20 Of Kendall Jenner's Best Outfits (That We Can Actually Afford)

Kendall Jenner is one of the greatest fashion icons of our time. It’s absolutely amazing how she can keep up with her sisters at such a young age. There’s a reason we all want to know what she wears each day. There’s a reason she has almost 90 million Instagram followers. She is a social media model (who practically invented the term) and one of Victoria's Secret’s angels. She has taken part in fashion weeks in places like Paris, New York, and Milan. She is even a brand ambassador for top designers like Estée Lauder. In 2017, she became the world’s highest-paid model, according to Forbes.

Kendall got her start at the age of 14 modelling for Wilhelmina in 2009. In just a few short years, she became a legend. The reason for this was in part because of her family’s show Keeping Up with the Kardashians. Now, she has broken away from her family and stands on her own two feet. When it comes to her fans, her most defining feature is her clothing. She is known to love oversized shirts, slip dresses, leather, and high-waisted jeans. But did you know that most of the time, there is a way to get her looks? While not every outfit is affordable for a middle-class citizen, there are dozens of outfits that Kendall Jenner wears that you can copy. Whether it’s for New Year’s Eve or a casual date night, Kendall Jenner has got you covered. Here are her twenty best looks that you can adopt without breaking the bank.

20 Channeling The Chic Leather Goddess

Via: Cosmopolitan.com

This jacked up full-on leather look that Kendall Jenner gave us at the Mango Tribal Spirit party in Barcelona, Spain on January 28, 2016 was to die for. Kendall was chosen to be the model and icon of Mango’s new line. As you can see, she sure did pull it off! Both her skirt and top were from Mango’s Tribal Spirit collection. The skirt was a $50 steal at Mango, and the shirt was $50 as well. As expected, both pieces sold like hotcakes! Both are currently out of stock, but you can buy similar skirts at Gap and 6pm. As for the top, Nordstrom has a nearly identical crop called Gracia for just $30.

This is one of Kendall’s cheapest outfits that you can buy the exact same pieces of clothing she wears. For under $100, this look is yours.

19 Kendall Does Forever 21

Via: Wheretoget.it

Can you believe that Kendall Jenner would wear something from Forever 21? It is one of our very favorite stores due to the selection, price, and high-end style that you can get for so little. This pair of oversized overalls that you could curl up on the couch with is just $30. That’s right, for just $30 you have all you need to make a Kendall Jenner outfit. The rest of the outfit is probably sitting in your closet right now!

The best news of all? It seems every pair of overalls that Kendall has been seen in can be found at Forever 21. Or at least a very similar pair at 2% of the cost. Her denim overall shorts are just $30 at Forever 21. And her distressed overall jeans are just $35. If you’re looking for Kendall look-alike steals, then Forever 21 is your store. Just don’t forget to grab a basic relaxed t-shirt while you’re at it.

18 Game Day

Via: mymoda365.com

Kendall was spotted in this casual wear at the LA Lakers game where they took on the Memphis Grizzlies in Los Angeles in January of 2017. Oddly enough, nearly identical boots can be bought at Forever 21 for under $30 under Zipped Clear Stiletto Boots. Hers are unavailable online and would cost thousands if you could find them anyway. The Dior Addict shirt can be bought at Etsy or Wehustle for under $15, which is practically the same price as a thrift store, only it’s brand new. You better snag that one fast because they won’t be available for much longer.

If you get some distressed cuff jeans for $30 as well, that makes this outfit under $100 yet again! Need a place for distressed cuff jeans? Believe it or not, Kohl’s has some very high-quality Indigo Rein jeans that are less than $25 when on sale. This is another outfit to catch fast.

17 Kendall’s Foxy Night In

Via: Pmcfootwearnews.com

She may have been spotted at 2016’s New Year’s Eve party in this gear, but to us, it looks more like she’s ready for a cozy night in – or a sultry night in bed watching Netflix with her man. A very affordable version of her dress is available at MissGuided for just $17. Their website actually has a “Kendall Jenner” section so you might want to check the whole thing out if you’re into these styles! As for the robe, although places like Walmart and Target have leopard print satin robes for under $20, if you’d like to step it up, there’s an affordable way to do that. Ettuet’s iCollection has a gorgeous satin animal print robe that will get you there for $40.

However, if you decide to go with Target, we won’t judge. It’s not the price that matters when it comes to style. Whatever works for you. Just don’t forget the heels!

16 Rockin’ The Mom Jeans

Via: juliadudko.com

Kendall probably only wore these jeans (multiple times) to prove that she can pull off anything. Some nice mom jeans and a crop top is one of Kendall Jenner’s favorite looks. It’s proof that you don’t have to wear haute couture fashion to look extra fine. One of her favorite pair of affordable jeans are high-waisted slim Levi’s. Though she has been seen with various Levi’s on, the slim fit seem to be a fave. These range anywhere from $50-$90 and are made to fit your body type and style. Some of her favorites are the 501s, but it seems the ones in this outfit could be 710 or 711.

Now her top can be found at different places depending on your budget. Ideally, the one at Lulu’s in their OBEY WILD CHILD line is what you’ll want at $32. But if you are on a tight budget, we have a secret for you. Zumiez claims to have the exact top for less than $7.

15 Polka Dot Queen

Via: Dailymail.co.uk

Who would have thought that a mini dress and tennis shoes would be so perfect for each other? The sneakers put the comfort in fabulous. Kendall showed us that they are fabulous, with a pair of $350 Adidas shoes. They are exquisite with the dress, and if you can afford the sneaks, go for them. But most people can’t. Nordstrom has lower budget versions for under $50 in case you’re wondering. But the dress is what’s the real eye catcher here. The exact dress she is wearing is called the ANOUK MINI DRESS from Bec and Bridge. This particular dress is only $230, making it affordable for parties.

However, if you’d like a cheaper one, Dress Lily is selling a carbon copy for just $16. They call it the Polka Dot Mini Spaghetti Strap Dress. It's one that you can sneak in your weekly allowance without anyone noticing.

14 When You Just Want To Chill

Via: Stealherstyle.com

Kendall Jenner loves her graphic tees. This one is paired with those Levi’s we talked about earlier. Everyone needs a pair of good Levi’s. But her shirt is a Heron Preston $280 tee. For a tee, that is way out of our budget. If you want a long sleeve graphic tee like hers, Pac Sun (which she endorses) has some great picks, all for under $40. Not your style? Zumiez rocks graphic tees for $30 and there are tons to choose from. The outfit can be rather tomboyish, and if you’re into that, this is perfect for you. Kendall took away that tomboy look by adding one simple accessory.

There are thousands of red leather purses out there, but if you want to make it as fabulous as Kendall, it has to be shiny. These are nearly impossible to find at a decent price, but Steve Madden and Ericdress both have amazing buys that make you look like you spent thousands on your style.

13 Making Hoodies Hot

Via: Dailymail.co.uk

Kendall Jenner was spotted in this cool outfit at the Malibu Chili Cook-Off with her boyfriend in September of 2017. She tried to hide her face most of the time, but paparazzi snuck in a few shots to show us what she was wearing. White sports shoes like hers can be found at Reebok or Adidas and come in a variety of prices. But her distressed denim shorts can be purchased for $30 at Urban Outfitters and are known as the Urban Renewal Recycled shorts. Trust us, they are the same shorts and you need them! All that aside, the focal point for her outfit is that hoodie. This is known as a boyfriend hoodie (which makes you feel like he lent you a hoodie that you don’t have to give back) and Desert Dreams has a killer one at SilkFred. And yeah, it’s under $50! You can never have too many hoodies.

12 Off The Shoulder And Studded

Via: Cliqeuinc.com

You won’t believe us when we say that this off-the-shoulder top can be found at H&M (one of Kendall’s favorites) for just $15! It’s likely that this is the exact same top rather than just a knock-off. After all, she does claim to like H&M. She has been seen wearing it many times but perhaps this time she wore it best. A high-waisted version of the skirt can be found at Poshmark for $30. But Lyst also has many black studded skirts to choose from.

Lyst is a great way to find a look you like. The site will connect you to many different stores and redirect you whenever you find the piece you want to take home. You search for keywords, and Lyst will send you to the place to buy the item you choose. So if you’re looking for studded black skirts, then check out Lyst.

11 Casual Meets Business

Via: Harpersbazaar.com

Pairing a blazer with jeans is always a good look when you want to be taken seriously, yet not uptight. Kendall Jenner does it better than anyone. But how can you do it? Azbro has an amazing $25 Casual One Button Slim Fit Blazer! But if you prefer a more mature look, Boohoo has a $30 Blythe Ruched Sleeve Blazer that is about as spiffy as you are going to get. Underneath it, you’re going to want to wear a black mesh top. INC International Concepts has a $30 one at Macy’s that will do the job just fine.

The jeans she wears are probably Levi’s 501 jeans, or at least something very similar to them. If you want Kendall’s wardrobe, you need some 501 jeans; that’s a simple fact. She loves them! Those and Re/Done jeans (which are expensive) are all she seems to wear. But not everyone can afford the Re/Done jeans.

10 That’s How You Wear A Casual Dress

Via: Wheretoget.it

This outfit is pretty boss. The exact shoes she is wearing are Adidas Originals Superstar 80s Metal Toe, which are $130. This is not horrible for Adidas, especially since they are silver-toed! If you can afford them, then buy them as they will be worth the money invested. But what really matters here is that dress. Revolve has the NBD Don’t Turn Back Dress for just over $100. Now $230 for this outfit might seem outlandish to some, but it really isn’t that bad, considering so many of Kendall's outfits cost thousands of dollars. However, if you need this look but don’t have $100 to spend on the dress, Lulu’s has an awesome option for $30 called the Tupelo Honey Olive Green Dress.

If you want to pull it all together with some shades, you won’t be able to get Kendall’s Retrosuperfuture pair (as they cost thousands of dollars and are out of stock), but Forever 21 has some amazing $10 knock-offs that would fool anyone!

9 Rocking Yellow

Via: Pinterest.com

These pants are actually a $300 Kylie and Kendall original. For those who didn’t know, the sisters have their own clothing line and site. Surprisingly, their stuff isn’t all that bad when it comes to price. But if you still think it’s too much, both Nordstrom and Revolve have paper bag pants for under $100. If you want the cheapest and most doppelgänger of the paper bag pants, you’ll want to check Nasty Gal. They have a pair of high-waisted paper bag pants in the same mustard color for just $24. If you want to add the corset underneath, ASOS and Express both have black corset tops for under $40.

Yes, for less than $75, you’ll have people asking, “Is that the outfit I saw Kendall Jenner in not too long ago? How did you afford something so posh?” Now if that doesn’t make you smile, then we don’t know what will.

8 Slip Dresses Done Right

Via: fashionsizzle.com

This look is hard to beat. The incredibly thigh-high cacky boots can be found at none other than Overstock for $40, under CAPE ROBBIN DD18. Who would have thought something so perfect could be found at Overstock? To be fair, they aren’t identical. Kendall’s version are sold out and far too expensive for our liking, so this alternative is a godsend. She amped up her neutral slip dress by wearing a white t-shirt underneath. Though Boohoo has a blush slip dress that is less than $15, the best place to find an affordable slip dress is Revolve. Their X Revolve Raven Slip Dress is only $63. Everything else in this outfit is doable, so that is hardly a splurge!

You get the boots and slip dress, and you likely already have the tee in your closet. That makes this outfit anywhere from $50 to $100, depending on what you can afford.

7 Ready For A Concert

Via: Capitalfm.com

The exact Led Zeppelin shirt that Kendall is wearing is no longer available anywhere but eBay. It’s called Houses of the Holy and was only available for a limited time. However, both Hot Topic and Teepublic have some amazing choices as far as Zeppelin tees go. The vintage tee paired with black cutoff shorts is a coupling unlike any other. It can be worn anywhere, but works best when going to a concert or just a night out on the town. Blackheart’s line at Hot Topic always has your favorite black cutoffs! The $83 A Gold E Jaden High Rise Cut Off Shorts at Revolve are also an option. Those are the exact same ones that Kendall wore, but aren’t $20 like Blackheart’s. The Givenchy boots that Kendall wore are way out of our price range, though. Romwe has adorable replacements, as does H&M and Forever 21. Just look for black ankle boots!

6 An Original Outfit

Via: Pmcfootwearnews.com

This one is actually a Kendall and Kylie original called the OVERSIZED GROMMET TEE. It is available in black or white and can be found for only $70 on their site. There’s really hardly a need for a replacement at that price. It is totally worth it since there are so many ways you can wear it and it is easy to care for.

The sneakers, on the other hand, aren’t as cheap. They are the girls’ Reign Sneakers that are $145. But with a tee like this, you can wear it with boots, regular sneakers, or even heels. There are no shoes that would not go with it. If you’re looking for more variety, this tee would go great with leggings of your choosing or denim shorts. You can even try it with a colorful cami underneath that would show through the grommets! In that case, boots would probably be the best bet.

5 Takin’ A Picture Of You

Via: Lookalive.com

This Kendall look may be the easiest one of all to pull off. It looks good on women of all shapes and sizes and is incredibly affordable. It’s perfect for grocery day, a hangout at home day, or a go out with friends day! Her tee is a $30 Coke Magic 4th Chamber Tee that can be purchased at Coke Magic’s site. Yep, it’s the exact same number as the one she sported. Her jeans are $50 501 white men’s jeans that can be purchased at the Levi’s site. It is an interesting change up on your style to wear men’s jeans. It really does work.

The boots are the most expensive piece of the ensemble, but at select stores you can find them for under $100. Steve Madden has an amazing pair of white leather ankle boots that would more than suffice. In fact, Steve Madden has a lot of Kendall Jenner-inspired clothes that you need ASAP.

4 Distressed, Fringed, And Leather

Via: Pinterest.com

A Fringe Faux Leather Jacket can be found at Forever 21 that is eerily similar to Kendall’s here. If we didn’t know better, we’d say she bought the jacket at Forever 21. It’s less than $30 and about as perfect as leather jackets get. The tee can be purchased at Make Me Chic for under $12, or you can do it yourself with nothing but a cheese grater and a pair of scissors on a $3 men’s tee. That’s a DIY that we should all try our hand at. While Kendall’s leather pants are in the thousands, you can buy leather leggings at H&M for $8. Or if you prefer full-on leather pants, Nordstrom has some under Good American that are less than $180 most of the time. But we suggest trying the $20 outfit version first. What’s there to lose? It's only twenty bucks!

3 The World’s Most Adorable Dress

Via: harpersbazaar.com

Now this look is one that we can’t stop drooling over. Have you ever seen such an adorable little outfit? For the shoes, you can use the same Steve Madden shoes from the Coke Magic outfit earlier. White leather will do. But to get the dress, if you want the exact one, you’ll have to forfeit $380 at Opening Ceremony for their Daisy Broderie Lace-Up Corset Dress. If you can afford that, good for you. But if not, Guess has a lace-up dress at Macy’s that won’t hurt your wallet. But we prefer the Vavavoom Kani White Corset Bodycon Dress that is under $20. Though if you can afford it, Dolls Kill’s Brocade Corset Dress at $58 is well worth it.

Last Call has an Evelyn K Faux-Fur Chain-Strap Clutch Bag for just $20 that beats out the $2000 sheepskin one that Kendall uses. It adds a bit of fur and a bit of posh to this cute look.

2 Western Gal Goes To Beverly Hills

Via: Harpersbazaar.com

Now is the time to pull out those Levi’s once more for Kendall Jenner’s country look. The girl wore the line-dancer’s dream outfit at the opening ceremony of What Goes Around Comes Around in Beverly Hills. While you can buy similar shirts at Coach, the experts at Shepler’s and Cavender’s have a wider variety that won’t break the bank. In this case, the experts actually have it available for cheaper. Our favorites include Cowgirl Legend Women's White with Turquoise Embroidery Western Snap Shirt for $45 at Cavender’s or the denim Shyanne Women's Embroidered Chambray Shirt at Shepler’s for $50. It depends on which look you prefer.

As for extra-pointed black boots, ASOS has some awesome eclectic pairs that are very reasonably priced. However, CiCi Hot’s Wild Rose ones are just $12 and are practically a steal. Who can say no to $12 boots? We sure can’t.

1 The Perfect Match

Via: Eonline.com

Surprisingly enough, these jeans are one of Kendall’s favorites, known as Blank NYC Nightchild Skinny Jeans that are a reasonable $78. Who knew that she was so in love with cheap jeans? Although those aren’t too bad, H&M has a similar pair for under $40. Now that’s what gets our blood pumping.

The tee she is wearing is an UNRAVEL Basic Distressed Tee from Forward by Elyse Walker. It is a slightly overpriced $153. If you can’t deal with that, Living Chic has some nice Distressed Cut Out Tees for just $36. Now, by far the most affordable over-the-knee boots are from H&M, which can be found for under $20. It’s your choice as far as color and style go.

And let’s not forget the finishing touch: a sweet Burger King ice cream shake. Yep, they can be found for less than $3! That’s a value we just can’t refuse.

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