15 Of The Most Disturbing Reddit Stories Ever

In case you've been living under a rock for the past decade or so and don't know what Reddit is, it's this fairly simple online forum where people can go to talk about... anything! Cheats and secrets in video games, day-in-the-life experiences, Magic: The Gathering tournaments, dreams and ambitions -- no matter what seething-hot internet garbage you're looking for, you can find it on Reddit. (Be warned: once you get on the site, you may never be able to leave).

What really captivates internet readers about Reddit is the wide array of stories and interesting questions posed to other readers. "What's your secret that could literally ruin your life it if came out?" "What's your most scary true story?" "What's the most disturbing history of a house you were selling?" "What's the worst crime you've ever committed?" Some of the answers are funny and genuinely entertaining, while others will leave you so entirely aghast that it's hard to stomach what you've just read.

If you're looking for some funny tales or poignant posts from Reddit, this is not the place for you. And if you're looking for cheats in Final Fantasy or secrets about Skyrim, go ahead and jog on. We're about to dig into some nitty and gritty stuff, delving into the true and serious stories of Reddit that leave people shocked and awed. Readers beware: this is some pretty mature content. Here are fifteen of the most disturbing Reddit stories out there:

15 "All That Was Left Was The Head"

There's a thread on Reddit asking readers what their greatest secret is, one that would ruin their lives if it got out. Well, this respondent didn't really deliver on a juicy secret -- but he sure did serve us up one bone-chilling, vivid image.

This guy was a DMAT responder, a member of a disaster medical assistance team. As such, he was trained to be able to handle some pretty terrifying stuff. His particular story involved his team arriving at the scene of an auto accident, where they immediately found two dead. One person was taken from the wreckage injured. Then he found another person, a child, who either hadn't been secured by a seat belt or never wore one. As a result, the victim was pinned under the car as it crashed. "The child was smeared under the car. All that was left was the head... the pressure of the auto kept what blood was there in the brain. How the head was alive for so long haunted me." He resigned from his job the next day and in his post, professes to be emotionally traumatized from the helpless and pleading gaze of the small child.

14 "Imagine an Open World"

In one particular AskReddit question, readers were asked what they believed no one else believed in. Naturally, there were plenty of answers from creationists and people that were anti-penicillin. But one particular answer froze us in our scrolling. It said that he or she thought it would be great if there were a World War 2-era video game from the perspective of the Nazi regime overcoming the Allies. "Imagine an open world where you play as a Nazi officer, spreading the fear and influence of the Third Reich by shaking up story owners, putting up propaganda, taking part in notable battles..." Whoa. Commenters had a good point -- that it could be very educational and even inspire empathy for the poisonous legacy that the regime left behind in Germany, but it could also entirely backfire and create another generation of hateful, intolerant, fear-mongering youngsters. And don't we have enough of that in our modern world?

13 "Dragged Out of Bed"

Anyone who is unfortunate enough to experience regular, diagnosed migraines knows that they absolutely suck. Some unfortunate patients even have to suffer through hallucinations that come in different forms -- sometimes olfactory, sometimes auditory, or, the worst, visual. This particular story sounds like a nightmare incarnate. While waiting for her migraine medicine to kick in and rid her of her ringing headache, this young lady was lying in bed. She reached over to her nightstand to grab something when she looked up and saw a man entirely clothed in black so that he was almost invisible. She knew that the best way to banish her hallucination was to try to touch it, but it grabbed her wrist and pulled her from the bed. She yanked her arm away and sprinted down the hall, but he followed after her -- "no stomping, just normal walking." Her father came out and helped confirm that truly, nothing was there, but most hallucinations aren't able to grab you...

12 "Children's Hand Prints"

Working on old houses entails dealing with their histories. Sometimes, that's fine -- it means the house has "character," or whatever you want to call it. But sometimes, that means dealing with the remains of the people that used to dwell in that house.

One Reddit user called JaytheFarmer talks about his time as a youngster helping his parents flip houses. Usually, he'd be helping the cause by cleaning the old houses, which meant scrubbing walls, clearing out garbage, and making an old space livable again. Well, one house was particularly bad. It was "infested with roaches... the closets were smeared with sh*t and children's hand prints... there were fingernail scratches on the insides of the doors." Talk about a horror movie. His parents told him that the previous tenants had locked their toddlers in the closets for days. Ah, the joys of house flipping.

11 "The Devil Was Let Loose"

A ThrowAway account responded to a thread on "who was the worst criminal you've ever had to detain?" Unfortunately, this officer had a horror story. By the time this officer arrived on the scene of a call made concerning an assault in progress, the perp was already in cuffs and being taken to a police car, but he went into the apartment to see what had happened. "Mom and oldest were still bleeding when we came in the door, but not long after that." Turns out, this criminal by the name of Ming Don Chen, was jealous of his cousin's family and decided to butcher them all with a meat cleaver. He killed the mother and all four children, some being only infants, by hacking them to death. The officer reported that he could see the emotionless expression of the killer in the backseat. "The devil was let loose in that apartment."

10 "I Saw Blood On The Roof"

One Reddit user, responding to a question asking what the creepiest thing to ever happen in their home was, had an unusual living situation. He used to live in a 16-foot camper that served as his research lab and home while he worked on the history of human habitation. One night, while he was sleeping, he heard a loud thud on his roof, shortly followed by a scratching and clawing that sounded like whatever it was that had landed on his roof could have breached the ceiling. The next morning, he went out to look at the damage, and he found blood and claw marks everywhere. Two nights later, it happened again. It then became a regular occurrence, happening night after night. Finally, one night, he fled his camper and ran to his truck to try to catch a glimpse of this horrifying monster, but he couldn't see the source of the noise.

9 "I Guess I Do Have Some Secrets"

Every town has a creepy haunted house, one that every teenager grows up knowing they mustn't go to -- until the insatiable curiosity eventually has to be satisfied. Well, one Reddit teen recounts his story of visiting an old home where a witch lived. He and his friends drove up to the house at night and looked at the darkened porch. Messing with his friends, he joked, "She's right there. Can't you see her? Sitting on the edge of the porch! Just shine a light!" So they did, and lo and behold, there she was, cloaked in black and sitting in waiting. The teens stayed across the street from her and boldly asked her questions such as, "Are you a witch?" to which she answered, "If you are a warlock." They asked why she was sitting on the porch looking at them, and she told them she could hear the car pull up -- but they noted that the door hadn't been opened after they'd arrived. She just smiled wryly and answered, "I guess I do have some secrets."

8 "I Love This Hidden Paradise"

When you buy a new property, make it a priority to have the lot inspected. Thoroughly. Otherwise, you could have someone like this Reddit user a little bit too close for comfort.

Another responder on the thread answered a thread about amazing life-ruining secrets. He told readers that a few years back, his financials were in a bad spot. He didn't have any choice but to sell his home in order to keep his struggling business afloat. He neglected, however, to tell the new homeowners about an 800-square foot bunker that resided under the house, one he had built himself and made a hidden door to -- one he still lived in at the time of his post. He said he was able to come and go early in the morning and late at night without the new owners noticing, and even though he eventually came up with the money to move, he didn't want to. "I'm a single man who keeps to himself... and I love this hidden paradise so much."

7 "Go Look."

Kids say the darndest things, don't they? Anyone that has kids or has even done their fair share of babysitting, whether they're watching their own siblings or doing it professionally, has heard some weird things come out of kids' mouths. Well, this one particular babysitter had a very disturbing experience while babysitting a three-year-old. They were happily playing Legos together when the three-year-old looked up because something had caught his eye behind the female babysitter. She turned to look but saw nothing. When she asked what he was looking at, the boy replied, "There's a person there. Go look." The babysitter responded with a small laugh, "No silly, we're the only ones in the house." But the toddler just looked at her sternly, answering, "No. There was a man there looking at us, but he left." The babysitter, likely well-versed in horror plots, got up to close and lock the door to the playroom, then just waited for the parents to get home. Sometimes, not investigating is the smartest answer.

6 "I Was Her Property"

When this Reddit user scanned the lists of disturbing and scary stories on Reddit, he must have known he had the winning story to add.

A user named TobiDaDog tells readers how his mother and grandmother were "extremely protective," but what he goes on to describe surpasses protection and passes into the realm of captivity. Even when the narrator was already a grown adult, his mother insisted he needed nothing more than what she could give him and that he could not have a job. On one occasion, when he tried to leave, he said he was "tackled to the ground and dragged back into the house, with my grandmother's help." He eventually escaped, but it took a coordinated, multiple-year-long plan to do so. What's creepier is that the mother still finds ways to get in touch and says his absence is killing her and his grandmother -- and current pictures of them both make it seem that they're truly withering away.

5 "Instead, He Found a Body."

In the Let's Not Meet subgroup, one poster tells a story of his uncle's travels through the USSR at a dangerous time. While waiting for a train transfer in the cold winter of Ukraine, an elderly woman approached his uncle to say that the train wouldn't arrive until morning. She also said she'd be happy to offer him lodging in the meantime. Without much choice, the man agreed, and the two walked a long distance back to her home. She led him to a bedroom and locked the door behind him, though he brushed it off and went to sleep. Waking in the middle of the night needing to use the restroom, he looked under the bed for a key, and instead, he found a body. He also discovered the window to be nailed shut. Without many options, he pulled the corpse up onto the bed and covered him up and took the corpse's place under the bed. Sure enough, the old woman later came into the room and beat the body in the bed with a pry bar. After assuming her new guest dead, she dropped the weapon and left the room. The man hurried from his hiding place, pried open the window, and ran for his life.

4 "Dead Camper"

One Reddit user told the story of his nightmare of a camping trip wherein he and his dad found a dead body. While camping in Yellowstone National Park, walking and skipping stones on the lake -- you know, typical camping activities to do with your dad -- he and his father spotted a man slouched against a tree with his hat drawn over his face. They assumed he was sleeping and continued on their way. As the day was growing thin and darkness drew near, the father wanted to wake the man in case he awoke and would be unable to find his way back to camp. However, after approaching, the two could smell the pungent stench of feces. After giving the man a small poke, the body slumped to one side. Because of the way he had been slouched, "all the blood had gone out of half the guy's face and pooled in the other side." Perhaps not a nightmare, but disturbing nonetheless -- and certainly ruined this camper's experience.

3 "He Had Been Watching Them For Years"

Okay, seriously. When you get a new house, GET THE DAMN PLACE INSPECTED. For everything! Bunkers in the basement, dead bodies, ghosts, and especially cameras.

This Reddit user posted a story of his cousin's. The man and his wife had lived in the house for about five years and had a kid. The wife left the house one day to drop the baby off at daycare shortly after the husband had left for the day. However, she realized she'd forgotten something at home. She came back to the house, and, upon entering, saw that the pull-down attic door was left open and fully extended. The couple never entered the attic, so she freaked out and called the police. When the cops investigated, they found a short-range transmitter connected to several cameras hidden throughout various places in the house: "the light fixture in the shower, the ceiling fan above their bed, a pinhole in the nursery" -- all sending video to a neighbor's home. Worse, this neighbor had an old key and apparently dropped in once in a while. "He had been watching them for years" before getting caught.

2 "He Was In My Wardrobe"

In the Reddit subgroup, Let's Not Meet, one young woman told a horrifying story explaining why she never likes to be home alone.

One night, when staying at her boyfriend's home, alone while he was in classes, she took a long shower with music playing until her phone died. When she stepped out of the bathroom in naught but a towel, she sensed something was off. She stepped towards her boyfriend's room and immediately knew something was up because the lights were switched on and her wardrobe was shut (which was never the case). She then ran back to the bathroom to hide inside with the lights off -- but the creep stepped out of her wardrobe and followed her, looming just outside the bathroom door. He whispered, "I know you're in there, little girl" and dragged a knife down the outside of the door. The stalker ran only when the boyfriend got home early, and the creep is still on the loose to this day. All this was terrifying, but not as much as what the woman figured out: "He knew that I'd be at my boyfriend's house, which room I was in... this wasn't an accident. He'd been watching."

1 "I Don't Work Night Shifts Anymore"

When it comes to family businesses, you can get roped in at a young age. If your mom or dad are able to label your work as "chores," you're sh*t out of luck getting help through child labor laws. This young lady, however, was probably allowed plenty of personal days after her traumatic encounter.

As this Reddit user recounts, she was a young teen working the night shift at her family's motel and closing up shop for the day when the front desk phone rang. No one else was on duty, so she answered. A man asked if there were any rooms available, and she replied that no, they were closing up for the night. In a collected voice, he asked, "How about the one right behind you?" Like many hotels/motels, this one had a windowed lobby looking out into the parking lot. Scared, as she knew this man was watching her from somewhere, she answered that no, she couldn't help him. He then went on to compliment her shirt and ask, "Is the front door locked?" She dropped the phone immediately and dead-bolted the doors as fast as possible, then hid behind the desk and waited for her family to come and find her stalker -- but he'd already left by the time they arrived.

Source: Reddit

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