15 Of The Biggest Red Carpet Fails These Celebs Want To Forget

The red carpet is a magical place. There's a certain aura around it that is fascinating to us common folk, and we love to see what all of our favorite celebrities are wearing. It's an opportunity for them to show off their best and most well put together looks in front of crowds of photographers snapping away. We then see those photos posted on the Internet, where we can ooh and aah over them to our heart's content. Some of these outfits are celebrated as huge steps forward in the world of fashion, setting the trend for all of us to follow in their footsteps.

But the red carpet also presents another opportunity. This is the opportunity to try new things. It's a chance to take incredible risks when it comes to their choice of outfits. And that's when it starts to get interesting. Because sometimes, celebrities make the mistake of taking a way bigger risk than they should have when it comes to fashion. All they can see in their minds is the glorious payoff of being seen as "edgy" and "brave," doing things with their outfits that no one has ever tried before. Sometimes the risk pays off. But most of the time, they fall flat on their faces. With every red carpet event, there's a celebrity who shows up wearing something that looks completely bizarre, trashy, or just plain ridiculous. And that's why red carpet events are always so entertaining. We've compiled a list of 15 biggest fails on the red carpet, and believe me, it's guaranteed to entertain.

15 Lionel Messi

We just had to kick this list off with Lionel Messi's infamous sparkly red suit. I know I'm probably going to get a lot of hate from all the Messi fanboys out there, but there's no denying that this was a major faux pas. This goes to show that you can have money, you can have talent, but neither of those things can buy you a good sense of fashion. And there's no denying that Messi probably spent major bucks on this red suit - it's a designer piece probably worth tens of thousands of dollars at least. But the end product is, well... a little unsettling, to say the least. On the other hand you have his main rival, Cristiano Ronaldo, who seems to have been born with a fashion sense that is pretty on point. That's one more victory chalked up to Ronaldo. Maybe Cristiano can give his pal Messi some fashion tips next time... It looks like he really needs it.

14 Cher

Cher has always been famous for her red carpet disasters. This is only one of her many red carpet fails, but it's probably one of her worst. She first gained fame in the mid 60s as one half of the duo Sonny and Cher. They were famous for songs such as "I Got You Babe," and many others. Since then, Cher has branched out into an immensely popular solo artist, and has also become somewhat of a style and fashion icon. But looking at this picture, it's clear that no one should ever try to copy whatever she's trying to achieve here. As Cher herself will tell you, a huge part of fashion is about taking risks. I guess the old saying, "You win some, you lose some" extends to fashion as well. Because this is definitely a loss for Cher. She's made many other appearances and has made up for her mistakes with other outfits that were on point, but this is one outfit that will live forever in infamy.

13 Christina Aguilera 

Sometimes, you have to go back in time to find the real gems when it comes to red carpet fails. This was back when Christina Aguilera was just starting to become huge, and as you can see, she took a major risk with this outfit. This was back in 2002, and I guess it was the trend back then to dress like a literal prostitute... Well, at least it was the trend in the mind of Christina Aguilera. And I'm not even slut shaming here. No one can look at this outfit and honestly say that this doesn't look like something a hooker would wear. If you drive down to the neighborhood where all the hookers hang out, you will see women dressed exactly like this. This isn't judging Christina Aguilera, it's just a statement of fact. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why this outfit is a complete and utter fail.

12 Nick Cannon

Nick Cannon showed the world why orange is not the new black back in 2015, when he showed up wearing this hideous suit at a Nickelodeon red (well, orange if you want to get technical) carpet event. I have to be brutally honest, Nick Cannon looks like he's in some kind of Cheetos commercial here. Or he's about to pull out blocks of cheddar cheese from inside of his jacket and throw them at a screaming crowd as some kind of bizarre promotional stunt. Everything from his head down to his toes is a complete and utter fail. Well, maybe not the hat. That's the one part of this outfit that does a good job of staying neutral. The rest of his outfit is bright, loud, and totally ridiculous. His saving grace is the fact that this is just a Nickelodeon event, which no one really takes that seriously, and he was probably wearing orange just to score brownie points with Nickelodeon producers.

11 Faith Hill

There's nothing wrong with adding a little color to your outfit, but Faith Hill might have taken it a little too far. She looks like she put her dress in with the wrong set of laundry, and it accidentally got dyed with all kinds of different colors. I hate it when that happens! Although Faith Hill didn't seem to care - she wore it anyway. All joking aside, this is in fact a real dress, not one that was accidentally stained or dyed in any way, and it was meant to be a fashion statement. Some people like colorful outfits, but I think most people will agree with me when I say that this was a pretty huge fashion faux pas... I mean, it just ends up looking tacky and cheap... Like she bought the dress at the dollar store or something. Which is pretty sad considering she probably paid thousands of dollars for it.

10 Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga has proved time and time again that she is not above taking massive risks when it comes to fashion. If you're not familiar with Lady Gaga's risque and often bizarre choices of attire, you might not be aware that this particular outfit is actually pretty conservative by Lady Gaga's standards. The dress is actually quite beautiful, but the whole outfit is pretty much ruined by those larger than life gloves. They look like something a mad scientist would wear as they're genetically engineering a batch of super-soldiers. Or the kind of gloves a worker would wear when they're dealing with hazardous or radioactive materials. You've probably seen this outfit before on the internet, because countless memes were made when she was spotted wearing these gloves. It's strange that she's so prone to fashion fails at the red carpet, because she actually calls herself a fashion designer! I think it's safe to say that those gloves aren't going to be the next big trend...at least I hope not.

9 Rita Ora

As you've probably noticed in recent years, the so-called "naked dress" has been getting more and more popular among female celebrities. Sheer is definitely in, but this dress worn by Rita Ora might just have taken it a little too far. She's clearly not wearing underwear underneath that thin layer of cloth, so she might as well be standing there stark naked. There's a big difference between showing a little skin showing off your bare butt for the audience... And Rita Ora crosses that thin line from risque to trashiness. She caught a lot of flak for this particular dress. Some would call that slut-shaming. And to be honest, there isn't a huge difference between this dress and Bella Hadid's many revealing red carpet dresses. Maybe it's a little unfair to single Rita Ora out. But when you wear a dress that's basically designed to show off your bare butt, you're pretty much asking for trouble.

8 Micaela Schaefer

Micaela Schafer is one name you might not have heard, but a picture like this is sure to burn her identity into your brain. Unforgettable is probably one of the most flattering terms you can associate with this "dress," if you can call it that. It legitimately looks as if she made out of a garbage bag, by taking some scissors and cutting ribbons in it until it looks vaguely wearable. That's one way to make a fashion statement on a dime, I guess... This celebrity is a famous German model, who was on Germany's Next Top Model. She's appeared in Maxim and FHM. Believe it or not, this is actually one of the more conservative of her outfits that she's ever worn to a red carpet event. It's become her "thing," I guess. And rumor has it that she wasn't even wearing underwear underneath that so-called dress... Wow...

7 Alan Cumming

Not many men can pull off wearing shorts on the red carpet...and Alan Cumming...definitely is not one of them. It's a shame an actor of Alan Cumming's caliber managed to crucify himself in such a horrific fashion on the red carpet, but the damage is now done. He ends up looking like some kind of schoolboy who has failed 5th grade about 42 times... or Willy Wonka's assistant at his chocolate factory. Maybe I'm out of touch. They do say that shorts are making a comeback in men's fashion, and men are starting to rock shorts like this more and more these days. But aren't shorts more of a thing you wear at the beach or on your yacht? Why would you wear something like that to the red carpet of all places? Either way, to my fashion-uneducated eye, this outfit is a total failure and looks pretty damn ridiculous.

6 Serayah

Okay, I know that having holes, rips, and tears in your clothes is "in" right now, but this might be taking it a little too far. Serayah seems to be wearing one big giant rip, there's not enough clothing to actually call that an outfit. There's making a fashion statement, and then there's looking like you arrived in your underwear by accident, realized that you needed actual clothing to get past security, and then went rooting around in the dumpster, finding this rag. Props to her if this actually happened and she managed to play it off like a risque piece of fashion. Otherwise, this is one of the biggest red carpet fails ever. She wore this atrocity to the 2015 MTV VMAs, and she wasn't the only one who bombed when it came to outfits during this particular event. One thing I will say, however, is I really like her shoes, and that's one of the most important things of any outfit.

5 Sarah Jessica Parker

What the hell is Sarah Jessica Parker wearing on her head? That is a question everyone has been trying to answer ever since she wore it to the Met Gala in 2015. I guess the correct term would be "headpiece," although I have no idea why she would ever decide to wear it. It looks like something Queen Amidala would wear while the droids are attacking her royal palace. She's probably most famous for her role in Sex And The City, but she's also done a lot of other acting roles over the years. Interestingly enough, Sarah Jessica Parker, like Lady Gaga, has her own fashion line. But judging from this outfit, I'm not sure she has the fashion sense to rightly call herself a fashion designer. And if she's selling these stupid-looking hats, I'm not sure she'll even make this look popular. There have been countless memes made about this, and my favorite are those that compare her to Dragon Ball Z characters.

4 Girl Crush 

Girl Crush is a new artist on the scene, so it makes sense that she wanted to make an impact at the 2017 Grammys. Making a name for yourself in an industry as tough and competitive as the music world can be next to impossible, so sometimes artists have to resort to crazy things. Some manufacture fake scandals to get themselves on the news. Sometimes they end up on stage twerking their butts off like Miley Cyrus did (although she was already somewhat famous). And some, like up and coming artist Girl Crush, make the strange and bizarre decision of wearing a dress made out of balloons. It certainly did the trick of getting people talking. But maybe not in the way she might have wanted. Numerous people on Twitter started to make fun of her, and of course many memes were made. It was probably designed to symbolize her light, fun musical style.

3 Santigold

Maybe I'm wrong in including Santigold on this list. After all, I don't really know too much about fashion. I'm just some random guy who scrolled through a bunch of red carpet outfits and picked the 15 I thought looked the most ridiculous. But you have to admit, there's something pretty weird about this outfit. To me, the untrained non-fashionista plebeian, it looks random as hell - almost like it was meant to be a surreal joke. She looks like some kind of futuristic space mormon. And what's with the weird tentacles on the front? This looks like a vision out of some strange Japanese fantasy, or better yet, an anime. Her real name is Santi White, and she's one artist that has risen to fame quite quickly. So even though her fashion sense might not be on point, at least she has talent.

2 Jason Derulo

No, Jason Derulo wasn't auditioning to play a leprechaun here. This was his actual outfit that he decided to wear at the Billboard Music Awards. If you look at Jason Derulo's past outfits for red carpet events, you definitely get the sense that green is his favorite. This outfit is very interesting to me. It falls right in between "cool" and "formal" in that strange no man's land that is just plain weird and tacky. This honestly looks like something someone would wear to sell mints. Or to sell you trips on a hot air balloon. On the one hand, you get the sense that Jason Derulo was trying to look very well-dressed, and at the same time it's pretty clear that he was trying to be unique or make a fashion statement. At the end of the day, he accomplished neither of those things. We will chalk this down as a defeat. But I'm sure Jason Derulo will be back soon with another attempt.

1 Lady Gaga's Infamous Meat Dress

Lady Gaga is the only celebrity who is prone enough to failure on the red carpet to warrant a second inclusion on this list. She's slowly challenging Cher's place as the worst repeat offender when it comes to her red carpet outfit. And this particular dress might have just blown Cher out of the water, cementing her position as the worst dressed, biggest failure in red carpet history. Yes, that dress is made entirely out of meat, and yes, she is wearing that thing with a straight face. She unironically believes that she's making a fashion statement here, when really she's just making everyone incredibly uneasy. There's also the fact that meat goes bad pretty quickly, so that thing must have smelled horrific. And of course, there's the argument that many animal rights activists (quite rightly) made, that many animals had to die just so Lady Gaga could look "edgy" on the red carpet.


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