15 Nicest Celeb Houses In California You Need To See To Believe

When it comes to the contemporary vision of the American Dream, many individuals today look beyond just a standard working car, a decent and nice house, and simple luxuries earned out of hardworking labor. Instead, gorgeous million-dollar mansions, revved-up fancy sports cars, and exotic international vacations at only the most exclusive resorts have replaced the commonly outdated ideals as a result of mainstream social media. Celebrities, businessmen and women, and other high-profile figures with excessive net worths can simply post a picture of their much-envied lives for millions to see and fantasize over.

With more and more individuals throughout the world flocking to areas known for their “abundance” of success stories (Los Angeles, New York), it is no surprise that some of the most expensive distinctly designed and structured properties are also available in these cities of dreams. Moreover, given the vast availability of some of the top architects and interior designers in the world in California, some of these properties have individualized touches seen nowhere else in the world. California, being the base of many of the highest-regarded A-list celebrities and the Hollywood entertainment industry, is specifically “home” to some of the most exquisite properties the world has to offer, including jaw-dropping ocean views and coastal mountain ranges that hide incredible multi-thousand-square-foot properties for the elite.

In case one does ever make it to celebrity status, with millions of dollars to spend freely on the most highly-priced properties around the world, here are some of the top 15 most unique and tastefully-designed celebrity properties in California.

15 Lady Gaga's Malibu Paradise

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Lady Gaga is renowned as one of the most iconic pop stars and musicians of the 21st century, distinguished for her eccentric onstage performances and “out-there” artistic demeanor. Though definitely one of the most quirky-minded individuals in the music industry, her strange performance, charisma, and strong personality have garnered her huge profits, enough to buy one of the most luxurious beach house properties in Malibu, California. According to the Los Angeles Times, Gaga purchased her elite Zuma Beach house for $23 million from Dan Romanelli, founder of the Warner Bros. consumer products division. The six-acre 10,270-square-foot property is set overlooking the exquisite beaches of Malibu and is equipped with a two-lane bowling alley, a home theater, a game room, an 800-bottle wine cellar, and an eight-stall stable. All of the features, combined with the more “standard” saltwater pool and spa, make for one beautifully-designed coveted ocean view.

14 Bob Hope's Palm Springs UFO

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Undoubtedly one of the most distinctly-designed California celebrity properties belongs to legendary comedian and entertainment industry figure Bob Hope. The space-inspired property located in Palm Springs, California looks modeled after a giant spacecraft and is composed of 10 individually-styled bedrooms and bathrooms. The gigantic 23,000-square-foot mansion was constructed in 1973 and was additionally the largest house ever designed by the acclaimed architect John Lautner. When the property first went up on the market in 2013, it was originally listed for $50 million. Despite dropping to a significantly lower asking price of $13 million, the property still managed to set the record for the priciest sale in Palm Springs when it was purchased by billionaire investor Ron Burkle, co-founder of the successful Yucaipa Companies, LLC.

13 Adam Levine's Hidden Estate

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Another huge celebrity in the pop music industry, Adam Levine is notorious for his big spending on gorgeous California properties. One of his most recent ventures, consisting of a Holmby Hills estate designed by architect Caspar Ohmcke in 1966, reportedly cost a whopping $18 million. The gated 9,200-square-foot property estate houses five bedrooms, including two master suites and 5.5 bathrooms, and includes views of the beautiful Los Angeles Country Club. While Levine spent a hefty price on his relocation to his hidden estate, the original asking price for the luxury property was surprisingly even higher than what the chart-topping platinum-selling artist paid for, originally listed for $19.9 million. Other features of the extravagant piece of real estate include a garden-view solarium, gorgeous marble bathrooms, a three-car garage, a gated motor court, and a two-story guest house.

12 Jennifer Aniston's California Oasis

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Jennifer Aniston has soared through headlines over the years as one of the highest-earning women in the entertainment industry today. Last year, she earned $21 million and was ranked the fourth highest-grossing actress of 2016. Given her enormous salaries as a successful starlet, it is no wonder that Aniston chose the elite Beverly Hills scenery as her location for settling down. The property was designed in 1970 by Harold W. Levitt, maintains an open airy concept and unquestionably offers a tremendous view of Los Angeles. The interior of the estate offers such unique aesthetics as a Koi Pond, a game room with additional exquisite views of the city of angels, a pizza oven, and a beautiful outdoor pool. The 10,000-square-foot property was purchased by Jennifer Aniston in 2006 for $13 million, but has jumped up significantly in price as a result of the actress' personalized touches to the estate, which is now listed for a daunting $42 million and is definitely one of the nicest celebrity houses in California.

11 Rihanna's View Of The Sunset Strip

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One seemingly consistent industry that pays out extremely well to those who manage to attain substantial success is the pop music industry. As previously noted on this list, such pop stars as Adam Levine of Maroon 5 and Lady Gaga have amassed huge multi-million-dollar net worths as a result of their performance ventures in the pop industry. Another high-profile celebrity born out of the pop music industry is Rihanna. With a current reported net worth of $230 million, Rihanna has invested significant fortunes into properties around the world, including in Barbados and the Pacific Palisades. One of the pop diva's most recent estate investments include her Hollywood Hills estate that she purchased for $6.8 million. The 7,130-square-foot property overlooks the famous Sunset Strip in Hollywood, California and boasts the perfect venue for the pop star's future parties. The property features a luxury infinity pool, an in-house theater, nine bedrooms, and a personal fitness room. Even if one may not be able to get behind Rihanna’s music, they definitely can appreciate the elite taste of the successful performer.

10 Oprah Winfrey And The Promised Land

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Oprah Winfrey has made a name for herself as one of the most successful television talk show hosts, in addition to boasting a reputation as a brilliant-minded businesswoman and philanthropist. Although the A-lister owns multiple residences around the world, her most regarded estate is her 42-acre estate in California, known as “The Promised Land.”  Reportedly paying an unimaginable $52 million for the property, the current listing price of the estate, given Oprah’s extensive renovations, is nearly $88 million. The enormous Promised Land estate is located in Montecito, California and is comprised of six bedrooms and fourteen bathrooms, ten fireplaces, two home movie theaters, a tennis court, a wine cellar, and a gourmet kitchen. Given its size and seemingly unending property line, The Promised Land is definitely one of the most luxurious celebrity properties in California.

9 Jennifer Lopez' Bel-Air Dream Home

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Triple-threat singer, dancer, and actress Jennifer Lopez has accumulated significant net worth from her numerous performances, business ventures, and brand endorsements over the last couple decades. She has earned Grammy Awards and sold platinum albums and has also received highly-prestigious motion picture and television awards, including a Golden Globe Award nomination for her role in Selena. Banking on her massive success, JLo has gone on to own some of the most envy-inducing California properties, from Hollywood Hill mansions to beachfront escapes. In keeping with her trend of buying only the best real estate, Jennifer Lopez reportedly spent $40 million on her newest Bel-Air home. The eight-acre 13,932-square-foot home has its own movie theater and a 30-seat screening room, as well as a library, personal pub, and massage room. The property is also home to a 100-seater amphitheater and a three-sided infinity pool; basically all the works for a perfect getaway retreat in one incredibly beautiful location.

8 Katy Perry's Off-The-Record Deal

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Katy Perry remains of the most influential figures in the music industry today, despite having never received the pinnacle of status in the industry–The Grammy Award. While her reputation as a viable pop star seems to have dropped in recent years, Katy Perry still seems to manage quite well in regards to her fortune. Recently, the celebrity pop star dropped $19 million on an off-market deal for a new Beverly Hills home. The 5,427-square-foot 1.16-acre property is owned by Cody Leibel, owner of C-Note Records, who reportedly attained the house in 2007 for $9.2 million. The secluded property sports a lengthy quarter-mile-long driveway behind large property gates. Details from the previous listing of the property have stated that the luxury estate features an infinity pool, fireplaces, and incredible views of isolated canyon woods.

7 Ryan Seacrest's Mediterranean Villa

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Ryan Seacrest, highly-regarded American Idol host and E! News anchor, has made his name as one of the most beloved talk show reality television hosts in America. He is also definitely one of the highest-grossing entertainment hosts in Hollywood, given his years on the big screen in front of millions of viewers. The television host has seemingly dropped out of the headlines in recent years, and with his elusive Hollywood Hills estate, we wouldn’t blame him if he never wanted to leave his Mediterranean Villa. The beautiful property, though filled with distinct aesthetic touches, also houses major renovated features, including a 4,500-bottle wine cellar, as well as a personalized home gym. While this property is not the biggest nor the most expensive, given Seacrest’s precise attention to detail, it's still definitely one of the most exquisite on this list.

6 Ashton Kutcher And Mila Kunis' Ocean View

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Since their first leading roles as a couple in That '70s Show, Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher have long been established as one of the top celebrity power couples in the industry. Dominating the motion picture and television industry in numerous high-profile award-garnering roles, as well as huge brand endorsements, the couple has accumulated hundreds of millions of dollars for their seemingly unending performances in Oscar and Emmy Award-winning movies and shows. As a result, the couple has dabbled in more expensive estate purchases, such as their recent purchase of their $10-million Santa Barbara beach house. The six-bedroom, six-bathroom beach house enjoys both ocean and mountain views on either side and maintains a clean beachfront interior design that encompasses the entirety of the 3,100-square-foot property.

5 Chris Hemsworth's Malibu Mansion

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Chris Hemsworth has been one of the highest-earning actors since his role in the Marvel Universe franchise as the superhero Thor. While it may be hard to imagine Thor being particular about his luxury real estate, actor Chris Hemsworth is actually quite the investor, maintaining residence in numerous luxury California estates throughout his profitable career as an A-list actor. One of his most recent ventures in real estate includes his splurging of over $3.5 million on a Malibu mansion escape. In addition to possessing all the celebrity essentials, including beautiful walk-in closets, beach and mountain views, and a movie theater, the 4,612-square-foot, four-bedroom, five-bathroom estate is reportedly in the same neighborhood as Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus. Hemsworth's beach pad definitely stirs house envy as one of the nicer celebrity properties on the California coast.

4 Ryan Murphy's Laguna Compound

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One of the leading production and writing figures in the television today is undeniably the brilliantly dark-minded Ryan Murphy, known for his work on American Crime Story: The O.J. Simpson Story, American Horror Story, Glee, and Nip/Tuck. Though television is undoubtedly his forte, Murphy also sports a sharp eye for the real estate market and, as a result, has added his personalized touches to some of the most luxurious properties in California, specifically his incredible Laguna Beach house. After amassing significant earnings with his hit series Nip/Tuck, about two surgeons "living the rich life" as successful cosmetic surgery firm owners in Florida. Since 2003, Murphy has been transforming the beautiful ocean view “compound,” inviting numerous high-profile designers to help innovate and construct his dream home down to the very last preferred detail.

3 Britney Spears' Thousand Oaks Pad

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Another breakout pop sensation, Britney Spears has acquired quite the fortune given her numerous top hits, concert performances, and product endorsements for brands such as Sketchers and Polaroid. Having worked hard since her younger Hollywood starlet days, Spears definitely earned the right to spend big on her 12,000-square-foot, five-bedroom, and seven-and-a-half-bathroom home in Thousand Oaks, California. The huge estate  features multiple fireplaces throughout the marble-floored property, an enormous master bedroom, and a grand kitchen area with a beautiful central island for cooking, as well as cabanas and a personal golf course out back. The luxury property, with its numerous paradisal features, was bought by Spears for an incredibly-priced $7.4 million. As if the price weren't enough, Spears actually went about purchasing a second property in Thousand Oaks, California, which she later put up on the market and sold for a ridiculous $7 million. Wouldn't it be nice to splurge on California houses like Britney?

2 Chelsea Handler's Los Angeles Hideaway

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Recently making her forthcoming as a truly inspiring and hilarious talk show/activist,  Chelsea Handler has shown to be one of the more upfront celebrities when it comes to wealth and money. Often showcasing her stylish house on her new Netflix series, for which she apparently receives $10 million a year, Chelsea is not one to shy away from discussing her privilege, even taping numerous segments from her show in her own Los Angeles estate escape. Handler's beautiful 6-bedroom and 7-bathroom property is absolutely one of the most luxurious celebrity properties in California, as it should be, considering the 5.9 million dollars spent on the house. The Brentwood mansion sports numerous high-end architectural designs and features, including a 50-foot-long swimming pool with an attached raised spa that would instill envy in anyone fortunate to visit the residence.

1 Ellen DeGeneres' California Beach Escape

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Though you probably remember Dory from Finding Nemo having difficulty with the word "Escape," Ellen DeGeneres, who voiced Dory, has absolutely no trouble at all with the word. The Golden Globe Award-nominated comedian and talk show host, with her wife, Portia de Rossi, recently purchased an $18.6-million California beach house escape. The four-bedroom, four-and-a-half-bathroom, beachfront property located in Carpenteria, California overlooks beautiful scenic landscapes of the Pacific Ocean and Santa Barbara County and was the most expensive property in Santa Barbara in 2017. Amidst the 5,979-square-foot property lies a gated tennis court that visitors will wind past driving down the lengthy hidden driveway. The property also houses a 883-square-foot guest house with two additional bathrooms, adding to the extraordinaire that is the DeGeneres Carpinteria escape.

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