15 Of The Hottest Photos Of Ashley Tisdale

Ashley Tisdale started off her career as a child actress and singer but quickly gained a name for herself through her roles in The Suite Life of Zack & Cody and High School Musical. While she was considered extremely beautiful and talented through these portrayals, this became heightened as she transitioned into a young adult. It can be difficult for celebrities to change their public persona from their younger portrayals but Tisdale has seemed to do this with ease. Although other actresses have gone to huge extremes to try and change their public personas, Tisdale slowly transitioned in the eyes of the public through her acting roles, pictorial spreads and magazine covers. She didn’t exactly go the route of Miley Cyrus in throwing her sexuality into the face of the general public, she did exude an incredible amount of sex appeal once she grew out of her High School Musical phase.

Nowadays, Ashley Tisdale is known as one of the sexiest female celebrities with an amazing talent as a singer and producer. She’s changed her look over the years, so everyone seems to have their own favorite style when it comes to the perfect Ashley Tisdale appearance. While some prefer her in her brunette phase, others are completely won over with her blonde flowing locks. Whatever your favorite look may be, check out our list of the 15 sexiest photos of Ashley Tisdale and see how she has grown up in front of the cameras over the last few years.


15 Thigh Gap On The Beach

Ashley Tisdale has had a variety of different hair colors over the years but many prefer her as a blonde. When she posed for a 2013 beach shoot for Maxim magazine, she had the perfect look to pull off the California girl look (despite the fact that they were in Maui). She wore a pair of skimpy patterned bottoms and paired it up with a loosely cropped simple white tank top. While it may not be so evident in the photo, other pictures in the spread show that she chose not to wear a bra or swim top for the shoot. She looks ultra natural with the loose top and flowing blonde locks. While her abs aren’t as defined as they have looked in some of her other photos, the fact that she’s able to show off major thigh gap proves that she still looks in tip top shape. The overall look of the photo is a casual, yet sexy, beach setup that has viewers wishing they would have been there to see it all unfold in person.

14 Lounging By The Pool


For the June 2015 issue of Health magazine, Ashley Tisdale was highlighted in a photo shoot that involved a luxury pool setup. In this particular photo, Tisdale can be seen wearing a mismatched swim ensemble that pulled in the other grey tones in the setting. Her top is a bit modest in the coverage but offers a bit of detail under the bust. She more than makes up for it in the itty bitty grey bottom and even tries to entice the viewer further by pulling it down a bit with her thumb. She completed the look with a pair of metallic grey stilettos and posed up against the column by the pool in an ultra-seductive look. While other people may have chose a more relaxed pose for a lounging by the pool photo, Tisdale is obviously more sexy than the average person. The magazine may focus on good health but this is a photo that should have a warning label for all those that view it.

13 Sporty When Wet

In the Health magazine pictorial shoot for the June 2015 issue, Ashley Tisdale was shown in a poolside setting with an art-like feel. She leaned up against a multicolored tiled wall and wore a super unique swim ensemble that created a more complex photo composition. The top portion of her ensemble seemed to resemble the look of a wetsuit since it featured long sleeves and a mock neck. Yet, the bottom was cut off to show a bit of her famous derriere and her sexy legs. The result was a somewhat retro chic look with a contemporary twist. The sectioned off colored portions of her swim ensemble helped to add further interest to every curve of her physique. To make things even more alluring, there is a waterfall aspect to the photo to show Tisdale standing beneath the spraying water in a flurry of light droplets. With wet hair and a seductive look, this is definitely a photo that tops the list.

12 Plunged In The Sand


In the September 2013 issue of Maxim Australia, Ashley Tisdale can be seen lounging on the beach. She’s seen wearing a sexy black two-piece with a pair of black boots and giving the camera a playful smirk. The black top is strapless but there is a sexy detail along the sides and back to let some extra skin peek through. Tisdale is plunging her hands into the sand, which raises her up a bit to reveal her ultra-toned abs. Everything looks a bit flexed in this photo, from her toned arms to her sleek legs. While she’s laying on her stomach, she still looks completely ready to pounce. This photo shows Tisdale relaxing in the sun and the light bounces off her complexion to give the perfect accent to all her sun-kissed body parts. While it may be a pretty simple bikini shot on the beach, Tisdale seems to be able to amp up the overall look in a way that exudes major sex appeal.

11 Rustic Cowgirl

In the pictorial spread for Maxim Australia, Ashley Tisdale proved that she can transform in front of the camera to look like everything from a California beach girl to a downright country gal. In this particular photo, she looks to be lounging in a pair of pink frilly undies with a comfortable green top and completes the ensemble with a pair of tan cowboy boots. She is lounging on a rustic looking wood chaise and the deck is circular and also made out of wood. It looks almost as if she’s in a luxury wooden treehouse deck but it also looks like a down home setting without a lot of frills. While many of her other photos show her with a come-hither look or a seductive smirk, this photo is much less in-your-face. Instead, she is gleaming a beautiful smile and tilting her head a bit to show off a more girly look. However, the itty bitty pink bottoms and pulled up top make the overall result of the photo super sexy, regardless of the cowboy boots and innocent facial expression.

10 Glittering And Sophisticated


For the August 2014 issue of Bello magazine, Ashley Tisdale was featured for a pictorial spread. While she was once thought of as a young starlet through her work on High School Musical, this photo showed that she’s all grown up and looking super sophisticated. Her ensemble looks like a mix between a glittering flapper style dress and a couture flowing ball gown and she wears it in pure supermodel fashion. She can be seen seated on a plush white couch with her legs slightly parted to reveal the sleek lines of her leg. She appears completely toned from her shoulders to her ankles and the eye is drawn to every piece of skin that’s visible in the picture. She isn’t looking directly at the camera so the side profile gives added accent to her super feminine cheekbones, lips, and eyes. She is definitely all grown up in this photo and proves it with an abundance of sex appeal.

9 Confident And Sexy

There was a time when Ashley Tisdale was in a transformative phase just like all of her other fellow child celebrities moving into adulthood. Starring in High School Musical, she was faced with the challenge of being considered super young, despite her increasing age. Other young celebrities have tried to break out of their shell by appearing in super racy and outrageous ensembles on the red carpet or taking on highly sexualized roles in film. However, Tisdale tried to ease out of her squeaky clean public persona in a more subtle way. This photo is a great example of that since it showcases her in what looks like a younger girl’s room but she’s also in a silk nightgown that looks a little more adult. While it definitely isn’t baring too much (especially since she’s even wearing a long-sleeved sweater), it does show her as super confident and playful. There’s nothing sexier than a woman that knows how to show off her sexiness without having to bare it all or get downright raunchy.


8 Lucky Stool Icon Shot


For the Spring 2013 issue of Icon magazine, Ashley Tisdale was featured in a pictorial spread that gave audiences some great images of this former High School Musical star. In this particular photo, Tisdale can be seen on a simple white stool but positioned in a way that lets viewers seen just how toned her legs are in a super sexy spread eagle style pose. She’s wearing a cropped long-sleeved top that shows off a bit of her midsection and paired it with a super short skirt with a girly pattern. To complete the look, she has some super sexy stiletto ankle boots that only further accentuate her legs. With a blonde look and a porcelain complexion, this photo shows Tisdale in a totally different way than her former brunette look. The overall result is a stylized photo that begs the viewer to be jealous of the simple white stool she’s propped up on in the photo.

7 Knee Socks And Pink Panties

Playing on her young girl persona, this is a photo that conjures up images of the millions of women out there that indulge in cotton Victoria’s Secret undies with a fun little saying on the back. Rather than posing in a scantily clad lingerie ensemble with lace and satin detail, she chose to keep it super simple with a white cotton tank and a pair of pink panties. She completed the look with a pair of white knee socks with a black striped detail and the overall result was a super sexy photo that stirred up the imagination. Her hair is a chestnut brown in the photo, which really brings out the light brown shade of her eye color. Her makeup plays up the smokiness around the eyes but adds a bit of pink in the cheeks and lips. She exudes all things girly in this photo, even though it isn’t overtly sexualized like so many other bedroom photo shoots. Instead, it looks casual, simple and super sexy.

6 Nothing But A Shirt


The definition of beauty has changed drastically over the years, with each new decade putting all new guidelines on what constitutes the epitome of what a woman should exude. While Marilyn Monroe was once thought of as the most beautiful woman in the world, she is actually quite hefty by today’s standards. Yet, the whole heroin chic look has also come and gone and the public has moved on to the next fad in fashion and beauty. However, there is one look that never seems to go out of style. In this particular photo, Ashley Tisdale can be seen wearing nothing but an oversized shirt. The picture is shot in black and white and has a super simplistic look that draws the eye to her tousled hair and small bits of flesh that are visible. While it isn’t the high gloss couture look that can be seen in some of her other photo shoots, that doesn’t mean it’s any less worthy of being considered one of her sexiest looks.

5 Simple And Sexy

Sometimes bikini shots on the beach can be a bit tedious for photographers, especially since each celebrity has at least 100 different swimsuit shots in their portfolio. Yet, sometimes a simple bikini shot can be the best way to showcase just how sexy someone can look when all the bells and whistles are put aside. In this particular photo, Ashley Tisdale can be seen wearing a simple black bikini paired with a pair of lackluster black boots. The only real detail in the ensemble is the simple piece of jewelry Tisdale can be seen wearing in the photo. Her midsection is completely defined but holds a feminine look. Viewers can tell that she had been lying on her stomach because her midsection and the tops of her legs can be seen dusted with sand. This just adds to the overall sex appeal of the photo and helps draw the eye down to her sexiest parts.

4 Black And White Teddy


Typically, men don’t usually find women sexy when they have a fascination of stuffed animals. In fact, it’s actually a major turnoff to see a woman obsessed with Beanie Babies, dolls or teddy bears. Yet, Ashley Tisdale makes this particular teddy bear look like the luckiest bear alive. The stuffed teddy is used as a prop in the photo since Tisdale can be seen kneeling on a plush white bed. The photo is shot in black and white and highlights the shine in her tousled hair and the detail in her black lingerie. She is posing in a way that allows viewers to see a sexy side profile of her physique, while her come-hither look seems to be beckoning the camera to join her in bed. While the teddy bear prop may try and put a sense of innocence into the photo, it’s hard to think anything but dirty thoughts when seeing Tisdale in this ultra-seductive bedroom photo.

3 Boots On The Beach

For Ashley Tisdale’s pictorial spread in the 2013 Maxim issue, she had a series of shots on the beach of Maui. Yet, she didn’t opt for the typical swimsuit ensemble like so many other celebrity shoots in Hawaii. For this particular photo, she paired up a pair of skimpy black bottoms (that can’t even be seen in the photo) with a plunging white tank top that revealed all kinds of sideboob. She completed the look with a pair of rustic black combat boots and flashed a winning smile. It’s interesting that the body part that has the most coverage in the photograph was her feet and the rest of her was shown off without any apologies. Not only did the picture show off her slim figure but it gave a great side profile of her toned legs and backside. While combat booties aren’t the typical footwear for the beach, this photo showed that Tisdale can truly make any ensemble look sexy.

2 Leather Jacket On The Beach


For the Maxim magazine in 2013, Ashley Tisdale was chosen for the cover. Beach settings for photos have been exhausted over the years, so there was a bit of a change in costume to make hers stand out. Rather than the standard swimsuit, Tisdale can be seen wearing a leather jacket with a whimsical, ruffled bottom. A leather jacket isn’t exactly the ideal setup for the beach but it sure looked sexy on the blonde Tisdale. She left it open and revealed her ample cleavage, with her not wearing a swimsuit top. Instead, the eye is drawn to her cleavage area due to the hanging pendants that put a bit of glimmer down the center, leading to her belly button. The high contrast between the dark leather jacket and the rest of the photo helps to bring the composition together for a bold and sexy look in this cover shot.

1 In The Buff For Allure Magazine

At the age of 25-years-old, Ashley Tisdale appeared completely nude for Allure magazine in 2011. The photo was shot in black and white and highlighted Tisdale in all of her natural beauty, in a pose that was reminiscent of a classic renaissance painting. Although she appeared sans clothing, the photo was done in a tasteful way that showed just how sexy she can be when everything is stripped away. In the spread, she spoke about her grueling workout routine, which is evident in the photo since she looks in pure fighting form. The coordinating editorial piece also talked about her struggle with trying to change her public persona due to her roots in High School Musical. In the magazine, she stated, “Being in this shoot was me saying, ‘I’m not just the young girl everybody thinks I am. I’m actually a woman.” She definitely achieved her goal because the photo looks ultra sexy and proves that she definitely is all grown up.

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