15 Of The Hottest Billionaire Offspring

In the last few years, we've been hearing much talk about the one percenters and how they rule the world through their wealth and connections. There are family lines that are more familiar than others like the Rothschilds or the Rockefellers, but we forget that the world is an extremely large place with incredibly wealthy people all around the globe.

The children of these wealthy elite families enjoy the spoils of their rich parents and are raised with platinum spoons in their mouths. They grow up with the best of everything and don't know what it's like working with a budget. It wouldn't be surprising if as small children, they probably believed that money grew on trees. While their parents dominated various areas of business, these kids grew up making famous friends, traveling the world, and throwing away money on silly yet expensive gifts for themselves. As they've grown older, many of them have followed in their parents' footsteps and have worked for mommy's or daddy's company. Some have gone on to pursue their own artistic endeavors, and others just continued to enjoy the privileges that came with being a spoiled rich kid. What would you do if you grew up in a $100-million New York City penthouse painted in gold? *cough *TrumpKids* *cough*

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15 Ariana Rockefeller

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Rockefeller is one of the most notable names in business. Recently, the clan lost their beloved patriarch, David Rockefeller Sr., who died last week at the tender age of 101. The family as a whole is worth 11 billion and have their paws in various industries. As one of the world's richest heirs, Columbia University graduate Ariana Rockefeller is carving out her own fortune by creating her own luxury line of clothes that's sold online or in a boutique in Puerto Rico. Her items are a little pricey, but when your grandmother, Abby Aldrich Rockefeller, established New York City's Museum of Modern Art in her nine-story mansion, a few hundred dollars for a shirt is nothing.

Ariana hasn't always been a jet-setting Rockefeller, though. For a time, she lived in Brazil where she volunteered at a non-profit elementary school.

14 Vanisha Mittal

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Lakshmi Mittal is the steel magnate who happened to amass a $16-billion bank account wheeling and dealing in global business to become the second-richest man in India. Besides being a board member of Goldman Sachs, he is also the father of Vanisha and Aditya. Vanisha is one of the wealthiest daughters in the world, and her husband, whom she married in 2004, now works for her father. For Vanisha's wedding, Lakshmi Mittal dropped around $60 million to watch his daughter exchange vows with her beau, Amit Bhatia.

Dearest Daddy flew in 1,000 guests from all over the world to France where the wedding took place. The party lasted for six whole days, and every expense was paid for. Things kicked off with an engagement ceremony at the Palace of Versailles, and the attendees were treated to dinner at an exclusive restaurant with gourmet meals made by famed chefs flown in from India. Kylie Minogue even performed for the occasion, which featured fireworks lit over the Eiffel Tower.

13 The Ecclestone Sisters

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Socialite, model, and reality-television-star sisters Petra and Tamara are no strangers to the spotlight. Tamara is known for her collection of handbags that top over $1 million and the luxurious French wedding that set her (and her family) back $17 million. Younger sister Petra, meanwhile, dabbled in designing clothing, specifically designer menswear. Both married moms are also big buyers when it comes to real estate, grabbing hold of homes and properties worth up to $50 million. Their British billionaire father, Bernie Ecclestone, gave his daughters an 8.5 percent trust of his Formula One Group company. That means that without ever having to lift a finger, they own over $500 million of the business. Must be nice.

12 Anna Anisimova

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The beautiful Anna Anisimova, dubbed the "Russian-American Paris Hilton," is the daughter of Vasily Anisimov, a billionaire who used to own banks and aluminum plants. She had a sister, but it's believed that she was killed by the Russian mafia in 2000. Some say it was a hit that had to do with business or political dealings. Anna moved to the Big Apple (or was shipped there by her paranoid father for her safety) and graduated from New York University. While there, she became a staple in the city's social scene, but she set her sights on becoming the next big thing in Hollywood as an actress. She had roles in a few films, and in 2010, she married producer Peter Schafer, who is the Chief Executive Officer of the Sunrise Entertainment company.

11 Marta Ortega-Perez

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Forbes lists Amancio Ortega as the richest man in Europe with an estate worth $75 billion. He's also the most wealthy retailer in the world with the success of his company Inditex, which he founded with his ex-wife back in 1975. His daughter Marta, is rumored to be the next in line to take over for her father when the time comes. Unlike many of the other billionaire kids on this list, Marta didn't have her job handed to her by her father. She started at the bottom of the barrel stocking shelves and working in customer service one-on-one with customers. When she's not earning her place in that billion-dollar fortune, Marta attends to horses. She even married fellow-star-equestrian Sergio Alvarez Moya in 2012, but their marriage only lasted for two years.

10 The Trump Siblings

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This list wouldn't be true a collection of affluent children without the inclusion of the Trump Trio. They grew up as billionaire children, and now their daddy is President of the United States. Who knew? President Trump is worth $3.5 billion, according to Forbes, and his children all work for his company, The Trump Organization. Ivanka may have made her way into the White House down the hall from her father, but she's actually amassed her own fortune peddling her fashions from the Ivanka Trump Lifestyle Collection. Both Donald Jr. and baby brother Eric, on the other hand, work as executives for their father's company. While daddy is president, both sons have been placed in charge of the company, so as to rid the White House of accusations of conflict of interest. Many doubt that's really going to be avoided, though, but we have a full four years to find out.

9 Sofia Barclay

Twins David and Frederick Barclay are two of Britain's richest brothers with a net worth of over $5 billion. Sir David's daughter, Sofia Barclay, has lived a life that only us peasants can imagine. She lives in both London and New York City, frequently traveling between the two cities. She decided to make the Big Apple her second home after deciding to pursue a career as an actress. With a family like hers, getting her foot in the door shouldn't be that much of a problem. Even if she fails at becoming the next "it" girl, the mid-twenties rich kid always has something to fall back on. And by that, we mean the billion dollar inheritance that she'll get from her father. If she ever needs a place to stay, she can always kick back at the family's multi-million dollar NYC penthouse.

8 Rotimi Alakija

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Better known as DJ Xclusive, Rotimi Alakija is a British-Nigerian musician and producer. His mother is Folorunsho Alakija, ranked by Forbes as the second richest woman in Africa with a $2-billion oil fortune. Rotimi began his career hyping up the crowds in U.K. dance clubs hoping to make his own money. Since then, he's gone on to perform with people like Ne-Yo, Nas, and Fat Joe, winning awards all around the world in the process.

Although he didn't follow in his mother's footsteps and decided to focus on music, it doesn't mean that Rotimi doesn't believe in pursuing a higher education. He earned a bachelor's degree in Physics and Computer Science at Reading University and studied Financial Computing at Brunel University. Just in case that DJ career starts to fade, Rotimi will have some book knowledge and a guaranteed job with dear ol' mama.

7 Barron Nicholas Hilton II

via allhottest.com

We're used to seeing famous sisters Paris and Nicky Hilton make the news (often not for positive reasons), but their younger brother, Barron Hilton II, has also had some legal troubles. Back in 2008, when he was 21 years old, he was slapped with a DUI. Witnesses saw him drive down a busy road on the wrong side of the street before he pulled into a gas station and hit an attendant with his car. Not only was he under the influence, but he was also arrested for having a fake driver's license. He was ordered to pay $4.6 million to his victim, which we can safely assume his mommy and daddy paid for him out of their billion-dollar fortune. The billionaire offspring seems to have reformed his bad boy ways, though, even as he continues to show off his rich-kid lifestyle on social media.

6 Georgina Bloomberg

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Businessman and former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg's net worth as of the beginning of 2017 was $47 billion. It's unbelievable that any family, let alone one person, could have that sort of money in their hands, but believe it or not, those people do exist. Georgina, known as the rebel of the Bloomberg family, is the wealthy daughter of the politician. She decided not to enter the business world like many members of her family and instead decided to follow her heart and become a professional equestrian. She's also written young adult novels with stories that are set around competitive horse racing. She counts two of the Trump kids as good friends of hers and calls Donald Trump a "great father."

5 The Lauren Siblings

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When your father is Ralph Lauren, you'll never have a day when your wardrobe is remotely off, and you'll be a part of his $6-billion empire. The 77-year-old fashion designer and philanthropist has three children -- two sons and a daughter -- that have all gone on to work in highly different industries. Andrew is the Brown University graduate who dabbled in acting and became a movie producer. Dylan got her degree from Duke University and worked as an events planner before opening her own chain of candy stores called "Dylan's Candy Bar," inspired by Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. David also graduated from Duke, and as of October 2016, was working for his father's company as Chief Innovation Officer and Vice Chairman at Ralph Lauren Corporation.

4 Josie Ho

Back in 2011, Stanley Ho, also known as the "King of Gambling," was ranked the 13th richest man in the world. The 95-year-old billionaire entrepreneur has had four wives that brought him 16 children. One member of his Ho clan is Josie who's working as a singer and actress in Hong Kong. The billionaire heiress has acted in over 40 roles and also has a band, Josie Ho & the Uni Boys, which is pretty popular in Asia.

In an interview, she shared how she and her sister planned an attack against their family to convince them to let up on their strict rules.

"The whole point was to not send me abroad for university because I could have ended up breaking the law or something along those lines. I’m sort of like the 'dangerous personnel' for the family."

3 The Branson Siblings

via metro.co.uk

When the Obamas completed their time at the White House earlier this year, they immediately went on vacation with billionaire Virgin magnate Richard Branson.

With a net worth of $5 billion, Branson has gifted his children with the finer things in life. His middle child, 35-year-old Holly, is a medical school graduate who worked at the Chelsea and Westminster Hospital for a year. It was fulfilling for her, but she instead decided to join the family in the Virgin company while co-chairing Free The Children.

Her younger brother, Sam, graduated from St. Edward's in Oxford, and in 2012, he released a YouTube documentary after pursuing a career as a filmmaker. However, like his sister, he, too, works for the family business. When Sam married actress, model, and society maven Isabella Calthorpe, the royal family was among the guests.

2 Caroline Jones

With a net worth of almost $5 million, hedge fund manager Paul Tudor Jones II made a bulk of his fortune from Tudor Investment Corporation and BVI Global Fund. He and his wife Sonia have four children, one of which is the talented Caroline.

Singer-songwriter Caroline Jones has performed at some pretty impressive venues, including Juilliard and Madison Square Garden. She released a video on YouTube for her single "Tough Guys" back in December 2016. She even went on a "Heart is Smart" tour where she traveled the country performing at different schools. Her billionaire lifestyle has afforded her a few perks, including being able to record with Tommy Mottola, the former Sony Music Entertainment executive who was once married to Mariah Carey. Caroline has even been able to perform alongside Dave Matthews and Paul Simon.

1 Amanda Hearst

via townandcountrymag.com

The Hearst family's net worth is estimated to be $35 billion, with three of the family members having a personal net worth of $2 billion each. Socialite Anne Hearst, Amanda Hearst's mother, was the former president of The San Francisco Examiner who found herself in trouble with the law after she was found to be carrying crystallized amphetamine.

Amanda is the great-granddaughter of William Randolph Hearst and the niece of the infamous Patty Hearst. The 33-year-old graduated with a degree in art history from Fordham University and has gone on to spend her time as an actress and fashion model. She's been featured on the covers of Harper's BazaarTown & Country, and Cosmopolitan. Currently, she works as an associate market editor at Marie Claire magazine, but that hasn't stopped her from investing in her own projects. She founded Friends of Finn, a company dedicated to ending the mistreatment of dogs at puppy mills.

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