15 Of The Hottest Doctors On Instagram

There will always be things in life that we are all obligated to do. For instance, we all have to eat food and drink water to survive. We all need to bathe regularly. We all need to wear clothes when we are out in public unless you are at a nude beach, or live in a nudist community. The list goes on and on but one of the most important things we all have to do is monitor our health, and in order to do that, we have to visit the doctor's office for regular check-ups or whenever we are feeling not-so-good.

But have you ever been in the middle of an appointment with your local physician and been so distracted by how good looking your doctor is that you completely ignore the ice cold stethoscope making contact with your lower back? We can only imagine that after years and years of visiting the dentist, doctor's office, or the ER, that some, if not most of us, have come across an incredibly attractive health practitioner that we fancied and or found to be easy on the eyes.

So that is exactly why this list was crafted. So that we could celebrate the beautiful women of the medical community who save our lives and keep us healthy every day. After scouring social media and the internet, we compiled a list of the 15 hottest doctors on Instagram. These women are some of the most successful and gorgeous M.D.'s out there and we did our best to pick the creme of the crop from all medical fields and disciplines. So check out this stacked list of hotties, and remember, an apple a day keeps the doctor away, so phase apples out of your diet if you want to schedule a future appointment.

13 Mindy Harwood

To kick this list off we're starting with the extremely curvaceous med student that broke the internet late last year after becoming a meme. Mindy Harwood, Instagram name Mindysttnprty, is a recent graduate of the University of Buffalo Medical School and is on track to be gainfully employed in June of 2017. As you can see, Ms. Harwood has been blessed in all the right places. And though there has been a lot of speculation that she's had plastic surgery, Harwood maintains that her astoundingly attractive body is all natural as her bloodline runs deep in the Mediterranean area. She is already being called the hottest doctor in America and it is easy to understand why! And while it is quite obvious how much sex appeal this young woman embodies, probably one of the most admirable things about her is how modest she is about her body. Of course, if you got it, flaunt it, and that she does, but her Instagram feed isn't filled with half naked photos. In fact, her feed is as inspiring as it is breathtakingly hot, and it shows us the journey of a beautiful, smart, stylish and enterprising young woman into the incredibly competitive and complex field of medicine.

12 Dr. Cat Meyer

Next, we have Dr. Cat Meyer, also know by her Instagram profile name sexloveyoga. This Los Angeles-based Sex Therapist combines yoga, reiki and psychology for a holistic approach to healing. Of course, this woman is attractive, with her enticing and slim frame and her flexible and proactive stature. However, the thing that is probably the biggest turn on about this woman is how her job is to essentially help you improve your sex life, among other things, to help you live a better life. The one-up that Dr. Meyer has on all of the other women on our list is her sexual liberation. And not to say that any of the other women on the list lack that or that their level of attractiveness is diminished because of that proverbial lack of sexual liberty, but in reality, Dr. Meyer has a whole lot to offer that the other women can't and that makes her unique and a perfect way to end off this too-hot-to-handle list.

11  13. Jessica Rose

Sometimes it isn't the Beverly Hills plastic surgeons or Instagram famous doctors that are the most attractive. This is the case with Emergency room RN Jessica Rose. While she isn't technically a doctor, she is definitely a medical health practitioner and is definitely exceptionally hot. This woman is the hot nurse that you have always fawned over and or sought extra attention from while in the ER. She is also the nurse that goes above and beyond to truly help patients in the emergency room and her feed backs that assertion up and really illustrates her love for nursing. It is also interesting to note that of all of the women featured on the list thus far, Jessica has the lowest following with just over 1,300 followers. But even though she has the smallest following, that doesn't mean she can't contend with the others on this list because she is 100 percent a hometown hottie.

10 Nina Chaya

One of the most daunting aspects of getting surgery is probably receiving anesthesia. There is always so much concern about getting the right amount of anesthesia so that you are fully sedated and unconscious while the procedures are being performed on your body. The process of receiving anesthesia is also a bit scary too. The smothering mask they put over your face, the team of  Surgeons peering over your helpless body as you drift away. But if the last thing you saw before getting anesthetized was the sight of Anesthesiologist Nina Chaya, you'd know you were going to be okay. This self-proclaimed 'Lebanese Princess' is definitely easy on the eyes. So easy in fact that you may drift away into the sweetest, as she puts you to sleep before the surgeons tear away at your body. Shout out to you Nina Chaya for being the baddest anesthesiologist we have ever seen.

9 Dr. Sandra Lee

If there was a game called "Glam & Not-So-Glam" it would probably go a little something like this: Glam - Dr. Sandra Lee. Not-So-Glam - Pimple and cyst removal. But in reality, the game of "Glam & Not-So-Glam" is the regular, everyday life for dermatologist Sandra Lee. Better known as Dr. Pimple Popper on YouTube, Dr. Lee has built a substantial following even though a great many of her post are again, "Not-So-Glam" videos and pictures of pimples being popped and cyst removals. On the flipside, though, Dr. Lee is a babe and the glam shots she does post on her feed, like this fierce cross-legged mirror selfie, are dazzling. In addition to her pimple popping practice. Dr. Lee has also cultivated an impressive line of skincare products called SLMD Skincare. So when she is not popping zits and engaging in other necessary, yet very stomach turning activities, you can catch her being a glammed up beauty or hustling SLMD Skincare products.

8 Dr. Mona Vand

Have you ever seen someone so attractive that their appearance is seemingly breathtaking? While we are nut sure if we have yet, it is certainly a bit more difficult to breath when catching a glimpse of the striking and ravishing Doctor of Pharmacy Mona Vand. She has close to 100,000 followers on Instagram and it is very easy to see why as this woman is heavenly. Just look at how her long black hair shines with a glimmering, lustrous glow, or the way that her smile is seemingly perfect. On top of her remarkably pretty face, Dr. Vand is an intelligent, social media savvy content creator and diet guru. So in short, not only can she slay any and everything she puts on, but she can also give you some of the best dieting advice around!

7 Stacey Naito

Going through puberty as an early teenager was awkward and sometimes scary. The most awkward thing though when you're a teen is having to get a physical checkup. Even though there's nothing to be afraid of, physicals at the doctor's office always caused us anxiety, just admit it. But can you imagine how awkward and scary a simple physical would have been if this goddess of a woman was your physician? Dr. Stacey Naito is a board certified Physician and IFBB (International Federation of Body Building and Fitness competitor) model, writer and a sponsored athlete. On top of all that, Dr. Naito has a B.A. in Exercise Science, is a Cosmetic Dermatologist and hustles customized plans on the side. This woman is literally as strong as she is sexy and is probably as intimidating to grown men.

8. Dr. Carla Barber

Again, what would this list be without some worldly entries? Hailing from Madrid, Spain is the very alluring Dr. Carla Barber. She is an aesthetic medical practitioner specializing in surgery along with slaying any and every surface she walks on. This is the type of fine as wine woman that movies depict as the hard-to-get trophy wife. She truly has it all, intelligence, uncompromised style, an exotic and tropical heritage, fascinating beauty and did I mention her refined and expert sense of style? Even more than her looks, though, her work speaks for itself and her Instagram feed is full of miraculous transformations and before and after pictures of clients that she has done exceptional work on.

6 Megan Holick

Once again, sometimes it's not always the doctor that is the hottest. Sometimes it's the physician's assistant that smoking hot and in this case, Megan Holick takes the crown for that role. Ms. Holick is currently working as a medical assistant while also going to school to pursue a degree in surgery. If things don't work out, though, we can only imagine that Ms. Holick will be alright as she could easily pass for a model. The blonde hair is automatically sexy, but the sapphire blue ices and artisan crafted facial structure on this woman make her all the desirable any man or woman could handle.

6. Dr. Gülce Eda Baser

This young lady was literally chosen as one of the most attractive women in her country as she was named Miss Turkey in 2013. Dr. Gülce Eda Baser is an emergency room doctor in Turkey that could literally double as a supermodel in her downtime. The combination of her ultra smooth, porcelain white skin, long majestic hair and thick eyebrows along with her favorable facial structure and full lips certify that this shawty is nothing less than a 10. While the language barrier would definitely be a hurdle to get over, it would be worth it to try and receive care from this beautiful woman because just as looks can kill, in this case, her looks could heal! Plus, what would this list be without some diversity and fine foreign physicians?

5 Dr. Cheyenne Bryant

It looks like the officer that was caught in the background of this picture was as floored by Dr. Cheyenne Bryant's appearance as we are. This woman is without a doubt the actualization of many exotic fantasies we have all had at one time or another. However, one of the things that makes her even more attractive and unique is how different her career path is than any of the other women featured on this list. Dr. Bryant has a Ph.D. psychology and works as a life coach and also is the president of her local NAACP chapter. She is also an activist and most recently ran for a District 15 City Council representative position and received endorsements from big name celebrities like Shaquille O'Neal and Snoop Dogg. While it is obvious that Dr. Bryant can fill in a slinky outfit in all the right places, it is even more obvious that she is an intellectual, a leader, a motivator and a boss and that is arguably the sexiest thing about her.

4 Travis Stork

We had to include a man on this list, just to be balanced. This is doctor Travis Stork, and you may have seen him on the tv show called The Doctors, which he hosts along with a panel of other health specialists. Travis has some killer good looks, and fans of the show may be surprised to find out that he once appeared on The Bachelor. Yes, you heard us correctly, he appeared on a reality television show.

3 Dr. Cat Begovic

Dr. Cat Begovic is the beauty guru of your dreams. This board certified plastic surgeon graduated from Harvard and UCLA and is as successful as she is drop-dead-gorgeous. Not only does she run a top notch practice in the ultra luxurious city of Beverly Hills, she is also an entrepreneur and the creator of the wildly popular MD Glam products line. Additionally, she is a fitness junkie, a mother and a motivational figure. Dr. Begovic has a massive following on Instagram totaling over one million followers, and it is relatively easy to see why, as her feed is both enticing, fun and informative. And to top it all off, this woman is classy with exquisite taste. One of her most recent photos features her in a skin-tight turquoise dress in front of what appears to be a luxury coupe and a private jet. Again, when we said Dr. Begovic was the woman of your dreams, we meant it, because who isn't dreaming of an intelligent, extremely fit, wealthy woman?

2 Dr. Cassondra Majestic

If there is one thing that is for sure in this world it is the fact that it is hard to look good in scrubs and or a lab coat. The dumpy, off-colored garments aren't typically flattering to the natural shape and lab coats have about as much personality as a wooden plank. But you probably wouldn't be able to tell that from looking at Dr. Cassondra Majestic's Instagram feed because she looks stunning in either of the garments. The Orange County-based emergency room doctor is girl-next-door pretty with the attitude of an adventurous vixen. She regularly is challenging herself and her followers to try new things to switch up the day to day routine and is often sharing tips and out of the box ideas for meal prep, yoga and more. While this could easily be said for any of the women on this list, it is especially applicable for Dr. Majestic to say that she is "Wifey material."

1 Dr. Tabasum Mir

Dr. Tabasum Mir is phenomenally good-looking in her own right. But at first glance, one might confuse her with The PussyCat Dolls lead singer Nicole Scherzinger, as her looks rival the vocalist in a very shocking way. At any rate, though, Dr. Mir has star power of her own as she is considered to be one of the leading authorities in non-invasive/non-surgical skin care and has made a name for herself in the tv and media world. In fact, she currently hosts a podcast of her on CBS Radio and is also a host of a dating reality show called 'The Singles Project.' It is also very apparent that Dr. Mir is a fashionista and it seems that she is a regular staple at hot fashion events in the New York and Los Angeles high-brow art scene and is often hanging with style icons and other elite socialites. Being that Dr. Tabasum Mir is a dermatologist, you can expect that she will clear your skin right up, but you can also imagine that she will make you blush and turn ruby red because of her runway ready looks!

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