15 Great Pictures Of These Usually PG Actresses

When it comes to how people view you as an actress in Hollywood, the types of roles you take are a huge factor. Some actresses have made a name for themselves with roles that require them acting in their birthday suit and getting their booty bumping on. But that isn't the case for the women that we have for you below.

However, just because these women have failed to let their clothes hit the floor for a role, doesn't mean that they aren't still some of the sexiest women in the history of Hollywood. And it definitely doesn't mean that they haven't stripped their clothes off or amplified their assets for some seriously steamy photos that leave little to the imagination.

Whether they're people you grew up crushing on, such as Danielle Fishel and Jennifer Aniston or current beauties like Kaley Cuoco and Sophie Turner, we have something great in store for you.

While we are sure you'd love to see multiple photos of several of these women, it's Danielle Fishel and her clean-girl "Topanga Lawrence" image that gets shattered with two separate steamy entries!

These are 15 "Not So PG" Pictures Of These Very PG Actresses!


15 Danielle Fishel (Part 1!)

If you grew up watching television in the 90s, there is no argument that you are at least aware of what TGIF was. Run on ABC, several shows helped consist of a solid Friday evening of television. Your favorite, however, may have been Boy Meets World which of course starred Danielle Fishel in one of the leading roles.

Fishel's good looks definitely haven't faded with time, as we have made abundantly clear with the photo that we've included.

While she has yet to let her clothes drop for a role, the other steamy photo we have below of her definitely leaves even less to the imagination. As well as this, Fishel also reveals which girl she crushed on growing up!

14 Jessica Alba


Jessica Alba is one of the most beautiful women in the entire world. She's also incredibly passionate and intelligent; as evident by the fact that she was also able to start up a successful business which centers around non-toxic goods.

When talking about the company, Alba stated

"I founded The Honest Company on this idea: Everything that touches you and your family--everything in your home--needs to be nontoxic, needs to be effective and beautiful to look at, and needs to be affordable."

And while Alba has found herself in plenty of roles that featured her in a swimsuit (and one as a stripper) this above photo might be the steamiest look you've ever had of her!

13 Megan Fox

Megan Fox is definitely not unfamiliar with the idea of being overtly sexualized for a role. Perhaps the most prominent example is how the camera followed her in the Transformers movies. Granted, there is also the movie Jennifer's Body where she gets hot and heavy alongside Amanda Seyfried.

That's about as steamy as things have gotten for Fox on the big-screen though, as she has yet to leave her clothes back in the trailer for a scene.

Photos like the one we selected help make it abundantly clear why even without showing us everything she has, that she is still considered one of the hottest women in Hollywood's history.

12 Jennifer Love Hewitt


Jennifer Love Hewitt is unfortunately not nearly as popular an actress as some of the other candidates that we have on our list. One of her last films, Jewtopia, was a huge flop and while Hewitt has enjoyed success on television; it does look like her career may officially have faded away.

But not before she has left you with photos like the one we have selected for you above. And for that, we're sure you're incredibly grateful! If you look at the photo and find yourself wanting more, you may be happy to hear that Hewitt announced back in August that she is officially starting out her own Instagram account.

Let's hope it's not long before Hewitt steps out in some revealing outfits and remembers to take her camera along for the ride.

11 Kaley Cuoco

Kaley Cuoco is arguably one of the most recognizable women in society. If it wasn't enough that she had a starring role on The Big Bang Theory, but Cuoco was also one of the leads on the television show 8 Simple Rules For Dating My Teenage Daughter. And while The Big Bang Theory may put her in outfits that leave very little to the imagination, you shouldn't be expecting Cuoco to be running around without her bra on anytime soon.

It's hard to blame her for wanting to stay on the show though, especially with reports that her, Galecki and Parsons will all be earning $900,000 per episode. Which was actually a pay cut from their season 8-10 totals that paid them $1 million, but something tells us they won't be hurting too much.

10 Ariel Winter


There is no question that Ariel Winter receives a great deal of attention in Hollywood because of her chest. But when talking about it in past interviews, Winter has admitted that her prominent assets used to be a huge source of pain and discomfort and that she has since had them reduced.

But looking at the above photo, it's evident that while Winter may have gone smaller but that she's still able to catch your eye with whatever she chooses to wear. Winter is currently locked into her PG label through the series Modern Family - which was also her big break as an actress.

While there's no telling how her career will go once the series finishes airing, her millions of followers on Instagram will surely be eager to find out.

9 Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston has definitely played some roles where she has dialled up the sexuality. Like I mean really, anyone check her out in Horrible Bosses!? We're sure if you have, then you're definitely going to be left agreeing with the sentiment that Aniston is smoking hot.

Not like that's anything new for Aniston though, considering she was also gorgeous in her role of Rachel Green which she famously portrayed for 10 seasons on the series Friends. While nude photos of Aniston were leaked from the set of The Break-Up, it's the closest she's come to letting us check out all of her.

That doesn't make the above photo any less appealing though!


8 Sophie Turner


There is no way that Game of Thrones could ever be considered a "PG" show. But just because nudity appears to be rampant in Westeros, doesn't mean that every female character has let the world check her out.

And while Turner has engaged in some booty bumping - granted non-consensual bumping with Ramsay Bolton - she has not bared it all for a role. Other roles outside of Westeros help further re-affirm her PG status, such as playing Jean Grey in the X-Men Universe.

Turner doesn't have many outfits that have shown off her body, but you better believe we picked the best one that does.

7 Sofia Vergara

Sofia Vergara has some of the most prominent assets in all of Hollywood. But if you think that means she's let them hang out for a role, you'd be incorrect.

Even if she did engage in some adult loving alongside Sharon Stone and a male in the film Fading Gigolo. You can expect Vergara to be back in some skimpy outfits when Modern Family returns to the air, but we don't know if she's going to be allowed to wear anything on TV that shows off as much as the photo you're staring at!

Vergara is going to be putting her acting to the test as she plays the leading role in an upcoming film that is centered around a jewel theft. Also joining along for the ride is the gorgeous Alice Eve and Uma Thurman.

6 Mila Kunis


Mila Kunis got a break in the world of acting at the age of 14 when she appeared on That '70s Show. And while some actors from the series, such as Topher Grace, have failed to transition away from Point Place, Kunis has done a tremendous job.

One of her best performances may also be one of her hottest, alongside Natalie Portman in the movie Black Swan. Kunis' character does bare it all in the film Forgetting Sarah Marshall (or more appropriately, a photo of Kunis is used), but the image was photoshopped so-as not to show off Kunis' real body.

There isn't much left to the imagination with the above photo though!

5 Hilary Duff

If we're being upfront, Hilary Duff has actually bared it all for a role. While that would normally disqualify her from this list, we do need to mention that her chest - while exposed - was censored out. And for that, we're going to count her as still managing to maintain her "PG" status.

And if you disagree with us, that's okay too because you still get to stare at a steamy photo of Hilary Duff. And just in case you're curious, the raunchy scene comes from her current series Younger. 

While Duff is making strides as an actress, we wouldn't blame you if you can't look at her and not have your mind immediately associate her with the character Lizzie Maguire!

4 Vanessa Hudgens


If we're being completely upfront, there are definitely some photos out there of Vanessa Hudgens that are far from PG. Hudgens has had her privacy violated on several different occasions and in the process, the world has been given a glimpse of what she looks like in her birthday suit.

But Hudgens has yet to willingly show off some skin - at least not more skin than we have above - and for that she is able to hold on to her title of being a PG actress. One of Hudgens more recent ventures, the television series Powerless, failed to find a significant audience and has since been canceled, but that definitely isn't Hudgens fault!

3 Kat Dennings

If Kat Dennings continues to find herself out of work, it definitely isn't going to be due to her looks. Dennings was one of the leading ladies on the series 2 Broke Girls, but with its recent cancellation, she is currently left without any upcoming projects.

While we can hope that means she will find herself to strip down and share photos like this that leave little to the imagination, we're sure you're going to miss getting to check out Dennings on a weekly basis.

When you consider the series ran for several seasons, you need to also assume that Dennings has more than enough money saved away to take a solid vacation.

2 Selena Gomez


Wait, but Selena Gomez isn't an actress you say, she's a musician! While that may be very well and true, Gomez has still managed to make an appearance in several projects including the film Spring Breakers. And when it comes to getting to stare at a gorgeous photo of Selena Gomez, are you really going to find yourself complaining? Call us psychic, but we're going to go with no!

Gomez has also lent her voice (but unfortunately, not her body!) for the film franchise Hotel Transylvania which is currently filming their 3rd film.

While we aren't sure if it's her singing or acting muscles that she is going to flex next, we do know we can't wait to see it!

1 Danielle Fishel (Part 2!)

You may have known that Danielle Fishel was going to get two entries, but that doesn't make the fact that she does all the more exciting. Fishel may be one of the most "PG" actresses of all-time, but making a name for yourself from Boy Meets World can definitely have that impact.

It's clear that she has a much less family-friendly image going on for her in the above photo that we've selected. Which may be extra fun news if you grew up crushing on Fishel! Judging by the quote that accompanies the photo, it seems like Fishel was definitely digging the character Kelly Kapowski who was portrayed by Tiffani Thiessen on Saved By The Bell. 

While Fishel's career has currently stagnated, we're confident that if she needed to turn the heat up for a role that it would be well-received by people.

Can always hope right?


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