15 Of Fiona Gallagher’s Hottest Moments On Shameless

Fiona Ghallagher. Need I say more? Fiona is the headstrong sexy brunette from Showtime's Shameless, who kicks ass on the south side of Chicago and isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty when it comes down to it. Her sexy individuality teaches the rest of the Gallaghers how to survive. Fiona is constantly putting her siblings first and facing the consequences when it comes to protecting them. Her efforts to be selfless are admirable, but they come with a cost as Fiona is in the difficult position of being the oldest Gallagher child with all the responsibility falling onto her young shoulders. She is sure of herself in most circumstances, but with the occasional bender or vile relationship, she often ends up being her own worst enemy. Fiona Gallagher is a strong, independent, sexy woman who manages to find a place in our minds where our deepest fantasies lay, displaying that Fiona Gallagher attitude we all know and love so well.

This sexy distinctiveness Fiona, along with the problems she carries, make her a stronger more determined person with the drive to not end up like her failing parents. A fierce nature with a beautiful deliverance, Fiona Gallagher is a take no sh*t kind of girl, the kind who would die for you, then kick your ass afterward. There are numerous conflicts in this show that are generated by relationships, money, and caring for each other, but all these conflicts are taken care of by Fiona because she has the confidence to weather any storm and what makes Fiona Gallagher so appealing and sexy to the viewers is the way she is unapologetically herself.

So let's get to it, here are 15 of Fiona Gallagher's hottest moments on the hit TV show Shameless.

15 Night Club

When Fiona was employed at a club as a cocktail waitress, she did her job when it came to looking sexy and having to sell drinks. It's not hard for Fiona to encourage a few men to buy drinks and leave a tip on the heavier side when she's wearing a short skirt with a nice view of her legs and a tight white tank top that compliments the shape of figure and her chest. It was certainly one of her sexier moments to me because she would put on an act as she was constantly moving through the floor handing out drinks and flirting with different men, then coming back to laugh at all of them when she'd meet up with V to collect more drinks back at the bar. Not to mention, working with Veronica is always a ball because she never passes up the chance to have a good time, taking body shots off Fiona on the bar and scanning the crowds for eligible men to take home. This job had so much appeal to Fiona that it had even given her the drive to have her own club opening, in an even tighter outfit.

14 Adam Who?

Let’s not forget one of the many times Jimmy (Steve) prances back into town (yet again) and finds Fiona coming home from a night out, asking Fiona to go on a double date with him and his new (fake) wife. Fiona and Jimmy (Steve) make their way to the bathroom, while Adam gets stuck with a woman sitting across from him who knows about 3 words (maybe) in English. The two of them take their time talking and hooking up, which I couldn't wait any longer for. And once they return and Adam begins putting the pieces together, he leaves. Adam should've seen it coming, the only real reason Fiona was considering pursuing him was because Adam was just a second rate lookalike to Jimmy (Steve). The Jimmy lookalike is left heartbroken and humiliated, making sure to let Fiona know to stay away, which won't be a problem now that she's got the original duplicate.

13 Summer Time

An all natural Fiona Gallagher in the summer time! Wearing a pair of short-shorts that flash off her tan legs in the summer sun, accompanied by a top that covers almost nothing and her hair set up in a ponytail from the heat of the blazing sky, I find this to be so sexy because it's the natural Fiona Gallagher look in the middle of the summer. She doesn't need her makeup too done up or a tight dress. She doesn't need a man on her arm or an elegant dinner setting, Fiona does sexy so easily even when she's lacking the effort. The Gallagher backyard in the middle of the summer on the Southside of Chicago seems like the place to be as long as Fiona’s tan legs are slung over the side of the pool and her white tank top is drenched from the splashing of the kids.

12 Like Father, Like Daughter

We found Fiona to be sexy and compelling when she had no self-control to stay away from a married man, Craig, and continues to move in on him, flirting and playing back and fourth with her high school crush until finally they got down to business in the backseat of his minivan. It ended up being probably one of the worst lays in television history, and possibly the most humorous. Craig was cute and handsome, but those things don't really matter anymore because he sure wasn't worth living with the guilt of sleeping with a married man. This was only further shown when his wife found out and hunts down Fiona, chasing her and landing Fiona under Sheila's table with Frank. Peering at each other for a moment, Fiona stares at Frank who is also running from God knows who this time, both hiding under the dining table, she says “Holy sh*t, I'm you."

11 Mrs. Pfender

These two hit it off by having an enticing one week relationship before impulsively deciding to tie the knot. Gus was a really cute guy, with a riveting voice, and he sure knew how to play with his fingers. He was so convincing we thought maybe this romantic and spontaneous marriage could last and it nearly seemed like a for sure thing because Gus was wildly attractive and sensitive, but unfortunately he wasn’t the kind of guy Jimmy (Steve) was. Once Jimmy showed up back in town it was game over for Gus and Fiona. The biggest difference between these two guys was the way Fiona had loved them and it was obvious she had loved Jimmy far more passionately and for far darker reasons, leading her to drop the thought of Gus when Jimmy had admitted he still loved her and the two of them expressed the way they loved one another on Fiona's bed... like old times.

10 Married Man

Surely you remember Fiona’s high school crush who resurfaces on her Facebook page, who we already mentioned a few entries before this. Meeting him for coffee and talking about old times, Fiona’s attraction continuous to grow for him and his charm. And how could it not, he was sexy, successful and knew what it had been like to be raising kids. Fiona, as usual, possessed no self-control in this situation as she continued flirting with him back and forth. And perhaps you've forgotten who Craig is, but let me remind you how, when the time had actually come to lay it down on Fiona, it seemed like this guy had everything, but apparently he didn't possess the ability to be able to give it to a sexy women. Unless you consider a good time the back of a minivan with a smashed up bologna sandwich resting beneath you.

9 Officer Tony

Now, we all remember the neighborhood cop Tony who was in love with oldest Gallagher forever, but Fiona had no interest in him. She truly showed that by playing this poor guy. Tony invites Fiona to go with him to an event at a school he's being honored at as "Coach of The Year," and the two of them proceed to hook up in Tony’s patrol car, setting back the seat and getting busy while the kids are inside. Needless to say, we remember the anti-climatic moment of Tony acting like.. well, Tony. And Fiona acting like Fiona, disregarding what he says and doing what she wants. Which leads the two of them getting caught by the kids as they flood around the cop car and the two of them quickly collect themselves and throw their clothes back on. Tony later admitted to Fiona that she had been the girl to pop his cherry for the first time, which doesn't exactly matter now considering he's playing for the same team as Ian as of late. Despite his jealousy for Fiona and Steve's relationship in the first season and his willingness to get rid of Steve, he does save the Gallagher family's ass in a few episodes, so I'll give him some brownie points for that!

8 World Wide Cup

Mike Pratt was Fiona's Boss at World Wide Cup and without a doubt one of her most boring relationships. Hell, I would've cheated on him with his addict brother, Robbie, too, at least he had been far more exciting! The way he began talking dirty to Fiona while she was resting on the countertop of Mike's apartment and how he had successfully spread her legs apart and had her propped between his arms... Robbie being able to gain access to the most vulnerable parts of Fiona while his brother is passed out in the other room is wildly sexy. We needed something new for Fiona, something that brought her back to her wild side and made the future of the show a little more unexpected. And when he refers to Fiona as an "addict" just like him, set everything into place for me. Sure, Fiona hadn't been a drug addict or even an alcoholic, that would've been too easy for her character. Instead, she has always been so powerless when it comes to sex and it wasn't until Robbie that it had been so obviously stated.

7 The “L”

Fiona Gallagher, still dating Mike and still involved with Robbie, becomes a demanding role when she has to juggle being a girlfriend and a cheater. The incident on the "L" is something like we haven't really ever seen on Shameless with Fiona before. Nonetheless, it wasn't exactly out of her comfort zone to have Robbie slip his hand between her thighs and unravel a whole new path of excitement for this Gallagher. It's clear Fiona doesn't have much self-control when it comes to getting laid, but the pleasure exuding from this scene came less from the finger diddle and more from the thrill. What a sexy moment, especially knowing about how Fiona must comply with Robbie's upcoming terms and conditions if she doesn't want Mike finding out about the fun the two of them have been having. I could’ve guessed the terms had to do with continuing to sleep with Robbie, the fine print neglected Robbie slipping into Fiona on the L-train.

6 Hiding

Robbie continues manipulating Fiona into having sex with him for a few more steamy episodes, and what a sexy scene Fiona had by coming to tell Robbie it was all over only to not be able to resist the urge to do him. The two are getting heavy with passion and an unexpected knock hits the door. She looks for places to hide from Mike and slides beneath Robbie's table. As Fiona rushes for cover, our hearts are racing with the thought of Mike figuring them out. And I almost wish he had, I would've loved to hear the kind of excuse that would've unfolded as Fiona stretched out her legs to become eye level with her boyfriend. It’s been clear now for a while that Fiona doesn’t have much self-control, proving this with Mike, Robbie, Jimmy, Gus, the list goes on. We've obtained the brutal and sexy truth that when it comes to sex, Fiona Gallagher doesn’t know how to say no.

5 Yacht Party

A very convincing Jasmine and V finally get Fiona to let loose and go on Jasmine's sugar daddy's yacht. Fiona finds she doesn't have too much fun thanks to Jimmy (Steve) who was growing with bold attempts to win her back, but after what he's done, "I love you" at Fiona's doorstep just isn't going to cut it this time. It started to look like a better idea for Fiona to not have gone once the real (awkward) party started with Jasmine admitting she had been throw out by her husband for cheating and was now sleeping on her old sugar daddy's boat. With an attempt to connect with Fiona about how men can be assholes, she tries to place a drunken kiss on Fiona's lips. The party may not have been all the great, but at least we got to see Jasmine so down on herself that she throws herself into the idea that maybe her and Fiona could work something out. Fiona may not have loved the kiss exchanged, but I can assure you most of the viewers did.

4 Legal Guardian

Fiona coming to the decision to raise all of the kids as her own and going down to the court house to fight against her father for legal guardianship is far beyond sexy. It’s compelling and it's brave and it makes Fiona Gallagher one of the most sought after and strongest women on television.

Imagine having your oldest sibling walk into the court house for you, for you and all your siblings, for you, and all your troubles. The kind of strength Fiona demands when she walks into a room is powerful and to have the knowledge and strength to protect the ones she loves makes her the sexiest woman I can think of. Fiona Gallagher made this such a sexy moment because it was honest, because it was the right thing to do and because she genuinely wanted to. Fiona shamelessly loves her siblings with all her heart, and that is the sexiest, most inviting thing about her.

3 “Nobody F**** With The Gallaghers”

Holy sh*t. Why don't we be honest, each time this phrase or “It’s The Gallagher way” drips from Fiona’s mouth like honey, it makes her so sexy. So damn sexy. As if being a Gallagher is a diagnosis, which it nearly is, she still has a way of owning the phrase in the most powerful way. She and the rest of the Gallaghers. Because like so many times before, she’s standing her ground, she’s not allowing anyone to get past her, not to mention she uses these words as a way to lift up her siblings when they do something maybe they shouldn’t have, when they're stuck in a funk, or to encourage them to go further. When these words are released, it's as if they are the purest antidote to any situation. How sexy and comforting to know it only takes a few words to cure any kind of pain or to encourage anyone in any kind of situation.

2 Beating The Hell Out Of Jimmy (Steve)

Anytime Fiona wants to roll up her sleeves with the intention of spilling some blood, I'm turning up the volume to hear the hits and pushing my glasses up comfortably to watch every shot. This had to be one of my favorite scenes ever, to see Fiona sticking it to Jimmy, nailing him in the face over and over again, and even throwing in the occasional powerhouse kick right outside of Patsy’s Pies, collecting a gazing crowd from the window and leaving me grinning from ear to ear. He absolutely deserved the beating he got from Fiona, and it was a good one at that. He walked inside holding his busted face, all for not telling Fiona the truth. She had spent all this time hurting and now it had been his turn. Any women who can stick up for herself is damn sexy, especially when she's sticking up to a guy she’s still in love with.

1 F*** Monica

Of course, I have to add in perhaps the most honest moment Fiona has in this show, which makes it the sexiest. That moment is when Fiona is telling off Monica. Perhaps it isn't sexy to see a women cry, but it is sexy to see her being strong. Fiona loses her mind on her mother because Monica wants to go off and make a family with her lesbian lover and take Liam, the youngest Gallagher. Fiona and Lip react senselessly to her babbling and Fiona breaks down and we’ve seen this sort of thing before, but this time it's different. Fiona is so proud of her siblings and being apart of their lives and teaching them how to live, how to survive. And all that success has nothing to do with Monica because she left them. Because she wasn’t there. I think it's so sexy because Fiona is so honest and straight forward. She is not going to let someone come into their home, take a pick of the litter and leave. Not only that, she’s not going to let someone take all the credit for raising these kids and making them feel like they're not wanted by anyone because she wouldn’t have worked so hard on taking care of them if they weren’t worth it.

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