15 Of Kaley Cuoco's Biggest Fashion Blunders

When The Big Bang Theory first hit our screens back in 2007, Kaley Cuoco became one of the most desired women in the world as the main woman on the show who was seen as the love interest for three of the male characters on the show. Eleven seasons later, two more women have been added to the show and the spotlight is no longer firmly on Kaley in the new seasons of the popular show.

Kaley already had a wealth of experience in the acting world before she was cast in the popular show, as she was in shows like Charmed and 8 Simple Rules and being seen as an actress since she was seven years old when she starred in Quicksand: No Escape. Even though Kaley is seen as a fashionable character in the show, she isn't much of a fashion icon in real life since some of her outfits on the red carpet and out on the street aren't appreciated by fashion critics.

Over the past few years, her personal life has made the headlines much more than her professional life, and her fashion choices have made more worst-dressed lists than best-dressed ones. It seems that the 32-year-old actress has had a lot of issues when it comes to fashion recently, which is why the following list looks at 15 of the former child star's biggest fashion fails during her past two decades in the spotlight.

15 Maxi Dress And Trainers

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Kaley broke one of the biggest rules in fashion back in 2017 when she was pictured wearing a ruffled maxi dress with white trainers. Kaley helped to launch Panera Bread's New Craft Beverage Station in the Studio City area of Los Angeles and hosted a food event wearing an outfit that many fans have slammed over the past few months.

The two-tiered flower patterned dress doesn't match well with the white trainers that she has decided to pair with it. The 32-year-old revealed that one thing that allows her to remain in such great shape is her addiction to yoga but even though she's in such great shape, it seems that she needs to learn how to show off her curves in much better outfits. It seems that Kaley is happy to be seen in these outfits even though she knows how great she could look if she dressed appropriately.

14 Mosaic Style

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Kaley definitely dressed down when she was pictured at the pre-Teen Choice Awards gifting suite in Brentwood back in 2015. Kaley knows that one of her best assets is her long legs so she shows them off here, but it seems that the dress that she's decided to wear is way too short and inappropriate for a teens' show.

The dress doesn't have any kind of shape to it either, which means that the body she works hard to keep in shape at the gym all year round is hidden under another frumpy dress. The shoes look like something a middle-aged man would be seen in rather than a well-known actress, but it seems that once again Kaley is dressing this way because of the weather, which often makes people dress in the of strangest ways. Kaley genuinely looks like she threw this outfit together at the last minute, which isn't a good look for her.

13 Flower Power

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Kaley is pictured above leaving a yoga studio back in 2016 and her outfit would have looked like regular workout gear if it wasn't for the fact that she put a huge flower headband on her head.

Kaley has obviously just worked out, which is something that she is obsessed with to ensure that she remains in shape, but it is unknown why she thought it was necessary to put a flower headband on and attract unwanted attention to herself. The headband doesn't go well with her leggings and the long shirt that she has paired together with flip flops since yoga is usually done barefoot. Perhaps next time she should wear the headband with a dress at an event instead and not out in the street where it'll get a lot of snickers and stares.

12 Bell-Bottom Pants

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It seems that Kaley heard the lyrics to the famous to T-Pain's hit and decided to wear bell-bottom pants and an oversized coat while out in New York back in 2014. Kaley was 28 at the time and was in New York to appear on The Late Show With David Letterman when she was pictured here in front of her Manhattan hotel.

It seems that Kaley had dressed down before she later showed off her famous legs and incredible curves in a flowing white dress when she appeared on the show later that night. Even though she's a comedy star, that doesn't mean that she should be OK wearing funny-looking clothes like this number. The actress probably got a few funny looks while she was out in public, but she definitely failed to look in a mirror before she went outside.

11 Fashion Fail

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Kaley arrived at the Solstice Fashion Party back in 2003 when she was 18 ,sporting quite an interesting ensemble that included putting her hair up in a messy do. She opted to pair a tight cropped white shirt with a long black skirt and a black pair of low heels.

The skirt includes a slit that shows off the legs. This would later become one of her famous calling cards. Her shirt is so short and tight that she's showing off much more than she wanted to. At 18, it seems that Kaley didn't know at the time that she was supposed to be dressed much more elegantly at a fashion party, which is why she ended up on the worst dressed list at the event.

10 Love Brad

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Who goes to a party wearing a short pair of jeans, bright pink heels and a "Love Brad" cropped shirt that she decided to pair with a red and white Dior bag? Kaley definitely didn't have a habit of taking a look in the mirror before she left the house because she thought it was acceptable to appear at the Glamour Party back in 2004 in this ensemble.

It seems that Kaley knew that her mid-section was something that she had worked hard on in the previous months and was worth showing off. It is believed that her shirt referenced actor Brad Pitt who starred in Troy a few months before this photo was taken. She's also showing off her favorite color once again as she sports hot pink heels that didn't fully match this outfit.

9 Too Many Frills

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Kaley arrived at the Screen Actors Guild Awards back in 2017 looking more like she was prepared for a party with friends. Kaley was wearing a sheer dress by Marchesa, which meant that the actress definitely lacked the usual glam style that she brings to award events, even though her hairdo was definitely the best option to show the shape of her face.

This look just doesn't work for The Big Bang Theory star since there are so many frills on the dress and it's so long that it looks like a normal spaghetti strapped dress has been wrapped up in a net. Kaley needs to start looking in Penny's closet if she's in search of some new style tips since she has much better style when she's seen on TV than she does in real life.

8 Gym Life

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Kaley is a well-known celebrity all over the world because of her starring role on The Big Bang Theory, for which she definitely earns a lot of money. The actress is spotted out and about by the paparazzi a lot and she is usually seen dressed casually.

This picture was taken back in 2014 when she had just left the gym after a yoga session. She rocked a pair of short flared shorts and a long sleeved white t-shirt. She showed off her incredible legs but decided that the best thing to pair with this outfit was a pair of sandals, which made this look as though she threw this together or got herself dressed in the dark. Kaley needs to learn that when she's been to the gym, she should change her clothes when she goes out in public afterward.

7 Pink Skirt

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The actress appeared on the Ellen DeGeneres Show back in 2014 and decided to rock a simple cami t-shirt and a high waisted pink skirt. The ruffled pink skirt clashed with what Kaley decided to wear for a show that is broadcasted internationally.

Kaley then paired this simple look with a pair of white pumps. She clearly didn't think the outfit through at all before she appeared on the show. She decided to throw this ensemble on, which would have looked quite cute if she was only wearing it out on the street. Wearing something like this on national TV wasn't the best idea for her. Kaley was able to talk to Ellen about her divorce and some of the struggles that she faced over the past few years, so it seems that she wanted to dress comfortably for the show.

6 Dress And Trousers

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Kaley turned up at the Critics' Choice Awards back in 2016 wearing what can only be described as a dress and trousers. The actress is fond of the color pink and she has made this a well-known fact over the past few years when it comes to her fashion choices. At this awards ceremony, she attempted to accessorize a pair of baby pink cigarette trousers with a ruffled shirt.

The frumpy shirt looked like a gown from the back and did nothing for Kaley's figure as she had to ensure she was aware of where the trail of her shirt was all night. The clutch wasn't a great choice either since it doesn't match the outfit, and she wasn't dressed up enough for the event, which left Kaley on the worst-dressed list as critics slammed her attempt to make a statement at the awards ceremony.

5 Lip Sync Battle

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Kaley appeared on the popular show Lip Sync Battle last year and she decided that she was in it to win it from the start as she turned up dressed in a pair of short shorts, a sports bra and a plaid shirt that was tied around her waist, but she never decided to put the shirt on throughout the episode.

Kaley knows that her assets are and it seems that she wanted to show off both her legs and the abs that she has worked so hard to maintain over the past two years. Kaley had the audience cheering throughout. She did go through an outfit change as part of the shoot but it couldn't have come any sooner since the outfit didn't work for her.

4 Bold Statement

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Kaley's career has definitely flourished over the past few years and even though there have been rumors that the actress was going to be replaced in her role on The Big Bang Theory, she has remained as one of the main characters over the past 11 years. This means that she has been able to focus on her social life over the past few years by attending a number of Galas and parties.

The above image shows that the actress decided to pair a printed Mary Katrantzou dress with a tacky pair of sparkling metallic sneakers when she attended the Longines Master Gala. The patterned dress was definitely one of the boldest statements made that night and it didn't pay off for the 32-year-old. This is the second time Kaley has made the list for trying to accessorize a dress with a pair of trainers. It's just not acceptable.

3 Lazy Day

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It seems that even when you're a famous celebrity, you're allowed to have a lazy day. Kaley is pictured here leaving a yoga studio back in 2015. It seems that she didn't decide to take a spare set of clothes with her to the yoga class because she's seen wearing sweatpants, a pair of trackies and has decided to only put her jumper over her head rather than wearing it properly.

Once again she has opted to wear a pair of flip flops because they are much easier to remove to do a yoga class, but they aren't very flattering for her to be pictured in. She looks washed out and the glasses are just an added accessory that makes it seem as though Kaley definitely didn't want to be pictured at that precise moment. Maybe next time she should look into taking a spare pair of clothes to her yoga class so that she isn't pictured looking like a hot mess.

2 No Figure

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After being in the spotlight for more than 25 years, Kaley must be used to attending galas, walking red carpets, and turning heads, but it seems that even after all of that experience of being in the spotlight, Kaley still makes a number of mistakes when it comes to her outfit choices.

When Kaley attended the Beverly Hilton Celebrates 60 Years With Diamond Anniversary Party back in 2014, she opted for a dress that had no frame to it at all. Her incredible figure was hidden beneath this black dress which had colorful details. Kaley should be wearing clothes that show off her incredible figure much more than she does but it seems that more often than not Kaley is seen in these kinds of dresses. Kaley would rather cover herself up now than dress the way she used to in her teenage years.

1 Dressed Down

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Back in 2002, Kaley was just a 17 years old but she was already seen as a star in both Charmed and 8 Simple Rules alongside the actress that also plays her mother on The Big Bang Theory, Katey Sagal. She arrived on the red carpet at a holiday party showing off her midriff in a two-piece top and trousers that she decided to pair with a coat that was a size too big.

It seems that Kaley didn't know the way to appropriately dress when she first came onto the scene and has been trying to catch up ever since. This perhaps wasn't the best way for her to dress, but it seems that even then she knew what her best assets were and how to show them off. Thankfully, her style has improved quite a lot over the past 15 years.

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