15 Of Gigi Hadid’s Best Designer Looks (And 15 Street Style Outfits We Can Copy)

Even though we wish we could know the exact price tag to all of the celebrities' amazing clothes, we can still guesstimate at the cost of certain pieces, based on a range of different factors. From whether or not they wear the clothes on the red carpet or if they’re just wearing them to the gym, the location tells a lot about certain items of clothing we wear. However, we can assume that most celebrities will have a distinct difference between their more high-end looks and their casual street style outfits.

There is no better example of this than the wardrobe of Gigi Hadid, from her designer pieces to her inexpensive outfits out in the streets. In either circumstance she rocks it with confidence and she always looks stylish, after all she is a world famous model. Her designer outfits are always daring and fun, and her street style looks can inspire us all, even if we shop at H&M instead of Yves Saint Laurent.

Everywhere she goes, Gigi is rocking her own personal style which we would describe as being chic, classic, a bit wild, and most of all free. Her style is inspiring and just from the way she holds herself, you can tell that she doesn’t let her clothing wear her; she is the one who wears her clothing. If everyone could have her sense of confidence, can you imagine the world we’d live in? We can only dream.

30 Designer: This Black Mini Dress With Sheer Cut-Outs

Via FilmMagic.com

Wearing a high-neck designer dress like this takes a ton of confidence to really pull it off. This high neck sixties style dress shows off Gigi Hadid’s legs and compliments her figure in the best way. She stands with confidence as she wears this dress; we’re almost jealous! She’s decided to wear her hair in loose curls which frame her face perfectly. She has simple makeup on which contrasts with the bold mini dress. The dress is black but it also shows windows of skin, so it looks very textured and unique. It might even be custom-made. It shows quite a bit of skin, but she pulls it off well. She even has some jewels on her skirt as well. It almost looks as if she has a skirt and shirt on, not an entire dress, while the whole back of the dress is black. We’re not quite sure who else could pull off this dress other than Gigi Hadid herself.

29 Street Style: Ripped Jeans And 60s-Inspired Sunglasses

Via: Pinterest

Gigi Hadid has put together one of the strangest looks that you might have to look at a bit harder to see exactly what we’re talking about, because this outfit looks completely normal, until you notice that she’s actually wearing a skirt over her jeans! WHAT?! She’s wearing a simple white muscle tank like she usually wears under her clothing, but when you look lower you see the crazy trend: the denim skirt and denim pants. This mixed jean look will turn heads. It looks like she ripped a pencil denim skirt at an angle, then just put on a matching pair of pants underneath. It’s very strange but her confidence makes her pull it off with ease.

Gigi once said, “I usually do my hair and makeup in 30 to 45 minutes, and if my hair is dirty, I'll just put it in a bun or a ponytail. If it's in a bun, I'll part it down the middle and do a low bun with a couple pieces in the front coming down.” She is a low-maintenance kind of girl.

28 Designer: Total Glam In This Lacy Beige Gown

Via: WireImage.com

This dress is something you would see a goddess wear. It’s very fitted but looks so chic. This antique style would seem dated to some, but she pulls it off and you can just tell from her expression that nothing is going to bring her down or step in her way. This elegant look full of magic is complete with long curly golden blonde hair with honey hues, simple shimmery eye shadow and full glam, and a pair of crystal earrings. The dress is such a statement; it’s very sheer in some areas, but it’s a floor length dress with a high neck. It’s a golden color with encrusted jewels and lace. The sleeves are long but on the forearm they go all the way down to the floor. This dress is very reminiscent of a Greek goddess. We can only see a peek of her shoes but it looks like she’s wearing gold pointed heels that really tie the whole look together.

27 Street Style: A Casual Look Elevated By A Fur Coat And Cat-Eye Glasses

Via: Tumblr.com

Even when she is mixing textures (the fur, knit, and denim), she’s rocking it the best she can. She looks chic and you can tell she’s a model, just because of how she pulled together this eclectic style. Plus, we are in love with her amazing rose gold and ivory sunglasses. She’s wearing her hair up in a casual bun, wearing a grey faux fur jacket and layered on top of a cozy knit sweater. She’s wearing her signature ripped light wash jeans and brand new sneakers! But many people's favorite part of the outfit would have to be those amazing glasses! They stand out and pull the whole look together. A good cat-eye frame is very flattering and elegant. Some have even said that these glasses sparked the whole trend of angled glasses like this with colored lenses back in 2016. Any outfit she puts on she makes it look so glam and effortless. How do we get that superpower?

26 Designer: A Futuristic White Suit

Via: pinterest.com

It takes a lot of guts to pull off this look, from the baggy men’s styled suit that’s custom made to wearing a lace small crop top underneath right where everyone can see. Not many people expected Gigi Hadid to wear something like this, but she handles it like a pro and it looks fantastic on her. This look actually wasn’t a favorite by many of her fans because of how strange and random it seems, especially since she’s usually wearing fancy gowns. But we love this look. It has a loose fit, it’s very white, but abstract black shapes are placed on the collar and the rest of the outfit that makes a statement can be found on the pants, where futuristic teal, black, and grey bands are. It has a bold contrast and paired with the simple and the lacy top is just a unique touch that we can’t get enough of.

25 Street Style: Deep Purple Tones For An Athleisure Look

Via: Tumblr.com

While Gigi rocks many extra casual and laid-back looks, that also doesn’t mean that she doesn’t rock them and make them look fantastic. She wears street style so well; she’s basically known for it because of how on trend she is. So many of Gigi Hadid’s fans loved that she paired a vampy black lip with this casual look since she usually doesn’t go that dark and bold with her makeup. For her style, she’s paired some joggers with a comfy hoodie and an oversized button-down patterned shirt over everything. She’s gotten so much better at layering and experimenting with color. It’s quite interesting to see how far she’s come with her fashion sense. The purple eggplant hues, the grey joggers and patterned button down really bring out such a unique look because of how colorful yet muted the whole look is together.

24 Designer: A Bold Pair Of Thigh-Highs With A Super Casual Look

Via: pinterest.com

Even though this look looks like it might be cheap, it’s not! This outfit looks like she’s wearing some clothing from the Yeezy collections, and those boots are stunning. It is pretty impressive that she can pull off such a bold look without even looking like she's self-conscious in any way, nothing can stop her! She’s wearing her hair long and natural, parted in the middle. For her tops she’s gone with an oversized vintage jean jacket with a hoodie underneath that seems like it’s from the Yeezy collection. For her bottoms she’s paired matching jean shorts that matches the jacket perfectly. She’s carrying a red clutch in her hand and wearing thigh high black boots that make a huge statement. This look is so strange but she still pulls it off. It's strange because of how contrasting the dark boots are with the other light clothing, but whatever she wants to wear looks great on her.

23 Street Style: A Blush Colored Matching Pants And Jacket Set

Via: Pinterest.com

This amazing blush colored suit is so fantastic and bold. She could probably wear this to an event and get away with it, even if she’s not wearing a floor-length gown. She paired this look with a crop top and some huge glasses. This color is beautiful and looks so good on her, people wished she would wear more outfits like this one. This is such a hard color to pull off, even when it comes to casual street style. But it’s not a typical suit; it’s a jacket and matching trousers that are a bit more loose fitting opposed to the classic cut of a tailored suit. She’s wearing a cropped white tee under the blush colored jacket and matching white tennis shoes to add some sporty vibes into the look. She’s seen here holding her phone and wearing big shades. The simple silhouettes make a big impact.

22 Designer: Boho Vibes With This White Crochet Dress

Via: WireImage.com

We’re in love with this dress, because it’s sheer, alluring, and beautiful. This is another classic piece that really brings out a modern and vintage vibes she loves to mix. She pulls it off well and it really flatters her shape. The white even makes her tanned skin pop in such a great way. She looks like she’s ready for a fantastic vacation. People loved how she started to wear her hair like this. It does make her look a tad bit older, but she makes it work well! She has her hair slicked back to give full attention to her glowing bold makeup. Then for the dress this very sheer lace floor-length dress hugs her figure but still flows around her, especially with the amazing neckline that’s very low and exposes quite a bit of shoulder. Many people believe that this dress started a whole trend when it came to the boho chic movement.

21 Street Style: A Rock And Roll Look With Leather And A Band Tee

Via: SplashNews.com

We all know that Gigi Hadid loves denim, but she also seems to have a thing for leather too! This is surprising because leather is quite modern and she usually seems to exist more on the vintage spectrum. But she really does take all trends into consideration before leaving the house. It looks like she just wears what she wants to. This edgy look brings out her dark side that she doesn’t usually let out of the bag. She’s usually seen wearing trends or going all-out glam, and never really something this edgy. But she’s paired a band tee with a patch covered denim jacket and some lace-up leather pants. She’s styled this look with an oversized bag and some bold brogues shoes that really bring the look together. The shoes even have an added touch of yellow for a simple pop of color in the laces. As small as it is, it really does stand out with this mostly black outfit.

20 Designer: White Coat Over An All-White Look 

Via StarMax.com

No one else can pull off an all-white look like this and still look expensive. Obviously this outfit is probably more than a luxury car, but just because an outfit is expensive, it doesn’t mean it can’t look horrible. But she takes an outfit that not many people would have been able to pull off and she does it with ease! She’s wearing her hair in waves while rocking a wrapped white shirt, white trousers, and an oversized white coat that looks super cozy! She’s layered on accessories with two necklaces and she looks effortlessly chic; maybe she got it from her mom!

She once said, “My mom was a model, so she's been really good about giving me tips on how to navigate behind the scenes – like the importance of being nice to everyone on set and remembering people's names, to how to be a positive part of the photoshoot and stuff like that.”

19 Street Style: A Beige Crop Top With Slim Jeans

Via: Tumblr.com

Nude and beige shades have been in the past couple of years and she pulls off this tan colored shirt with a bit of peachy tones without any struggle. She is ready to go with her Starbucks in hand. She’s clearly ready for anything, especially with such a stylish look like this one. For a shirt that is so close to her natural skin color, usually this would wash someone out and look kind of bleh, but she really does rock it, even if it’s not trending as much any more. That’s the great thing about Gigi Hadid; she doesn’t always rely on trends. Instead, she dresses however she wants and expresses her creativity through her fashion and personal style. Yes, she likes to have fun, but she knows when to tone it down and just do what makes her happy too. If only everyone could emulate this kind of outlook on life and fashion.

18 Designer: A Simple Red Gown That Makes A Statement 

Via: pinterest.com

Gigi Hadid has only worn an all red outfit like this a handful of times, but when she does, it makes heads turn. While red does make you generally look older in many cases, unlike white which will bring radiance to your skin, this simple red dress is perfect in every way on her. She looks like a total bombshell. This dress is stunning, it’s fitted quite well, it has a high slit on the leg and low neckline, and it brings out her blonde hair and blue eyes perfectly. It’s a strappy dress and around the bust of the dress it’s covered in red lace with red beads. It compliments her tan skin and when you wear a dress like this, there’s nowhere to hide, so you have to be okay with your body if you wear something bold like this. She’s also worn her hair down to bring a more relaxed feel to this glam look, which normally wouldn’t work, but it looks great!

17 Street Style: A Retro Nickelodeon Cropped Sweatshirt With Light Wash Jeans

Via: Pinterest

You can’t go wrong with a crew neck graphic tee with Nickelodeon Studios right on the front! It’s basically vintage and looks great for a casual look on the street like this. This outfit might be very simple, but it’s on trend and completely relatable, plus it looks super comfortable too! This look made people all over the world take on this trend of classic vintage long sleeved shirts with a cropped hem right above the waist. You could easily take on this style by heading to your local thrift store for a graphic vintage tee and fitted pair of jeans. She has a grey clutch by her side and some stylish sunglasses to tie the whole look together. To dress up the whole look she has pleather vintage styled white boots that really mix well with the graphic tee. Would you wear something like this with your own style twist?

16 Designer: A Daring Yellow Bodysuit/Dress With A Golden Tan 

Via Wireimage.com

Who would have thought that a bright yellow outfit like this would look great on her, because she really rocks this look more than anyone else could dream of. She looks fantastic, even glowing! This just goes to show that Gigi Hadid can literally pull off anything with her confidence. She has her hair slicked back for a total glam look, and she has kept the accessories simple with a classic tassel necklace. The yellow outfit has a low neckline, long sleeves, and it actually is a bodysuit with very long sides that give the illusion of a dress. It’s very fitted and classic, but it has a modern twist and while it does show a ton of skin, it looks beautiful on Hadid. This isn’t something you would usually see people wear when out in about, but it’s perfect for a red carpet. Everything is stylish, even the blinding bold yellow color.

15 Street Style: Classic White T-Shirt And Jeans With A Red Pop

Via: SplashNews.com

We love when people pair a basic outfit that's quite casual in every sense, but pairing it with a bold pop of color or a statement shoe, which is exactly what Gigi Hadid has done with this look. She chooses to go basic with an amazing pop of color in her shoes and her bag. This outfit would be so easy to mimic too! She’s wearing her hair in a beachy wave style with tons of texture, a simple white tee we probably all own, and plain light washed denim. The denim isn’t ripped but it is a bit distressed for a bit of texture. In terms of styling, she’s paired this look with a red velvet handbag and matching mules with a pointed toe. The red shoes stand out but really bring the whole look together in a creative and simple way. Plus, anyone can easily recreate this look, which is always great if you want to stay on top of trends.

14 Designer: A 60s Crochet Dress With Thigh-High Boots

Via: pinterest.com

You can’t go wrong with a look like this. It looks like it belongs in the 60s, but everything about it is fantastic and really suits her overall aesthetic. This designer look is impressive and she just time and time again proves to us that she can rock anything! It looks like she’s even stayed true to the 60s style by keeping her makeup very light and simple, only using tans and browns, focusing on the earth tones just like they did back then. Her dress is a patterned mini dress, fit in a very vintage cut, and she is wearing her hair in a long ponytail, adding on some thigh-high suede looking boots that really bring the entire look together. She really matches well with this decade's style, more than most in today’s society. It looks effortlessly and if this photo was in a vintage filter, you’d think the picture was taken back then!

13 Street Style: A Beach Day Look With A White Tank And Bandana

Via: SplashNews.com

People wish that they looked this great when heading for the beach. Like usual, she keeps it simple and straightforward, but she pulls it off. From her infectious smile and sense of confidence, she can easily make anything she puts on look great! Compared to the other beachy styled outfit, the evolution of style between this outfit and that one is quite impressive. She really knows how to dress for herself and people are so excited how she explores her style more in the future as well.

She explains her intuitiveness like this: “I just try to be in tune with my body. If I start to feel sick, I will try to catch it at the root. I don't really let myself get to the point where it becomes a problem. That's so important when you're travelling because if you land in Paris and you have to go from the airport straight to set, you don't have time to go to the doctor.”

12 Designer: A Surprisingly Modest Red Gown 

Via: pinterest.com

This might not be our absolute favorite outfit but we had to include it because she pulls it off so well. This red dress is very dated. It’s a classic silhouette with hardly any modern twists besides the bold color, but she rocks it perfectly and she still looks fantastic. This high-neck vintage-cut red dress is perfect for those who want something a bit more modest, because she does usually show a ton of skin. This is an interesting change in her wardrobe. Maybe we’ll even see more of this in the future?

When talking about dressing for her body, Gigi said, “Everyone has a different body shape, so you kind of have to figure out not only what works best for your body type, but what also makes you feel confident. Even if everyone thinks you look good in a bikini, and you don't feel good in it, you're not going to be at your best. If you feel great in a bikini, you can always work it.”

11 Street Style: Simple Blue Jeans And A Ripped White Long-Sleeved Tee

Via: GC Images

This look is a total summer look. She has her ripped Yeezy style shirt, a bathing suit under and some jeans. This outfit doesn’t really look like how you would expect coming from Gigi Hadid, but she still rocks it without question. Even though it might look like she is wearing a disguise, which we wouldn’t blame her because of all the paparazzi that follows her around, she still looks amazing. Many people were actually disappointed in Gigi Hadid for this look because it looked too plain to them apparently. But this serves as a great example as to why you should let people choose what they want to wear. Gigi Hadid is so much more than just her clothing. She should be able to wear whatever she wants without getting massive hate because she’s covering up her body. Just because she chooses to wear a ton of tight clothes normally doesn’t mean she shouldn’t have options when she wakes up each day.

10 Designer: A Silver Bell-Bottomed Jumpsuit 

Via: Pinterest.com

This is our favorite outfit on this list, simply because it looks so beautiful on her. It’s the perfect spring outfit, because it has the silver hues from the winter season, but it’s styled like it should be worn in the summer. This outfit shows off her curves and really makes her stand out because of how bold it is. We love how she’s paired this look with curly hair, some stunning rings, and a slightly gold clutch. It really brings together the whole metallic look. She’s decided to keep her makeup simple and natural, and a nude lip. She doesn’t want the statement to be her makeup, she wants the bold statement to be her outfit. She seems to be also wearing strappy heels that make her legs look even longer in this outfit, and it’s a great choice! Many people and fans of Gigi Hadid fell in love with this outfit because of how much she stood out. She really needs to go for this style more often!

9 Street Style: A Classic Black Tank Tucked Into High-Waisted Jeans

Via: Backgrid.com

We absolutely love a contrasting light wash denim with a black tank. It’s simple and minimalist. It’s stylish and chic beyond belief. She’s also wearing a very trendy jacket off the shoulder and amazing oval classes. This look really seems to showcase her evolving style, since this picture is a bit of a throwback. This outfit would be very easy to duplicate if you wanted to steal her style. All you would need is a black tank top, which you probably have anyway, high-waisted light wash jeans and a western styled belt to add a bit of flair. She’s paired the look with a graphic jacket off the shoulder, which you could probably find on H&M or Forever 21. She’s slipped on some mules as well which are totally on trend right now and aren’t very expensive. Just go out there and rock this look, as it’s simple and great for the everyday.

8 Designer: A Slip Dress Fit For A Red Carpet

Via: Stylecaster.com

This slip dress is such a bold look because it doesn’t look traditionally expensive, but with her bare styling and simple hairstyle she really makes this dress look about millions more than it was probably worth. This look was probably still very expensive, but her confidence takes it to a whole new level that we just have to sit back and take it all in for a second. We love the simplicity of this dress, how long and flowing it is, and the red lace top and thin straps which really show off her arms. The black and red polka dots also look great as well, very flattering without looking cheap as you might expect. It looks very hard to pull off this dress, but because of how simple she’s decided to style it, she’s really pulled off this dress more than anyone could. This dress actually received quite a bit of criticism, but in our opinion it looks fantastic.

7 Street Style: The Elevated Pyjama Look

Via: StarMax.com

Gigi Hadid looks like she’s on the way to a photoshoot, but she also looks like she could have been lounging around the house in this too. Why can't every single piece of fancy clothing be this versatile, comfortable and chic at the same time?Maybe Gigi Hadid will set a new trend and bring back the baggy sweats as a chic option for the red carpet (we’re begging). This glam look has Gigi Hadid in full bold makeup, which is quite unusual for her, she has her hair tied back, and she has a cropped sweatshirt with a jewelled neckline. It looks elegant, especially paired with a matching pair of sweatpants! These low-rise sweatpants are made of the same sweatshirt-like material and they have an elegant cuffed hem on the bottom of each leg. They’re jewelled and ornate. Paired with a bold silver metallic heel, this look is one of the most unique.

6 Designer: Mod Style Made Modern With Metallic 

Via: pinterest.com

This 60s mod-inspired dress really brings a ton of youth to the Hollywood red carpet. It’s so common to see long dresses on the red carpet, but Gigi Hadid took it upon herself to switch up the style and swear something simple and cute instead of boring and elegant. This dress has very wide straps and includes blue, silver, and a red trim along the bottom. The mix of these materials and colors look great with her tanned skin, long legs, and bold red lipstick. She’s also paired this look with simple barely-there strappy black heels that make her legs look even longer! It’s rare that you see a dress like this on the red carpet because of how short it is, but this dress actually looks very classy and we love that the silver section of the dress reflects the colors around it, making it change everywhere she goes.

5 Street Style: Urban Cool When Heading Back From The Gym

Via: Tumblr.com

She even makes gym clothes look cute. She looks like she’s already been to the gym because she’s no longer wearing her jacket, but either way she looks totally fantastic. She isn’t afraid of showing off her figure and she keeps it simple. She doesn’t always go for bold workout clothes, she wears something real and honest, which we can respect. Who would have thought that she could make a gym outfit actually look great? Many people love when she posts pictures of herself in workout gear on Instagram because she usually offers a ton of tips on how she goes through her gym routine. Talk about inspiring!

She once said, “It's really about making opportunities for yourself and connecting with people on a more-than-normal level. That opens doors. You never know if the caterer's brother is someone. You don't know who someone is having dinner with that night. So being a nice person and touching people creates opportunity.”

4 Designer: Light Lace Bodysuit With Sheer Cover 

Via: Pinterest

Gigi Hadid has taken her style to a whole new level with this lace gown. But the thing is about this dress is that it’s not really a dress. It’s a bodysuit and a sheer lacy looking fabric over it. It gives the illusion of a dress but still very simple and exposing. If you didn’t have the guts to wear a dress like this, you’d never be able to pull off something like this, ever! Do you think you would ever have the guts to wear something like this?

Gigi once said, “I've always said that I feel lucky to live in the era of social media and be a working model in this time. Back in the day, models were just another face. But social media has given people a voice and not just another face. Not only can you show the world your personality and stuff like that, but you can be a brand ambassador easily.”

3 Street Style: A Vintage MTV Sweatshirt Over A Turtleneck

Via: SplashNews.com

Just like the graphic throwback tees we mentioned above, this sweatshirt looks great and brings a ton of color into her life, because she usually sticks to more muted color palettes. This MTV sweatshirt has no shape but she still rocks it because of how she holds herself and how she styled the outfit. We always adore a classic MTV throwback, especially when it’s super on-trend and the fans are loving it. This type of style expression is relatable on every level, plus this MTV sweatshirt is so rare to find. We have major respect for her rocking this look. She classed up this loom with big black shades, a black turtleneck under the sweater, a leather bag, and grey wash denim with boots. Together this look is unique, stylish, but so Gigi Hadid! This has made people wonder what other kinds of graphic tees and sweatshirts she has stored away in her wardrobe, the people want to know, so hopefully she’ll pull some more out soon!

2 Designer: The Red Power Suit Made Glam 

Via: pinterest.com

Just like we mentioned above, Gigi Hadid pulls off red like no one else. Especially when she’s in her power stance and pulling off a feminine and masculine look all mixed in one. Nothing can stop her style and confidence. Everything about this look is inspiring and we’re not the only ones that think so. So many fans loved this look so much, it’s become iconic. She has her hair tied back in a loose ponytail, while wearing a bold wide diamond choker that makes her makeup pop, especially the matching red lip. She then has a shoulder padded suit with a low neckline, but this time it’s quite fitted so it looks very femme. She also is wearing matching red wide-leg trousers that have slits right up the front up the knee. As you can imagine, when she moves, it probably looks very impressive and shows a peek of skin as well.

1 Street Style: A Cool Cropped Hoodie With Leggings

Via: pinterest.com

When choosing between showing off your abs or simply wearing an outfit that makes you feel super confident, why not do both?! This casual look looks as though this outfit is very Yeezy inspired. She looks fantastic and this might even be a workout gym outfit for her, but either way, she looks great, fresh, and energized for the day ahead. This look got a ton of attention because you can so clearly see her abs here. Even though this cropped tan hoodie, sports bra and high-waisted jeans look super chic with her barely there makeup, we wonder if those leggings are actual leather.

When discussing her casual makeup look, Gigi said, “My makeup artist likes to define my brows with Maybelline Brow Drama. We brush up on the part closest to my nose and it's straight after that. Then, I like to use the matte brown shades from Maybelline The Nudes Palette to shadow my eyes, but without it looking like I'm wearing much.”

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