15The Outsiders War

The story of Oliver Queen has made the leap from the pages onto the small screen and the minds of the casual fans these days. However, what if I told you that there were other forces that put Oliver Queen on the island and it would come back later to

haunt him? That's the premise of The Outsiders War: one of the best Green Arrow comics to date. Fan favorites like Shado return for this arc.

In it, Green Arrow learns powerful secrets about his father Robert and learns about a group called the Outsiders. An ancient history is also uncovered, revealing different clans centering around different weapons. These clans were heavily involved with Ollie's past, and it was up to him to figure out just what was going on. At the same time, the villain Komodo surfaced with a team known as the Outsiders to cause major damage. Due to his hatred for Oliver Queen, he began a war with the Emerald Archer that involved the ancient clans, the Outsiders, and everyone who allied themselves on the side of good. The stakes are higher and more is learned about the Green Arrow than ever before.

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