15 Not-So-Classy Things Employees Did After Getting Fired

Not all of us wake up and love our jobs; in fact, there are many people who dread going to work. These people get up every day and dream about quitting their jobs. They couldn’t imagine ever being fired because they assume that no one would want their job anyway. They go to work every day and do what they can just to get by.

There are others who go to work and try really hard, only to be fired. Being fired for them is a shock to their system because they can’t imagine what they could've done wrong in order to be fired in the first place. What’s worse is, sometimes, getting fired ends up being a form of public humiliation. How do you think you'd handle being fired? Would you go out quietly, or would you go out with a bang?

There are some pretty funny stories about people who've been fired and lived to tell about it. These people decided to go out with a bang, and then, they shared their embarrassing stories to the world. These people have decided to share their stories, and we’re loving every minute of it. If you want to hear some good confessions, then feel free to read and maybe dream about the day that you can go out with a bang, too. These funny stories will help to brighten your day and to give you something to laugh about.

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15 She Left by Ambulance

It’s a sad day indeed when getting fired leads to ending your life. There are so many other options in the world, and there are means of getting help if you're in a tough spot. It’s tragic to think that someone would end his or her life because of losing a job. But there are some people who don’t know how to deal with stressful situations. “Guy at my work drove around town at high speeds. Got into a high-speed car chase with the police and drove up to our building, got out, and shot himself in the head” (Reddit). Talk about an extreme reaction; he may have even been hoping a cop would take him out instead. You just really never know how someone will react to being fired. It’s terrifying to think that things can go so wrong because someone gets fired.

14 He Released Chemical Foam All Over the Kitchen

These people are savages! Between fire suppression systems and chemical foam, we don’t know what to think. “Heard a story from my sous chef about a guy who quit at the last restaurant he worked at. The sous chef said the guy was on a closing shift solo for the third time that week and was fed up with it. The guy took fishing string and tied it to a rock on one end and the other end to the Ansul system, then tossed the end with the rock out of the window in the kitchen to ground level. He finished his closing duties then waited until around 5 am and went back, then pulled the string and never came back to work” (Reddit). Working at restaurants can sometimes be a personal kind of hell, but this guy really went too far.

13 Drove Nails into His Boss’s Car

After being fired, this guy decided to take revenge on his boss by vandalizing his car. The only problem was, he was being watched. Oops! He might rethink doing this sort of thing in the future. It’s a lesson to others; make sure that there aren't any cameras around if you're going to do bad things. “One hot-headed employee drove several nails into his manager's car tires before heading home after being fired for insubordination. Apparently, he didn't notice that he was being caught on security cameras” (Reddit). It’s hilarious, but we also would hate to be the boss. It sounds like he deserved to be fired and then lost his mind after. He’s probably the kind of guy you don’t want working in your company. By the sounds of it, he got caught anyway, so it all worked out in the end.

12 He Was the Best Sandwich Artist

A guy got fired from a sandwich shop, and he didn’t take it very well. Apparently, he thought that he was quite the sandwich artist, and when he got fired, he flipped out. He freaked out in front of everyone in the shop in a hilarious fashion. "At my old job, a guy got fired right in front of everyone. He took a handful of pickles and beamed them at the wall while screaming that he was 'the goddamn best sandwich artist they would ever have'" (Cosmopolitan). This is very hilarious and one of the best stories that we’ve heard. Could you imagine seeing all that go down? We can only hope that there's a video out there of some guy tossing pickles at the wall and screaming. If there is, please forward it to us. We must see it.

11 She Stole Everyone’s Food From the Fridge

This girl didn’t exactly make a scene when she got fired, but she does have some very unusual habits. There was no need to scream and pitch a fit; all she did was head to the cafeteria and clean the fridge out. “I tell everyone I got laid off from a job because of pay cuts, but I got fired because I stole people’s food from the fridge. When I left, I took food with me” (Mashable). This girl is a savage, and she has no respect for other people’s food. Maybe she didn’t have the money to make lunches, or maybe she just found her co-workers' lunches to be too irresistible that she had to keep taking them. It’s a weird situation, to be sure, but a pretty funny one as well. Make sure you protect your lunch the next time that you're at work.

10 He Took a Bunch of Merchandise

This guy worked at Home Depot long enough to get all the tools that he needed. "I worked at the Home Depot in college. I'm sure everybody knows how big the stores are, but they don't realize that even though you think there are only a handful of employees, there are actually a ton of orange-aprons in the store at any given time. In fact, my store had around 200 employees. There was this kindly old guy who worked high-ticket sales. He would walk down to lumber, pull down whatever he wanted (grabbing tools from the shelves), and proceed to build furniture in the back of the store. He was gifted, honestly. Chairs, tables, credenzas; you name it, he built it. Everybody assumed that he was building these for displays or for the employee lounge, but nobody paid him much mind. Three months after I started working there, he left and never came back. Apparently, he picked up the job so that he could get paid while building himself an entire houseful of goods. When he finished, he just walked out the door" (Cosmopolitan).

9 The Naked Retirement

This isn't exactly about being fired, but this guy took his retirement announcement to a whole new level. He must've really hated his job because when he decided to bow out, he did it naked. Now that would've been a sight to see at retirement age, wouldn’t it? At least he didn’t have to worry about a reference letter. "We had a guy strip naked, except for his boots and hard hat, then walked into the office to announce his retirement. He then walked out the gate, telling security, 'It almost feels like I forgot something today'" (Cosmopolitan). Well, we have to say that it’s pretty funny, and he must've gotten a good laugh out of it. He probably thought about it all day, relishing the moment that he would be able to do it. He would certainly be the talk of the office for a while; that’s for sure.

8 Tossed His Keys in the Deep Fryer

Look, we get it. No one likes working at a fast food joint, but this might be pushing it. He may not have realized that throwing keys around would get him arrested, but that’s exactly what happened. “Worked in restaurants all my life. The biggest blaze of glory I've ever seen anyone go out in was when a (former) kitchen manager tossed his keys to the building (and everything in it) in the deep fryer and pulled the kitchen's fire suppression system on his way out the door. The cops were at his house when he got home to arrest him for felony vandalism and destruction of property. He pled down to a misdemeanor on the basis that it was a 'crime of passion' or something” (Reddit). He may have gone a little too far with the fire suppression because it could've caused a lot of damage.

7 The Screaming Fit

One guy really lost it when he was fired, and it went really bad. “I sat down with the employee several times to go over procedures to eliminate the mistakes, but nothing worked. Finally, I had to let him go. I called him into my office on a Friday morning, told him the situation, told him he'd be paid for the day, allowed him to collect his things, walked him to the door and said goodbye. By about lunchtime, he came back into my office crying, telling me he can't let his wife know he was fired. I was sympathetic and can assure you that no employer actually likes firing people, but he had just made too many mistakes. At the end of the day, he came storming in, screaming how I'm threatened by him and he wasn't going anyplace. My sympathy was worn away at this point. I told him we're all going home for the weekend and if he didn't leave I was going to call the cops. I appealed as best I could that getting arrested wasn't going to solve any of his problems, but he just kept cursing at me. Finally, I called the cops, and they arrested him. The best part, though, is he later used me as a professional reference" (Cosmopolitan).

6 He Used His Desk as a Toilet

When people get fired, they can behave in bizarre ways. Some get upset and scream and cry, while others will go to extreme measures in order to show their displeasure at being fired. We truly have to wonder what must go through a person’s mind in order for them to decide to go to the bathroom on their boss’s desk. How mad do you really have to be? "Guy at my old job took a sh!t in his bottom desk drawer in his cube" (Cosmopolitan). In this case, the guy got fired and decided to leave a present in his own desk before he left for the day. We’re not sure how he pulled it off without people knowing, but it definitely says something about his mental state of mind that he dropped his drawers and then pooped in the drawer. Sometimes, it really is best to just leave quietly.

5 Disparaging Voicemail Messages

When you decide to fire your assistant, then you need to make sure that you can function after that person has left. In this case, the assistant set up the voicemail system to send out disparaging messages, and his boss had no idea how to change it. “This is not crazy, but clever: guy gets fired, and before he left, he sets his voice mailbox to send the managers ranting and disparaging voicemail messages -- using the 'future-delivery' feature -- every week. They didn't know how to manage their voicemail system well, so they had to pay their phone vendor to come and make it stop after it went on for a month or two. I was the tech that went in and fixed it” (Reddit). The employee really stuck it to this company, and his hilarious story may give you a few ideas of your own.

4 The Special Offer

This girl decided she wanted to keep her job at all costs. Maybe she should've tried being a better employee. “Depends on who's the crazy one. I had to fire a very attractive woman from my company. She made a lot of mistakes, and we suspect had a drug problem. She offered to have sex with me if she could keep her job. (She previously had banged a coworker.) I declined the offer, and out she went. She started working for a friend's company (same industry). They screwed regularly” (Reddit). Well, we guess she decided to do whatever she had to in order to keep her job. It’s pretty sad, actually. Most people just work really hard at their job in order to keep it. Instead, this girl decided to keep her job by giving up her body. The boss should also be ashamed of himself.

3 The Crazy Crying Lady

Sometimes, being fired can make someone literally lose his or her mind. The stress of being fired can take over, and you might lose control of yourself because you really need your job. “We had a lady once that went into a mental breakdown after hearing she would be fired. She basically laid on the floor of the office and screamed and cried her head off. If someone tried to help her, she cried out in pain. The ambulance was called, and it took them a long time to move her. It was a most disturbing spectacle; the whole office stopped working” (Reddit). Wow, that would've been a sight to see. Also, it would've been a good scene for an awesome reality show. That’s the kind of reality that we want to see. Hopefully, the poor woman got some help and was submitted to the hospital.

2 The Brick of Fury

There are many mentally disturbed people in the world, and many people don’t think about that when it comes to firing someone. You really don’t know how a person is going to react under extreme stress, and this woman brought a brick to the fight. “I had to terminate two people in my life. The first one, nobody told me he was developmentally disabled beforehand. He cried. So did I after he left. The second one was a woman who slammed a brick down on my desk while screaming in fury. I have no idea where the brick came from, but it scared the f*ck out of me” (Reddit). We can’t blame the guy; it would be shocking to have someone bring a brick into the office. What did she intend on doing with it? Bashing his head in? Yikes.

1 Daddy Doesn't Save the Day

When it comes to working with daddy, it may not be a good thing. “There was a guy working on this line who just happened to be the son of that line's Foreman. From what I hear, he was a pretty decent worker -- didn't try to use Daddy's clout to get away with sh!t. There was a position on that line that needed a Lead Hand, but management was having trouble finding someone. So, the Foreman suggested, "Just give it to my kid.” Buddy swaps out his dirty yellow hardhat for a shiny new orange hardhat. One day, this guy overhears one of the crane operators talking shit about the Foreman -- his Dad. Shortly afterward, Daddy's Boy jumps the guy and starts beating the hell out of him. DB meets with one of the HR managers, gets told that he's fired and that the cops are on their way to book him on assault charges. DB throws a fit, starts screaming at him and anyone nearby. The police arrive and have to physically restrain him and drag him, kicking and screaming, out to a waiting cruiser. His Dad's heard the news and has come charging over to HR. Seeing the chaos, he roars, "Get the fuck out of here, and don't ever come back! You're a fucking embarrassment! I should never have gotten you that hat" (Reddit)!

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