15 Nice Guys Who Finished First In Movies And TV Shows

Who said nice guys finish last? Many people believe that women prefer bad boys even though they are all wrong for them. Nice men have no chance to date them, as girls only need them as a shoulder to cry on once their heart is broken. This situation doesn't seem to make sense and you are right to think so. Many TV and movie characters can already prove that ladies are interested in nice guys, too.

Women have been dreaming of prince charming since they were just a kid watching Disney movies. That's why it's so surprising to see them on a date with the big bad wolf. Even though they might want the wolf to eat them for a moment, they usually choose the good guy before the final scene of the film. It might take some time for women to understand that what they want is not what they need. But once they get more mature, they'll start to be more interested in Mr. Right.

It is time to give the nice guys some hope so they don't turn into bad guys, too. If you are not in a relationship with the woman of your dreams yet, don't worry: it's not the end of your story but just the beginning. After all, kind men deserve their happy ending too. Here are 15 nice guys who finished first in movies and TV shows. How do you think so many of them manage to make it out of the friend zone? Read this list to find out!

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15 Ted and Robin - How I Met Your Mother

Ted always put a lot of effort into trying to get women to fall in love with him. Months after saying "See that girl, I'm going to marry her someday" when he first saw Robin, the two started dating each other at the end of the first season.

This nice guy always did his best to impress the lady: stealing a blue French horn, making her a fun light show for Christmas, and always being there for her even if he can only be her friend. No matter what he did, Ted wanted to make Robin happy so she would fall in love with him. He was happy to see that all these efforts were really worth it when they started dating. Unfortunately, things got a little more complicated and the couple had to break up. Even though it couldn't last forever, he got the opportunity to have a beautiful time with the woman of her dream and that's what matters the most. Never regret something that once made you smile. Anyway, this love story was doomed to be over as she was not the mother Ted was talking about.

It's not until the end of the series that viewers finally learned about whom Ted really married and had kids with. However, it seems like the show was actually about "How I met your aunt Robin." Ted had to finish with her, and he made sure he would.

14 Leonard and Penny - The Big Bang Theory

Who thought nerds couldn't find love? Even though these guys complained that women can't love guys like them because they like things like science and video games, Leonard ended up in a relationship with an amazing and beautiful woman like Penny.

The guys on this show used to make no effort to meet any women or present themselves in a better light. Even though they thought that women didn't like them, the problem was not that they were nice, but that they didn't do anything to prove that they were. Penny only thought of Leonard as a neighbor until she had to go through a difficult break-up and confessed that she wanted to go out with a guy like him. This is how this socially awkward guy found the courage to invite her out and she accepted. After a lot of complications, just like in any sitcom, the two were happily married, twice.

Leonard is not the only one who found a date: don't forget Sheldon and Amy, and Howard and Bernadette. This is the proof that every toad can one day find a princess and become their Prince Charming... as long as they have the courage of a knight.

13 Scott and Ramona  - Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

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In this world inspired by video games, Scott had to fight Ramona's evil exes to be in a relationship with her. Competing with six different bad guys - and a bad girl - he proved that nice guys have the strength to finish first, too.

When he met Ramona, Scott knew she was the girl of his dreams (literally). However, he never expected that several people who dated her were ready to fight to make sure he wouldn't be with her. Even though this good guy doesn't like to compete, he used his strength, his intelligence, and his courage to prove that he is the one Ramona needs. Saying that he is doing all this because he loves her, Scott Pilgrim certainly had what it takes to impress the girl he was fighting for. He didn't only win the fight, he also won her heart.

The real reason why Scott won the race was not because he was the strongest... It was because he was the one who was ready to do anything to be with her. Let's hope that the two stay together or Scott will have to become another of these evil exes.

12 The Doctor and Rose - Doctor Who

The Doctor is the nicest guy in the universe: he always risks his life to save the world, thinks that everyone is important, and loves to give hugs. Even though his relationship with Rose seemed impossible, he found a way to spend his life with her.

The Doctor didn't want to be in a relationship with Rose because she was a human and he was an (almost) invisible Time Lord. He knew that she would spend her life with him if they stayed together but he wouldn't get the chance to spend his life with her because he would live for centuries. Seeing her aging and one day dying was too difficult for him. However, a half-human Doctor was one day created, giving life to a mortal version of him. The Doctor made sure he would join Rose in a parallel universe so the two could live and die together.

Even though the real Doctor will be single forever, he made sure the love of his life would always have him by her side. This is the greatest example of altruism as he did everything to make her happy without expecting anything in exchange.

11 Jim and Pam - The Office

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Since the beginning of the series, Jim and Pam's friendship caught viewers' attention as they were constantly having fun together. Even though she had been engaged to another man, a nicer guy proved that he had what it takes to make her laugh every day.

It is true that spending a lot of time together can make you fall in love. After all, when you are having fun every day with someone, it's difficult to imagine a day without them. Jim was entertaining himself with practical jokes and finally found someone to have fun with. Unfortunately, Pam was engaged to Roy so Jim thought that his love for her was going nowhere. When Michael found out about it, he decided to tell the entire office that this good guy had feelings for Pam. She said that she only thought of him as a friend... until he left unsatisfied and she realized how much she needed him.

After a lot of complications and unsatisfying relationships, Jim and Pam started dating each other in season 4. Being best friends is what made them perfect lovers and they lived happily ever after and had many babies.

10 Clay and Hannah - Thirteen Reasons Why

When is the best time to tell someone you love them? Before someone else does... Or before they think that no one will love them anymore. Even though she fell for the bad guys several times, Hannah always had one guy on her mind: Clay.

When the two started working together, Clay thought he could only be friends with this beautiful and awesome girl. Too shy to tell her how amazing she is, to invite her to the dance, or to make her feel better when she was feeling down, this nice guy missed many opportunities to prove to Hannah that life was worth living. Unfortunately, he was so nice that he would do anything to make things change. He was so nice that she thought she wouldn't be good enough for him. This is how he lost her forever.

Even though Hannah's life ended dramatically, Clay always finished first in her heart. If only he had the courage to do something, they would have had the opportunity to live happily together for a little longer.

9 Henry and Lucy - 50 First Dates

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Henry met a woman he likes and thought everything was going well...until he discovered that he had to do it all over again because she lost her memory every single day. It really takes a nice guy to make a woman fall in love with him every day.

After a car accident on her birthday, Lucy was living the same day all over again. She forgot everything that happened in the last 24 hours, including the day she met Henry. Her father and everyone she usually meets acted like nothing happened, but the man who has a crush on her thought she deserved better. He wanted to turn her life into a love story, even though he would have to tell her what happened every day since they met. Even though he sometimes failed and scared her, Henry didn't give up and always tried his best to make sure every day is the best day of her life.

Henry is the proof that doing your best to make a woman fall in love is always worth it. This is a good guy who finished first not only once, but every day for several years. No bad boy would ever be able to do that.

8 Fry and Leela - Futurama

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After waiting centuries to find the mutant of his dreams, Fry had the opportunity to grow old with Leela in the series finale. Time froze for everyone but them, so they spent their lives together and even got married happily with no kids.

Fry couldn't keep his eyes off Leela for a very long time. This is why he was jealous when he saw her date other guys as he thought he would make a much better boyfriend. Unfortunately, she considered him to be a "kid from the stupid ages" even though this nice guy kept telling her that she was perfect and beautiful. Fry did get the chance to impress her when he was infected by worms that made him stronger and intelligent, but he later realized that she loved the worms, not him. He had many other occasions to be with Leela, but it is not until the end of the series that it really worked out. After years of pursuing her, Fry realized that all these efforts were worth it as he spent decades alone with his partner, as frozen time flew too fast.

Unfortunately, Professor Farnsworth fixed the button that caused the time to freeze and reset everything back to the way it was before. Even though the characters didn't remember anything that happened, viewers do know nice guys do finish first in the end.

7 Eric and Donna - That 70's Show

This socially awkward teenager who had a crush on the girl next door saw his wish granted when he started dating the girl of his dreams. For all those young men who thought they didn't stand a chance, Eric is the proof that nice guys can find love too.

Eric and Donna had been next-door neighbors ever since they were children. The first thing she did when she met him is punch him in the stomach and that's how he fell madly in love with her. They stayed best friends for years until Eric admitted that he was in love with her in the That 70s Show pilot. This could have ruined their friendship but Donna shows that she loves him too by giving him their first kiss. Daring was certainly worth it: without risk, there's no reward. You miss 100% of the shots you don't take.

Even though the two had to break up two times, they were back together during the show's finale, and are probably still dating each other. Making his teenage dream come true, Eric proved that only the nicest guy can win Donna's heart.

6 Charlie and Sam - The Perks Of Being A Wallflower

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Charlie is the stereotypical nice guy as her friend Sam (Emma Watson) told him about her boyfriend cheating on her and asked why she always ends up with the bad guys. Charlie gave her the best answer: "We accept the love we think we deserve."

Charlie was a quiet, sensitive teenage boy who was considered a wallflower: a lonely person who feels shy, awkward, and excluded. That didn't stop him from becoming friends with Patrick and Sam... or maybe a little more than friends. After telling him that she wanted to make sure that the first person he kissed loves him, Sam moved forward and kissed him. However, their relationship became a bit more complicated as she was dating a guy and another girl was interested in Charlie too. The wallflower later found the courage to tell her about his feelings for her and she was angry that he never acted on them. Unfortunately, even though she wanted to be with him, Charlie was not ready for it.

Nice guys do have what it takes to finish first, as long as they participate in the race. Sam wanted to give him her heart a long time ago, but he never took it. Maybe now that he is feeling better, he'll do what it takes to make sure they stay together.

5 Kristoff and Anna - Frozen

Young (and older) girls are finally learning how to recognize bad guys. Even though Prince Hans seemed nice at first, Anna realized that it takes them to fall in love, you shouldn't simply marry someone because of passion.

Weren't all the other Disney princes rich bad boys? Ferdinand kissed Snow White when she was dead, Rapunzel's prince was a thief, and Prince Charming wasn't able to recognize Cinderella's face after dancing all night with her. Anna almost married a manipulative man too until her sister Elsa told her "You can't marry a man you just met." She later found a real nice guy, as Kristoff did everything he could to help her find her sister and save the kingdom.

With this new role model, women might start to notice the nice guys and tell the players to get lost. It is time for a new generation of girls who won't be easily seduced by looks and confidence but that will wait for someone who really deserves them.

4 Ross and Rachel - Friends

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Ross and Rachel were close friends for several years even though he had a crush on her since high school. After he tried to tell her how he feels for a whole season and she attempted to get him back in the second season, the viewers were glad to see them dating.

In the first season, Ross was always too shy or unlucky to tell her about how he felt. To make things more complicated, Rachel was dating an Italian stud until she realized he was not a good guy and Ross later had to choose between Julie and Rachel.  Even when they found a way to make it work, they broke up less than an hour after. Fortunately, they became a serious couple in the second season and Ross was glad to see nice guys can win a lady's heart, too. It takes a lot of effort, but it is certainly worth it. After all, don't we appreciate more the things we worked for?

Things never stop being complicated as they shared an on-again/off-again relationship but the couple did find a way to live a happy ending. We're hoping Ross and Rachel finally got married - again - after the series finale and are hopefully still together.

3 Archie and Betty and Veronica and... - Riverdale

Who thought nice guys and redheads couldn't be popular amongst girls? The new Archie had everything it takes to seduce a lot of girls, and he does. This good guy already kissed many classmates (and a teacher) in this first season of Riverdale.

He secretly dated Miss Grundy, Betty was in love with him, he kissed Veronica in a closet, a Pussycat kissed him after the variety show... No one was able to resist Archie now that he was so nice and handsome. Women didn't even mind breaking the law or ruining their friendships to be with him. However, Archie didn't take advantage of the situation. Even though he liked to have fun, he respected women's feelings and truly wanted to find the woman he loves. Isn't that what makes him even more charming?

The first season isn't over and the redhead already finished first so many times. And he is not the only good guy who seduced a girl, as Jughead and Betty make a great match too. If you want to find girls who like nice guys, you know what school you should probably go to.

2 Clark and Lois - Superman

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Superheroes are some of the best examples of nice guys who finish first. Even though Clark Kent seemed boring and modest, Lois Lane couldn't resist him once she found out about all the things he can do.

Just like Mary Jane loves Spider-Man, women can't resist Superman. Superheroes are so nice that they would give their life to save a stranger, so imagine what they could do for the love of their life. However, it was difficult for Clark Kent to get the attention of Lois. That's because he was competing with his better self: Superman. Women dream of someone like Superman but ignore Clark Kent as they walk past him every day. Good guys do have everything it takes to seduce a woman. They just need women to notice them and get to know them so they can prove that they are the one they need.

Unfortunately, being too nice is what kept superheroes away from the girl they love. By trying to save everyone, they put their lives at risk. Maybe this is the real reason why nice guys sometimes finish last, it's dangerous to be around superheroes.

1 Ron and Hermione - Harry Potter 

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Admit it: you all thought Hermione would end up with Harry Potter. The Boy Who Lived was a hero who fought bad guys and dared to be arrogant with some teachers. However, the young woman fell in love with a man she knew would always be there for her.

The two had been friends for years before Ron started to realize that Hermione was not only smart but also so beautiful and caring. They always liked to tease each other but, as they got older, Ron became jealous and admitted that he wanted her to be more than a friend. After all, when you risk your life every day, you don't want to spend a single minute away from the one you love. However, J.K. Rowling revealed on Pottermore that Hermione is the one who liked him from the start. That's probably why she was so sad when he rejected her.

The two finally kissed after destroying a horcrux in the Chamber of Secrets. They now have two children, Rose and Hugo, and are still together in 2017, according to Rowling. However, even though danger brought them together, we do not suggest that as a romantic date!

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