15 Of The Hottest Personal Trainers On Instagram

New Year's has arrived, and we all know what that means. The post-Holiday fitness and exercise surge hits hard in January. Everywhere we look, we are blasted with advertisements for gym memberships, workout videos and the latest diet schemes. For some of us, the urge to drop Holiday weight will be short-lived. Nothing proves this more than looking at the rise of gym-goers in January. Generally, we make the resolution, stick to it for a few weeks, and then slowly fall back into our couch potato ways.

For others, fitness is already a routine part of life. Staying physically active year-round is the best way to avoid hopping on the "get fit, fast" train. The good news is that it's now easier than ever to stay in shape. The Internet provides us with a ton of accessible workout videos, downloadable meal plans and fitness routines that are both easy to follow, and won't break the bank.

Lucky for us, there are fitness pioneers leading the way. Powerful, sexy and strong personal trainers are popping up all over Instagram to inspire us to get fit and have fun doing it. These ladies (men do it too, but that will be for another article!) are workout warriors who don't back down from physical challenges. They are fierce and fit, and can probably kick all of our butts effortlessly. Need a little bit of inspiration to get moving? Not to worry, we've got you covered. Check out (and start following!) the 15 hottest personal trainers on Instagram that will make you want to sweat.

15 @robinnyc

Via redbulletin.com

Robin Arzón is a badass city slicker based in New York City. This former lawyer left her corporate position in order to pursue a career in fitness coaching. Her acclaimed book, Shut Up And Run, topped the New York Times Bestseller's list shortly after being released in May, 2016. The book features motivation to get running, and provides step-by-step guidance for all fitness levels, from beginner to pro. She's a successful brand ambassador, a motivational coach and speaker, a fitness model and an indoor cycling instructor. Whoa! This girl has accomplished a lot. She also famously ran 130 miles in 5 days to raise money for MS research. That's a lot of miles!

The running regent has spent most of her fitness career coaching athletes, and considers herself a master-marathoner. Her cute, urban style and champion attitude makes us want to jet off to NYC and meet her for a run along the Hudson River!

14 @msjeanettejenkins

Via healthyceleb.com

This Ottawa native has made quite the career out of fitness and personal training to the stars. With a clientele that includes Alicia Keys, Kelly Rowland, Serena Williams and Bryant McKinnie, this top trainer has what it takes to get you focused and working hard. She grew up in community housing and was raised by a single mom; crediting fitness as her outlet when times were tough. Her holistic approach to health as a harmonizing of the "mind, body and spirit" is refreshing and balancing.

She is the founder of The Hollywood Trainer LLC, and has released 18 full-length workout DVD's. She is a UNICEF Kid Power Coach and ran the NYC Marathon last year for Alicia Keys' non-profit program "Keep a Child Alive. Wow. Her resumé is pretty loaded up with impressive feats. The fitness buff also famously dated Queen Latifah, until their split in 2010.

13 13.@balletbeautiful

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Mary Helen Bowers is a professional ballerina and founder of the online "Ballet Beautiful" courses. This dancing queen reached the peak of her career when she trained Acadamy Award winner Natalie Portman for her role in Black Swan. Mary Helen also keeps many Victoria's Secret models in tip top shape with personal dance coaching.

Her approach to starting a new fitness routine? Just jump in and don't focus too much on how much work you need to do. Enjoy the process and you will be more successful. Her dance videos are aimed at those who don't really enjoy the grind of the gym, and prefer more artistic ways of exercising. She also credits her fab physique to her healthy diet. Her mantra is to eat what feels right for your body. The 37-year-old looks fantastic; it's no wonder she bounced back to her ballet body effortlessly after giving birth in 2015. She continued to dance until she was 39 weeks pregnant!

12 @chelseykorus

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Chelsey Corus is a master yogi who has been practicing different forms of yoga from the age of 15. She has a background in Ashtanga yoga, Power Vinyasa and AcroYoga. This athletic babe is also a pro martial artist and ballet dancer. Chelsey holds three degrees in Dance, Theater and Vocal Performance, proving that she is a power house of artistic and creative talent. Her physical strength is inspirational, but what really makes Chelsey shine is her down-to-Earth personality and selfless desire to help people tap into their spiritual side.

This Minnesota native integrates fitness into daily life; in a given week she keeps active by running, surfing, dancing, doing Pilates and of course, practicing yoga. Proof that health is a full-time commitment, Chelsey reminds us that having fun and staying active can go hand in hand! We definitely approve of her rocking yoga bod.

11 @jenselter

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Jen Selter, affectionately known as the Butt Queen, has quickly turned into an Instagram sensation. With over 10 million followers, her famous backside makes women envious and men drool. The 22-year old Rhode Island native has made it her mission to motivate people to move using social media as her platform. The creator of "The Jen Selter Challenge", Jen has revolutionized the way we work out. Her challenge features a series of weekly workouts that can be completed in 30-40 minutes a day, over 3-4 days a week. Combined with some cardio, her challenge is sure to whip you into shape in no time. Despite the prevalence of "belfies" (butt selfies) on her Instragram page, Jen wants the world to know that she is more than just a beautiful bum. Her dedication to fitness, hard work and routine is what has afforded her such a rocking rump.

10 @natalieuhling

Via natalieuhlingfitness.com

Whoa! It is getting hot in here! Natalie Uhling is another top trainer hailing from NYC who works hard, and plays hard. She founded NUFit, a successful fitness brand that encompasses workouts, health and wellness routines and fashion. Despite being a tough cookie who can knock you out with her boxing moves, Natalie has a soft exterior and has a girl-next-door appeal!

She is an Under Armour athlete, a model and trainer to the Denver Broncos cheerleading team. Her YouTube channel is loaded with easy-to-follow workouts, super healthy and delicious recipes and her famed "30 Day Fitness Challenge" videos. Follow Natalie and get prepared to get in the best shape of your life...while enjoying the eye candy. Unfortunately for us, she is happily married and off the market. Oh well, we can dream!

9 @kettlebellkickboxing

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Dasha Libin is a kettlebell kickboxing queen! Her personalized workout combines strength training, cardio and a heavy dose of kettlebell activity. With a degree in Exercise Science, Dasha definitely knows what it takes to get you in shape...and quickly. An uncommon love for kettlebell exercises hails from her birthplace of Russia. Her grandfather trained Soviet Army soldiers on kettlebell fitness. Interesting and unexpected tidbit!

She also has a passion for martial arts, holding a black belt in French kickboxing, and trained in Jeet Kune Do and Kali. (whatever those things are, we are sure they're pretty cool!!!).

The soft spoken Dasha is tough as nails, but attributes her success to a loving family, belief in herself and hard work. Her career goals are to empower women to get fit and feel confident and powerful in their bodies. We approve!

8 @emilyschromm

Via poptower.com

Emily Schromm's rise to Insta-stardom was anything but typical. Raised in a restrictive, religious cult alongside her two sisters, she escaped at age 13 and fled to Denver to pursue a life of fame and freedom. Her first brush with public recognition came in 2009 when she was cast as a member of MTV's The Real World: Washington, D.C. Her brush with notoriety allowed her to focus on developing her fitness training career in a more established environment.

Emily has created her very own version of a 21-day-challenge under the name EMFit. As a CrossFit guru, her exercise plans include a heavy dose of weight training mixed with a rigorous (sorta strict!) meal plan. Get ready to work hard, sweat a ton and see results super quickly if you try her program. Or you can start small and check out some of her super informative health and fitness related videos.

7 @katyaelisehenry

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Miami-based fitness model and trainer, Katya Elise Henry might as well be the next Butt Queen. At only 22 years old, Katya already has a significant fan club, with over 3 million followers on her Instagram page. Before becoming Insta-famous, she was a full time nanny, and only pursued a fitness training career when she realized that her body shots were inspiring people to hit the gym.  The daughter of a personal trainer mom and coach dad, fitness has been a lifetime habit. The Minnesota native also got lucky in the genetics department!

She now successfully runs her own fitness company, Workouts by Katya. Her programs include the 8 Week Beach Body Transformation and the 8 Week Booty Builder program. Head to her Instagram page to get a lifetime supply of belfies; this lady does not hold back when it comes to sharing bum pics!

6 @paigehathaway

Via flexoffense.com

Paige Hathaway is a social media tycoon in the health and wellness industry. She made a name for herself just a little over two years ago when she started training hard, and Instagramming even harder. Her dedication to transforming her body with rigorous workouts and a disciplined diet have paid off. She was a self-proclaimed skinny girl with no muscles before she started training. With over 3.4 million followers, she is reaching audiences far and wide with her personalized fitness programs.

Paige is also a fitness model and bikini competitor. She publishes a yearly bikini calendar which can be ordered on her personal webpage (you're welcome!). Despite being a total babe, Paige is down to earth and gets most satisfaction out of helping others' reach their fitness goals. A hottie with a humanitarian side- we can get behind that!

5 @christmasabbott

Via womenfitness.net

Christmas Abbott is the answer to your tattooed tough-girl-next-door dreams. Anatural beauty, this CrossFit champ has a fun and modern style that we dig. Hailing from Raleigh, North Carolina, Christmas is a CrossFit competitor, trainer, model, author, NASCAR staff-member and Olympic weightlifter. Way to make us feel under accomplished, Christmas! For the record, her parents named her Christmas because she was born on December 20, right before the holiday. Just in case you were wondering, cause I was!

Strong as an ox, a 115-pound Christmas can reportedly squat up to 255 pounds. Her physical strength is probably fueled by her ability to tap into her mind and focus on results. No stranger to tough times, Christmas survived a horrific car accident in her teens and subsequently struggled with alcohol dependency. After getting sober, she was determined to channel her energies into a more healthy pastime. We love her badass, can't-hold-me-down attitude and she's easy on the eyes, too!

4 @lyzabethlopez

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Canada's #1 Fitness Model, Lyzabeth Lopez has banked over 15 years worth of experience in personal training and nutritional awareness. Founder of The Hourglass Workout, she  has graced the covers of dozens of popular exercise magazines as a fitness model. Her charismatic personality has helped her expand her repertoire to include numerous TV and Radio appearances, where she has been sharing her tips and techniques to get into shape, as well as health-inspired recipes to keep the pounds off.

To add to her broad social media presence (she has over 2 million Insta-followers!), Lyzabeth is expanding her brand to include a line of workout gear, a nutrition cookbook and fitness equipment. This girl is on fire!

Her bright smile and awesome hourglass figure make her a total package of health and beauty. We can't wait to see what she will accomplish in 2017!

3 @nataliejillfit

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Natalie Jill is living proof that mothers can  be hot as hell. A 45-year old mom, Natalie has an inspiring "drab to fab" story. In a nutshell, her marriage deteriorated, she lost her home, lost her savings and gained a ton of weight. One of her pregnancies resulted in a weight gain of over 65 pounds, which left her feeling pretty slummy and unhappy. But, instead of wallowing in self-pity, she used the painful experience to turn her life around and make some serious lifestyle changes.

Jill began fitness modelling at age 39, and worked on developing a successful, motivational fitness program that is super easy to stick to. With over half a million Insta-followers, Jill has created a social media profile that is relatable, fun and inspirational. She is a beacon of light to any mom who is having trouble dropping post-baby weight, and definitely is a mom we would like to....work out with.

2 @kayla_itsines

Via dailymail.co.uk

I don't know about you, but lately I haven't been able to use the Internet without stumbling upon the name Kayla Itsines. Her popularity is attributed to her beloved fitness app, Bikini Body Guide, or BBG, which has over 10 million subscribers. Add to that a 6 million strong fan base on Instagram, and you have yourself a real social media starlet!

Kayla is from Adelaide, Australia. At 25-years old, her interest in personal training and fitness began right around high school. After taking a course developed for training women, she decided to create her own program that was better suited for the demands she was getting from clients. Her BBG program is catered to help women reach their fitness goals and start seeing serious results in as little as 12 weeks. Her career is on fire, and she's motivated to help ladies get fit and look fab.

1 @emilyskyfit

Via muscleandfitness.com

To end things on a very good note, here's Emily Skye. She's another Aussie health and fitness coach with a rocking bod and infectiously positive attitude. The girl is also the proud owner of thousands of bikinis, a quick visit to her Instagram page will confirm!

She developed F.I.T, a 3-phase workout program specifically targeted to focus on your problem areas. She's got an amazing figure, but isn't afraid to be real about the amount of work that goes into it. Earlier this year, she made a buzz when she shared a video showing how bloated her stomach gets after eating. She also regularly posts photos of her with a puffy face covered in acne. This refreshingly real fitness fox shows us that even the super hot and super famous have body blunders. We love her for her ability to show us her human side.

Source: elitedaily.com

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