15 Of The Creepiest “Not So PG” Hogan Family Pictures

Turning into a global icon in the 80s, Hulk Hogan was (and still is) a huge deal in the world of pro wrestling. Following his time in the ring, Hulk took on a new project: reality television, which was barely a thing back in the day. It was at that moment back in the summer of 2005 when we met Hogan’s family: Nick, Linda and Brooke.

The VH1 show was actually a massive success and the Hogans did a great job in keeping our attention. The numbers would eventually dip, but the show was cancelled because of other reasons. Due to Nick’s legal issues and Hulk’s affair, the program was taken off the air.

Ever since, the Hogan family has spiraled quite a bit; whether it be Nick’s leaked photos, Linda’s “Not So PG” lifestyle, or Hulk’s demise via a tape in which he was caught using racial slurs. Things haven’t been all that smooth. Adding to that, many label the family as creepy and you’ll find out why with some of these “Not So PG” pictures of the former reality family.

Enjoy the article and like always, be sure to pass it along to a friend. So without further ado, let’s engage in the inappropriateness with 15 of the creepiest “No So PG” Hogan family pictures, let’s begin with the often discussed creepy connection between Hulk and his daughter Brooke...


15 Hulk Gets A Good Look Of His Daughter’s Backside

In truth, we could have worked an entire article on the bizarre relationship between Brooke and Hulk. In Hulk’s defense, he’s been a very loving and supporting father throughout her upbringing, but many feel he’s crossed the line a little too many times. This is another example as he creepily stares down his daughter in this “Not So PG” picture.

Many tend to forget, but the entire purpose of Hogan Knows Best was surrounded around the storyline of Brooke making it as a singer, while her dad was constantly overprotective of his daughter. The show was one of the very first reality TV shows and it gained some huge traction early on. So much so, that Brooke was even given her own spin-off, Brooke Knows Best. As you might have guessed, the show didn’t last very long, getting the boot after 20 episodes.

14 Creaming His Daughter


Fans have poked fun at Hulk several times for his odd relationship with Brooke and this picture certainly didn’t help either of their causes. At a certain age, you’d figure a dad putting cream on his daughter would stop. Like seriously, Jennifer’s right there; couldn't she have helped out Brooke instead of the Hulkster?

Nonetheless, this picture started quite the firestorm online. Brooke actually responded to the claims calling the speculation absolutely ludicrous. Whatever the case might be, the picture comes across as insanely creepy. If he was putting the lotion on her back that would be one thing, but seriously, in her thigh area?! Oh, boy! In terms of creepiness, this picture is right up there among the very best this list has to offer. This one certainly fits the “Not So PG” bill.

13 Dad Watches Wrestler Get Intimate With His Daughter

WWE wisely backed out when it came to bringing Brooke on as a talent. TNA however, did not do the same as she joined the promotion back in 2012. With Hogan gaining power in the company, it once again became Hulk’s playground to do as he pleased.

So with that in mind, you’d figure he’d give his own daughter a classy, good storyline. Instead, he somehow agreed to have a man in his 40s not only marry his daughter on-screen, but even make out with her on the show several times. Looking at all the power Hulk had in the company, couldn't he have dismissed the idea of such an angle? Which leads to the speculation that perhaps he was a little too comfortable seeing his daughter in such a story. All in all, it was a “Not So PG” TNA run that could have easily been avoided.

12 Linda On Instagram


Since her divorce to Hulk, Linda has tried desperately to stay in the spotlight. Whether it was dating a younger man, launching a controversial book, or even getting a DUI, it seems like her attempts to maintain fame have fallen flat time and time again.

Another area Linda looks to get some fame is via social media. You might not be aware, but Linda is actually on both Instagram and Twitter, with a small amount of support. Scroll through her Instagram page and you’d think she was a highly priced escort or adult worker. The "puppies" are normally out to play in most of her pics, which is rather creepy given the fact that she’s nearing her 60s (at the age of 57). We celebrate the creepiness with this “Not So PG” shot taken from her Instagram account. If you need more evidence of the “Not So PG” nature, give her a follow.

11 The Nick Hogan Hack

Not too shocking given his controversial past, but Nick Hogan has kept a low profile in the last couple of years. However, back in 2014, his name came up in something nobody wanted to hear about (or see). Nick became one of the first male names to be involved in the celebrity photo leaks. Although Nick denied the photos being real, many were posted and it's believed the photos were actually authentic.

Whatever the case, such pictures of the “Not So PG” nature were rather creepy, and something the Hogan family likely wants us to forget about. The hacks are still taking place today as the world of sports and entertainment was deeply affected recently with several female photos making the rounds. It’s a rare sight when a male sees his photos leaked and Nick can claim to be one of those victims.

10 Mother & Daughter Flaunting The Goods


This creepy, “Not So PG” image was recently uploaded to Brooke’s Instagram account and boy, did it ever cause quite the storm in the comments section. Both positive and negative, viewers of the picture had all sorts of things to say, especially when it came to mother Linda’s, involvement in the photo. Shockingly, Brooke did not delete any of the comments; you can take a look at the evidence for yourselves, folks.

The picture was posted in celebration of Independence Day as the two rocked American-themed beach wear. In Brooke’s defense, she still looks fantastic in a bathing suit, but others tend to disagree when it comes to Linda, who’s pushing almost 60 (that’s grandmother status, people). At the end of the day, this is a more recent picture to add to the creepy “Not So PG” Hogan family collection.

9 Hulk’s Affair With Brooke’s Friend

As if an affair wasn’t bad enough, Christiane Plante was the alleged party Hogan hooked up with. Why is that bad, you ask? Well, she was a good friend of Brooke’s, which once again begs the question: out of all the darn people in the world, did he really have to pick his daughter’s good friend? Oh, Hulkster!

The affair was rumored to have begun back in 2007, when Hogan was shooting the Hogan Knows Best reality series alongside his wife and family. Plante was barely into her 30s at that point, and a friend of Brooke’s aiding her with a new album she’d been working on at the time. The creepy situation destroyed the Hogan family and it would later lead to the cancellation of the reality series, despite the success it was generating on VH1. We’re pretty sure that if Hulk could go back in time, he’d rewrite this creepy, creepy wrong.


8 Another Creepy Hulk Hogan Affair


The context of this one wasn’t as bad because it didn’t involve cheating, however, the details of it all were rather creepy and of the “Not So PG” nature. Looking back, things didn’t play out too badly as Hulk became filthy rich after he sued Gawker for leaking the tapes. However, the damage done to his name was far worse, especially for the racial slurs caught on tape after the affair.

The creepy details that emerged featured Hogan getting consent from his good friend Bubba The Love Sponge, to have intercourse with his wife. Heather Clem was the one in the tape, as all three parties "agreed" before the situation took place. Yup, both creepy and “Not So PG”. The story had it all. Hulk made the claim that he never knew about the tape, while the former couple denied that.

7 The Creepy Wife/Daughter Resemblance

Some were happy that Hulk found love again following his brutal divorce that left him with close to nothing. However, seriously though, he could not have picked a woman that looked more similar to his darn daughter! The creepy image you see above does not feature the same person; it’s instead Hulk with daughter Brooke, and Hulk with his new wife, Jennifer McDaniel.

Despite the uncanny resemblance, the two hit it off way back in 2008 and got engaged shortly after, just a year later. The two got married in the Clearwater, Florida area back in 2010, one of their favorite spots. Jennifer was a huge part in getting Hogan back on his feet which is great, but seriously speaking though, can one of them at least dye their hair a different color? What is with Hulk and blondes!?

6 Brooke In Some PDA


When it comes to candid photos, Brooke is typically snapped in a beach setting. She’s a beach bum that spends lots of time out in the Florida area enjoying the beautiful beaches the area has to offer. Along with some stunning candid shots, she’s even been caught in some PDA, as you see in the picture above (shown with her ex-boyfriend). Towering over her man, the picture does come across as a tad bit creepy and of the “Not So PG” nature.

Brooke would eventually move on from the rapper and start a relationship with former NFL player Phil Costa. The two actually got engaged but it turns out, the engagement fell through as the two called it off in November of 2013. Brooke has kept a low profile ever since when it comes to her romantic affairs.

5 The Brooke/Nick Picture

We might be pushing limits here, but this picture looks more like one that features a couple, as opposed to an actual brother and sister duo. The photo was taken following Nick’s release from jail; seriously, when Nick made the headlines it was usually for something negative.

Following his release from prison, Nick was granted an early out because of “good behavior” during his time behind bars. Nowadays, the 26 year old lives a quiet life away from the spotlight which really isn’t a bad thing given his horrendous past and track record of reckless incidents. If you want to follow his current day to day life, you can go over to Instagram and keep up-to-date with the Hogan family member. He’s posted some training pics lately; can a pro wrestling career be in the works? Hmmm.

4 Nick & His “Groupie” Sister


Okay, now this picture is a little more creepy than the previous one as Brooke works her backside while brother Nick DJs. Along with a passion for cars, Nick was a DJ at one point in time. He’s still in the music industry today with some minor projects (as evidenced by his Instagram account).

As for Brooke, she has a better track record in the field, even making a hit that ranked in the Billboard charts at one point (About Us). She recently decided to change up her genre by converting to a new style, alternative country, steering away from pop music that brought on her biggest success back in the earlier portion of the 2000s. Still yet to hit her 30s, she’s got some time to produce another big track in the new musical genre.

3 Linda With Her Former BF

As we discussed previously in the article, Linda did her very best to stay in the spotlight, and one of those moves entailed dating somebody far younger than herself. Based off the creepy “Not So PG” picture above, you can make the claim that the dude could have passed as her son, instead of her lover.

The dude we’re talking about is the much younger, Charley Hill. The two shared a creepy relationship with various PDA pictures making the rounds online. You can see for yourselves with a quick search if you’d like. Viewer discretion is advised, however. The couple would milk the relationship even appearing on VH1’s Couple’s Therapy back in 2012. It was all truly disturbing to be frank. Putting things into perspective, when they began to date, Linda was nearing her 50s (at 48), while Charley wasn’t even in his 20s at 19. Yup.

2 Brooke Looking “Not So PG” On The Beach


This is an odd candid shot as Brooke looks like she’s having a little too much fun on her own as she lies on the beach. When people hear the name Brooke Hogan, they usually associate such a picture with the daughter of Hulk. For the most part, she’s remembered as “eye candy”, which was a huge reason for her rise to fame to begin with. Another WWE legend is currently undergoing something similar with Mick Foley’s daughter Noelle, receiving huge notoriety because of her hot AF look. Even the WWE tried to pounce on that giving the family a reality show based off of Noelle trying to make it in the WWE.

Despite Noelle’s recent success, the hardcore wrestling fan will always remember Brooke as the first wrestling daughter that stole the hearts of many. This “Not So PG” picture above is an example as to how she did it.

1 Creepy In Every Aspect

This picture is wrong for so many reasons, but the photo hovering in the background just seals the deal. With a very naked looking Brooke in the background, Hulk proudly rolls his eyes and points at his daughter, while she puts the duck face on. Just so wrong, in every imaginable way.

At the age of 63, it remains to be seen what’s next for the wrestling icon. Hogan’s been away from the spotlight for quite some time now and many wonder if he’ll repair his relationship with the WWE at some point in the future. Triple H discussed his interest in bringing Hogan back, but at the end of the day, it’s all about Hulk and Vince coming to an agreement on a return when the timing is right. Which begs the question, will it ever be?

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