15 L.A. Restaurants Where Tourists Can Spot Kendrick Lamar

Kendrick Lamar is a famous rapper and songwriter who has been releasing music ever since he was just 16. The now 30-year-old star has picked up a number of accolades and awards for his contributions to music over the past decade and a half including seven Grammy awards and even appeared for the first time on the Time 100 list of most influential people back in 2016.

It seems that becoming one of the most influential people in the world a few years ago means that many of Kendrick's most hardcore fans now want to know everything about his life outside of the music business, which includes where his favorite places to eat in Los Angeles are. Kendrick's new album DAMN allowed the star to name a number of his favorite restaurants in his home state of California, which has left many of his fans wondering what he considers to be his favorite restaurant in his home state overall, which could be hard considering there are quite a few restaurants in California.

While the rapper was able to name many of his favourite places to eat in the album, it seems that there were many that he has been seen at that he didn't include, which is why the following list looks at 15 of his favourite L.A. restaurants for all of his fans to view and decide whether or not they want to visit places that are highly recommended by the Grammy award-winning rapper.

15 Roscoe's House Of Chicken And Waffles

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Roscoe's House of Chicken And Waffles is a restaurant in Long Beach founded in 1975. It obviously offers waffles and fried chicken as part of their menu. It seems that the unlikely combination of golden fried chicken and large waffles covered in butter is something that put the restaurant on the map a few years ago and it seems that there are a number of famous patrons, including Natalie Cole, Thomas Keller, and Barack Obama.

There are a number of stars who have visited the place over the past 40 years and judging by the image above, Kendrick Lamar also enjoys to eat chicken and waffles when he is able to come back home to L.A. This is also another restaurant in Los Angeles that Snoop Dogg and Lamar share, as both artists seem to enjoy a number of the same restaurants in the area.

14 Louis Burgers

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Lamar mentions fast food restaurant Church's Chicken in his song "Backseat Freestyle" and it seems that just down the road from the fast food chicken place is another place called Louis Burger Bar. This is another fast food outlet on Rosecrans in Lamar's hometown of Compton.

Lamar also references this restaurant in his 2009 self-titled EP, where he states, “Pain since my grandma’s death, uncle killed at Louis Burgers/Hold my tears, I tried my best, let it go, drench my pullover.” As you read down this list, we're sure you will figure out that Kendrick Lamar obviously has a number of favorite hangouts in his hometown that he likes to include in his songs. Many fans have been able to pick up the references to these restaurants in Lamar's music, while it seems that others have seemingly gone unnoticed. Either way, Lamar seems to love food.

13 Real De Oaxaca Restaurant

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Real De Oaxaca is a Mexican cantina for Oaxacan dishes located in Long Beach, California. This is once again another location that Kendrick Lamar has been linked to over the past few years. The rapper has talked about spending time at the Mexican restaurant a number of times as it seems that he is open to eating at a number of different delicacies.

Long Beach Blvd and most of Los Angeles overall is dominated by Mexican food, so it seems that for Kendrick to be able to name Real De Oaxaca one of the best ones in the area just goes to show how great the food really is. Being able to sit down and have some authentic Oaxacan flavors. Four different mole sauces, banana leaf-wrapped tamales and even the grilled cactus are some of the reasons why this is near the top of Kendrick's list.

12 Lido Restaurant

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Lido is a Mexican style restaurant that is located on Manhattan Beach Boulevard. Like many of the other places mentioned on this list, Lamar mentions this place in a song – Keisha's song where he set the scene of one of LA's biggest tourist attractions, which is Long Beach Boulevard.

Fancy girls on Long Beach Boulevard/Flagging down all of these flashy cars.These lyrics could relate to anything, but it seems that they are the lyrics that Lamar decided to use to describe the Long Beach that he remembers and it seems to relate to Lido as one of the best-known nightclubs and restaurants on the drag. Lido's pull is the fact that it is both a nightclub and a restaurant which features live Latin music on a regular basis and plenty of cowboy inspired quests who are seen eating some of their famous dishes, including burritos and quesadillas.

11 The Palm

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The Palm is an upscale, old-school style steakhouse that is located on South Flower Street near the Staple's Centre in Los Angeles. It seems that when it comes to places to go when Lamar wants to celebrate, this is his go-to restaurant.

The Palm is one of the most high-end restaurants in the area and there are a number of celebrities that have visited it. The restaurant is known for its seafood and selection of fine wines. It is located in quite an area populated with clubs, which could be why so many stars are drawn to the location when it comes to eating or dining out in the Los Angeles area. Lamar is not the only celebrity that names The Palm as one of their favorite places to eat in Los Angeles.

10 Church's Chicken

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Kendrick Lamar was born and raised in Compton, California and it seems that one of the places that he loved to visit when he was growing up was Church's Chicken. While there are a number of fried chicken outlets in Kendrick's hometown, it seems that this is the only one he felt the need to give a shout out to in one of his songs.

In his hit song "Backstreet Freestyle," the lyrics “Park it in front of Lueders, next to that Church’s Chicken” have become quite well-known and indicate that the rapper enjoyed visiting it while growing up. Like many chicken places in the area, Church's Chicken offers the best kind of fried chicken but it's probably the fact that this is so close to his home and reminds him of his hometown that Lamar decided to include it, rather than his love of the chicken.

9 Tams Burger

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Tams Burger is a fast food restaurant located on West Rosecrans in Los Angeles. It seems that Kendrick Lamar likes to share his own views on his home state, so Lamar has essentially written a guide to L.A. and he has recommended Tams Burger as a place that is worth visiting.

Lamar wrote, "Everybody loves In-N-Out, but it's a very clean-cut burger. Tam's is street-sloppy, burgers and shakes. It's a chain, but it's still hood." Much like many of the other places that Lamar has recommended when it comes to food in his home state, this is one that reminds him of his childhood and growing up eating fast food and not having any of his current responsibilities. It definitely looks like a place that many of his fans would visit thanks to his recommendation.

8 Trap Kitchen L.A.

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Trap Kitchen is a small kitchen style place that caters to big events out of Roberto Arturo Smith's apartment in Los Angeles. Kendrick Lamar is a fan of the food that is created here since he decided to hire the company to cater his wedding party and a number of other stars including Snoop Dogg, The Game, Tyrese, Reverend Run, D'Angelo and Lil' Derk have also opted to use this restaurant as their main catering choice.

Trap Kitchen L.A. is a business that is run by just two people and they made the decision to create the restaurant a few years ago and shared their thoughts about the beginning of the kitchen dream: "We went from hanging in the clubs and messing with them girls to hanging in the kitchen and messing with food." It seems that the two have already made some powerful friends.

7 Harold And Belle's Restaurant

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Harold and Belle's Restaurant is a standout location in Los Angeles and has been part of many tourists' bucket lists over the past few decades since it is basically New Orleans in Los Angeles. The restaurant has been part of the nightlife in the town for more than 40 years and it's still as popular today as it always was.

It seems that this is a favorite hangout spot for Kendrick's producer Terrace Martin who enjoys the gumbo. It makes sense that Lamar and Martin have probably made a number of business deals and had many meetings at this place. Even fellow artist and close friend of Lamar's Kamasi Washington recently revealed that he thinks that this is one of the best places to visit in L.A. because of its diverse menu and the fact that it offers something for everyone who decides to eat there.

6 Versailles Cuban Restaurant

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The Versailles Cuban Restaurant is a Cuban food chain that has four locations in California alone. It seems that much like all the other locations on this list, Lamar is a fan of the Cuban food that this restaurant offers including the Cubano sandwich, which is supposed to be legendary.

Lamar mentions the Cuban restaurant in his song "Element," where he states, "Fake my death, go to Cuba, that's the only option," as his way of describing just how much he wants to go back to one of the restaurants that he grew up visiting. Cuban food isn't a delicacy that is as well known as many others like Italian and Chinese, but it seems that with Kendrick's help, and if he continues to promote the chain in his most popular songs, then it could be seen as a popular one in the future.

5 The Counter

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The Counter is a contemporary burger bar in California that serves a mixture of gourmet burgers, beer and wine. The restaurant also offers a number of original milkshakes, which could be why Lamar decided to include this place in his song entitled "Loyalty."

It seems that the note about switching sides relates to the loyalty programme that The Counter offers when you sign up to their Counter Points program, which in turn gives you free food like shakes and burgers. It's also a popular place when it comes to their birthday milkshakes that it often dishes out for its most loyal members. Maybe this is why Kendrick decided that this was the best restaurant for him to include in a song that was all about loyalty.

4 Love And Salt

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Love and Salt is an Italian-inspired restaurant that is located on Manhattan Beach Boulevard that is known for its Italian bistro and its sky-lit domed ceiling. This is another place that Kendrick decided to promote in one of his most popular songs called "Humble."

It seems that this is one of his favorite places because of its sheer size and the fact that it serves some of the best pizza and pasta in the area. There is a note on their website that states that the Manhattan Beach is usually so busy that it will be hard to get a seat unless you make a reservation ahead of time, which shows just how popular this restaurant is to the community that surrounds it.

3 Better Buzz Coffee

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Kendrick Lamar doesn't seem as though he's the kind of star who would visit a cafe or that would enjoy coffee, but it seems that one of his favorite places to visit is Better Buzz Coffee which is located in between L.A. and San Diego in Encinitas.

Lamar refers to this coffee shop when he says, "Buzzin', radars is buzzin" in the song entitled "Yah." Even though Lamar has never been pictured there, it is well-known for its breakfast menu as well as its coffee which includes feta avocado toast and a bacon ciabatta breakfast sandwich. The cafe has a number of great reviews online and seems to be a regular hangout for many other celebrities as well. Maybe Kendrick is the one who can make going to cafes cool again for the next generation since this is obviously one of his favorite places to eat.

2 Four Daughters Kitchen

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Four Daughters Kitchen is a restaurant in Manhattan Beach that is known for their American breakfast classics such as omelets, French toast and pancakes. Lamar refers to the restaurant with the lyrics "Eat at Four Daughter's, Brock wearin' sandals."

The reviews of the restaurant prove that it serves some great food even though the service is a little bit slow. It was once one of the greatest places to visit for food on the beach front but it was forced to close a few years ago and it is unknown when it will be opening again if it ever will. For a place that comes so highly recommended by someone like Kendrick Lamar, it should definitely be opening up in the future and cash in on the free publicity that the rapper has given to them.

1 Petrossian Paris

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Petrossian Paris is known for its caviar and its expensive menu, but it seems that despite this, Lamar rapped about this restaurant in his DAMN album. "Sippin' bubbly, feelin' lovely, livin' lovely" are the words that he uses to describe the place in as part of his song.

It seems that Lamar sees this as one of the best places in his home state because of their array of fine champagne and the fact that the food outlet serves one of the best breakfasts in West Hollywood. Petrossian Paris is a French restaurant that was originally founded in Paris in 1920 and has since become a popular restaurant all over the world.  It seems that this is the perfect place for business deals or late night dates and it comes highly recommended by the rapper. Do you need any other reason to try their world famous caviar?

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