15 of Marvel's Inhumans You Need To Know About

As the Marvel universe gets ready to move into the next stage of their cinematic takeover, a new breed of hero is set to take centre stage. With many movies and TV shows already out there for us to enjoy, the heroes from the Marvel comic books have all come together in a tightly interweaving universe that has changed the way we enjoy movies.

With human superheroes and mutants already a staple of movies, Marvel have recently taken a gamble with the likes of Guardians of the Galaxy and Doctor Strange. Introducing galactic heroes and magic into the MCU has been a master stroke and has only gone on to strengthen the MCU brand. Because of this the next stage will involve the race of superheroes known as Inhumans. For all those who are unfamiliar with the Inhumans here is everything you need to know about them and 15 Inhumans that we hope will be making it to our screens very soon.

15 Ms. Marvel 


The first entry on our list is the newest superhero on the block and the latest person to have the Marvel mantle. Not only that, but Kamala Khan is fast becoming one of the most popular comic book characters around and with a string of awards to her name already. Being the first Muslim superhero to headline her own comic book series has put the teenage Khan into the public eye in a big way and she's only just started.

Discovering that she has Inhuman genes, Khan's powers soon developed and her shape-shifting abilities  started to manifest. Taking the name Ms. Marvel from her idol Carol Danvers, Khan starts to put her powers to good use and becomes the new superhero for a new generation. Although Khan hasn't yet interacted with many of the Inhumans, because of her popularity we feel that she should at least be involved with the up and coming Inhumans project, or maybe even get a movie all to herself.

14 Blizzard 


We now dip our toes into the criminal side of the Inhuman pond. There have been many characters and villains that have had the name Blizzard but the one we are focused on for this entry is Donald Gill. Starting life out as a typical villain, Gill was given a suit by billionaire  Justin Hammer. With a Cryogenic suit that could manipulate ice and snow, Gill's purpose was to cause Ironman as much trouble as possible.

This all changed when Black Bolt unleashed the Terrigen Mist upon the Earth; the mist which causes anyone with latent Inhuman genes to activate. unknown to him, Gill did have Inhuman genes and his powers started to manifest. Changing his skin to pure white, Gill could also create and control ice and snow by himself and without the use of his suit. Thinking that this was his opportunity to be part of something bigger and better, Gill gave up his criminal ways and tried to be something good. Unfortunately it didn't last long and he was back on the wrong side of the law soon.

13 Quake 


The next entry on our list is an Inhuman that has already made a big impression on our screens and looks set to continue. In the original comic books Daisy Johnson, aka Quake, isn't a big character and doesn't really interact with the Inhuman royal family. However, because of the success of the TV show Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D and the popularity of the character, the comic books have actually started to incorporate the TV show's version of the character into their pages.

Being a computer hacker and an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D, and calling herself Skye, Johnson soon discovers that she is in fact an Inhuman and has the power to generate vibrations and cause Earthquakes. With a character that has already established herself within the MCU, it could be a great way for Marvel to get casual fans interested in the Inhumans. Besides, more Quake would be a definite plus from our point of view.

12 Triton 


Now we take our first look at the Inhuman royal family. Being the son of Mander and Azur and the cousin of Black Bolt and Medusa, Triton was exposed to the Terrigen mist as an infant. As we've seen from other entries on our list, exposure to the mist mutates any Inhuman genes as the person develops their powers. Triton had one of the worst and most devastating mutations of anyone.

Once exposed to the mist, Triton's skin turned green and scaly, he grew gills and could only breath under water as he essentially became a Humanoid sea monster. Later on a series of breathing apparatus were made so that Triton could survive out of the water, however, because of his mutation Triton prefers to live in solitude under the water and away from others. His mutation was so severe that his parents became scared and refused to let his brother Karnak go through the mist.

11 Luna Maximoff


Many casual comic book fans may see Mutants and Inhumans as similar beings but they are not. This entry is the first cross breeding between the two as Luna is the daughter of Inhuman Crystal and the Mutant Quicksilver. Being born from two powerful groups actually canceled out any powers Luna would have and she grew up as Human. However, her father wasn't happy with this and on several occasions tried to get her through the Terrigen Mist. But fear stopped Luna as she was scared that she might mutate badly like Triton.

After several failed attempts, Luna eventually did pass through the mist and her empathic abilities were enhanced, now having the ability to see people's emotions as well as being able to manipulate them. Unfortunately this backfired on her father as Luna became addicted to the Terrigen Mist and she had to be placed with the other Inhumans in order to treat her addiction.

10 Eldrac The Door


As we have seen from Triton, the mutation under the Terrigen Mist can be a terrible thing. Not only can it mutate your body beyond recognition but it can also turn you into a non living entity that is reminiscent of a door. That's what happened to poor Eldrac.

Starting life out as an actual person, Eldrac was a politician who was starting to have a big following within the population. That is until he went through the Terrigen Mist and his entire body was transformed into a large immobile construct and his mouth became a doorway, which gave him his nickname Eldrac The Door. The door itself can be used to transport anyone anywhere across the planet, space and even dimensions and time. Because of this Eldrac has become the main way for the Inhumans to travel.

9 Karnak


Another member of the Inhuman royal family here. Being the brother of Triton, whose mutation under the Terrigen Mist was so severe, Karnak wasn't allowed to pass through the mist and develop his powers. His parents became so fearful that his mutation would be worse than his brother's that Karnak was instead sent to a monastery as a child where he learned philosophy and martial arts.

Although Karnak didn't develop any powers, his martial arts skills are so great that he can not only beat many superpowered beings, he can also pinpoint anyone's weaknesses and exploit them. Over the years the character has proved to be so popular that Karnak has had his own solo comic book published and would therefore be a very popular character to include within the Inhumans universe.

8 Lash


Many beings that have Inhuman genes are unaware of their heritage and live here on Earth blissfully unaware of the power they have. There are other beings that live on Earth that are aware of their heritage but don't have access to the Terrigen Mist which can activate their mutation. Lash is one of the later. Living in the hidden Inhuman city of Orollan, which is somewhere in Greenland, Lash was one of the few beings choson to pass through the Terrigen Mist; as Earth has only a small Terrigen crystal the inhabitants have to be a lot more selective about who passess through it. Lash's new found powers give him complete control over all energy.

When Black Bolt set off a Terrigen bomb above New York, it forced all the potential Inhumans to mutate. Lash took it upon himself to find the newly formed Inhumans and decide if they are worthy or not. If he deemed them unworthy then Lash would decide how best to deal with them. In some cases he would become their executioner.

7 Ahura Boltagon


When the two most powerful Inhumans, Black Bolt and Medusa, conceive a child, the genetics council aren't happy and demand that the baby be terminated. Medusa however had other ideas an escaped to Earth in order to have their son Ahura.

Once the child was born it wasn't only the genetics council that were unhappy. Many people were fearful that the child would inherit his father's vast power and his uncle's mental issues. Unfortunately the fears and predictions surrounding Ahura started to become true as her baby cry was on par with her father's devastating power. More than this, Ahura  developed a power known as the 'Evil Eye.' A telepathic power that can kill any living thing. Because of this power there have been many factions within the Inhumans set to capture, disarm and destroy Ahura.

6 Maximus Boltagon


Throughout the Marvel universe there are several heroes that have their equal and opposite counterparts and many of them not only battle the heroes but are also linked to them in some way. Just like Thor has Loki, Black Bolt has his younger brother Maximus to deal with.

Growing up in the shadow of the Black Bolt, a powerful Inhuman and heir to the throne of Attilan, Maximus has always been a little bit grumpy and resentful to his big brother. Mix that together with an accident involving Black Bolt's voice and Maximus being too close to him as a young child, the reverberations messed with Maximus's mind and caused a mild insanity. All of that together has caused Maximus to do some pretty horrendous things; all of which with the intent of overthrowing Black Bolt so he can take his place on the throne.

The powers that were granted to him through the Terrigen Mist greatly enhanced his intellect and vast mental powers, to the point that he can even impose his will upon anyone and even wipe their minds completely.

5 Gorgon


Every group needs a loyal and strong person that would do anything to protect those who need it and for the Inhumans that person is Gorgon. Being the cousin of Black Bolt and a member of the Inhuman royal family, Gorgon was exposed to the Terrigen Mist as a young child. The result was increased strength, durability and the legs of a bull; legs that can produce Earthquake-like shock waves when he stamps on the ground.

In adult life Gorgon is the personal security guard and protector to Black Bolt and he also trains the newly mutated Inhumans who have been exposed to the Terrigen Mist. Taking it upon himself to teach and guide the young to use their powers responsibly, Gorgon is noted for his high morals and willingness to stand up for what he believes in and all that is good in the universe.

4 Crystal


Now we start to come to the most famous and iconic members of the Inhumans. Crystal is arguably one of the first and most recognizable Inhumas around, apart from possibly Black Bolt. She has been involved with several superhero groups and romantically linked with some of Marvel's biggest characters; most famously Johnny Storm and Quicksilver, with whom she had her child Luna. All this has meant that Crystal has been a popular Marvel character for many years now and is certain to be involved with any Inhuman projects coming to the big screen.

Being the sister of Queen Medusa, Crystal has complete control over all four elements; water, air, fire and earth. Unlike many of the other Inhumans who seem to want to keep to themselves, because of Crystal's great power and her willingness to do good, she has been a long serving member of the Fantastic Four, The Avengers and the X-Men.

3 Medusa


Now we come to the queen of the Inhumans and wife of Black Bolt, Medusa. As with the other members of the Inhuman royal family, Medusa was exposed to the Terrigen Mist as a child and as a result was mutated and given extraordinary powers. As you may be able to guess from her name, Medusa's powers lies within her hair. Although she doesn't have snakes for hair, her hair is a remarkable entity. Every strand of hair is a separate living thing and has the ability to be used as an extra limb. This can be used to perform tasks that hands can do. Her hair can also grow long and is stronger than steel.

Medusa met Black Bolt when he was younger and imprisoned until he learned to control his power and master silence. Because of Black Bolt's devastating vocal power, Medusa began to communicate with him in silence and to this day she is the only one that can understand what he's thinking and what he needs. The two fell in love and married and together they rule as king and queen.

2 The Unspoken


Before Black Bolt and Medusa ruled the Inhumans, they were ruled by the most powerful Inhuman around - an Inhuman that is only known today as The Unspoken. Being the most powerful inhuman went to his head and the power hungry ruler started to abuse his power, stealing and hiding a powerful weapon known as the Slave Engine; a weapon that turns Humans into mindless slaves. This was a step too far for the other Inhumans and Black Bolt challenged The Unspoken for the throne.

To his surprise, Black Bolt beat him and claimed the throne for himself. As punishment for his bad deeds, Black Bolt erased everything The Unspoken had done from history and even his name was lost. Nowadays he is only referred to as The Unknown. Since he lost his throne, The Unspoken has shown his ugly head from time to time. Most notably when he tried to use the Slave Engine on every Human on Earth.

1 Black Bolt


The number one spot on our list goes to the daddy of all the Inhumans and the king himself, Black Bolt. As well as having greatly enhanced strength, flight, stamina and reflexes, Black Bolt's true power is in his voice. After passing through the Terrigen Mist as a child, Black Bolt discovered that his voice produced hypersonic waves that can level cities and even planets. Because of the destructive power that he possess, Black Bolt has been vigorously trained in the art of silence. Spending most of his childhood in isolation, Black Bolt has mastered many mental techniques that keep him from uttering a single sound. Even when he's asleep.

Because of this, the ruler of the Inhumans remains silent at all times and communicates via sign language or through his wife Medusa. Because of his power and status within the Inhumans, there can't be any kind of Inhuman project without Black Bolt.


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15 of Marvel's Inhumans You Need To Know About