15 “Not So PG” Pics A-Rod Doesn’t Want Us To See Of J-Lo

From wardrobe malfunctions to some “Not So PG” candid booty shots, this article has it all when it comes to J-Lo’s stunning ways

For those of you that know a little about A-Rod’s personal life, you’re likely well aware that the dude is one hell of a player off the field (if you know what we mean). Tall, dark, insanely handsome, and with a net worth of around $300 million, it isn’t too hard to understand why he’s been so lucky with the ladies. Looking at his past hookups, one can make the argument that A-Rod has the most prestigious track record when it comes to the sheer beauty of his hookups. His list might be better than some high profile faces and that includes the likes of Tiger Woods and even another chiseled God, Cristiano Ronaldo.

This recent February, A-Rod took things up a notch. He went from dating the beautiful Torrie Wilson for a couple of years, to moving on to a global star in Jennifer Lopez. For the first time, dare we say; could A-Rod be swinging out of his league?

In this article, we put that statement into question showcasing some of the best “Not So PG” pictures featuring Alex’s new girlfriend. From wardrobe malfunctions to some “Not So PG” candid booty shots, this article has it all when it comes to J-Lo’s stunning ways. Enjoy the article and like always, be sure to share it with a friend.

15 Wardrobe Malfunction

This one might not be too shocking, but yes, J-Lo has suffered one too many wardrobe malfunctions in the past. Without a doubt, A-Rod would like most of those instances to stay far, far away from our eyeballs. In this instance, Lopez’s dress was basically hanging by tape before, well, you guessed it, the dress completely gave out. One of Jen’s “Not So PG” assets also happened to pop right out and it looks like the dude in the picture has no problem whatsoever looking at that certain body part in the nude. In all likelihood, most men wish they were him for that split second.

Lopez would have numerous other malfunctions, especially on stage, which we’ll take a look at a little later on in the article. Stay tuned, folks!

14 The Selfie That Broke The Internet

Instagram literally froze following this picture being posted. The photo went absolutely viral on pretty much every media tabloid out there. The “Not So PG” selfie was eye gauging to be quite frank, as J-Lo poses for the insane picture that has it all in terms of “Not So PG” assets; from a heck of a lot of booty, to even a bit of side cleavage.

Given the fact that Lopez is nearing her 50s (at 48), this picture is truly something to behold. Yes, even her man A-Rod has maintained a great look throughout but let’s face it, the dude is an athlete. This picture took things to another level and we probably assume the All-Star baseball player held Lopez a little tighter following the post. In the picture, Lopez captioned, “loveyourselffirst”; we can all agree that we’d love ourselves that much more if we looked like that!

13 Candid Booty In Red

Some worldwide stars just can’t escape the paparazzi; boyfriend A-Rod had a similar problem during his time with the Yankees, but in truth, it’s nothing compared to the attention ushered in by Lopez. The paparazzi is out to get a picture of the celeb 24/7 and judging by this candid shot, it's not all that hard to figure out why. Once again, how she’s edging towards her 50s is one big fat question mark.

Lopez has us seeing red in this picture as she rocks a red dress to absolute perfection. A candid shot clearly defines one’s beauty and it looks like Lopez passed the test with flying colors. Although we're not surprised. Of course, her primary “Not So PG” asset is on full display in the picture as her booty looks custom made for the dress, rocking it to absolute perfection.

12 Bikini Time In Miami

Putting things into perspective, this ten on ten candid shot was recently taken, proving the ageless wonder is no real human, looking absolutely flawless (again). The picture was snapped in Miami as J-Lo laid on the beach enjoying some relax time following her gruelling schedule. It wasn’t the first time the paparazzi snapped a candid shot of J-Lo on the beach. That A-Rod is one lucky dude!

A fit chick is the norm for Rodriguez when looking at his prior dating history. He dated several females in the fitness industry, along with a WWE Divas who also still maintains a tremendous shape in her 40s nowadays: Torrie Wilson. Looking at his past dates, you’d be impressed to see the number of ten on ten females he’s hooked up with, however, in truth, few compare to the beautiful J-Lo.

11 The Recent B-Day Outfit

July 24th was a special day for the beautiful Bronx, New York native as she celebrated her 48th birthday alongside her new man, Alex Rodriguez. Of course, when it’s your birthday, you want to feel like a million bucks and that’s exactly what Lopez did, taking her outfit to another level of hotness. Feast your eyes on the “Not So PG” ensemble above, as Lopez looks nothing short of spectacular while rocking a dress that’ll have your eyes wondering for days. A-Rod himself looked pretty darn sharp, but let’s face it, you probably didn’t even notice him in the picture as you’re likely too busy still checking out a certain “Not So PG” asset (or two) which are on full display in the photo above.

The pic was posted by J-Lo via Instagram and it gathered close to 1.5 million likes, which probably isn’t even enough. J-Lo claimed it was her birthday week, but when you look like that, it should be a birthday month!

10 Candid Booty In Leggings

This is another recent candid shot that nearly broke the internet, as the paparazzi snapped this brilliant photo that made millions of viewers smile. J-Lo’s top asset, her booty, is on full display as she dazzles in her yoga pants.

Dieting and exercise are of course two key elements in J-Lo’s ability of staying in phenomenal shape. In terms of dieting, she loves eating organic foods along with high quality proteins. In terms of staying in shape physically, Lopez loves to get her sweat on in the gym, but also admits that dance plays a big role in her ability to maintain such a shape, which quite frankly, isn’t too shocking to understand. So the key here folks, is eating your healthy veggies and proteins along with making sure to get in a dance or two before bed. Just don’t go dancing towards the refrigerator in search of some ice cream... you can label that “weekend only”.

9 The Dude Before A-Rod

Speaking of dance, we now turn our attention to this throwback candid shot of Lopez alongside her ex-boyfriend, one Casper Smart (who was also a dancer in the field). Both are dancers, and shared an on-again/off-again relationship following J-Lo’s divorce to her ex-husband Marc Anthony. The couple shared some public moments of PDA, particularly during this day at the beach as the paparazzi had a field day with the photos. Without a doubt, A-Rod wasn’t one of the people searching for such photos of the two.

After a couple of years of on-and-off dating, the couple finally went their separate ways last summer in August. Lopez took a brief break from the dating world before making the shocking announcement in February that she was in fact dating the former Yankee man, Alex Rodriguez.

8 The “Not So PG” Cleavage

When you’re dating someone as beautiful as Jennifer Lopez, you should get ready to endure a variety of “Not So PG” outfits. A-Rod is certainly learning a thing or two about that, as Ms. Lopez rocks the “Not So PG” attire on the norm, whether it’s short on the back, or cleavage-friendly in the front. The picture you see above definitely indicates option number two as the amount of cleavage can get you lost. Okay, guys. Snap out of it!

Her looks seems to be on full display just about everywhere and anywhere. There’s a reason she has close to a staggering 70 million followers on Instagram, and in truth, it isn’t all because of her beautiful voice. It’s fairly obvious, Lopez will continue to be a massive sex symbol for a very long time, and that might even continue until she inches towards her 60s at this rate.

7 Booty On The ‘Gram

Another “Not So PG” picture posted via her Instagram account, J-Lo poses for the picture while stating that she "misses Miami". As evidenced by this article, she loves Miami and we have reason to believe A-Rod will be taking her over there a couple of times given the fact that it’s her “happy spot”.

The 42 year old Alex Rodriguez, has done a very good job in resurfacing his name over the last few years after it took a bit of a beating due to various enhancement allegations. Today, he’s living life under a more low-profile limelight and it's helped his cause a great deal. Like Lopez, A-Rod is also divorced, ending his prior marriage in the summer of 2008 to Cynthia Rodriguez. His ex claimed that A-Rod was unfaithful during the marriage (some even claim Madonna played a big role in ending the relationship).

6 More Miami Booty

This is another picture taken from Miami, however this time around, she’s not on a beach but in performance. Whether she’s rocking a bikini, or like in this picture, incredible concert apparel, the ensemble of her choice is usually one of the “Not So PG” nature. Again, that factor likely puts more butts in the seats so A-Rod shouldn’t be complaining, but when your girl looks that good, there is more reason to sweat, even if you do look like a Greek God.

Rumor has it Rodriguez already tried to lock Lopez down for good, but that’s all gossip and speculation that we really can’t confirm. Looking at J-Lo, we wouldn't be too shocked if such claims were to be true. Seriously though, who wouldn’t want to lock her down for good?

5 On-Stage Booty Gains

Adding another internet shattering candid to the list, this one was taken live during a J-Lo performance. Her best “Not So PG” asset is on full display. After seeing such a picture, we can only assume A-Rod went to throw some cool Gatorade onto his own face.

For J-Lo, her upbringing screamed out star for a very long time. She began singing and dancing at the age of five, along with also learning English at a young age. In school, Lopez was the total package as she was also the athletic type, excelling in the likes of track, softball and gymnastics, all on the national level. Even A-Rod is likely impressed by that. During her final years in high school, she started receiving some minor gigs. Once she made the choice to fully branch out in the entertainment world, Lopez became a force to be reckoned with.

4 Chilling With Drake

The internet nearly broke when a picture of Drake and J-Lo together surfaced on the worldwide web. Speculation ran rampant as many linked the two as an actual item. However, A-Rod came in the picture soon after to sweep Miss Lopez off her feet. Seems like his timing couldn’t have been any better.

Drake has made the claim that he had a massive crush on Lopez. Some even believed Jen used that to her advantage and made Drake nothing but a “booty-call” to add to her repertoire. Looking at her magnificent look and legacy, she’s certainly someone who can pull that off, even when compared to another global star like Drake. Regardless, no matter how you look at it, A-Rod certainly wants to keep such a photo bottled up in the past as the backstory behind such a picture is certainly of the “Not So PG” nature.

3 Legs For Days

Throughout the article, we’ve touched base on Lopez looking “Not So PG”, while two specific assets were normally highlighted in the shots. In this picture however, we add a third asset, and that’s her “Not So PG” legs, which are the heroes of this marvellous picture. Oh, and of course, her booty is also on full display, but at this point, that’s always a given. This is another shot posted on Lopez’s Instagram account, and a picture that likely made many fans of hers have a couple of restless nights. In truth, that’s something Rodriguez likely wants to know nothing about.

With dance and training under her repertoire for years, it isn’t hard to figure out why she has so many “Not So PG” assets in her lower body area. At almost 50 years of age, you’d think that we'd start seeing some flaws, but that doesn’t appear to be the case. She’s a freak, folks!

2 More On-Stage Malfunctions

We promised this earlier in the article, and we here at The Richest love to keep our word. Here’s another “Not So PG” wardrobe malfunction featuring J-Lo. Not too shocking, the malfunction took place on her backside. Many are likely rather pleased that this particular “asset” was the victim of the malfunction.

Lopez was an absolute pro in handling the malfunction, as you probably might have assumed. When things are live, performers know that just about anything can go wrong. Mix that in with tight clothing and fast dancing, and well, you’re pretty much prone for any type of wardrobe malfunction to take place at any point. Of course, when it’s all said and done, this is a moment Lopez wants to keep in the past, and we assume A-Rod feels the same way (or else, well, that would just be weird)!

1 A Forgettable Photo With The Current & Ex

Before we dive in and discuss the hilariousness of such a picture, let’s shed some light on Lopez’s prior dating history. In terms of hookups, things were few and far between unlike A-Rod, who hooked up with countless women. Lopez had some brief romances with the likes of Shawn Combs, Ben Affleck and later, a singer she would end up marrying, Marc Anthony.

The couple would go on to get married and start a family with two children. In July of 2011 however, many were shocked to find out that the two agreed on a divorce after a couple of years of marriage and after starting a family. Perhaps nobody could have predicted the outcome of this forgettable shot as A-Rod would end up with Lopez years later. According to J-Lo, A-Rod was a jerk at first, but when that changed, the two got along famously, leading to the relationship taking place.

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