15 New Reality TV Shows You Need To Be Watching

Reality shows can be addictive. The drama of it always seems to leave viewers coming back for more each time. They can be about people trying to survive on islands alone, people competing against each other in crazy challenges, or they can even be about just following the day-to-day lives of certain people. Most reality television stars receive a lot of money for appearing on TV and for certain reality TV series. A cash prize is awarded to the winner. Some of these shows, even though they are said to be real, are actually very staged and even scripted.

There are a lot of reality television shows out there today, so it might come as a surprise that so many new ones are popping up this year. That being said, we were able to put together a list of fifteen brand new reality shows that have or will be making their debut in 2017. Some of them will be complete successes and get renewed for a second season while others might tank and be canceled after only the first season has aired. Only time will tell, but we will be tuning in. Here are 15 of the most exciting brand new reality TV shows from 2017.

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15 Scared Famous

via: E!Online.com

Scared Famous is a reality TV show that aired on VH1 for the first time in October 2017. It stars ten VH1 reality stars who compete for a grand prize of $100,000 to donate to the charity of their choice, but in order to win that prize, they must survive living together in one of America’s most haunted mansions. While under the guidance of the master of ceremonies, Redman, the contestants will face terrifying challenges and each week someone will be sent home. The last one left standing in the mansion wins the money to give to their charity. The show was a hit when it first aired and the ratings were through the roof, although we are not sure whether there will be another season. It would, however, be amazing to have another season in a new haunted location in America, giving the viewers a chance to see many historically haunted places.

14 Baller Wives

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Baller Wives is a new reality TV series, also on VH1, that shows viewers a look inside of an exclusive world where relationships are complicated, competition is thick, and rivalries are fierce. This show first aired in August 2017 and had a Basketball Wives feel to it. Set in Miami, this series highlights successful and professional athletes with their wives as they Settle in Florida and try to start and raise their families. The show basically just shows the families going about their average day of cooking, going out, and picking their kids up from school, but it also contains a lot of on-screen drama between the families. No surprise there, though, since it is a reality television show. The first season ended in September 2017 and there has been no talk as of now as to whether there will be a second season or not. Although, judging by the ratings, there probably will be another season.

13 Siesta Key

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Siesta Key is an island in the Gulf Of Mexico and it also happens to be where this show takes place. It is said to be a very sultry show that seems to mimic the show Laguna Beach and is even made by the same producers. This show follows a group of young people as they deal with issues stemming from love, relationships, s*x, heartbreak, and adulthood as they spend the summer together on the island, intertwining their lives. Some of them even hook up with other members of the show. Siesta Key aired in July 2017 and it has been recently announced that there will indeed be a season two in the near future, which has a lot of people happy, since it was such a hit. Siesta Key is a juicy reality TV show that seems to be aimed more towards people in their late teens and early 20s.

12 The Toy Box

via: PreviouslyTV.com

Have you ever seen the show Shark Tank? Well, if you have, then this show is definitely one that you will not want to miss. The show is hosted by actor Eric Stonestreet, and it is about inventors showing their ideas for toys to a panel of kids, who then decide whether the toys are good enough to be made and sold. The judges Olivia Trujillo, Madison Stevens, Emma Sobel, Gideon Reynolds, Joachim Powell, Kyle Lee, Sydney Mae Estrella, Paxton Booth, Adi Ash and Noah Ritter judge the toys, offering their honest opinions of the products and deciding which items will make it to the finals. At the finals, one toy is chosen to be put into production and sold at Toys “R” Us locations. This show is confirmed to be headed for its second season, thanks to great rankings. Who would not love this show with such cute judges? It is probably one of the most enjoyable reality TV shows out there today.

11 Haunted Towns

via: thehollywoodreporter.com

Haunted Towns is more of a paranormal reality series and it is much like the old show Paranormal State. Haunted Towns features four men, founder Chris Smith, co-founder Steven McDougal, historian Scott Porter, and trap inventor Brannon Smith as they travel to some world’s most haunted places. Some of these places so far have included Salem, Brisbee, and Gettysburg. The men go around interviewing the locals and investigating the so-called paranormal hot spots. This is one reality show that is best watched late at night with all the lights out, to get the most out of the spooky experience. Haunted Towns first aired in August 2017 and its ratings have been doing well, but we do not know if the ratings were good enough at this point for a second season. Sometimes these shows can do really well, but it would appear as though there just might not be a big enough audience for it.

10 Flip Or Flop: Atlanta

via: HGTV.com

You may already be familiar with the show Flip Or Flop, and are probably thinking to yourself that this is not a new show at all, but this is a little different from the original. Flip Or Flop: Atlanta first aired in July 2017 and it is about a couple of realtors in the Atlanta area who buy cheap houses that they then try to flip for a profit, but they sometimes end up “flopping,” meaning they lost money on the deal and could not sell the house. These homes are often homes that were abandoned, had squatters living inside, or suffered from damage caused by natural disasters. Flip Or Flop: Atlanta has been renewed for a second season and that was no surprise, since the original show did so well too. This show is not for everyone, but it can become addictive, as you never know if they will be able to make a profit or not. It is so fun seeing how good they can make a damaged house look.

9 Are You The One?

via: screenertv.com

Are You The One? is a brand new reality TV show on MTV that is all about helping people find love by using modern day technology. A dating algorithm is used to help determine compatibility, using a process that includes interviews, questionnaires and compatibility testing. That data is used to identify pairs among the participants. The end results are kept a secret from the singles, who then get to know each other socially and take weekly tests to try to pick their perfect mates while living together. If the mates they choose do not match the data, they must start their search all over again. If all the singles are able to match up with their predetermined partners, then they get to share the largest cash prize ever awarded by an MTV show, and as a bonus they also get a possible partner for life, a win for everyone on the show.

8 Ellen's Show Me More Show

via: youtube.com

Ellen DeGeneres has recently started doing what is known as a reality series for YouTube. Ellen is known to change people’s lives for the better by helping them when they are in a time of need. In the show, she often helps people out, and she also discusses things about celebrities and plays games, which Ellen is well-known for. This is a fun show and although it can only be seen on YouTube, it should not be disregarded as a show, since just as much filming, editing, and time goes into making it. The Show Me More Show first started in early 2017 and since it is not actually on TV, it is not divided up by seasons and you can view it whenever you would like, with new episodes coming very often. This has been a huge success for Ellen so far, and she has no plans to stop it.

7 Real Estate Wars

via: businessinsider.com

Real Estate Wars is a show about John McMonigle, who was the top real estate agent in Orange County before being forced into bankruptcy when the market crashed. Since then, John rebuilt his company, and added four agents to his team in hopes to beat the Relegance Group. That group is led by the Orange County’s “real estate queen” Jojo Romeo, who was an old employee of John's. The Relegance staff strives to become the region's best team. Listings are limited and the two groups are usually left fighting for the same high-end clients. There are multi-million dollar deals on the line and old issues lingering between McMonigle and Romeo. The competition can be intense and this is one reality show that really keeps its viewers on the edge of their seats at all times. This show has been renewed for its second season because people seem to be addicted to the drama that comes with every episode.

6 Guy's Big Project

via: foodnetwork.com

Guy Fieri has begun doing a spin off on his show Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives, called Guy’s Big Project. In the show, Guy goes around looking for other people who think that they have what it takes to do what he does and to be given their very own reality TV show. This show will only have one season as of right now, and will end in someone else gaining their very own reality show. Guy typically does shows in which he travels around America sampling some of the craziest foods out there and judging them. His shows usually appear on the Food Network and you probably should not watch them on an empty stomach, because you definitely will get hungry. This new show is pretty different from what Guy is used to, but it is nice of him to try to help other people out in getting them their own start to fame.

5 Expecting

via: UPTV.com

The show Expecting shows its viewers what life is like during the most raw and exciting journeys of one’s life. This show has yet to air, but will be unlike any other show out there. It illustrates the struggles of pregnancy and shows the highs and lows of parenthood, as the couples, their families, and their friends experience it for the very first time. In the making of this show, there were no camera crew at all. Rather, the entire thing was filmed by the families themselves, using GoPro cameras, fixed rigs, and self-shot confessionals. Expecting is going to be a very raw and real show that is sure to leave the viewers in love with it and wanting more. It will appear on the network UP, and although we are unsure of its release date, we do know that it will start before the end of 2017.

4 Life Of Kylie

via: E!Online.com

Thanks to the show Keeping Up With The Kardashians, everyone knows who Kylie Jenner is. Well, apparently Kylie has become so famous that she has now been given her very own show, as well as a makeup, perfume, and clothing line. The show Life Of Kylie details how the rest of the world sees Kylie and how they buy everything that she touches. It is also said to show her desire to connect with her fans on a personal level as well as highlighting her relationships, personal struggles, and fortune. The show was a hit with all Kylie fans when it first premiered in August 2017 and Kylie has said she is hoping for a season two, because she was that happy with the outcome of the first season. Kylie feels like she can do a lot of good with this show and would like it to continue to be filmed for years to come.

3 Revenge Body With Khloe Kardashian

via: E!Online.com

Apparently, Keeping Up With The Kardashians was not good enough for Khloe because she decided to go on and get a show of her very own. If the title did not explain it well enough for you, then this show is about Khloe helping people who have just been broken up with and are feeling very self conscious about themselves, by getting them full makeovers on the inside and out. This show is all about gaining back that confidence that you once had and looking and feeling your best. It focuses on the things that people are battling with emotionally that have them feeling insignificant. The shows makes them look the best that they can because it is believed that the outside appearance of someone has a lot to do with how they feel on the inside. This is more of a feel-good reality series and its ratings are through the roof. The first episode aired in January 2017 and there is already talk of a new season.

2 The Fashion Hero

via: Twitter.com

The Fashion Hero is a cool new competition series, where people who have been rejected in the past have the chance to do what they never thought that they could do before: becoming a fashion model, regardless of size or shape. The Fashion Hero is all about giving chances to normal everyday people like you and me. Contestants complete a series of challenges, and then they will be evaluated on their inner beauty, their ambition, their energy, and their potential to become a good model, and to prove that everyday people like you and me do have the ability to make it in the industry. This show proves that everyone is beautiful in their own way. It has gotten loads of good reviews and everyone who watches it seems to love it. This is a show that will definitely be back for a second season, which is a good thing, because it is empowering people everywhere to go for what they believe in.

1 Boy Band

via: E!Online.com

Who didn't love boy bands when growing up? There were some very successful and amazing boy bands out there like The Backstreet Boys, NSYNC, and Hanson. Well, the show Boy Band has the hope of bringing back the love for boy bands. The judges are Emma Bunton, Nick Carter and Timbaland and the host is Rita Ora. Contestants on this show perform as solo artists and in the finale, America gets to vote on who their favorite five boys are and those five boys will then become a boy band, and they will put together an album. We have just learned that the show Boy Band will not be returning with a second season because it was canceled due to very low ratings. This is not surprising, however, because very few people knew that the show was even happening due to poor advertisement, but then again, maybe it is because boy bands are just a thing of the past and no one is really into them anymore.

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