15 Of The Most Surprising Tales From This Year's Awards Shows

When it comes to any awards show there are bound to be some ups and downs to the event, especially since it's live and mistakes can’t be erased.

When it comes to any awards show there are bound to be some ups and downs to the event, especially since it's live and mistakes can’t be erased. When you are sitting watching the show, there are so many things to pay attention to that at times the audience can miss some pretty funny situations. Whether it’s the Oscars, the Golden Globes or the Emmy’s, things happen that we really don’t expect.

We get to see the flubs, the mistakes, and awards being given to the wrong person as well as the epic expressions on actors' faces when things don’t go as planned. I love watching the awards shows because it is live and you get the chance to see celebrities in situations that aren’t pre-planned. They don’t know what’s going to happen any more than we do and it’s awesome. Some of the most epic things have happened, and no one can stop it because it is live. We have a great list of behind the scenes moments that you may have missed during some of your favorite award events.

15 Chance the Rapper Gets a Surprise from Beyoncé

Chance the Rapper loves a good ambush, but usually he’s the one ambushing other interviews. But on the night of the VMAs, he was having his own personal interview backstage with Meredith Graves. Out of nowhere during his interview, Beyoncé came up behind him and perched herself on his shoulder. To say the rapper was surprised was an understatement, he exploded with excitement. He leaned over when he realized there was someone behind him and shouted, “Oh my God, that was ‘Yonce!” He stepped over to talk to the mega pop singer before returning to his interview. Beyoncé also said a quick hello to Meredith Graves who kept her cool the entire time. It’s too bad we can’t say the same for Chance the Rapper. After Beyoncé arrived Chance the Rapper couldn’t help but dance around shouting “This is my life, b*tch!”

14 There Was a Lot of Crying

There’s no doubt that during any awards event when so much is at stake for the actors that you are bound to see some tears. Usually, it’s the winner/loser of the award, but in some cases, fans of the stars also get a little emotional. What I loved most about this photo is the raw emotion that fellow actor Brie Larson shows towards Emma Stone after her big win for Best Actress for the film La La Land at this year's Oscars. It’s true friendship indeed when someone is just as happy for you for winning an award as you are. The two embraced after Emma’s big win, and it’s one of the best pictures seen backstage because it melts the heart and shows what it truly means to win that Oscar.

13 Ryan Reynolds Kisses Andrew Garfield

Both Ryan Reynolds and Ryan Gosling were up for Best Performance by an Actor in a Motion Picture at the Golden Globes, and Ryan Gosling took the win. Just as the moment was announced, Ryan Reynolds leaned over and kissed Emma Stone’s ex-boyfriend Andrew Garfield. It was such a random thing for him to do and judging by the look on Blake Lively’s face she’s gotten used to her husband’s antics. She wasn’t even fazed by the fact that her husband was kissing someone else and judging by their relationship she must see a lot of comedy improv in her life. It seems as if the two have a budding romance sparked between them. The two were seated beside one another, and they turned to each other and kissed as Gosling made his way up to the stage. Maybe it was Ryan’s way of stealing the show from Gosling after his win; it’s hard to tell what prompted him to do the kiss.

12 Chrissy Teigen Falls Asleep

One of the most hilarious parts of the Oscars this year was the picture of Chrissy Teigen asleep on her husband John Legend’s shoulders during the Oscars. We know that the award show can be boring sometimes especially when you have to get through Best Costume and Best Short Film but come on Chrissy, that has to be a first for the Oscars. I could fall asleep sitting on my couch, but I couldn’t imagine falling asleep amongst those stars and all the buzzing that’s going on around me. It actually happened during an acceptance speech, so maybe Casey wasn’t keeping her too entertained. She was caught sleeping during Casey Affleck's acceptance speech after winning Best Actor. A fan Tweeted at one point on Twitter saying, “I think my favorite part of the Oscars so far has been Chrissy Teigen sleeping on John. She is my spirit animal.”

11 Calvin Harris Was Booed

Taylor Swift seems to be getting the last laugh at the VMAs as her fans definitely have her back. First, they booed Kanye West then they went after her ex-boyfriend Calvin Harris the same night. Calvin won the Best Male Video award at the VMAs for his song “This Is What You Came For.” Calvin didn’t attend the award show, and he accepted his trophy via video message. What the singer probably didn’t expect was to be booed during his acceptance speech. The problem was that Calvin Harris didn’t thank Taylor Swift during his speech for the fact that she co-wrote the song with him. Fans were pretty disgruntled by that and made him well aware of their feelings. He did, however, thank Rihanna who is actually featured on the track but not Taylor.

10 Warren Beatty Reads the Wrong Envelope

It’s probably the most talked about moment of this year when Warren Beatty announced the wrong winner for Best Picture at the Oscars. It turns out the actor was given the wrong envelope, and when he announced the winner, he announced it for La La Land instead of the coming-of-age drama Moonlight. It appears as if someone slipped him the wrong envelope and what he had in his hands was the Best Actress envelope. It was an embarrassing moment for the actor and judging by the looks from the actors in the audience, it was quite the oops! Beatty has chosen not to further discuss the issue and has asked that the president of the Academy address the issue from now on.

9  9. Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling Are Blissful

Being a part of the excitement that is the Oscars must be a mind blowing event even for the celebrities themselves. Once nominations come out, it must be a heady rush as the days are counted down to the biggest award event of the season. You can see that kind of excitement just seeping out of the pores of Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone as they stand behind the scenes watching the show go on. It’s hard to say whether they are waiting to present or just basking in the glow of Emma’s win for the night. It’s pictures like this one that really make the night at the Oscars because you see the actors in true form. They aren’t putting on a front for the cameras. They are being genuine in how they feel at that particular moment. These two actors are taking in the moment and not taking anything for granted.

8 The Audience Chanted Taylor’s Name

People still have not forgotten about the time that Taylor Swift was accepting her Grammy win and Kanye West thought it was appropriate to crash her speech and inform her that Beyonce should have won the award. It was one of many d*ck moves that the rapper has been involved in throughout his career and we doubt it will be the last. It caused a rift between the two singers for many years after. During last year's VMAs, however, Kanye West got a taste of his own medicine. When he got up to make a speech he rambled a lot about various topics including his rift with Taylor Swift and his opinions on Donald Trump. While he was talking, the audience started to chant over and over, “Taylor,” which made Kanye quite frustrated and he announced, “I’mma talk.” He went on to talk about his video Famous and the latest spat he had with swift. He was up there for a total of six minutes.

7 Emma Stone Has a Mini O

When Leonardo DiCaprio announced Emma Stone as the winner of this year's Best Actress at the Oscars, she was beyond excited. She climbed those epic steps, and when Leo handed over the Oscar he leaned in for a kiss, and I think Emma had a mini orgasm. What? Just joking, I think. Seriously just look at Emma Stone’s face when Leonardo DiCaprio leaned in for a kiss after she just won an Oscar for Best Actress. Not only has she just won an Oscar which will catapult her career to a whole new level but she got a kiss from leading man Leonardo DiCaprio!

6 Meryl Streep Takes Down Trump

During the Golden Globes this year many celebrities took the opportunity in their acceptance speeches to talk politics, and their speeches were largely directed at Donald Trump, the newest President of the United States. She had one hell of a speech when it came time to pose her views on the subject. “There was one performance this year that stunned me,” she said. “It sank its hooks in my heart. Not because it was good; there was nothing good about it. But it was effective and it did its job. It made its intended audience laugh, and show their teeth. It was that moment when the person asking to sit in the most respected seat in our country imitated a disabled reporter. Someone he outranked in privilege, power and the capacity to fight back. It kind of broke my heart when I saw it, and I still can’t get it out of my head, because it wasn’t in a movie. It was real life.”

5 Goldie Hawn Still Rocks the Night

Goldie Hawn has been out of the limelight for quite some time, taking the backseat and allowing her husband to be out filming movies. But recently she got involved in a project with Amy Schumer called Snatched, coming out this year. It’s a comedy about a mother-daughter relationship that is beyond hysterical and dysfunctional. The two were caught acting silly at the Golden Globes this year as they shared a table. It looked like they were trying to win the award for the Best Party Guests at the Golden Globes. It’s good to see Goldie Hawn back in the movie business and judging by her look at the Golden Globes she’s capable of still rocking it. The two sat together, and it looks like they’ve become close since they made the movie together and Amy has often called her a second mom.

4 Jessica Biel Sneaks Some Dinner

It can be hard to get some grub inside you before an awards event, but somehow the actors manage to do it. They also want to do what they can to keep the food off of their fancy outfits. That last thing you want is to be seen with ketchup running down your dress, but that didn’t stop Jessica Biel from getting some French fries. Justin Timberlake did what he could to help his stunning wife to eat her dinner by wrapping her in a golden cape so that she could chow down without a worry. She was eating outside of the shower where she admittedly eats a lot of her meals while getting ready for the Oscars. She Instagrammed the picture and posted, “Post Oscars. Pre-party. Baby daddy duty.” The couple is absolutely adorable, and you can see just how much Justin adores his wife.

3 Are David Schwimmer and Minnie Driver Dating?

Before you get all excited, it’s clearly a joke. That young vixen in the middle is Zoe Buckman, David’s wife of many years. It’s always fun to see these pictures behind the scenes at The Emmy’s because they really show a different side to the event. You don’t expect to see these kinds of pictures at fancy award events, but there they are sitting, eating apples and drinking out of juice boxes while the show is in commercial. You, of course, don’t see the actors chomping down while the cameras are rolling because no one wants to see that but when they go to break, the actors take advantage of the time to get some food in them. The picture did cause a lot of buzz though when it was released as Minnie Driver is peeking to the side of the picture looking like she hasn’t aged one bit.

2 Halsey Smoked A Lot of W--- During VMAs

Well who can blame the poor girl, it must be so stressful and nerve-wracking to have to go up on stage and sing in front of thousands of people. That was her excuse when she admitted to smoking a ton of weed before her performance at the VMA’s. She’s not shy when it comes to her weed usage as she blew up Twitter with a simple statement that read, “I smoke a lot of weed!!” It’s kind of funny actually how candid she is about it. Most celebrities keep that sort of thing low-key but not Halsey; she has no problem admitting she gets lit before an event. She needed it for the courage to get up onstage with The Chainsmokers and for their performance of “Closer.” In our day and age with weed becoming legal in a lot of areas, people care less and less about who knows what they are doing.

1 Sarah Hyland Eating Pizza on the Red Carpet

I love the fact that they are feeding people while they are on the red carpet. They weren't feeding them delicate finger foods either, but big slices of pizza. Talk about insanely yummy! There is Sarah Hyland looking cute as a button in a gown by Monique Lhuillier while talking to a fan and eating pizza! It’s definitely not something that you would expect from an awards event, but the Emmy’s really know how to class things up. The red carpet can seem like an endless road at times so having snacks while you walk may be essential to an actress's’ survival. When she was asked by a Glamour reporter if she wanted some pizza, the girl excitedly exclaimed, "F--k yes!" The hilarious encounter was reported by an onlooker who filled US Weekly on the exchange. All in all, we think that Sarah Hyland is pretty cool and we love her honest demeanor when it comes to her love for pizza.


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15 Of The Most Surprising Tales From This Year's Awards Shows