." When it came to the costume designs that went on during the Last Crusade, they made a mistake when they had the Nazis wearing war medals that were used during WWII. The problem was the film was made in a time before the war would have even happened.

9 Pirates of the Caribbean

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Who doesn’t love Johnny Depp and his portrayal of the iconic pirate? He’s not only sexy but funny as hell, and he’s the reason why these movies have been so successful. It hit the big screen in 2003, and a franchise had been built on the success of the first one. The first movie grossed an insane $654 million at the box office. The costume design for the movie was incredible, the Pirates looked epic in just about every scene, it was just a very authentic way of representing the pirate life. However, in one scene there seems to be a cowboy in the background of one of the pirate scenes. It’s hilarious if you find it. It’s hard to tell if the guy even realizes he’s in the scene or if the director just didn’t realize that there was something significantly out of place in his scene.

8 The Aviator

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Not only was Howard Hughes an innovator but a movie producer as well. But aside from the success he had in those worlds, he thought of himself as an aviator first and foremost. He believed in aviation in a way that many people never fully understood. When Martin Scorsese decided to direct the movie he wanted to focus on the period of the 20s to the 40s. It was the period of Hughes' life that included many exciting affairs as well as the invention of genius leaps in aeronautics. It’s an amazing movie that features an impressive Leo DiCaprio performance. Many of the characters in the movie wore rimless glasses as if they were the style at the time. It was depicted as the modern fashion at the time in the film. But those glasses were not introduced during the 1920s, so they wouldn’t have been around during that time.

7 Singin’ In The Rain

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This is an oldie but a classic movie that viewers adore to this day. If you are into musicals, then this is a great movie to see if you haven’t already. It’s one of these movies that was a true original in its time, and that’s one of the reasons why it became an iconic film. It did so well that it went on to win an Oscar for best picture. The costumes in the movie were fantastic; the ladies were always dressed in their best, and some of the dresses were more modern than they should have been. In fact, the style of the dresses in the movie wasn't even invented until the 1950s. The poofy gowns that looked so amazing on the characters looked awkward because they didn’t belong during that time. But the movie was set in the 1920s so the fashion involved in the designs didn’t even exist at the time.

6 American Hustle

Via Rev. Ron's Movie Reviews

If you like movies about a con artist, then you will love American Hustle; it’s a great movie about old school cons. The movie is set in the 70s, and it has a great cast of characters. There was Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Lawrence, Christian Bale and Amy Adams. Plenty of studs with beauties by their sides. The great thing about Amy Adams in this film is that we finally get to see her sexy side. She's typically always playing the good girl, and in this movie, she really let it all hang out. It was the sexiest we’ve ever seen her. It was based on the ABSCAM scandal and exposed many members of Congress for bribes they took. Louis CK is seen in the movie wearing a sexy looking Rolex. The problem with that scene is that particular Rolex he’s wearing wasn’t even available until 2010.

5 The Ten Commandments

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If you like biblical stories or Christian tales, then this is one that you want to watch, if you haven’t already. The Ten Commandments is a legendary story about the retelling of the Bible. It’s a hugely influential movie that has been remade over and over again. It’s a movie that doesn’t get old and has some pretty solid messages in it. It was at times a little silly, but overall a great story. The problem with the costume of Nefertiti’s is the coloring. During this particular era, it would have been physically impossible for Nefertiti to have a dress in that shade of blue. That coloring wasn’t in existence during that era which is kind of surprising. The costume designer probably just picked the dress based on how beautiful it was without realizing the color choice wasn't even an option.

4 Alien

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Who doesn’t love the Alien franchise; the movies just keep getting better and better? In fact, the franchise is set to release a new Alien movie during the spring of next year. Sigourney Weaver really made that franchise what it is today, and it will be hard to watch any Alien movie without her in it, so we are keeping our fingers crossed that she’s in the new one. The first Alien movie shocked audiences with the brutal violence of the new alien species. Weaver based her character off of an environmentalist friend that she knew and that’s how Ripley came to be. During one scene in the movie, one of Ripley’s crew members was attacked by a facehugger and then brought back to their camp. When the facehugger attached itself to the helmet of the man, he was wearing a hood on the inside. But later when the helmet was removed from the man, the facehugger was attached to the man’s face with no sign of the hood. One minute he had a hood and the next he didn’t.

3 The Informant

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Watching movies about the CIA and the FBI are favorites of mine. They are great films , especially the ones from the 70s-90s. You learn a lot about how things were done in government offices back in the day. Matt Damon plays the informant in the movie The Informant. He was the man responsible for exposing corporate fraud; it was one of the biggest cases in U.S. history. It was a great story, and Matt Damon played the character perfectly. One mistake that the film made, however, was Damon’s wardrobe. His character had a habit of wearing Nike golf shoes. The problem with that costume choice, however, was that those shoes weren’t even out until 1996 and the movie was set in the early 90s. Although it was close in years it wasn’t close enough and it was probably more likely that the informant wore a different brand of shoes.

2 The Wedding Singer

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This is a great comedy about a wedding singer that falls in love with a waitress who is engaged to someone else. It’s a classic comedy that has Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore playing alongside each other. It has so many classic scenes that had viewers bowled over in laughter. It started a friendship between the two that spanned many years, and it wasn’t the first movie that the two acted in together. Drew Barrymore was sporting a hairstyle at the time that she used in many different movies; it was the style at the time. The problem was that style only came around in the 90s when the movie was made. The movie, however, was set in the 80s and Barrymore should have had a hairstyle from that era instead of one from a decade later. Although the style looked charming on her, it just didn’t suit the time.

1 Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves

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The movie is over 20 years old and yet there are still so many scenes that I remember from the movie. Considering that it was made as a family movie at the time, it had an usually amount of gore. I remember watching it as a child, so it was probably not meant for that audience. It’s a story that’s a classic one, and yet it comes off as depressing and overly violent at times. The whole point of the Robin Hood character is he had a larger than life idea and had a joy of living. Unfortunately, you don’t see that zest for life with Kevin Costner’s character. There was one part of the film where the characters used a telescope to spy on the enemy. Unfortunately, adding that to the film was way off base because the telescope wasn't invented until over 500 years after the era in which the movie was set in.


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15 Of The Most Terrible Costume Mistakes In Movies