15 Of Stephanie McMahon’s Hottest “Not So PG” Outfits Ever

Perhaps nobody could have predicted the impact a shy and quiet Test love interest would have on the business. Truth be told, Stephanie has been the greatest heel of the 2000s in terms of non active wrestlers. Nobody does it better than Steph and Paul Heyman.

However, McMahon does have a one up on Paul and that’s in the looks department. Over the years her look has transformed drastically. Along with her look, her wardrobe choices have also undergone some big time changes as you’ll see in this article. She was quite tame in the late 90s but when the 2000s rolled along, the wardrobe selections started getting more and more pleasing. Even today at the age of 40, she's still making us look twice. Damn you, Hunter. Damn you!

In this article we’ll walk down memory lane and take a look at Stephanie’s top outfits from over the years. We include all of Steph’s eras including her run as SmackDown GM, her time with the McMahon-Helmsley era and, some "not so PG" pictures of today! So without further ado, here are 15 of Stephanie McMahon’s hottest “not so PG” outfits ever. Enjoy, folks!

15 The Short Leather Skirt

When it comes to edgy and hot Stephanie McMahon outfits, we instantly tend to think about cleavage. After all, Steph is blessed in the chest area and we’ve seen endless examples of that throughout the years. However, she has some other great features, and those include her backside and nicely toned legs.

This shot was taken during the early 2000s. Some argue this was Stephanie’s best run in the company, serving as an incredible heel alongside Triple H. Again, she rarely wrestled but it was her mic skills and persona that really put her over as a truly hated villain. To tease the fans even more and to stay in line with the TV-14 rating, Steph wore some steamy clothing, including this tiny skirt which rode up pretty high, wouldn’t you say? Don’t expect anything similar today, folks.

14 Showing Dad The Goods

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You’d think Triple H was the father in this picture judging by how creepily Vince looks on at his daughter. This wouldn’t be the first time Vince gave his own sibling such a look; remember the night Steph and Hunter married and Vince looked into Steph’s cleavage in that fantastic wedding dress? Yes folks, that really did happen. However, if you think that’s bad, just imagine if Stephanie would have said yes to Vince’s incest storyline idea that featured McMahon wanting to be deemed as the father of his daughter’s baby. Oh goodness... Thankfully that time, Stephanie put her foot down.

This picture features Stephanie in a marvellous white top that seems to fit her quite tightly in a certain area. Father Vince looks pleased while Hunter is probably thinking, “Don’t worry man, deal with this crap now, and the company will be yours sooner or later”...

13 Blonde & Cleavage For Days

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After her run as the GM of SmackDown came to an end, Stephanie’s WWE career would be halted for quite some time as she appeared on the program sporadically. With the goal of starting a family, Steph put her WWE career in the back-burner for a little while.

Her returns would include brief appearances in 2005, 2006 and 2007. She would finally return for a run as the RAW GM in 2008, only to leave once again and return from time to time between 2010 and 2013. From 2013 on, she’d return as a permanent figure to this day using her “Authority power”. She took a brief hiatus following WrestleMania, but she’s now set to return shortly joining her new GM Kurt Angle. The relationship is likely to go south ASAP with Triple H being rumored to feud with Angle.

Oh, and as for the picture, cleavage, cleavage and more cleavage!

12 One Hot Referee

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Wearing the zebra stripes was another way for a heel to gain “heel heat” against the babyfaces. This is a tactic the WWE used more times than not during the Attitude Era. It was a brilliant piece of storytelling and one the WWE rarely ever uses today.

A specific part the fans loved about the gimmick was how smoking hot the females would look while rocking the white and black stripes. The WWE loved to push the envelope and the women’s referee outfits were just another way of doing so. Even Steph took the edgy route wearing this outfit that was truly one of her best ever. She wore some low cut, black leather short shorts along with a fabulous top that complemented her puppies really nicely. She was a hated heel at that point but seriously, how can you hate someone that looks that good.

11 Recent “Hot Outfit”

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This outfit is the most recent featured on the list. It’s been interesting to see not only Steph’s character evolve in the last couple of years but it’s also been a treat to see how much her wardrobe choices have also been altered along the way. During her run as a hated heel in the early 2000s Steph catered to the Attitude Era-type of mentality, wearing risqué and cleavage filled clothing. Well, today, in her 40s and with the WWE working under the PG umbrella things have changed. Not to mention Steph is a big high up in the company and a big advocate for women empowerment movements around the world.

So this outfit came as a surprise. Instead of wearing a long, curvaceous dress, Steph instead opted for some cleavage, rocking the mesmerizing black blazer and fishnet type of shirt.

10 Going Black & Braless

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A theme for Stephanie McMahon’s heel character in the early portion of the 2000s was rocking leather type of spandex clothing. It was meant to magnify her evil persona but all it did was just make the fans stare at her a little more intensely. This outfit took things to another level as Stephanie rocked a "rated R" black top that not only showed an insane amount of cleavage, but one that also did not require a bra. Now that’s the power of breast enhancement surgery people!

Her heel heat reached new highs and at that point, the heat would only intensify when she was crowned the Women’s Champion. Just imagine pulling off something of the sorts today; Meltzer and company would have a s*** storm! Back then however, it was just normal as the title lost a lot of its prestige. However, ironically, once Lita defeated Stephanie for the title, the championship finally gained some momentum as a title with actual meaning.

9 Low Cut Red Dress

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To be quite frank, Stephanie looked like an absolute smoke bomb in this outrageous red dress. This was arguably Steph’s prime in the looks department, although that can be heavily debated judging by how great she looks today. However, that dress said otherwise as Steph left the fans drooling during this backstage segment.

In terms of love interest on-screen, the boss’ daughter wasn’t immune to such storytelling. Steph was brought in to elevate Test as his love interest. She later moved on to Hunter in a heel role only to get tangled up with Kurt Angle at the same time. The idea to have Angle and Stephanie become an item was pitched according to the urban legends, but Hunter wanted none of it and apparently talked creative out of it. It’ll be really cool to see these guys recapture that same heat heading into the summer.

8 Black Lace Outfit

Rocking the black lace outfit, Stephanie looked like a perfect five out of five stars in this throwback shot. Once again, she wore a leather short skirt along with a top of the line black lace top. The puppies were on full display; many sets of eyeballs likely turned red during that episode of SmackDown.

The photo took place during Stephanie’s most prominent run in the company. She served as an incredible heel that helped to elevate so many babyfaces. Two in particular instantly come to mind; one being The Rock. Who can forget those classic Rock promos against Stephanie? Man, was that something to watch! However, a wrestler that truly benefited from his work with McMahon was Y2J Chris Jericho. He and Steph shared brilliant chemistry, and the mic work Jericho recited against Steph helped to raise him up into a new level of popularity. An overlooked factor is how huge Steph was at elevating such big stars during the Attitude Era.

7 Working The Commentary Booth

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Wrestling was just a different animal back in the day in almost every single way. Not only would female wrestlers join the commentary booth, but they were also pretty darn entertaining. However, in this case, it’s Steph’s new assets (at that time) that really stole the show. We speak for every reader when we say PUPPIESSSS.

Now back to our point, in the early 2000s and late 90s, wrestlers working at commentary was another great part of the business. The likes of Shawn Michaels and The Rock would give us some hilarious insight which clearly wasn’t scripted, and led to fantastic television. Today, that seems to be another lost art. If someone is at commentary, it’s both clearly scripted and just meant to promote a future match which comes across as cheesy, to be quite honest. The only Superstar that’s actually kind of funny nowadays at the both is Kevin Owens, although even he is being rarely used at the booth nowadays.

6 HLA Outfit

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Wrestling was a weird place during this era, however, many pundits would say that it was still better than today’s product. Dubbed as the Ruthless Aggression era, the company tried to steer the ship into a different direction, however, oddly, some of the not-so-PG antics continued, particularly on SmackDown which was regarded as the “Divas brand”.

This specific angle instead featured SD GM Stephanie McMahon. After losing to Bischoff, Stephanie was forced to show up at a PPV (Unforgiven), and take part in some HLA action alongside two other females. It was meant to put heat on Bischoff for taking such a low road, but in truth, all it did was put him over as fans wanted to see that. Although Stephanie wanted no part in the act, she still wore a revealing short skirt outfit which was extremely puzzling. Instead of HLA, we settled for Steph grinding on Rikishi... Talk about a trade off....

5 The Wedding Dress

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We touched base on this outfit earlier in the article, as it was another creepy Vince and Stephanie moment. Mr. McMahon checked out his daughter from head to toe, while giving an extra look at her cleavage. Oh, Vince you sick man.

The wedding segment is another lost art which we don’t really see that much anymore. Although we did watch John propose to Nikki which was kind of cool. However, an actual wedding hasn’t taken place in quite some time and for pockets of wrestling fans, it’s better that way particularly for those watching live. Weddings would drag on way too long as fans booed throughout the segment. The best part would come at the end when things would normally go south. Oh, the good old days! This particular segment also ended on terrible terms when Triple H called off the vows renewal only to Pedigree Vince and shove Stephanie to the ground. Pure awesomeness which was meant to set up a Triple H against Stephanie storyline (which was meant to put Hunter over even more as a babyface).

4 Recent Cleavage Selfie

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Seeing the boss rock some cleavage today is a sight we want to see much more of, just because it’s just so rare. In this selfie Stephanie doesn’t disappoint headed to an Awards show, looking fantastic. Her smile is the true hero of the photo, but we’ll take the cleavage as well thank you very much.

As we said, Stephanie is finally set to return in the near future as her character was written off briefly following a table angle at ‘Mania when she crashed against the wood. Stephanie most likely served most of her time at home along with making trips to the head offices near her home in Stamford. Her heelish authority power is needed on Raw as the program seems to be suffering big time at the moment. Adding Stephanie just in time for SummerSlam season will give the show a spark it desperately needs.

3 WrestleMania Fever

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Like her husband Triple H, Stephanie tends to crank things up a notch during WrestleMania. The glitz and glamour of it all makes the performers go the extra mile, and that works double for both Stephanie and Triple H. For Hunter, he’s had without a doubt, the top entrances year after year. Some were enraged with that concept this year, as he completely stole all the thunder from Seth Rollins. Just imagine, Hunter comes out in a bada*s motorcycle with his wife getting escorted by cops, while Rollins came out with a torch... Yup, a torch...

As for Stephanie, she cranks up the heat voltage meter for the show wearing some edgy outfits. The one you see above is arguably one of her best coming from WrestleMania X8. Stephanie looked flawless in the aqua blue jumper that was quite cleavage-friendly. Ironically, she served as Jericho’s manager in the main event match with the opponent being her husband, Triple H.

2 Recent Outfit

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As we stated earlier, Stephanie is in a different role nowadays. Not only is she the Chief Branding Officer of the WWE, but she’s also held in a high regard back at home as a proud mother of three beautiful children. However, that hasn’t completely stopped her from looking sexy (some even argue that the 40-year-old looks better than ever today). This outfit certainly reinforces such a statement as she looks incredible in that black dress.

Whether it’s that little bit of cleavage, or those darn chiseled legs, this photo proves that Stephanie’s still got it. Seems like she got her out-of-the-ring work ethic from her dad who’s also a fitness freak. Stephanie works out with her husband at midnight sometimes. If you thought that was bad, according to Triple H and Stephanie, Vince trains till 3 AM... only to wake up hours later and head to the Stamford offices! If that doesn’t motivate you, nothing will.

1 The GM Days

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When you take a look at Stephanie’s edgiest WWE days, her run as SmackDown GM back in 2002 will almost always come up as the very hottest. After leaving the company on a brief hiatus, Stephanie would return with a new attitude as a fan favorite. Once she took over SmackDown, the boos eventually turned into cheers and that’s in large part, thanks to some of the more seductive outfits we’d ever seen Stephanie rock.

From being spanked by Cena wearing the shortest skirt ever, to making out with Bischoff while rocking a cleavage-friendly witch costume, Stephanie was pushing limits on the regular. We could have done a list alone on that time period. We celebrate her GM run with this picture that took place during the tail end of her run. All we can say about this picture is two things; cleavage and puppies.

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