15 Of The Hottest Flight Attendants You Need To Follow On Instagram

Is there anything sexier than a girl in a tight uniform? Well, maybe taking that uniform off. Flight attendants are the hottest professionals period.

Is there anything sexier than a girl in a tight uniform? Well, maybe taking that uniform off. Flight attendants are considered to be the hottest professionals in the world for a reason. It is still one of those rare jobs in the world where the looks matter, and oh boy, that makes us all happy. Checking out the crew is the first thing that everyone does when boarding the plane (safety can wait, right?). After all, they are the people who will either make your flight a real delight or screw it up big time. I can assure you that nobody wants to be flying in a bad mood. That is why it is so important for flight attendants to say hello with that heavenly smile of theirs and make everyone's journey a pleasure. And let's be honest, it is so much more exciting when flight attendants are hot. And it does not matter if it's a woman or a man, the appearance for this job is essential. That is why we feel the need to introduce you to the hottest flight attendants from all over the world. Next time you book a flight, you will know how to choose the right airline. Yup, it is not the price or schedule that matters the most, but those steamy flight attendants who can make you feel comfortable and happy even in those tight, crammed seats.

What is even better, there are so many hot flight attendants who love to show off their sinful looks. Spoiler ahead - they really enjoy taking off that unnecessary uniform while off duty.

15 We Love Victoria Tzuranova

Victoria loves Bali, and we absolutely love her. Can you guess which one of these ladies is Victoria? I know, it doesn’t really matter that much, but just for the record - if you choose to fly with Aeroflot airlines, the girl in the middle of the picture will make sure that you have the best time possible. Victoria's star is shining on Instagram with 23 thousand followers, and she is surely loving all the attention that she can get. What more does a flight attendant need than a seductive look, perfect curves, long hair, and courage to show it all? Well, Victoria is apparently a very intelligent and entrepreneurial woman as well. She has recently opened her private fitness club, and that only indicates she knows how to work that beautiful body. Victoria is the reason why I would love to fly to Russia now, even though it is dangerous out there. Yes, her curves are worth dying for.

14 Sweet Dreams With Miss Anna

Is this beauty even real? Yes, it is, and you can meet her in the United Arab Emirates while flying with Etihad Airways. This beautiful lady is Miss Anna on Instagram, and she surely deserves way more followers than those 2,560 that she has. I mean, look at her body! I can only imagine men losing their breath when she welcomes him into the plane with all her charm. No wonder why those flight attendant job auditions in the UAE are so stiff. It is almost impossible to be more beautiful than Miss Anna, so tell me why Etihad Airways would want to hire someone new? She has commented "Sweet dreams" on this specific photo on her Instagram, but I am pretty sure that no one would ever want to sleep while laying close to her if you know what I mean. Anna is the reason why we all love flight attendants so much.

13 An Angel From The Sky

Georgia Nielsen is probably the most famous hostess in the world, and it is obvious why. Georgia has a body of a temptress that makes you fall in love with her, and the sweet face, which makes you want to stay with her forever. It is such a rare combo, and we can only be jealous of the guy who gets to put a ring on her finger. Georgia is the hostess for Emirates, and it proves us one more time that she is nothing but a woman of the highest-class. Living in Dubai is not cheap, but I could be the poorest man in the world just for a chance to stay near Georgia. Oh, for the ones who think that she is just a silly beautiful girl, I must assure you that she is not. As Georgia said on her Instagram: "Life is like taking a selfie. Sometimes you gotta look at things from different angles to find the money maker." One thing for sure - she is beautiful from all the angles.

12 With Love From Poland

Aleksandra must be the hottest stewardess ever to come from Poland. I was actually thinking that the perfect woman does not exist before I saw Aleksandra's face. And that is not the best part yet. You see, her Instagram's headline says "You be up in the Club I be up in the clouds" and that can only show how passionate Aleksandra is about her job and how serious she is about life in general. On top of that, she is a fan of sports! There are numerous photos in Aleksandra's Instagram where she is supporting the National team of Poland in Euro2016, and that can only mean one thing - Aleksandra is the one to keep! Can a man ask for anything more than a hot woman who has a passion for sports, travels, and wisdom? Well, better fly to Poland before it is too late.

11 Whitney Might Be The Cause Of Global Warming

Have you ever heard about the global warming? Well, I think that I have found the culprit behind it. You see, Whitney Young is working as a hostess at Alaska Airlines, and apparently, all the ice in Alaska cannot handle her hotness. I can feel my laptop is melting because of her perfect body, so how could those icebergs stay cool? All the jokes aside, Whitney has the hottest body you will ever see by a clear mile. On top of that, she is an extremely healthy and strong woman as she spends a lot of time in the gym. I would trust her with my life on any given day, and I am sure Whitney would find a way to save all the passengers if the plane was crashing because she is just too perfect to fail at something. Do you need any more reasons to fly to Alaska?

10 Beauty That Will Warm Your Heart

It is not so easy to live in Canada during the winter when the weather is freezing. It is so easy to let all that cold into your heart, and become depressed. That is why girls like Marie-Elyse are so loved in the northern country. They can easily warm your heart with just one little smile and light up your day with a simple touch. Marie-Elyse is working as a flight attendant for Air Canada, and she might easily be our favorite Canadian stewardess. Actually, if all the flight attendants would be as hot as Marie, I think I would be glad to spend all my money just to fly around Canada for no particular reason. Is it appropriate to answer the question "Would you like anything to make your flight more comfortable?" with "I would love to get your number"? It is a rhetorical question, but I am 100 percent sure that Marie-Elyse has been in the situation like this before.

9 Mysterious Romanian Beauty

Alexandra is a hostess from Bucharest, and you can tell from her look that she knows how stunning she is. Also, her Instagram name is "narcissisticada" and that prompts us that she might be a little in love with herself. You know what? There is no shame in that as it is impossible not to fall in love with such a beauty. Also, men really like when women are playing hard to get, and there are no doubts that Alexandra is one of those women. I would definitely avoid messing with her while flying high above the ocean, as she looks like a kind of woman who could simply kick you out of the plane and leave you alone, surrounded by sharks. Anyway, Alexandra must be the hottest flight attendant in Romania and also the reason why Bucharest is so popular among the tourists. After all, the trip with Alexandra is already more breathtaking than any wonder of nature.

8 A Sexy Nerd

So many people imagine that all the flight attendants are girls, but hell no! The 20th century is long gone, and guys love to help you aboard as much as girls do. Anyway, Daniel Najarro Smith has it all figured out. During the day he is a sexy uniformed man, who is pleasantly serving all the beautiful ladies, and during the night he switches to a nerdy writer with a body of a true model. Are there any girls in the world who would be able to resist this perfect combination? I surely doubt it. On top of that, Daniel is flying with Norwegian Air, and I don't want to count other people's money, but well... Scandinavians are pretty rich the last time I checked. I bet that every girl would love to fall into that soft bed near Daniel and listen how he reads his thoughts out loud.

7 Scandinavian Blonde Of Your Dreams

Patricia (or _rainam as she calls herself on the Instagram) is one of those sweet and innocent girls that can turn your world upside down. She is working at Norwegian Air and is constantly flying all over the world. I can imagine that any 20-hour flight would be a pleasure with such a beautiful hostess. And there would be no point in spending the money on alcohol, as Patricia can make you intoxicated by love. When Patricia is not working, she is spending her time exploring the world. Her Instagram profile has more colors than I have ever thought exists, and it is so nice to see that Patricia is not wasting her life. It would be so amazing if she could meet David Smith. They are working for the same company, and apparently, they would be a deadly pair of flight attendants, don't you think so?

6 Brazilian Goddess Andressa Schenkel

It is no surprise women in Brazil are one of the hottest in the entire world. This rule applies to this list as well, and Andressa Schenkel is here to prove it. This girl is working for Brazilian company Azul Linhas Aéreas, so your best chances to accidentally bump into her is while flying in South America. Is it worth it? Well, just look at that picture again, and you will see your answer. Not only Andressa has all the beauty, but she also knows how to use it. We can clearly see that Andressa is a true coquette with brilliant style. And the most amazing thing is that she is fully aware of her perfectness. Just scroll over her Instagram if you don't believe me. Yes, it is impossible to understand what is she writing in Portuguese, but those stunning photos can tell you more than any words in the world.

5 The Reason To Love Russia

Kristina Pshenichkina is the second Russian hostess on this list. I know, even though Vladimir Putin is ruining Russia, even he is not capable of destroying all the beauty in his country. Without any doubts, Russia is easily among top 5 countries with the most beautiful girls. Kristina is a living proof of that. She has a perfect face, sinful body, spot on style, and the deepest eyes. Girls like Kristina can have it all just by saying a few words. I am pretty sure that if she asked me to work instead of her, I would be too weak to reject this offer. That said, Kristina is working hard for her dreams in Saratov Airlines. That is highly respected, and that is one of many reasons why she is on the list of the hottest flight attendants in the world. However, Kristina must have unknowingly crashed so many hearts in her career as a stewardess.

4 How Deep Is Your Love?

Maxime Leflot has those deep blue eyes that can make you feel right up in the sky, even when you are walking on the ground. TUI Airlines in Belgium must be so proud to have Maxime as their flight attendant. She is so beautiful, experienced, and it looks like happiness is following her wherever she goes. Belgium is one of the most beautiful countries in the world, and clearly their population is also stunning. The only problem is that you will always feel like sinking in a deep blue ocean of Maxime's eyes while flying with her above the clouds. I am not sure, but it might feel a little scary, don't you think? Anyway, Maxime Leflot is worth all the risks in the world, so pack your bags and fly all the way to Belgium before someone else does.

3 No Space In An Overhead Bin?

Have you ever had any problems finding space for your baggage in the overhead bin? Well, Sabrina is trying to prove the point that it’s nobody's fault, but yours. Apparently, there is enough space for a photo session in there. On her Instagram, Sabrina makes fun of those people who complain about such a still thing, and that is why we admire her so much. To be hot is important, but to be hot and funny at the same time... that is a rare combination of character features. I have a feeling I am not the only one who has checked all the upcoming flights to see if she’s working. I mean, what could be more romantic than meeting a woman of your dreams in an overhead bin?

2 Evelina The Scandinavian

Evelina is a true Scandinavian goddess. Make sure to check her Instagram "evelinsl" for the collection of photos from the most gorgeous girl in the world, visiting the most spectacular spots on our planet Earth. Evelina will welcome you aboard while flying with Scandinavian Airlines, and that is one heck of a reason to do so. She is exactly the reason why the world is so crazy about Scandinavian girls. Yes, Evelina is a tall blonde with a perfect body and deep blue eyes. If stereotypes exist, why cannot they all be so pleasuring? However, if you thought that Evelina is your typical good girl who is not up for any adventures, you could not be more wrong. There are plenty of photos where this hot stewardess is showing her wild side. So, if you ever get a chance to fly with Evelina, make sure to enjoy your time around the most beautiful hostess in the world.

1 The Redhead From Thailand

If you ever wanted to go to Thailand, there is one more reason to do it as fast as possible. What can be hotter than a redhead beauty with long legs? Pimchanok Pothong is probably the hottest hostess in all of Asia, and I doubt that any man would be able to resist her magic. It is very hard to believe that some people are lucky enough to be welcomed to a plane by such a lovely lady. Others must settle with Pimchanok's Instagram. She has a massive army of followers, and it looks like she is enjoying every bit of that attention. Pimchanok is uploading photos from all over the world, and it surely seems like she is happy being a hostess. Even if she gets tired of the clouds while flying, she can easily become a model and reach for the stars.

Sources: Instagram.

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