15 Of The Most Stunning Television Reporters Of 2017

Tune into the news nowadays and it’s all about violence, tragedy, death, and despair. Why even bother to see what the weather will be this weekend or get sucked into some politician’s latest speech when more than half of the time the information you receive is not even close what you had hoped you’d hear.

When the best news you’ve gotten as of late is whether or not the groundhog has seen his shadow, it’s time to have a new perspective on news watching. Who cares what the content of the broadcast is when the newscasters, reporters, meteorologists, and even the “fluff” news anchors are smokin’ hot? It’s time to treat the news as you would a reality show or even a beauty contest. If that’s the only way to get through the bad news with the will to go on, then you deserve a little eye candy with your daily jewelry store theft.

Naturally, lots of people we see on television are physically attractive. Otherwise they’d be in radio, no? Networks need ratings and the prettier the press coverage, the more viewers they hope to get. The news is ugly enough, so to counterbalance the status quo, those who deliver the news must be able to deliver the goods.

These 15 TV reporters are not only beautiful, but they know what’s happening in your neck of the woods. The next time you need to catch up on international politics, baseball game results, or what’s on the community calendar, get your info from the hottest sources. Grab your remote and tune into something juicy.

15 Indra Petersons

Blonde, brainy, and undeniably beautiful, NBC weatherwoman, Indra Petersons, is the ideal image of pure perfection. She was once a CNN cutie, but the meteorologist moved on to NBC to give us her take on blizzards, rainstorms, and sunny skies. At the age of 36, the California native is a real looker with the knack for delivering the weather with sweet sex appeal. Too bad for the single fellas who had hoped for a shot with the small screen siren, as Petersons is a happily married “Mrs.” since 2013. Her hubby is the envy of fans who love to watch the broadcasting babe wow them with temperature ups and downs as they dream of her frolicking in the sunny beach weather. With Petersons’ TV appeal and all-American apple pie good looks, she’ll surely be in the forecast for a long time to come. Stay tuned for the perfect temps any time Petersons heats up the TV set!

14 Ximena Córdoba

Nobody warned us the weather would be this hot! The crazy beautiful Colombian weather reporter, Ximena Córdoba not only delivers the forecast with fire, but with fine eye candy appeal too. The 37-year-old sexy stunner is also a model and actress, but why not let us know if there will be rain or shine coming our way if she can handle the heat? She’s host of Despierta America on Univision, but when she’s on the small screen firing up the forecast, even the sun could use a cold shower. Córdoba’s skin-tight and always sexy outfits are not the usual weatherperson uniform, but her fierce attire choices are given the thumbs up from committed fans who tune in to see her stunning smile and A+ good looks. The weather wonder woman is taken – she’s married (sorry guys) – but that doesn’t stop the gents from dreaming (and drooling). No matter the forecast, this hot TV personality is always heating things up for the Colombian crowd.

13 Dana Perino

Blonde, beautiful, bold, and brainy, Dana Perino is the whole package when it comes to delivering the hard-hitting news. She is a co-host of the popular Fox News program, The Five, but the sexy stunner is a perfect ten in all other areas of her life according to her many fanatic fans. Not only is Perino a TV host and news analyst, but she’s a best-selling author and was the White House Press Secretary under President George W. Bush from 2007-2009. This impressive lovely lady is 44-years-old, married since 1998 (lucky bastard), and has the future on a platter in her petite hands. Folks tune in to see Perino’s take on current world events and to see her stunning smile and all-American good looks in hi-def. While Perino stands at just 5’2”, her larger-than-life TV presence and infectious perky personality makes her seem as tall as a skyscraper. And she’s just as breathtaking!

12 Yanet García

The marvelous Mexican hottie, Yanet García, is just a young 26-years-old, but with her wild popularity as a television weathercaster, it is as though she has been around for centuries. Not only is the gorgeous García quite skilled at delivering the weather report, but she does so in outfits more suited for the red carpet or a swanky night on the town. Her luxurious locks, killer smile, and sexy hourglass figure would make even a snowstorm forecast sound sizzling hot. While it is certainly not necessary for a weatherperson to be at all attractive, it sure does boost ratings. Take that, Al Roker! With García’s youthful persona and die-hard fans from all over the world, this male-attracting Mexican mama will surely rise to new heights in the world of TV and beyond. She may be reporting the daily temperature now, but when she is on TV, everyone’s mercury levels are rising!

11 Ariane Brodier

Ooh la la! The fabulous French television personality, comedian, and journalist Ariane Brodier is a siren on the small screen, often reporting the weather forecast on France’s M6 television station with an appeal that is as hot as the rays of the sun. At 37-years-old and 5’ 9”, this fine French female is adored by her viewers as she tells them the forecast in foxy form-fitting outfits that any A-list actress would love to be photographed in. Her light brown/dirty blonde hair, light and smoldering eyes, seductive smile, and sexy physique make this weather girl’s presence as fierce as a fast-moving hurricane. With Brodier’s appeal, it’s a sure thing that she’ll be in the public eye for years to come. Fans religiously follow the saucy stunner on social media to get a taste of her luxe life outside of the studio, but no matter where they catch her, Brodier always looks as tempting as a hot and buttery French croissant.

10 Jill Nicolini

Via frostsnow.com

At 39-years-old, the tempting traffic reporter for CBS is as stunning as ever. Jill Nicolini is a former model and actress, as well as a reality show darling. The beautiful brunette bombshell is a Long Island, New York native with a no-nonsense attitude and a no-flaws body. It has been reported that Nicolini won the Miss Long Island pageant back in 2002, but her title was soon stripped due to her stripping… she posed for Playboy in their “College Girls” edition – a big no no in the pageant world. No problem for Nicolini, it seems like everything worked out just fine for the ravishing reporter, who is popular with her fans and among her colleagues. You may have seen Nicolini in 2014’s reboot of Annie, or in 2010’s movie, Heart & Soul. Whether on the small or big screen, Nicolini is one to watch – not only for her talent, but for the total pretty package.

9 Abby Huntsman

Via elle.com

The youthful looking 30-year-old sexy stunner who is a general assignment reporter for Fox News Channel is anything but “general.” Her long, flowing, and shiny brunette hair, enviable fit physique, and captivatingly dazzling smile would make even the worst news sound somehow cheery. Abby Huntsman was previously employed with The Cycle on MSNBC as a cute co-host and pretty political commentator. As far as commentators go, Huntsman is far from “common.” Bad news for all the crushing single fellas out there, the nifty news gal is already taken – she has been happily hitched since 2010. Even so, there is always good reason to tune into this Philly-native’s broadcast, if just to see the beautiful broad cast her spell over you. Abby ain’t so shabby and with her impressive resume and mesmerizing made-for-TV-looks, we will surely see lots more from the ravishing reporter for decades to come. Tune in for a turn-on!

8 Sugey Abrego

Weather gals from Mexico seem to have a knack for providing viewers with far more than the weekly forecast. Hot-as-heck Sugey Abrego reports the weather in some of the skimpiest getups available, and has even had some “wardrobe malfunction” issues on TV… oops! Not that the fans minded. Low-cut, cleavage-baring tops and barely-there “Daisy Dukes” seem to be favored by the alluring Abrego, but she is in Mexico, after all so maybe she’s just too darn hot to wear a polyester pantsuit under all those bright studio lights. Who knows if her viewers even give a hoot what the forecast will be – they are more likely tuning in to see what Abrego is (or isn’t) wearing. Aside from her revealing clothing selections, the sultry stunner is blessed with thick and flowing brunette hair, attractive facial features, and a killer curvaceous body. She’d be the perfect centerfold if she weren’t so busy talking about dew points and humidity.

7 Betty Liu

Via talkingbiznews.com

The beautiful Betty Liu is a news anchor for Bloomberg Television who hails from Hong Kong. She’s been in America since she was a wee one, having moved to Philly with her family. She has won awards for her journalism skills, but the award for “hot anchor” should go to the 44-year-old stunner as well. Liu is married and has two sons, but that doesn’t stop fans from tuning in to see the lovely Liu talk business and politics, not to mention to see her attractive face on the small screen as a positive perk. Not only is Liu great at her job in news anchoring, but she’s a smarty pants who graduated from the prestigious University of Pennsylvania. Liu looks far younger than her 40-something years, but at any age she’d be above-average in the tempting TV personality pool. Tune into this glam gal for your news fix and be fascinated by the lure of Liu.

6 Alicia Menendez

As host of Come Here and Say That, the electrifyingly alluring Alicia Menendez has our utmost attention and we’re following her every command. The stunning 33-year-old Harvard University graduate is not only super smart, but seriously sexy. Before her work on the Fusion network, Menendez was a producer and a host for HuffPost Live. The host’s piercing eyes, confident attitude, and all-over gorgeous looks make her one to watch and adoringly admire. Her melting pot of ancestry – part Cuban, German, Norwegian, and Irish – has fans from all over the globe calling Menendez their hometown pride and joy. Seems like all the good ones are taken, because Menendez became a “Mrs.” in 2015. But just because she is recently married does not mean we cannot appreciate Menendez’s smarts and satisfying sex appeal. She’s the host with the most and there’s no sign of this sassy lass slowing down any time soon.

5 Brooke Baldwin

Via youtube.com

The lovely Brooke must be a crook, because the undeniably attractive successful TV news anchor stole our hearts. Brooke Baldwin is the successful host of the popular program, CNN Newsroom, making the headline news, no matter how tragic, seem captivatingly cool. Her light brown hair, bright and sparkling eyes, tall and fit frame, and winning smile make Baldwin a knockout in the eyes of her many fans, friends, and (probably envious) co-workers. At 39-years-old, Baldwin’s breathtaking beauty rivals a woman half her age, and her smart and savvy news knowledge is far superior to most, making her an impressive Peabody Award finalist. Baldwin is married, so no luck for you single fellas looking to score a win with Baldwin. Simply admire her knack for TV talent and above-average physical beauty from your living room. She’ll deliver the news and you can keep dreaming about one day meeting the reporter that will sweep you off your couch.

4 Jenna Lee

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The 37-year-old red-headed Jenna Lee is not only a popular TV journalist and anchor for the Fox News Channel, but she is as pretty as any picture you’ll ever see on the small screen. The luscious Lee co-hosts Happening Now with Jon Scott, who must have to control his wandering eyes around his foxy TV partner. Born in San Francisco, California, Lee made her move to New York City to advance her journalism career and she succeeded. Fans love to watch Lee deliver the news and look great doing so. For the interested guys, back off, because Lee is a married mom of two kids – a boy and a girl. Surely her kids look up to mom for her beauty and brains, and her hubby must be proud of his ability to have “anchored” this sexy anchor. Lee looks like she’s got a bright career ahead of her, and with her beautiful smile and captivating eyes, we’ll continue to tune in to see what she’s got to report on next. Isn’t she love-Lee?

3 Harris Faulkner

Via nbcnews.com

For a 51-year-old mature woman, news broadcaster and TV host Harris Faulkner is exceptionally youthful looking and drop-dead gorgeous. 50 must be the new 30, because this hottie is as vivacious as a woman decades her junior. As the smart and sexy anchor of the Fox Report, it’s no wonder Faulkner was hired, since she is such a “fox” herself. Faulkner also co-hosts a program called Outnumbered, but when it comes to attractive TV personalities, she is # 1. Born in Atlanta, Georgia, this sweet screen staple now lives (likely quite well) in The Big Apple and is married with two children. It has been reported that the fabulous Faulkner has won six Emmy Awards for her no-nonsense news reporting, and with her track record, she may very well snag a few more in the years to come. Way to go to a news woman who’s not only bright, but beautiful too.

2 Jedediah Bila

Via speakerpedia.com

Jedediah Bila is a simply stunning and successful TV host, columnist, and book author who was a Fox News contributor as well as a panelist on the TV program, Outnumbered. These days, you may have seen Bila as a regular member of the regularly-rotating all-female discussion panel on the popular daytime talk show, The View… you know, the one with Whoopi. The 38-year-old brunette has openly discussed her “cougar” relationship with her considerably younger boyfriend, but she looks as hot as ever, no matter her age. The sexy TV host is not only gifted in the looks department, but she’s got plenty of smarts to back up the goods. She graduated with a Master’s from New York’s prestigious Columbia University with a degree in Spanish literature. Well “hola” to hotness, because no matter where you are from or what language you speak, you can say Bila is a beauty in any tongue.

1 Sian Welby

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British babe, Sian Welby is a TV and radio presenter as well as a weather woman on Channel 5, BBC, and Channel 4 in Great Britain. She is also a regular columnist for OK! magazine, making the hottie a real go-getter in the wide world of reporting. Welby is 30 years of age and hails from Nottinghamshire, England. She’s known to be quite the comedian, making her not only easy on the eyes, but fodder for the funny bone as well. She is blonde, bubbly, and beautiful, making her weathercasts a pleasure to watch no matter the forecast… and we know England is known for its dreary and rainy conditions. But no matter the rainfall count, Welby’s bright TV presence shines a warm ray of sunshine through the greyest of clouds. With Welby’s strong social media following, she is a hit with her fans and is sure to have a strong and steady future in the public eye.

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