15 Occasions When Kylie Jenner Made Guys Speechless

Look, you may not be a fan of the Kardashians/Jenners, but the reason you are reading this article is because you know that Kylie Jenner is the whole package. She is sexy, creative, funny, and business savvy. There’s a reason that she has the numbers she does with regard to Snapchat followers as well as all of the other social media platforms. Hell, if I had half of Kylie’s personality/attractiveness mix, I’d be set for life. She knows how to work the media to her advantage and she’s just getting started. Kylie is like America’s younger sister.

However, for many guys who didn’t grow up watching the Kardashians, she’s more like the hot, young neighbor. Kylie surprised everyone with her grown up looks around the time that she started dating Tyga, which luckily for him was close to when she turned 18. Good for him for recognizing greatness before everyone else had a chance to do so. Taking after all of her siblings and stepsiblings, Kylie grew up sporting brand name clothing and simply pulled it off in a fashion that even her model sister, Kendall, mimics. Not that Kendall isn’t impressive in her own way, but Kylie just has a natural ability to wear an outfit the way it’s meant to be worn. No need for a catwalk, she’s got the sidewalk to act as her own person runway.

Now, let’s not waste any more time. You are probably only reading this article introduction to prove to yourself that you’re not just trying to see her photos, but it's ok. She’s of age now so you’re not going to be judged. Go ahead and check out the 15 occasions that Kylie dressed to impress. I promise, it’ll take your breath away.

15 Just Out and About

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The best thing about the way that Kylie presents herself is the fact that she takes a casual look and turns it into something entirely different. If I wore this outfit, I’d look like a total clown, but she looks phenomenal. Seriously, if I tried to leave the house wearing this outfit, my friends would think that I were still drunk from the night before because I somehow thought I could pull this off. But Kylie is Kylie, and this is what makes her so great. I’m just saying, those Kardashians have a rare ability to turn an outfit that really shouldn’t even exist into a new season trend. Between this outfit on Kylie, and her sister Kourtney’s ability to make any pantsuit look sexy, we really need to keep an eye on these sisters! Being a trendsetter and fashion icon by the age of 19? Well, that’s just a little impressive, isn't it?. So, let's just sit back in awe of Kylie's ability to transform something simple into something amazing.

14 Another New York Outing

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First off, can you imagine trying to look sexy while walking down a crowded New York street? Instead of trying to push people out of your way while you rush to get your morning coffee, you’re just casually strolling along with your designer shades, designer jacket, over a white outfit just looking like you have no worries in the world. Well, that’s how Kylie looked on this day walking down the street. Let’s be real, the idea of wearing an all white outfit in public brings me anxiety. She was in New York at the time, which isn’t exactly clean, and don’t even get me started on how unflattering white can be for a figure. But there’s Kylie, just pulling off the impossible, again. It’s like she is trying to defy all of fashion's strongly held beliefs, and it’s working. Guys, try to look away, it might just be too much beauty in one picture. Although New York City is made for high fashion, Kylie is taking it to new levels it has never seen before.

13 Just Keeping it Casual

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I mean I honestly have no idea what type of day you might be having that would make you feel like this outfit is appropriate for anything, however, do we really care if it’s appropriate? I know you don’t, that’s for sure. I think Kylie just woke up that day, rolled out of bed, found a shirt on the ground that looked cool, and put it on. It wasn’t until she looked in the mirror and pulled out her phone that she realized the shirt was going to be another Instagram phenomenon.  The short skirt and baggy t-shirt combination really seems to work for her.  Most women wouldn't wear it, but Kylie is totally different.  Her following is totally different. Her reasons are totally different. Whatever the reason that she decided to stick with this outfit, plenty of men out there thank her for doing so. I mean damn. It really gets a person's imagination stoked, but if Kylie is loving life, then who are we to judge? You rock it.

12 Shorty Is a Ten

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Remember when people used to call attractive women “shorty”? Ahh good times. But seriously, when your brother in law is Kanye West and he invites you to his music video screening, what do you wear? I have no answer for this, but it would appear as though these situations do not faze Kylie Jenner. Not that it is all that surprising; she has basically grown up going to these events. Showing up in knee high boots with a flattering and simple dress and jacket combination, she absolutely slayed. Ah, how I wish I could pull this combination off in the same manner that she does. I am envious! The outfit itself doesn’t sound super sexy or amazing, but then you see her wearing it and you have to do a double take. Her stylist knows what they’re doing so you have to give credit where credit is due! Keep up the good work.

11 Orange is A Hard Color To Wear, For Most...

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Well, there ya have it, folks, one more thing that Kylie Jenner can do that you can't: pull off the color orange. Most guys out there don't really understand the thought process and meticulous planning that can go into getting dressed for an evening. Sure, if I'm going to the grocery store, I'm either going straight after the gym or after a quick shower. I don't care what I'm wearing as long as I'm not freezing cold, and I don't care if you notice me. However, on a night out, you better believe I tried on four outfits before the one that I chose to wear out. And don't even get me started on the makeup, shoes, etc. My point here is that Kylie must have a team of people helping her pick out her outfits, or else she'd do what your average girl does, but times a million since paparazzi like to follow her. But however many people give input on her outfit, she must feel comfortable wearing it or else it wouldn't work. So damn girl, keep taking these risks with bright colors and tight dresses because it looks amazing, and you're clearly doing something right.

10 Comfortable and Flattering

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What a nice combination. Kylie’s hairstyle almost has as much to do with how she looks as her outfits. For example, she is killing it in this short, black, trench coat styled jacket. However, you have to admit that her long black hair makes it extra sultry. Any fan of Kylie’s knows that she enjoys changing her look, so we have to applaud her choice this evening. In fact, in Hollywood, sometimes it is easy to dress a little over the top, but Kylie was smart and went for a different look. She would probably catch your eye regardless, but she seriously out did herself this time. It’s a subtle look that actually makes her seem almost like any other girl, if you don’t notice all of her paparazzi and the bodyguards usually by her side. Her heels make her legs look phenomenal, and it’s just a simple look that really works.

9 Leather Like a Boss

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Are you saying that you can't rock as much leather as she does? Well, don't even worry about it, just let Kylie do her thing. Seriously, this outfit shouldn't really be all that great. It's simple, she's fairly covered, and overall a great leather getup. It also just really reminds me of the Friends episode where Ross gets stuck in leather pants while on a date. Remember? It's like a huge mess and somehow he includes baby powder in the whole debacle?

But anyways...let's get back to the point at hand. Kylie is powerhouse of sexy fashion, but the reason is because she just goes ahead and does fashion to a degree that no other can reach. Kylie really makes me think that maybe it's worth enduring the heat of leather pants if you look like that in the outfit. I know that all of you guys out there agree with me when I say that you probably don't care whether the outfit is particularly comfortable as long as it looks good, but give her credit where credit is due.

8 Crushing It

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Kylie's natural ability to entertain crowds of fans and audiences around the world via social media is quite impressive. Her ability to make a black body suit and red jacket look like the next big thing in couture is just out right ridiculous. Can I be her? Well, the answer is no, obviously, but since I can't be her, I'll just give her credit for being her. Guys, you clearly can't deny her looks are remarkable. She went from the awkward child sister to the hot, young college girl you wish would sit next to you in class. Rest assured that Kylie Jenner will never be your lab partner, but you can catch her strolling through New York, Los Angeles, or Milan on a regular basis because this is Kylie's life. Better get used to her ability to command attention because I have a feeling that quality will stick with her for quite some time.

7 Well That's One Way to Wear it...

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Have I mentioned that I admire Kylie's ability to take a trend and turn it up? Well, here's a prime example. Clearly, all of Kylie's friends talked about it and decided to wear matching jackets to this event. While they all have the same jacket, you may notice that Kylie can't help but stand out. It may have to do with the fact that Kylie is Kylie, and she is quite noticeable. But more so, I'd say it is the fact that she took the idea of wearing a casual red jacket and paired it with a kick ass, sexy, black dress. Literally, everyone else pictured in the group is wearing a pair of cool pants, but Kylie just can't be one in a crowd; she has to be up front and center. I don't hear any of you guys complaining, though. So let's all thank Kylie for being the creative, fashion forward young lady that she is, because she inspires all girls to think out of the box. Don't let your sexiness blend in with everyone else's. Be different!

6 Those Boots Though

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Ok, guys, let me ask you something. I know that when it comes down to the accessories, most guys don’t really care how you pair a purse with your jacket or how you match your earrings with the buttons on your shirt. But can you tell me that these boots don’t just absolutely make this outfit sexy? It is just the truth. You may not want to admit out loud that you like her boots, but we are all thinking it. It would be way too easy for a fashion icon like Jenner to just wear a pair of flip flops or tennis shoes with this outfit.  But what is she, a soccer mom?  No, she isn't.  She's an international sensation who knows that a pair of sexy, black leather boots to compliment her sheer shirt and short shorts was a smart decision.  She turns heads with everything she wears and this outfit makes men everywhere dream that she was their girlfriend.

5 Girls Want This Dress

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This dress. Holy wow. I want it, but first my body would have to look like Kylies…so give me a year or two to make it happen. Seriously, this picture was taken in December of 2015, so she was barely able to vote, and yet she looks like she runs shit. Not only does this dress make her look quite tan, it is just very flattering. It hits the right spots, and it’s the kind of dress that you can act like you just found it in your closet, but in reality you had to go to three stores and ask for a custom made dress anyway. Not that I would know, because I’m not quite in a position to buy custom made dresses, but you know that Kylie is. Girls may be able to find this dress in high end stores around Los Angeles or New York, but just keep in mind that they’re competing against Kylie Jenner for “Who Wore It Better”, so be prepared to lose that fight.

4 When Rihanna Invites You to a Party, You Dress Up Well

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Well, I know that this may come as a shock but I don’t get invited to too many balls. However, Kylie doesn’t have this problem. She wore the above outfit to the 2nd Annual Diamond Ball in December 2015, and she rocked it. I mean, when the event that you’re going to is being hosted by Rihanna, you know you have to really bring your A game. Sadly, most people’s A game is Kylie’s C game, so you know she went all out. I couldn’t imagine being able to pull off this dress, but there’s Kylie, just living everyone’s dream and she couldn’t look better. Somehow, the red and white background coupled with the bright red carpet compliment her outfit perfectly. But no matter her surroundings, Kylie is always going to shine, you know that. With this dress, she is saying, "When Queen Kylie has arrived on the red carpet, everyone get out of the way."

3 Met Gala Girl Crush

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The Met Gala is known to be a hot spot of fashion. It's true! Celebrities have to make the tough decision whether to go trendy or take a risk with their looks. Sometimes, it is worth the risk, and other times, you regret it for years to come. Luckily, Kylie made the right choice with this Balmain dress. First off, it is complex without being over the top. The dress shows the right amount of skin, fits her curves correctly, and the length is perfect. The fit of the dress couldn't be better. Furthermore, the dress itself is fantastic. It's hard to look away from this sparkly art piece that Kylie calls a dress. What I like the most about this look is that Kylie looks phenomenal without throwing her cleavage or body in general in everyone's face. Sure, skin is showing, but it's very tasteful. I applaud you, Kylie.

2 Candy Shop Look

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Somehow, Kylie takes a simple, almost young-looking, outfit and still turns it into something stunning in a night out and about. Keeping it fun, Kylie is wearing this short, pink dress that many girls could only wish they could pull off.  What is most interesting about Jenner is that it reflects her fun personality to bring it all together.  This photo was taken when she decided to open up another location of her candy store-restaurant called the Sugar Factory with her sister Kendall.  What's even cooler is that it's not just any candy store, this place sells fancy, high-end lollipops, some of the going for $26 apiece.  Oh, and the lollipops come with their own reusable, bedazzled handle to go with it.  So guys, who wouldn't want a girl who is rich, beautiful, and knows how to sell some sweet candy.  It makes you want a piece of her in more ways than one.

1 Kendall’s 21st Birthday Party

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Kylie’s look for her older sister’s 21st birthday party at Delilah is enough to make every guy on the planet wish they were in attendance. Quite honestly, it’s a little ridiculous just how amazing she looked because her outfit could have made her look like the woman of the night commonly found on the corner of Highland and Hollywood, but instead just made girls around the world jealous. I’m not really sure when Kylie went from the 12-year-old sister of Kim Kardashian to the Kardashian on the top of the list, but it has happened. Kylie is a knockout, and she has the cooking skills and business mind to back it up. Even the girls out there that claim that they hate the Kardashians would have to admit that, given the chance, they would want to switch lives with Kylie for at least one day and we can’t blame them.

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