15 Obvious Signs She Rather Be Friends And Only Friends

When theoretical physicists started talking about black holes, they were probably referring to the friend zone. The friend zone is the area where people come in when they are in love with a woman or man and that person feels absolutely nothing for them but a beautiful friendship. It is well known that friendships between opposite genders exist, in some cases forever, and in others, until one of the two sides falls in love.

If you are one who is in love, pay attention to the signs she sends about how she feels about you. These types of signs will indicate that she is not physically attracted to you, but that she appreciates you as her friend. However, this does not mean that she will never see you otherwise, as an attractive man. Who knows, in the future this situation may change. Just remember that female language is complex. When words have proven to be most useful in establishing clear communication between people, for many women it is preferable to act on what they would like to say rather than actually say it, which leads to many misunderstandings.

15 No Interest In Your Family

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Families are a good thermometer to measure whether a woman is interested in you as a man or just a friend. If after a couple of dates she doesn't show the slightest interest in your family, such as how it's made up, whether you live or are close to your parents, if you have siblings, if you grew up with your cousins during childhood, or whatever, no matter how tiny, she may not be interested in you. For a woman, the family of her partner is vitally important because they know that it is with the family you really show who you are, whether a gentleman or a pig.

14 She Asks About Other Friends

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If you have a crush on someone and every time you talk to that person she keeps asking about other friends or acquaintances of yours, this woman may not be interested in you. It's the same thing when she keeps telling you stories she did with her old partner. This is an obvious sign: she talks to you about other men, a coworker she likes or someone she met in a bar. She tells you in detail everything about this man she likes and does it with complete normality, and even asks you for advice. This is one of the strongest signs that she's not interested in you, my friend.

13 She Asks You Lots Of Favors

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If she asks you to help her do her chores, carry her things or walk her dog, more than in the friendzone you are in the slavery zone. It's not worth trying to earn her interest by playing the gentleman who ends up humiliating himself for nothing. If she really did have romantic feelings for you, she would never stretch you for so many favors. On the contrary, she would find a way to spend more time with you, but without it being a burden. So, there's no way to be the dog that chases her around 24/7. Above all, dignity, which, if it is already lost, it is better not to continue losing it and try to rescue what remains.

12 Friendly Consolation

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This is one of the most crucial points. If she came from a romantic relationship and just ended her engagement, and the first thing she does is approach you looking for comfort in a friendly way, there is no doubt you are in the friendzone. But the situation will get worse if you keep telling her phrases like "you deserve better" or "who wouldn't want to be with you?". A woman who has just ended things with her boyfriend will enter a stage where she won't want to hear from any man for some good days; then, depending on how liberal she is, she will surely seek one-night casual relationships; and finally, she will return to the point where she would be willing to meet people and eventually establish some kind of relationship.

11 She Has No Shame

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If she's with you and she farts or burps in your face and simply laughs, this woman has digestive problems or no doubt she doesn't like you. This also applies if for example she changes her clothes in front of you without any problems. If so, she probably doesn't feel attracted to you and assumes that you aren't attracted to her either. Although this is a very thin line: if she changes her clothes in front of you, she may be waiting for you to throw yourself at her. One way or another, it's almost impossible for a woman in that situation to take the first step, so it's up to you.

10 She's Looking For A Partner For You Whenever She Can

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If the woman you have feelings for always keeps telling you that you shouldn't be single, that she will help you find the ideal woman and tells you about the pretty girls at her college or work you would be perfect for, then it's a clear sign that you are in the friendzone. The point is simple: she cares about your well-being and wants you to fall in love, so she introduces you to a friend she considers ideal for you. This sign is extremely clear and says that she cares and appreciates you, but she does not choose you as a boyfriend. I mean, she's your real friend, and that's it.

9 She Doesn't Laugh At Your Jokes

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When someone is interested in you emotionally or sexually, that person will do everything possible to please you, such as laughing at your jokes, no matter how bad they may be. This is a very important point: when you make a joke in front of someone you like and the other one is not even capable of pretending to laugh, it tells you that your joke was a reverend stupidity. I'm very sorry, but apparently, she doesn't feel the same way you do. Humor is one of the most useful seduction tools a man has for a woman. If she's interested in you courting her, she'll laugh at your jokes, no matter how bad they are.

8 She Invites Other People

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Imagine that you and the person you like have arranged to meet to watch a movie at the theater, to go out for a walk or to have dinner, and instead of her arriving alone she appears with someone else. This is a legitimate sign that she has absolutely no interest in anything but being friends with you, since she doesn't even want to spend time alone with you. If she avoids spending time alone with you and continually seeks someone else's company to weigh yours, it is because she is not interested in being intimate. And without intimacy, without proximity, you'll only be friends, so you'd better look elsewhere, because that ship has sailed.

7 She Calls You By Your Last Name

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As natural as it may be that many of your friends and acquaintances call you by your last name, when a girl is really in love with you, there's no way she will. One way or another, she will call you by your first name or a nickname that she invents for you. But believe me, if she does it for your last name, and even more so when you two are in front of other people, the chances that she will see you romantically are microscopic. Calling yourself by your surname only denotes a lot of camaraderie and friendship, like the one you have with your old friends you met in childhood since high school.

6 The Fist Bump

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Much was said about Barack Obama, such as the way he treated his direct and indirect employees. The former U. S. president constantly demonstrated that he was a friendly guy, even with people who were completely beneath him in the social hierarchy. Countless photos were taken of Obama greeting his employees and colleagues like Joe Biden in a friendly "street" way, much like basketball players do. If the person who has been driving you crazy for some time greets you as Obama salutes the guy on the photo from the White House, you are in the complete friendzone.

5 She Walks Away From You In Public

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If you two go out together to a bar and she tries to get away from you, so other men don't think she's your partner, it's because, unfortunately, she doesn't like you and wants to meet someone else. If she's not interested in you, she won't want someone else to think she is. She may stay by your side occasionally, but she will avoid getting involved in typical couple scenes. That way she won't be with you for too long, especially if both of you are alone chatting among a sea of people. Similar case happens with photos, since she won't upload a photo to social networks with you so that other people think you are a couple or something similar.

4 She Calls You "Bro"

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Instead of calling yourself "honey", "love", "dear" or any kind of nickname, she says "bro", there is no doubt that this is what you really mean to her. This is very clear, and you don't need to be a scientist with three doctorates to understand it: she won't refer to you as a "bro" if she has intentions or hopes for you to be something else. The word friend has effects on the brain as harmful as it is pleasant. It is able to comfort pain, almost like a hug, but it can also send you the last circle of hell if it comes out of the lips of the person who won't let you sleep at night. If she calls you friend, well, my friend, the case is completely lost.

3 She Doesn't Mind Looking Gross Next To You

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If you go to her house to visit her and you notice that she receives you in pajamas or messed up, as if she were with a girlfriend, then it is fair to say that she doesn't like you. Otherwise, as soon as she knows you're going to see her, she'd run for a bath and look pretty. A woman definitely captivates a lot by her appearance, and she is more than willing to seduce you with her body and the way she dresses, if she really has any interest in you other than being friends. The problem is that many women tend to get dressed a lot when they go out, even to the supermarket, so you will have to identify which type of woman she is so that you do not fall into false illusions.

2 Always Looking Relaxed

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When there is sexual tension between two people, sooner or later you notice it. But, on the other hand, if she is always relaxed when she is with you and doesn't look after what you do or if your phone rings or if someone is looking at you, she doesn't like you. If she has had the courage to tell you that you are just friends, then accept it and don't get mixed up in thinking that she has other intentions, that she is playing hard to get. She was straightforward and there's nothing to look forward to. In this kind of thing, women prefer to take the sharp and direct way, because it bothers them that a man is that they are not interested in is after them.

1 Her Body Language

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If she sees you as a pretender, either for something sexual or for a serious relationship, she will be a little nervous and careful in choosing her words and movements. Besides, her body language will be a sea of signals. For example, the way she looks at you, how she tilts her head slightly when she talks to you, touches her neck and plays with her hair are all indicators that she wants something else. When a woman (or man, because we are equal in that) is attracted to someone, consciously or unconsciously she will look him in the eye. Eye contact involves personal connection, so if she avoids looking you in the eye, she is putting up a barrier and closing any possibility of something else.

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