15 Of The Biggest Scandals That Plagued Movie Sets

Hollywood has always had a unique ability to amplify the dramas they want us to know while suppressing others.

Hollywood has always had a unique ability to amplify the dramas they want us to know while suppressing others. That is, until the Internet came along. Now, nothing goes unnoticed as there’s bound to be someone secretly recording, snapping pictures, or spilling the beans on gossip blogs.

Some films result in incredible bonds between cast, director, and film crew. Everyone goes home significantly bonded after grueling hours and emotional scenes. Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck fell in loving making Daredevil. Granted, they’re split up now, but they spent a long time together by Hollywood’s standards. Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn have been together for 32 years, and they met on the set of Swing Shift. There’s also on and off-screen BFFs Matt Damon and Ben Affleck, Cameron Diaz and Drew Barrymore, and Seth Rogen and James Franco. When it’s good, it has the power to create beautiful and lasting relationships.

When it’s bad, the onset drama goes down in history as startling and unbelievable. Not every movie shoot bonds its stars and crew. Explosive scandals have ruined relationships and destroyed careers. The following scandals may be lesser known, but their impact on the film’s stars and crew will never be forgotten by those involved. You won’t soon forget them either.

15 Corey Haim Was Molested On Set

Corey Haim led a troubled existence, and this is likely due to the terrible way he was treated. As a child actor, Haim was repeatedly (allegedly) molested by a Hollywood producer. Radar Online reports that there is a “seedy underbelly of organized pedophilia at the heart of Tinseltown,” and that Haim’s friends and family are poised to expose the pedophile scandal.

Corey Feldman, the other Corey, claims he too was molested. He also claims Haim’s molestation started when he was only 11 years old. Someone, who is allegedly very famous (household name famous), forced Haim into receiving oral sex between takes on a movie set. The rapist, who Radar calls the “kingpin of a child sex ring that ensnared Haim and Corey Feldman” continued to molest Haim for years to come, which exacerbated his depression and substance abuse problems.

Unfortunately, Haim died of pneumonia in early 2010. It was originally thought that Haim died of drug overdose because low levels of narcotics were found in his system, but coroners later changed his cause of death to pneumonia.

14 Jennifer Lawrence Scratches Her Butt On Sacred Hawaiian Stones

Leave it to Jennifer Lawrence to scratch her ass on a sacred stone. On the set of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire she caused a scandal when she told Graham Norton that her butt itched, so she scratched it on a stone in Oahu. Unfortunately, Hawaiians didn’t think her story was so funny.

The island’s stones are spiritually important, especially where they were filming. The Waimea Valley is an archeological site. According to a Hawaiian cultural expert, “It’s an ancient Hawaiian living site and there are several hundred burial caves right in that area. The caves contain the bones of our ancestors – but not just any ancestors. They are called Kahuna. These were the astronomers, navigators, and doctors of the time.”

When Lawrence realized she’d made a mistake, she apologized on Facebook. “I meant absolutely no disrespect to the Hawaiian people… I really thought that I was being self-deprecating about the fact that I was ‘the curse,’ but I understand the way it was perceived was not funny and I apologize if I offended anyone.”

13 The Rock Flips Out On His Fast & Furious 8 Co-Stars

In a ranting Facebook post, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson called his costars “unprofessional” and “candy asses.” But, who was he talking about? Fast & Furious 8 boasts a huge cast including Jason Statham and Vin Diesel, so it’s hard to nail down exactly who The Rock thinks is a candy ass.

The Rock wasn’t talking about one of his female costars, as he praised the efforts of Charlize Theron, Michelle Rodriguez, and Jordana Brewster. His rant was for his male costars who he argued weren’t “true professionals” on set. In regards to his male costars, he wrote “Some conduct themselves as stand up men and true professionals, while others don’t. The ones that don’t are too chicken sh-t to do anything about it anyway. Candy asses. When you watch this movie next April and it seems like I’m not acting in some of these scenes and my blood is legit boiling – you’re right.”

12 Eddie Cibrian And LeAnn Rimes "Meet" On Set

If you’re at all familiar with The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, you know that star Brandi Glanville’s husband cheated on her a lot. He cheated with a restaurant employee, and he cheated on her with LeAnn Rimes on the set of the made-for-tv Lifetime movie, Northern Lights. To be fair, he and Rimes later married, and they remain coupled to this day, so maybe it was meant to be?

Rimes was married too, and she took longer to divorce her husband. Cibrian left Brandie (and their two kids) almost immediately after filming wrapped. Brandie claimed an affair happened on set, but Rimes and Cibrian denied an affair happened. About a year later, Rimes divorced her husband. Shortly after, she and Cibrian married and Rimes confirmed the affair. So, they’re liars and cheaters, and deserve each other. I guess I was right, they’re meant to be (right up until someone new catches one of their wondering eyes).

11 LL Cool J Goes Too Method On “Any Given Sunday” Set

On the set of Any Given Sunday, LL Cool J went full method. If you’ve seen the movie, you already know that LL and Jaime Foxx play football players in the movie, and they don’t get along. They didn’t get along off-screen either; apparently because LL refused to break character, and continued to fight with Foxx even after the camera stopped rolling.

The onset drama got way out of hand, and Foxx was forced to involve police after LL shoved Foxx and then punched him. Foxx told police that the blow came to the back of his head, when he was walking away. Not one to cower from a cheap shot, Foxx turned around and he hit LL in the face. Neither actor/musician needed treatment for the minor injuries they sustained.

Time heals all wounds. Although LL and Foxx didn’t speak for a very long time, they eventually let bygones be bygones. It only took seven years, but the two eventually worked together on LL’s album, “Todd Smith.”

10 Fist Fighting On The Set Of “Suicide Squad”

A lot of weird sh-t went down on the set of Suicide Squad. Jared Leto went full method actor, and then underwhelmed us all with a bland Joker performance. He once sent Margot Robbie a live rat, and everyone else anal beads and a dead hog. Maybe if Leto hadn’t spent so much time mailing ridiculous gifts, and more time practicing for the role, Suicide Squad wouldn’t have sucked as much as it did.

There wasn’t anyone to reel in Leto because the film’s director, David Ayer, was just as crazy. During initial meetings, he asked the film’s cast to fight each other. I’ll let Ayer explain: “The rehearsal was very intense. It wasn’t a normal rehearsal, we’d talk about their lives, their history, and really got them to open up as people to each other. I also had them fight. I had them fight each other. You learn a lot about who a person really is when you punch them in the face. It gets rid of a lot of the actor stuff.”

9 Carrie Fisher So Boned Harrison Ford On The Set Of “Star Wars”

It’s no secret that co-stars have sex, even the married ones. Brad and Angelina allegedly had an affair on the set of Mr. and Mrs. Smith. So, it should come as no surprise that Carrie Fisher and very-married Harrison Ford bumped uglies on the set of Star Wars. Except it is surprising because they never copped to an affair, and Carrie only recently admitted to it in her memoir.

The Princess Diarist released in November of 2016, and it included passages about their three-month-long affair. Han and Princess Leia were lovers in real life! I feel like that shouldn’t make me happy as happy as it does because Fisher was 19 at the time, and 33-year-old Ford had a wife and kids at home.

Per Ms. Fisher (may she long rest in peace), “Harrison is a decent – albeit complicated and frequently silent – guy… He’s always been decent to me, and as far as I know the only time he cheated on any of his three wives was with me. And maybe he didn’t think that counted all that much because of how short I am.” She admits they were both frequently drunk and stoned during their short-lived affair.

8 Corey Haim Melts Down On Set of Lost Boys 2

If you haven’t seen the short-lived A&E television series The Two Corey’s, then you probably missed Corey Haim’s meltdown on the set of Lost Boys 2. Haim was supposed to shoot a scene, but asked for a five-minute break to smoke a cigarette. Five minutes turned into five hours where Haim refused to work.

With his mic still on, Corey could be heard using prescription medications inside his trailer. During this time, Corey Feldman and his wife discussed whether Haim was using drugs again. Feldman’s wife told her husband that there’s “no hope” for Haim, so maybe that’s why Feldman and she divorced?

Unfortunately, the film crew couldn’t do much to help Haim’s situation. They tried, but he was having a fit for no real reason and intent to burn the bridge. Ultimately, they were forced to cut his scenes from the film, and the only remaining remnant of his short lived time on the set of Lost Boys 2 is the video footage from The Two Corey’s.

7 Lindsay Lohan Drives Drunk On The Set Of “The Canyons”

Lindsay Lohan is no stranger problems on set. In the middle of filming I Know Who Killed Me, she left for rehab to “take care of her personal health.” She pulled a similar stunt on the set of Georgia Rule, where she sought inpatient medical care for dehydration and exhaustion. She’s fought on television sets, including on the set of Ugly Betty with the show’s star America Ferrera. And, in 2007, she was twice arrested for DUI while filming Poor Things, and once arrested for cocaine possession.

Lohan should count herself lucky she was picked for The Canyons, a low-budget film she starred in alongside adult film actor, James Deen. Stephen Rodrick was asked to “chronicle the project from start to finish.” Allegedly Lohan was frequently drunk on set, and once refused a hired car ride. She was drunk and drove herself, and Rodrick says producers, “all hoped they would still have a lead actress in the morning.”

6 “Twilight Zone” Helicopter Crash Killed Two Kids And A Leading Man

Twilight Zone was extremely popular from 1959 to 1964. Despite only airing for five years, it remained popular for many years to come; so, with Dan Aykroyd playing the lead, John Landis set about directing the highly-anticipated film. On July 23rd, 1982 three actors died horribly in Hollywood’s biggest onset tragedy.

Actors Victor Morrow, Myca Dinh Le (7), and Renee Shin-Yi Chen (6) died during a crucial helicopter scene. Special effect explosives caused the helicopter to spin out of control ultimately crushing Chen, and decapitating Le and Chin. The tragedy resulted in a criminal trial, as well as a clampdown on set safety. You see Landis knew he was violating child labor laws by asking Le and Chen to work into the wee hours of morning when the incident occurred.

5 Bette Davis And Joan Crawford Feud On The Set Of “What Ever Happened To Baby Jane?”

You’re probably too young to remember the infamous rivalry that took place between Bette Davis and Joan Crawford on the set of What Ever Happened to Baby Jane. Soon we’ll all have a more intimate picture of what occurred, as this rivalry is the inspiration for FX’s Feud: Bette and Joan, which stars Jessica Lange and Susan Sarandon as the bitter adversaries, and is a chronology of the on-set feuding that took place between Davis and Crawford.

Supposedly, Crawford hooked up with a dude Davis had her eye on which made Davis very jealousy. More than a decade later, the two women worked on Baby Jane together, and there were rumors of fighting. Allegedly, Crawford filled her pockets with rocks in a scene during which Davis had to drag her (you know to make it harder). It was also reported that Davis really kicked Crawford in the back of the head during a scene where she was meant to simulate kicking her.

The feud lasted until the bitter end. Crawford died in 1977. Davis supposedly commented, “You should never say bad things about the dead, only good… Joan Crawford is dead. Good.

4 Lucy Liu Repeatedly Punches Bill Murray On “Charlie’s Angels” Set

Charlie’s Angels was a surprise hit. It starred Hollywood cuties, Cameron Diaz, Lucy Liu, and Drew Barrymore. Bill Murray played Bosley, and the whole thing came together a lot better than anyone could have expected. Except, Bill Murray didn’t return for the sequel, and the sequel totally bombed for that and other reasons. So, why didn’t Bill Murray come back?

Apparently, Bill Murray was mean to Lucy Liu, which prompted her to barrage him with her fists. He stopped a scene during filming, and pointed to Barrymore then Diaz, and said, “I get why you’re here, and you’ve got talent…” Then, his finger stopped on Lucy Liu, and he said, “But, what in the hell are you doing here? You can’t act!” So, Lucy Liu punched the crap out of him until members of the crew could separate them.

Even separated, the two costars continued to hurl insults at each other. Bill Murray vowed never to work with her again, which is why Bernie Mac replaced him in the sequel. You never heard about this scandal because Columbia Pictures warned its stars not to speak publicly about it.

3 Novelist Norman Mailer Bites A Chunk Out Of His Costars Ear

In 1970, famed novelist Norman Mailer decided to make a movie. The avant-garde film Maidstone was about a director who decides to run for president, and the tumultuous relationship he has with his brother. On set and off, Mailer did have a tumultuous relationship with the man who played his brother, Rip Torn.

During a fight scene, Torn decided to improvise and hit Mailer in the head with a hammer. This resulted in a bad head wound, but the fight was on. No one could stop the two man from going at each other. Eventually, Mailer bit a chunk out of his costar’s ear.

The fight was 100 percent real, and the brawling actors used their real names when screaming at each other. Despite this, the brutal encounter was included in the film. Mailer’s children and others are in the scene walking around dazed and confused.

2 Martha Mansfield Is Set On Fire

Silent film star Martha Mansfield was burned alive while taking a break on the set of The Warrens of Virginia. She went to a car to presumably get some rest between takes, and someone threw a lit match into her window. It wasn’t foul play. The passerby was simply lighting a cigarette and made the mistake. The result was an inferno that took Mansfield’s life.

She was wearing a Civil War-era dress that had a lot of highly flammable tulle on it. She made it to the hospital where she died the next day. This was long before movie sets had a legal obligation to be safe.

Mansfield actually had an illustrious career until that point. She was a Vaudeville star, starred on Broadway in Little Women, and later became a Hollywood star in six feature films. She was only 24 years old when she died in hospital from injuries sustained in the fire, toxemia, and suppression of urine.

1 Tilda Swinton Accused Of Whitewashing

Tilda Swinton was cast as The Ancient One in 2016’s Doctor Strange. Fans of the comic book series immediately noted that the character was Tibetan, an ancestry Swinton doesn’t share. She’s not Asian, and she’s definitely not Tibetan.

This caused an uproar. Swinton was accused of participating in Hollywood white washing, which is a very real problem. During filming, she was asked to comment on the controversy. Her response was, “I wasn’t asked to play an Asian character, you can be very well assured of that.” Except the comic book character is Asian, so it’s not like those decrying cultural appropriations were wrong.

One saving grace is that the Ancient One is traditionally a male character, so it’s cool the role was reprised for a woman. Swinton wasn’t afraid to speak about her role, and ensured fans they’d be satisfied with her character when they watched the film.

In what was probably a bad idea, Swinton reached out to comedienne Margaret Cho about the scandal. In a series of odd email exchanges, the two women had a conversation about how Asians are frequently white washed in Hollywood. In typical Cho fashion, she made fun of Swinton on air about the exchange. “It was weird because I felt like a house Asian, like I’m her servant.” Cho said.

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15 Of The Biggest Scandals That Plagued Movie Sets