15 Of Katy Perry's Most Stunning Grammy Looks

Katy Perry has risen to fame over the past few years with some of the catchiest and relatable singles of the current era. The 33-year-old singer and songwriter has made the headlines over the past few years for some of the strangest reasons, but that has never been able to wipe away the fact that she is one of the most talented artists in the world right now.

Katy has been in the public eye for the past 17 years ever since she first appeared back in 2001 with the album Katy Hudson. As well as being a talented singer, much like Rihanna, Katy has tried her hand at acting as well and has starred in a number of films over the past few years including Zoolander 2 and The Smurfs.

There really is no stopping Katy Perry right now. She broke up with her first husband Russell Brand back in 2011 after just 14 months of marriage. She has even spoken about how she struggled with depression after the divorce, but she was able to channel that into creating some beautiful music.

While Perry has had a fantastic few years in the spotlight, she seems to like to have all eyes on her and there is no better place for this than the Grammy Awards. Katy has been part of this show a number of times and she is always dressed to impress. The following list looks at the "Teenage Dream" singer's best looks from the big show.

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15 2010 Grammy Awards

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Katy Perry arrived at the 2010 Grammy Awards looking her absolute best in a Zac Posen floor-length gown that had a number of detailed flowers throughout the dress. Katy was dressed as a winner that night since her single "Hot 'n' Cold" was nominated for a Grammy for the Best Female Vocal Performance.

Even though Katy dressed in gold to help her chances, she came up short. Although Katy has won a number of awards throughout her singing career, she hasn't been able to pick up a Grammy so far despite being nominated for 13 awards over the past six years. Hopefully, Katy will finally be able to pick up the award in the coming years as she continues to bring passion to her music, which many of her fans relate to.

14 2017 Grammy Awards

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Katy arrived at the 59th annual Grammy Awards last year looking as impressive as ever as she showed off her newly blonde hair in another Tom Ford outfit. Katy enjoys wearing Tom Ford clothes, but this was definitely a bold statement as she showed off the feathered skirt underneath the liquid metal top.

This definitely was an eye-catching gown since it was something that was talked about long after the awards, which was what the singer obviously set out to do that night since she skipped the 2016 awards and wasn't nominated for any awards at the 2017 annual event. After more than eight years of Grammy appearances, Katy is now in a position where she still awaits her first Grammy Award. It's incredible to think that despite her success over the past few years, she has still been unable to take one of the iconic awards home with her after 13 nominations.

13 Grammy Awards Performance

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Not only was Katy Perry nominated for four different awards at the 2011 Grammy Awards, but she was also able to perform at the show once again. This time the singer put together a medley of all of her songs that were in the charts at that time. While performing on one of the biggest stages in music, Katy decided to wear another Giorgio Armani dress. This time, it was covered in hearts.

Katy wasn't as open to showing skin as she usually was since she decided to wear a pair of tights underneath the dress which were also covered in glitter. Katy kept her hair the same as it was spotted on the red carpet when she appeared, which gives the outfit a simplistic yet stunning look. Katy may not have won an award that night, but her performance was definitely one that the public was talking about afterwards.

12 2014 Grammy Awards Performance

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Do you want to know the secret to dazzling an audience? Always do the unexpected, which is exactly what Katy did at the 2014 Grammy Awards when her performance of "Dark Horse" saw her clothes actually light up.

Katy went for a much darker look than the outfit she arrived in at the show a few hours prior, as she wore a light up shirt that was a little revealing as well as a purple flowing skirt and black boots. The outfit was complemented with lace style tights and arms on the sleeves of her shirt that seemed to fit with the outfit perfectly. Katy is one of the best female artists of the current generation and it seems that one of the reasons for this is because she always knows how to bring something new for her fans when she feels like her performance is getting stale.

11 2017 Grammy Awards Performance

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Katy Perry attended the 2017 Grammy Awards despite skipping the red carpet at the awards the year before. Even though she was in attendance for the show last year, it was the first year that she had been at the show and was not nominated for an award.

Katy just seemed to take this in stride as she performed "Chained to the Rhythm" in a tailored white Tom Ford suit before she later unveiled a new song alongside Skip Marley. Katy used the Grammy Awards to send a message about a new era that she had already tweeted about – The Era Of Purposeful Pop. She definitely meant it. Over the past few months, Katy has definitely changed her sound and that night on the Grammy stage, she brushed aside her usual dresses and decided to make her own statement.

10 2009 Grammy Awards Press Room

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Katy didn't just have to worry about walking the red carpet at her first Grammy Awards but she also had to walk into the press room after she had performed her single "I Kissed A Girl" for the first time on the Grammy stage.

Light pink was the color for Katy that night. She decided to wear another light pink number, this time much shorter as it showed off her famous curves and long legs in the ruffled Jenny Packham dress. She paired this dress with a pair of metallic heels that further accentuated her legs that had become quite iconic at that point in her career. Katy knew that at her first Grammy Awards, she would have to make an impression that would last and she definitely achieved this in this short frock since she has been back at every Grammy Awards since then.

9 2014 Grammy Awards After Party

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The 2014 Grammy Awards saw Katy show off her gothic side as she dressed up in a much darker outfit to perform "Dark Horse" before she was later seen wearing a Valentino Haute Couture dress in a burgundy colour that had snake detail.

Katy has always been able to pull off any hair colour, but black has always been the colour that has allowed her to stand out. She maintained the same hairstyle throughout the night, which saw her long locks in a wavy fashion on either side of her shoulders as she greeted her fellow singers at the event. Katy must have been bitterly disappointed not to have picked up an award at her fifth Grammys event but if she did then she didn't show it as she maintained a glowing expression throughout the show and remained gracious in defeat.

8 2012 Grammy Awards Performance

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Katy's electric blue hair was one of the standout things at the 2012 Grammy Awards – until she stepped on stage in a futuristic style metallic cut out bodysuit that definitely set the scene as she performed "Part of Me" and "E.T."

That the singer decided to wear her hair in a crimped bob for the performance, even though she had turned up earlier in the night and had been photographed on the red carpet with her hair pulled back so that it was her flowing blue dress that made all the headlines. Katy is able to wear something that tight and figure-hugging because she is in such incredible shape and while it was a bold choice for her in front of an audience of that size, it definitely paid off since this was one of the most memorable moments of the entire night.

7 2014 Grammy Awards

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Katy Perry rocked the 56th annual Grammy Awards back in 2014 in a dress that definitely wasn't her best, but it was her one of her most memorable. The singer turned a number of heads in this Valentino Couture gown that was covered in musical notes, which is obviously a hint to the fact that it was the Grammy Awards.

That night Katy was up for two awards for her popular single "Roar," which was nominated for Best Pop Solo Performance and Song of the Year. Even though "Roar" was a popular single, it wasn't popular enough to finally allow Katy to get a Grammy award. She definitely looked like a winner and that's better than any award, right? Katy performed later in the night and as you've read above, her arrival outfit was able to rank much higher.

6 2013 Grammy Awards

via: celebuzz.com

Katy Perry attended the 2013 Grammy Awards and she looked her best as she showed up in a figure-hugging green dress that definitely showed off some of her best assets. Katy also decided to wear her hair down, which was black at the time, and it finished the outfit off perfectly.

Perry appeared at the Grammys that year because her single "Wide Awake" was nominated for Best Pop Solo Performance on the night but once again this nomination wasn't one that allowed the singer/actress to pick up the award. Let's be honest. If Katy was up for an award when it came to the way she looked that night, then she would definitely have been going home with an award, but the Grammys don't work that way and sadly Katy went home empty-handed, but many of her fans were still able to enjoy her showing off her famous curves for the night.

5 2012 Grammy Awards

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Katy turned a number of heads when she rocked the 2012 Grammy Awards wearing a fantastic light blue dress. Many of the star's fans knew that she would be turning up to the awards looking somewhat blue after her breakup with Russell Brand was made public knowledge not long before, but Katy decided to use this colour to her advantage to show the comedian what he was missing by walking away.

Katy attended the event because she had been nominated for two awards that year including Record Of The Year for "Firework" and Best Solo Pop Performance for the same single. "Firework" was one of Katy's biggest songs and one that managed to inspire a lot of her fans that year, but it still wasn't enough for Katy to be able to pick up a Grammy award for her efforts.

4 2009 Grammy Awards

via: hollywoodreporter.com

Katy arrived at her first Grammy Awards looking absolutely stunning back in 2009 after she had taken over the music world earlier that year with her single "I Kissed A Girl." Katy became a star almost overnight and her song was then nominated for the Best Female Vocal Performance at the Grammys which she obviously jumped at the chance of attending.

Katy looked incredible as she opted to wear a pale pink strapless Basil Soda gown which she paired with her short wavy black curls and long earrings that allowed some of her best features to stand out. Despite not wearing a lot of clothes in the music video for her hit single, Perry decided to wear a floor length dress for the awards. Perry had only been around for a few months at this point but she knew exactly how to make a statement and turn heads on her debut at the Grammy Awards.

3 2011 Grammy Awards

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Katy made quite the statement at the 2011 Grammy awards when she turned up in an outfit that included huge wings attached to her back. The dress that she wore was a Giorgio Armani custom which included an iridescent silk organza skirt and crystal bustier. Katy sure does know how to turn heads as she is seen above walking the red carpet in her silver heels.

Perry was set to have quite a successful night at the Grammys in 2011 since she was nominated for four awards which included Album of the year and Best Pop Vocal Album for "Teenage Dream" as well as Best Pop Collaboration with Vocals for "California Gurls" as well as Best Female Pop Vocal Performance for "Teenage Dream." The singer once again failed to pick up any awards at her third Grammys event, but still managed to look gracious in defeat, especially in those heels.

2 2015 Grammy Awards

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I'm sure you've heard the phrase, "Diamond's are a girl's best friend." Well, Katy Perry took this to the extreme on the red carpet of the 2015 Grammy Awards when she was seen wearing $2 million worth of diamonds.

Perry wore a Harry Kotlar fancy yellow diamond ring worth $2 million to the event and decided to pair this with her light purple/lavender coloured hair and a Zuhair Murad dress. It was reported that the dress was fresh from the Paris runway as the singer looked absolutely stunning, showing off her famous legs in the revealing outfit. Katy's hair has been ever-changing throughout her singing career, but the lavender colour was always one that allowed her to stand out in a crowd. Katy was attending the awards that year because her album Prism and single "Dark Horse" were both nominated for awards, even though they didn't win.

1 2012 Grammy Awards After Party

via: mtv.com

As part of the 54th Annual Grammy Awards, not only did Katy perform a number of her famous songs while wearing one of the tightest outfits that she has ever been seen in, but she was also seen later dressed in this incredible gold Gucci gown later that night.

As already mentioned, 2012 was the first Grammy Awards that Katy attended since her divorce and since her husband attended the event by her side the year before, the singer obviously felt that she had something to prove. This could be why she decided to dazzle her fans in this dress which seems to show off all of her curves and assets. Katy was definitely trying to show her ex-husband what he was missing in one of the most enchanting outfits she has ever worn out in public. Katy may have only been a nominee that night, but if there was a prize for best dressed, she would have won it hands down.

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