15 Of The Hottest Candid Booty Pics Of Current WWE Divas

Boxes of Booty O cereals were consumed by the divas in this article. As you scroll down, you’ll likely salivate at some of the best candid booty shots you’ve ever seen. The obvious "glute gainers" make the list including Naomi, Sasha Banks and Paige. Some lesser known names will also surprise you, as the likes of Bayley and even Stephanie McMahon have some stellar candid shots in the article. Seems like the current WWE class of females has been hitting their squats on the regular.

Nowadays, with the Performance Center to the Superstars' disposal, the company put a big emphasis on strength training and filling out. For that reason, glute gains appear to be much greater nowadays. With increased resistance and added calories, those butt gains will come sooner than expected. That seems to be the case with the WWE female roster of today.

A candid picture is a clear indication of one’s beauty and this article clearly justifies that with some of the very best backside shots. Enjoy the article and like always, be sure to pass it along to a buddy. So without further ado, here are 15 of the hottest candid booty pics of current WWE Divas. Get out the Booty O’s and let’s get started people!

15 Jojo Offerman

When you think of booty at a live WWE event, the typical names you think of include Sasha Banks and SmackDown Live Women’s Champion Naomi. However, a name that most forget about is actually someone who’s out in the ring and at ringside the entire event, and that’s the 23 year old announcer Jojo Offerman. Her booty might be the very best in the entire WWE and this candid shot certainly justifies that statement. In terms of booty, where would you guys rank Offerman? Top three? Perhaps.

Offerman recently made headlines for all the wrong reasons as it was revealed that she was having an affair with a married WWE Superstar, Bray Wyatt, out of all people. One would think Wyatt put some type of voodoo on the young beauty. Nonetheless, Bray’s marriage ended because of the affair as his ex-wife filed for divorce.

14 Maryse

This particular booty shot is a little bit of a throwback to Maryse’s in-ring days. In terms of top of the line booties, the Quebecer’s tends to be forgotten due to her inactivity as an actual in-ring wrestler. However, this candid throwback shot tells us another story as her glutes look quite sparkling in this shot taken from her run on SmackDown.

Unfortunately for Maryse lovers, her character has taken a bit of a back seat as of late with the WWE deciding to put Curtis Axel and Bo Dallas on The Miz’s wings. Maryse is still there but with a lesser role as the WWE didn’t want to have two power couples with Maria and Mike Kanellis currently on SmackDown Live. In truth, it’s a poor trade-off and one we hope the WWE realizes sooner rather than later. At the very least, we hope she’ll still be present.

13 Lana

Looking at Lana in that tight skirt kind of makes you miss her being Rusev’s manager rocking a similar wardrobe. However, we really can’t complain about her current in-ring gear as it's rather revealing, which is quite the shock especially in such a PG era. Her new attire is quite pleasing in several areas, particularly on her glutes... While Rusev remains on the sidelines, we can look without any worry. But seriously, where the hell is Rusev? Is he seriously out because Jinder Mahal is champion? Oh Lord...

As for Lana, she’s now an in-ring competitor and we’ll give her a pass thus far. She’s taken on Naomi in two losing efforts which in a booking standpoint, has done absolutely squat for her character, and for Naomi’s title reign. If anything, it weakened Naomi as Lana gave it to her in the first bout.

12 Eva Marie

We add some “all red everything” flavor to the list as we take a look at this stunning candid shot of Eva from back in her NXT days. Not sure what’s better here, the “If Eva Marie wins we riot” sign, or her pose which complements her backside quite nicely. We’ll give the decision to Eva’s beauty.

Turns out her look wasn’t enough as it seems like Lana has taken her exact character. Marie just couldn’t connect with the crowd inside of the ring, although she was receiving a reaction, which is a good thing even if it was a negative one. Many believe Eva’s WWE days are done with as she spends more time on Hollywood sets than in an actual ring nowadays. However, Marie recently stated in an interview that her time with the WWE isn’t quite done with. Does “all red everything” have another run left in her?

11 Bayley

We start the article off with a candid booty shot of a WWE Superstar whose backside look seems to be trending upwards, unlike her run on the main roster thus far. Yes, Bayley has been crowned the champ already but we can all agree the title run was quite underwhelming. At the very least, her booty gains continue to gain popularity as various pictures have surfaced online of Bayley’s impressive junk in the trunk. This photo clearly justifies that as the fan favorite’s booty looks quite spectacular and unlike her gimmick, it comes across as not so PG!

We hope her booty can be put to good use as she’s been struggling badly on Raw as of late. Fans don’t want to see another NXT alum fall flat on their face and that counts double for someone with the talent level that Bayley possess.

10 Emma

These fantastic glutes from the following candid picture hail from down under in Australia. Hard to believe Emma has been in the WWE system since 2011 when she reported to FCW. If you dig even deeper, you’ll realize that she’s been wrestling for nearly 15 years, starting off on the independent circuit. So she’s talented, experienced and beautiful, which begs the question, how in the hell has she done nothing as of 2017?

Out with an injury, many predicted big things for her return. Instead, those big things led to a pinfall defeat to Sasha Banks in her first match. Oh goodness. Emma seems like another WWE Superstar that had her better days while with NXT. At the age of 28, there’s still time to save her career, but that window keeps getting smaller and smaller as new talent such as Alexa Bliss continues to emerge. At the very least, she has booty gains on her side...

9 Paige

Depending how you look at this one, it’s like you’re getting a three for one with shots of Paige, Bayley and Summer Rae’s booties. However, the true hero of the picture is in fact Paige, as her booty is front and center.

A year ago, Paige’s candid booty picture would have likely been in the top three. She was sparkling with popularity as one of the biggest fan favorites in the entire company. Since then however, her stock has plummeted and she now likely has one foot out the door.

A mix of injuries, suspensions and dating an ex-WWE star Alberto Del Rio, have all played a factor in her demise. All of this is quite sad given all her great accomplishments and how young she still is. Many believe her days with the WWE are done with, however, when it comes to Vince’s company, never say never.

8 Peyton Royce

We decided to throw in some NXT flavor with this beauty, Peyton Royce who’s just getting started in truth. The WWE made a mess of Emma, but they now have a chance to right their wrongs with another beautiful Australian who has age on her side at still only 24. Royce is as talented as she is beautiful, and her booty gains certainly speak for themselves as you see in the picture above.

She’s currently working her craft down in NXT alongside Billie Kay. It’s a rarity to see a heel duo in the Women’s Division which only helps their chances of making it to the main roster. Just imagine Royce, Kay and Alexa Bliss forming a stable of evil villainous Superstars. Now that would be something. Seriously Vince, get us on the creative team and fire those Hollywood dudes!

7 Naomi

Naomi making such a list shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone, so instead, we got a little creative and put a candid throwback of her booty gains, proving she had those glutes right from the start. In terms of top derrieres in the WWE, you’d be hard pressed to find better than the SmackDown Live Women’s Champion.

On a more serious note, we give nothing but praise to the 29 year old champion. Seriously, thinking back at her work with the Funkadactyls, we seriously thought her WWE career was doomed. Her partner Cameron, who once pinned an opponent while on their stomach ended up getting released, while Noami worked her rear-end off (no pun intended) to make improvements. Not only is she working the upper-card, but she’s also the most athletically talented Superstar in the entire SD Division.

6 Maria Kanellis

We now switch our focus to the newest member of the WWE's main roster, Maria Kanellis. She made her return to the company recently alongside her hubby, Mike Bennett, aka Mike Kanellis. The duo is serving as the new power couple over on the SD brand.

In case you forgot since she hasn’t been on WWE TV since 2010, Kanellis has developed quite the booty since her time with McMahon’s promotion. Several candid shots of her backside have surfaced online, particularly from her run with New Japan as she played an edgy provocative character, something the overseas promotion rarely utilizes. Her work outside of the company was great enough to catch the eye of the WWE and she’s now back home at the age of 35, still looking flawless. We applaud the WWE for this recent duo signing.

5 Mickie James

Thanks to NXT, Mickie James made her long awaited return to the company, something Mickie herself believed was no longer possible especially given the way she left. James was choked up following her NXT return bout against Asuka; you just saw how much the match meant to her. In the interview she hoped to pursue her stay a little longer and that’s exactly what happened when she was called up to the main roster. She began on SmackDown and is now on Raw primarily putting over the younger talent.

Albeit that this candid shot is a throwback, James still looks fantastic, and she’s no slouch in the glute area either. A mother and nearing her 40s, the Virginia native has aged like fine wine. Once her run is up, we hope to see her in the WWE Hall of Fame.

4 Alexa Bliss

She’s small in length but makes up for it in the curve department. Yes, Alexa Bliss has one of the very best butts in all of the WWE and this candid shot clearly justifies that. What’s been even more impressive however, has been her run on the main roster.

After a decent NXT run, Bliss turned things up a notch becoming the first ever female to hold both Raw and SmackDown's Women’s Championships. Her accomplishments have been merited as her heel work continues to improve on a weekly basis. Her in-ring work is very good but her mic skills certainly separate her from the bunch, she’s just a natural at reciting a promo. Still in her mid 20s, the future is looking brighter than ever for the Raw Women’s Champion. For now, we admire her accomplishments by staring at the glute pic above.

3 Sasha Banks

Like Naomi, this entry should come as a shock to nobody. If you think this candid booty shot is creepy, just make a quick Google search on Sasha’s booty and you’ll find a plethora of others just as twisted. However, most fans probably aren’t complaining as you can get lost in Sasha’s backside. It’s just so darn perfect!

What hasn’t been all that perfect however, is her main roster run. Yes, she’s a three-time champion but can you actually remember any of those reigns with any type of significance aside from being a place holder for Charlotte? The answer is simple; no. Fans are demanding Sasha turn heel, which seems to be the obvious choice at this point. However, she recently won a number one contenders gauntlet and she’s now set to take on Bliss for the title, meaning that heel turn will have to wait a little longer.

2 Nikki Bella

Nikki Bella is another name fans did not expect to see as such a prominent figure in the entire WWE. Bella’s brand reached new heights, particularly due to her success on reality TV. Her brand continues to soar outside of the WWE with not only her E! success, but she now also has a YouTube channel giving the fans access to her everyday life.

Seeing such a picture however makes us miss Nikki inside of the ring. Who can forget that epic entrance that saw her twirl and shake her money maker? It was truly must-see television and it now appears to be a thing of the past. Bella has admitted she’d like to return but with nagging neck issues, her WWE run as an in-ring performer is currently on hold. We pay homage to her in-ring days with this fantastic candid shot which shows off her fantastic glute gains.

1 Stephanie McMahon

Here’s a name many of you likely didn’t expect to see on such a list. At the age of 40, and the proud mother of three, Steph somehow still finds the time to stay in shape taking part in midnight workouts alongside her hubby. The result? One hell of a booty as evidenced by this candid shot. Nowadays, Steph has rolled back on the cleavage but those tightly fitted dresses show off her fantastic curves which is definitely a plus in our books.

McMahon has been sidelined since going through a table at WrestleMania. However, she’s finally slated to return as she rekindles her work with Kurt Angle, a long time friend/foe. The relationship between the two is set to pave the way for a future match involving Angle and his long time nemesis, Steph’s husband, some dude named Triple H.

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