15 Of Nikki Bella's Best Red Carpet Fashion Looks

Nikki Bella is one of the best-known female wrestlers in the world right now, because of her starring role in Total Bellas and Total Divas and the fact that she is currently engaged to John Cena, the face of the WWE.

Nikki and John attend a number of red carpet events and awards shows and have even won a number of awards, which is why the two are able to show off their outfits on a regular basis.

Nikki is definitely someone who has curves to flaunt since she is an athlete. Some of her outfits on the red carpet over the last few years have definitely been considered quite risky. The former Divas Champion has always been someone who has had a fantastic sense of fashion, and this is something she likes to show off when she is able to dress up and walk the red carpet.

Nikki isn't given a lot of opportunities to be feminine because her job is something that sees her proving just how tough she can be, which is proven by the fact that Nikki is considered one of the strongest female wrestlers in the industry. This means that Nikki likes to make the most out of the chances she gets to dress up and show off her feminine side. The following list looks at some of the best outfits Nikki Bella has ever decided to wear on the red carpet. These are just 15 of her best looks.

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15 2015 Maxim Party

via: Zimbio.com

Back in 2015, Nikki was followed to every event by her sister Brie, since the two came as a package deal for most of their career as the Bella Twins. Now that Brie has married and recently given birth to her daughter, she hasn't been seen alongside her sister on the red carpet for a number of months.

Nikki and Brie were seen together at the Maxim Party back in January of 2015. Even though Brie went for a safe option by wearing a gold playsuit, Nikki decided to wear a royal blue knee-length dress that was tight in all the right places. The dress also had a number of rips in the chest area so that Nikki was still able to find a way to show off her curves as well as her toned legs, as she paired the outfit with her signature black heels.

14 2013 Miss USA Beauty Pageant

via: Zimbio.com

Given the fact that Nikki and her sister Brie wanted to pursue a career in modelling before they were signed to the WWE following the 2006 Diva Search, it shouldn't come as that much of a surprise that Nikki was chosen to be a guest judge at the 2013 Miss USA Beauty Pageant.

Once again, her sister Brie was by her side as she walked the red carpet looking stunning in the floor-length tight red dress that definitely showed off all of her assets. Nikki also opted to tie her hair back in a high bun to allow her face to be seen. Nikki then matched the outfit with crimson lips and decided to show off a white manicure that finished the look off with style.

13 2017 Teen Choice Awards

via: celebzz.zom

Nikki's fiancé John Cena hosted the Nickelodeon Teen Choice Awards in 2016 followed by the Kids' Choice Awards in 2017, but he wasn't there for the Teen Choice Awards in 2017 even though he did pick up the award for Choice Male Athlete.

Nikki walked the red carpet looking absolutely stunning in a floor-length spaghetti strapped dress that once again hugged her figure. The dress had a slit up her thigh which also allowed the former Champion to show off her incredible legs. Nikki and her sister Brie picked up the award for Choice Female Athletes at the event so she had to make sure she looked amazing as she made her way to the stage to collect her award, and she didn't disappoint. This is an award that the Bella Twins have won every year since 2015, so it was inevitable that they would be picking it up again in 2017.

12 2016 Teen Choice Awards

via: Gotceleb.com

How could anyone ever compete with a woman who can wear a blue one-piece trouser suit on a red carpet and still look incredible? Nikki Bella has made a number of fashion statements over the past few years but at the 2016 Teen Choice Awards in Inglewood California, Nikki decided to opt to cover up her legs and show off her muscular arms in this original outfit.

Nikki is pictured above alongside her sister Brianna who went for a simplistic black and white dress, but Nikki was definitely making a statement as she toned down her wardrobe by wearing the one-piece royal blue trouser suit and she managed to pull it off. This isn't the first time Nikki has been pictured on the red carpet in a trouser one-piece. The WWE star has found something that works really well for her.

11 2014 Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Sports Awards

via: Zimbio.com

When the Kids' Choice Awards take place in the summer, some of the guests have to dress for the weather. Back in 2014, Nikki Bella went for a summer look at the Kids' Choice Sports Awards, which she attended with her sister Brie.

The two walked the orange carpet at the event before their involvement in the ceremony, which was something huge for Nickelodeon since Nikki and Brie are huge stars in the sporting world. Ever since her Divas Championship reign that ended almost three years ago, Nikki has become one of the most recognizable women in the industry. A number of award ceremonies and appearances come with the territory and Nikki has to attend them, but at least she has her sister by her side every step of the way.

10 Daddy's Home 2 Premiere

via: Gotceleb.com

There aren't many women who can show up to the premiere of their fiancé's latest movie dresses in a one-piece green suede suit and still manage to wow the critics, but Nikki Bella can. The Total Divas star looked like she was trying to tone it down for the premiere of John Cena's latest movie back in 2017 but she still managed to look stunning.

Nikki's thin strapped, backless green outfit stole the show at the premiere when it came to the red carpet outfits as she supported her husband-to-be at another film premiere last year. Nikki spends a lot of time on red carpets at this point in her career and even when she tries to dress to stay under the radar, she becomes an icon. Some women were just born to stand out.

9 2012 ESPYs

via: hawtcelebs.com

Back in 2012, Nikki and Brie had only recently returned to the industry and the closest Nikki came to gold that year was her dress at the 2012 ESPY awards. This was before Total Divas became one of the most popular shows on the E! Network, which is now in its seventh season. It was also before Nikki was able to become the Divas Champion for the second time.

Nikki knew that she needed to stand out, and since she had only been in a relationship with John Cena for a few months when this picture was taken, Nikki knew that she needed to dress to make a statement. This dress was definitely the perfect choice. Her sister had the same idea as both sisters look beautiful as ever in their floor-length dresses.

8 2017 Hall Of Fame Induction Ceremony

via: Pinterest.co.uk

The Hall of Fame induction ceremony happens every year in the WWE before WrestleMania and it's the place where the current wrestling roster pays tribute to some of the legends who have paved the way over the past few decades as they take their rightful place among the elite of wrestling.

Nikki and her fiancé John Cena were in attendance for the 2017 Hall of Fame which took place just two days before Cena proposed to his girlfriend at WrestleMania. Nikki was out to make a statement that night as she wore a stunning red dress that was floor-length and had a number of netted sections that allowed her to reveal her famous legs. Nikki also opted to have her hair tied back in a simple ponytail, which complemented this incredible outfit that definitely turned a number of heads at last year's event.

7 2014 Critics' Choice Awards

via: Zimbio.com

There is a reason why Nikki Bella chose the color red for her ring gear and for most of her merchandise. The former champion is well aware of the fact that she looks great in red and judging by this image of her walking the red carpet at the 2014 Critics' Choice Awards, it's hard to argue with her logic.

Nikki is one of the biggest female stars in the industry but she is also a businesswoman and a star of Total Divas, which means that she has to attend a number of these events. Back in 2014, the former model was adjusting to being on red carpets and at special awards ceremonies, but she had no problems when it came to turning heads in this incredible red gown. Nikki doesn't wear her hair up very often, but it was the perfect choice to take it off her shoulders and complete this sizzling look.

6 2015 ESPN Party

via: Zimbio.com

Nikki Bella is able to show off her muscular frame on a regular basis when she's performing on WWE TV as part of their Women's Division, since her ring attire leaves little to the imagination, and sometimes Nikki opts for a tiny little dress so that she can show off the hours that she obviously spends in the gym.

Nikki attended the ESPN party at WestWorld in January of 2015 in her hometown of Scottsdale, Arizona and it seems that the WWE Diva decided that it was time to show off her legs in this short white number that definitely turned a number of heads. She paired the outfit with a pair of sparkly black heels and her much lighter brown hairstyle can be seen in this image before she opted to dye her hair black and created a whole new look for herself.

5 2014 MTV Europe Music Awards

via: hawtcelebs.com

Back in 2014, Nikki's life was a little different. She was the reigning and defending Divas Champion in the WWE, Total Divas was in its first season, and she was joined by her sister Brie as the two attended the MTV Europe Music Awards in Glasgow, Scotland.

The two not only attended the awards ceremony but they were also seen later in the night handing out one of the awards and were even joined on stage by David Hasselhoff. An event of this caliber obviously meant that Nikki needed to dress to impress and as seen above, Nikki had an eye-catching hairstyle as well as a simplistic floor-length dress that hugged her curvy figure. She is pictured with her sister Brie, who opted for a leather two-piece outfit which shows off much more skin than her sister, who is obviously going for a much more understated look.

4 2017 Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards

via: hawtcelebs.com

Over the past few years, Nikki and her sister Brie have attended a number of awards shows and walked the red carpet since their show Total Divas has been nominated for a number of awards. The women have also been nominated for awards for athletes of the year.

Back in 2017, Nikki wowed at the Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards as she turned up in another incredible dress that was revealing enough to show off her trademark legs as well as her muscular arms. Nikki once again paired the black outfit with white heels which still managed to look stunning since she had opted to curl her hair and wear it down. Nikki's natural hair color is brown but over the past few years she has made the choice to keep dying it black. It could be argued that this hair color suits her much better.

3 Trainwreck Movie Premiere

via: sportsworldnews.com

Even though Nikki Bella isn't a movie star, her fiancé is so she has to attend a number of events and always seems to look flawless. The above matching ensemble was something that the former Divas Champion wore to the premiere of Trainwreck back in 2015.

It must have been an awkward situation for Nikki to be in since the movie also starred comedian Amy Schumer, the woman who went on to date her ex-boyfriend Dolph Ziggler after Nikki broke up with him in 2012. Amy was Cena's love interest in the film, which was considered one of the best comedies that the former WWE Champion has been part of. Nikki needed to look incredible alongside her fiancé who is always seen as photogenic. Luckily, she definitely pulled it off with this outfit, which she beautifully paired with a lighter version of her usual makeup and white heels.

2 2016 ESPY Awards

via: WWE.com

Back in 2016, Nikki Bella was still seen hanging on the arm of her boyfriend John Cena at the 2016 ESPY Awards. The awards were attended by a number of other WWE superstars including Summer Rae, Charlotte, Ric Flair and even Nikki's sister Brie.

John Cena was the host of the show that night, and Nikki was dressed to impress as she was seen alongside Cena a number of times. Usually, a figure-hugging dress of this type is seen as a fashion disaster but when you have curves like Nikki Bella, you can wear whatever you want and still look incredible. The knee-length spaghetti strapped dress got the reaction that the former Divas Champion wanted when she stepped on the red carpet to support her future husband, and it is definitely an outfit choice that Nikki would have felt good about.

1 2017 MMVAs

via: much.com/celebmafia.com

One of Nikki's riskiest outfit choices was definitely when she appeared at the Much Music Video Awards back in the summer of 2017. Her fiancé wasn't by her side for this appearance, but her engagement ring was present just a few weeks after Cena proposed to his girlfriend of five years following their victory at WrestleMania 33.

Nikki dazzled in a black and gold gown that was low cut enough to show off a lot and had a long slit up to the thigh to reveal her legs. Nikki has never been shy about showing off her body, and she has the perfect look here as she also paired the outfit with a bold red lipstick and a matching crimson manicure. This was definitely an outfit choice that turned heads as Nikki was seen as one of the best-dressed celebs that night.

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