15 Of The Most Bizarre WWE Rumors Currently Circulating Backstage

With a struggling on-screen product, it seems like the biggest news in pro wrestling today is either coming from companies overseas or behind the scenes. New Japan put on a brilliant display recently with the Okada versus Omega part two match. The bout was somehow better than the first, ending in a time limit draw. As for the WWE product, the only buzz they're generating nowadays is for some bizarre backstage news. One of those headlines recently made the rounds pertaining to an incident of infidelity.

In one of the more unlikely scenarios, Bray Wyatt’s ex-wife filed for divorce; what was truly alarming was the reason behind it as it was revealed that Wyatt was having an affair with WWE beauty JoJo Offerman. The news went absolutely viral and has brought on various topics of concern. We’ll discuss it in length a little later in the article.

The Wyatt/Offerman news isn’t the only bizarre backstage rumor currently circulating. As a matter of fact, we have another 14 of those bizarre stories currently making the rounds. From Cena joining two brands, to Paige possibly returning, these are 15 of the most bizarre WWE rumors currently circulating backstage. Enjoy the article, folks!

15 Cena Returning On Both Brands?

We start off with the most recent peculiar news to make the rounds from behind the scenes. According to Dave Meltzer, John Cena is set to return as a “free agent”, appearing on both shows. It seems like the WWE’s notion of making him exclusive to SmackDown is officially done as Vince wants to expose his top dog on the flagship program. For many backstage, the feeling was that this was bound to happen as Vince simply couldn’t resist having his biggest star exclusively on the Tuesday show.

Along with that, ratings appear to be disturbingly low as of late, so adding Cena should be a big time boost for Raw. Love him or hate him, John is a proven draw and every show he appears on usually does much better. In terms of future storylines, possibilities include a program with WWE Champion Jinder Mahal or, a long awaited angle with Roman Reigns.

14 Strowman Is Fully Recovered?

Yes folks, for those of you that aren’t aware, Braun Strowman being out for months was simply a work by the WWE and as a matter of fact, he’s already fully recovered from his injury that just barely left him out for a month. The play is that he has super human strength, which will add to the shock factor of his return. For now, he’ll remain on the sidelines while the WWE creative figures out what’s next for the big man.

In terms of creative, Strowman is likely to work a program with Lesnar once he returns. Braun was receiving the push of a lifetime prior to his injury defeating Roman Reigns cleanly at Payback. His monster push is set to continue once he gets back and the current plan has him slated for a high profile match against Brock. However, it appears that nothing is officially set in stone just yet.

13 WWE Gave Up On Last Week’s Raw?

Yup, this truly is another bizarre one, but according to Dave Meltzer, it appears like the WWE simply gave up on last week’s program putting on a less than stellar card. The main attraction which was the return of Brock immediately took place with the intent of bringing the viewers in. Once that angle ended, the rest of the show was completely lackluster and it was likely because the WWE knew there was no way they could compete against the NBA Finals.

History has told us that McMahon will simply give up on his show when such competition arises. Even the return of Brock was kind of shocking on such a night; many believe Vince would have likely changed the date had he known such a marquee basketball game was taking place on the same day. Nonetheless, looking at how insignificant the show truly was, we really do have reason to believe that Vince and creative gave up on it.

12 Average Age Viewership Numbers Very Alarming

For any television product out there, the goal is to either maintain the same age group or somehow, get younger in terms of the product’s average demographic. For pro wrestling, that couldn’t be further from the truth and it’s quite alarming to be frank. According to the new bizarre stat, the average age for wrestling fans nowadays has nearly doubled to 54 years old, meaning, the older fans are the only ones still watching the product, while the younger generation is not picking up on the world of sports and entertainment.

To put things into perspective, the average age of the viewer back in 2000 was 28. So what this all means is that the hardcore fans from that era have stayed, but the company has failed to bring in a new audience. No sport has increased in such a manner like pro wrestling and that includes the NHL, MLB, NBA and NFL.

11 Why Did Finn Go To Japan?

This is a huge rumor currently circulating behind the scenes and it seems to be quite bizarre in nature. Finn was held off of Raw this week due to the fact that he was overseas in Japan. According to the WWE, he was in Japan representing the company for promotional work. However, many wrestling rumor mills are stating that he went overseas for another reason...

Apparently, Finn was sent to Japan as a representative of the WWE to talk to New Japan talent about a possible WWE debut. Some believe the high profile Bullet Club was a big target of the WWE and a group that Balor talked to while overseas about a possible WWE future. The product appears to be in need of a big time boost at the moment and recruiting a group such as the Bullet Club would certainly bolster things pretty quickly. Can you imagine Kenny Omega, Finn Balor, The Young Bucks and Marty Scurll altogether in a WWE ring? Good heavens.

10 CM Punk Returning To Wrestling?

This seems highly unlikely and truly bizarre, but it does seem like the story is gaining more and more traction. Punk was in the headlines recently for receiving a one million dollar offer in entering a worldwide wrestling tournament. It’s yet to be officially confirmed, but some believe Punk has accepted the deal.

Adding to the speculation, it now seems like the Bullet Club is getting involved as well. Member Marty Scurll recently discussed bringing the legend out of retirement and into the group. With the faction hotter than ever following Omega’s six-star performance against Okada, just imagine how hot the stable would be with Punk added to the mix. For now, it seems like a farfetched, unlikely rumor, but if it does come true, man will Vince ever pull a serious sweat!

9 The Broken Gimmick Is Still Alive

Not to worry fans, Matt Hardy has ensured that the Broken gimmick will soon come to the WWE. Legal battles against TNA have put the character on hold for the time being but he's recently assured his fans that it’s truly a question of “when” and not “if”. Fans of the persona can breathe a little easier with such news making the rounds; many questioned if the WWE really did want the gimmick, but it turns out they do, they just didn’t want to get involved as it would give other promotions the wrong idea that they're willing to pay others for a character. Matt has been dealing with TNA himself, and it appears like slowly but surely, he’s getting it done.

As for right now, Matt has likely put the gimmick aside as he recently welcomed in his second child, Wolfgang Xander. That name has future-WWE-star written all over it.

8 WWE Holds Talent Meeting Pertaining To Online Leaks

One of the biggest 2017 story has been a bizarre one, and something not many fans expected and that works double for the talent involved. Numerous hacks have exposed the personal lives of various wrestlers and that includes high profile names such as Paige and Charlotte.

The WWE recently held a meeting pertaining to the issue with its talent. The meeting was apparently mandatory and it discussed precautions the talent should be taking. An expert was even brought in discussing things the talent should avoid doing which would make them prone to such safety concerns. It was a huge story for 2017, albeit a bizarre one and it looks like the WWE plans to crack down on the issue quite heavily. As a publicly traded company, the WWE is all about maintaining the squeaky clean image.

7 Aleister Black To The CW Division

Tommy End aka Aleister Black appears to be one of the next in line to become a huge face for the WWE. He seems new to the WWE universe, but the fact of the matter is he’s in his 30s and has been working the indies since the early 2000s. Nonetheless, he’s insanely talented and quickly becoming a must-see performer. Many believe he’s destined for a quick main roster call up given the allure that surrounds his persona.

Fans of Black don’t oppose the call up, however, they do have a problem with a bizarre rumor out there that Aleister is to join the Cruiserweights. Black worked a WWE main roster live event and he was put in with the CW class. This was very alarming particularly given how bad of a bust the division has been thus far aside from the champion: Neville. This bizarre rumor is one many wrestling fans hope isn’t true.

6 WWE Acknowledges Their Failure?

Long time WWE fans know one thing about the product and that’s the fact that with every good segment, it seems like two bad segments follow it up. One thing the WWE hardly ever does is acknowledge the bad, as they just normally pretend like it didn’t happen.

Well, in truly bizarre fashion, it seems like the WWE finally poked a little fun at itself. Social media was a buzz following the Bayley, "This Is Your Life" segment which tanked terribly and was by far the worst segment in all of 2017. It was so cringeworthy for both the live audience and the viewers watching at home. The WWE acknowledged how bad it truly was as GM Kurt Angle called it one of the worst segments of all-time during a backstage angle with Alexa Bliss on Raw.

5 The Nia Jax Tweet

A couple of weeks ago, Jax let out her frustrations taking a shot at the WWE’s creative team. Now the bizarre part of it all was the fact that what she said was very true, which led many to believe the tweet was real and not a work. Jax complimented SD for using their entire women's roster, throwing shade at the Raw booking team in the process. Looking at both Raw and SD, the Tuesday show is without a doubt booking their female talent much better.

Although the tweet received lots of coverage, it’s believed it was all a work in order to put Nia over with the fans while she waited on the sidelines to re-enter the mix. Creatively, the company had nothing for her but they wanted her to remain relevant, thus telling her to tweet such a controversial statement (which is silly cause the statement was true).

4 Jinder’s Physique

No disrespect to Jinder Mahal, but it seems like his greatest asset is his look, the guy has a towering presence and is shredded to death with veins sticking out everywhere. Either his conditioning levels are sublime or he needs to start drinking more water with those veins shooting out like that. In the ring, Mahal isn’t anything special, nor can he carry a match which is a big time no-no for a WWE Champion. In his defense however, his promos are getting a little better, though they appear to be scripted from head-to-toe. Remember the days when they gave you bullet points and you were just told to cover them? Man, are those days a lost art!

Okay, so our point here is that some believe Jinder’s physique is tainted. Even the likes of Ryback attacked the topic. Mahal has denied such claims saying he’s 100% dedicated to his body and that if he was taking something, the Wellness Policy would detect it.

3 Ratings

That simple; one of the most bizarre concepts backstage at the moment is the ratings. Does the WWE care? Well, it appears as though it’s a little of both. The numbers have been alarmingly low as of late, and it's caused the WWE to rethink some of their programming. The return of Cena to both brands also shows that there is a valid concern about the numbers.

However, the company hasn’t admitted to this claiming they're still insanely popular, and that the Network and social media numbers are higher than ever. Some believe the company no longer cares for the numbers given the fact that almost everything is done online nowadays. At the end of the day, most reports indicate that the company is sweating a bit but they won’t admit to it.

2 Paige Training For a Return?

Despite the fact that she hasn’t appeared on WWE TV for almost a year, Paige still manages to make the headlines. Just recently, Instagram almost broke when the former Divas Champion posted a picture that she was finally training for a return. Given the fact that she’s still under contract with the WWE, some believe she might actually return to a WWE ring in the future.

Such a return would skyrocket the ratings. However, it seems like the plan is still for Paige’s contract to expire without returning to the company. It seems like the damage is done from both sides, and a return seems highly unlikely unless something major goes down. Nonetheless, it’s great to see Paige training again after recovering from her lengthy neck injury. It’ll be interesting to see what the future holds for the young WWE star.

1 The Bray & JoJo Incident

This article was inspired by the latest bizarre story of Bray Wyatt and his ex-wife getting divorced. According to the divorce papers, Bray’s ex-wife filed for divorce after she found out about an alleged affair between Bray and an unlikely candidate, JoJo Offerman, the young backstage interviewer beauty. The news was not only shocking but extremely bizarre in nature.

The WWE likely won’t address the issue. However, it’s brought up lots of discussion online as many believe the WWE officially has a divorce problem. Looking at the history of their Superstars, it’s quite staggering to see the amount of divorces that have taken place in the past. Heck just the Flair family alone accounts for six! It’s truly a bizarre situation and one that has set the WWE’s social media audience a buzz!

In other news, what type of voodoo did Bray put on JoJo?

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