15 Of The Hottest Casting Call Shots For SI Swimsuit 2017

Guys love February. Why? That's the month the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue hits newsstands and hand held devices. But all through the year, the magazines runs "casting calls", allowing young hopefuls to (literally) roll up to the magazine's office for interviews, a photoshoot and to make a short video. What does it mean if you make it? Some have said appearing in "that issue"could take a young model from wannabe to a Supermodel-in-waiting. Now the much loved bikini was invented in 1946, but it wasn't until 1964 when the first Swimsuit Issue was published that the swimsuit went from risqué to respectable. Thank you Swimsuit Issue. 

The list of models who have appeared in the issue reads like a who's who of Supermodels, including Christie Brinkley, Elle Macpherson, Heidi Klum, Tyra Banks, Cindy Crawford and Naomi Campbell. Make its cover, or even the inside pages, and riches and fame will call your name.

If you're chomping at the bits to get your hands on the 2017 issue, read on and meet some of the lovelies you may well see on the cover come February. And if you want to offer your opinions, check out the Sports Illustrated website next February when the search for 2018 will begin. You can have fun and cast your vote.

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15 Cassie Amato


The guys at Sports Illustrated see hundreds of wannabes for "that" issue. But we think that something about Cassie Amato just screams Swimsuit Issue. OK, there's the killer bod, the face, the mane of hair that seems to have a life of its own. But it's the attitude in spades that sets her apart. She's got an in-your-face appeal that is exciting and maybe that seems a little dangerous. She's a West Hollywood, California "Cali Chick" in spades. And then there is that slightly old fashion word "bombshell" that she brings to mind. The Internet lit up when her casting call shots and video hit in November. She denies it all, saying she is laid back, California style. Laid back, edgy, whatever. She's a hit, big time. She is one to keep an eye on.

14 Ashika Pratt


The English/Fijian model is from New Zealand and was picked out of a crowd by a scout when she was only 15-years old. And our Ashika is fearless, having once done an underwater photoshoot surrounded by sharks. Speaking of which, she is represented by Trump Models, of Donald fame. Ashika has done GQ shoots and at 20 years old, was chosen for the iconic Kingfisher Calendar in 2010. And it won't surprise anybody to learn that Elle magazine named her one of the sexiest models out there. And she seems to be equally at home on the cover of Vogue as she does (we hope) the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. We can't wait for February.

13 Rachelle Goulding

via:Next Models Canada

Even before the Swimsuit Issue hits in February, Sports Illustrated is holding casting calls for the next year's issue. It's tough, we know, but the male staff cope. In fact, they are ecstatic. "We can't get over all the beautiful babes coming though our office." But pity the poor models. Think being a model is cool and easy? Well, think again. 30-year old RachelleGoulding has worked for Clinique and Elizabeth Arden, but when she went to Asia for a Nivea photoshoot, they forgot to tell her that, because the Asians consider very pale skin attractive, she would have to get her body bleached. Ouch. Big time. When asked what her favorite male body part was, she said... shoulders. Didn't expect that one, did you? She hit the infamous Swimsuit part of the Sports Illustrated website back in May. Okay, some of the pictures are of her in clothes, but there are still plenty of bikini shots.

12 Madison Headrick


Southern Belle Madison Headrick's casting call hit the site in October. North Carolina native Madison, rolled up to New York in 2012, as a fresh-faced 18-year-old. Years before, she was waving those pom-poms as a cheerleader. Hitting New York was a strange experience for her: "It was just so weird - literally, I was sitting in a desk at school, and four days later I was in New York shooting." One thing about a model's life: It's a lesson in insecurity, as, even if a model is booked for a show, she isn't formally confirmed until her foot hits the stage during the show. So, models everywhere fear that tap on the shoulder. There she was at her first runway show (for Prada, no less) waiting to go on when someone tapped her on her shoulder. She freaked big time. But it was only a friend hoping to wish her good luck. And maybe just to scare her a little.

11 Alexis Ren


Her casting call was way back in May. She's only 19, but Alexis Ren has already shot to fame as an Instagram teen idol, a model and a blogger. You know the kind of thing: Lots of bikini shots of Alexis for her 7 million social media followers. She was famously all loved up with fellow model Jay Alvarez, until an unexpected split. Many say she is the "next big thing". She certainly impressed iconic fashion photographer Mario Testino, landing a spot in the creme de la creme of fashion gigs, Testino's towel series. She appears with a towel on her head. And? Nothing. Absolutely nothing but her three tattoos, that you can't really even see. Is she perfect? Well, it certainly looks that way to us. Towel or no towel. Check out her casting call photos and video on the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit section. There's hardly a towel in sight, but lots of skin to see.

10 Gabriella Kuti


If you were lucky enough to check out her phone, you would find out she's into neo-folk French musician Woodkid, and English indie rock band Alt j. Gabriella started this modeling thing really early. See, she didn't really have much of a childhood in her native Hungary, as she got discovered when she was only 13-years-old. She's a "commercial" model, which means she gets picked up for photo spreads and ads and the like. And what's she looking for in a guy? Simple, she told theidleman.com: "Raw energy, that confidence". Got that, guys? Work on that raw energy, your natural s*x appeal. The ezine also asked her what advice she would give to her younger self. Easy, she said: "You will f*ck it up many times over so don’t sweat it." That's good advice, we'd say. She hit the casting call Swimsuit website with a big bang in October of 2016.

9 Xenia Deli


After her casting call in July, the world learned fascinating facts about Deli (like her love for puppies and playing piano). Nice. And if you check out Justin Bieber's 2015 music video "What Do You Mean", you'll probably not be able to miss this 20-something Moldavian model strutting her stuff. She broke into modeling after entering a "Beach Bunny" contest. And we can certainly see why she was one of the three finalists. But there's bad news: She's married to an Egyptian millionaire. So keep your thoughts to yourself. And yes, she's done a Playboy cover and has made the pages of FHM and GQ. We are still trying to find Moldova on the world map. It's around Russia somewhere, we think.

8 Carmen Brundler


Words like 'smoking hot' and 'gorgeous' come to mind when you look at Carmen Brundler's August casting call shots. The Swiss babe was scouted to model a few years ago in London. She had only come there to visit friends for a few days, but fate stepped in and she was spotted by an eagle-eyed scout. And the rest is history. The blonde model hasn't looked back since, having already hit the big time. She calls that moment in London her "luckiest moment". Good news! She's a single girl who works on her tan by day and by night, and admits to being something of a party girl who loves nights out with friends. She looks just right in her beachy bikini shots.

7 Nina Daniele


Native New Yorker Nina Daniele didn't have to go too far to attend her casting call at the magazine's corporate office in the theater district of the Big Apple. If you check her out on Instagram, you will discover that she describes herself as an "animal hoarder. Pole dancer. Model citizen." Well, to us, the pole dancing is certainly interesting. But what kind of animals can your hoard in the wilds of New York City? She said (of course she did) that she loves Sports Illustrated. And her romantic, dark good looks? Seems she has got the soul of a poet. She's also got the degree in same. And like models everywhere, she is totally into photography.

6 Danielle Knudson


Do we sense a Jessica Simpson vibe here? From her August casting call we learn that the Canadian beauty Daniele, feels her hottest when naked or wearing lingerie. This is off to a good start. Besides, with that body, who can blame her? Only thing is, to keep it she needs to watch her tendency to go for sprinkle donuts and candy. She's got quite a sweet tooth our Danielle. And another tidbit: She sings Big Sean in the shower. Just before slipping into sexy lingerie we bet. Now the next part of her casting call bio may surprise, as she says that if she weren't modeling she would be working with elephants in Thailand. Not much call for lingerie in that line of work. And nobody really cares if she says her cooking skills are limited to ordering in restaurants. Anyway, she looks so great in those Guess Jeans ads.

5 Jasmine Sanders


Why does she have a tattoo that reads 'Made in Germany'? Our guess? The bombshell was born in Germany and grew up in South Carolina. We're betting on an American military dad and a German mom. Now based in sunny Los Angeles, Jasmine is BFF with one Kim Kardashian and goes under the social media name "Golden Barbie". It's a childhood nickname that seemed like the perfect catchy social media name. Jasmine Sanders gets make-up types from Kylie Jenner and is often seen hanging out with Kim and Kanye West. It's a tough life at the top. She seems to be everybody's favorite up-and-coming model/celebrity. Her hair may go from dark to blonde, but those signature curls are a constant.

4 Stephanie Smith

via:Daily Mail

Cue the standard bikini model shot. All of Stephanie Smith's healthy living and Pilates have certainly paid off. The leggy Australian model has a million followers on Instagram, due largely to her bubbly personality and those bikini shots. And she makes it very clear that her one big goal is to make it into "that" swimsuit issue. So much so, that The Daily Mail reported that, back a few months ago, she skipped out on one of her Sydney Fashion Week gigs to do her Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue casting call. You can certainly see why, when she was little, she was booked for a lot of "Barbie" gigs. She thought it was cool back then. And in her spare time? She draws cartoons. No, really, she does.

3 Alexandria Morgan


She is so All-American that her Facebook cover photo is her in a Stars n' Stripes bathing suit. Believe it or not, she was spotted on Facebook during her freshman year in college, landed a prestigious, to-kill-for Vogue editorial shoot within a month of starting her modeling career and has been a very busy, busy girl ever since. A Mid-Westerner who is fiercely loyal to her Chicago teams (Go Cubs!), Alexandria Morgan enjoys playing the ukulele (we're not joking), writing songs and eating guacamole. It sounds like the resume of a beauty queen, but there it is. She says that if she weren't a model, she would be a dog walker. Stick to the modeling gig, we'd say. It pays a whole lot better and you don't run the risk of picking up fleas.

2 Magda Zalejska


Now for somebody that's a little different than the rest. Magda Zalejska is indeed different. She is not in-your-face sexy. She is understated, edgy and of course, sexy. She hails from Poland and brings a certain Eastern European vibe to the casting call. Her look and modeling style kind of reminds us of one-time model Melania Trump, the soon-to-be First Lady of the land. What are her dreams? She wants to one day use her University design degree to set up her own design company. And like many modern models, Instagram was her launching pad into the modeling world. And in four short years, just look how far the budding Supermodel has already come.

1 Angela Ruiz


Now for a little bit of Latin spice. Angela Ruiz was born in Venezuela in 1991, and was crowned Miss Venezuela in the year 2010. After a string of beauty titles, she made the transition to modeling pretty easily, with her launch "platform" as a beauty queen. She told Sports Illustrated that she felt sexiest when she was wearing her very, very high heels. She's into Barcelona FC, chocolate and men with nice eyes. Oh yeah, and she was once bitten by a mad mother monkey. It's kind of a long story. Her English is not too bad, but she makes some totally cute mistakes sometimes that endear all the more to her fans. She's smouldering hot, we say.

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