15 Netflix Original Shows That Need To Be Cancelled ASAP

Popular steaming powerhouse, Netflix, has released hundreds of original series and films since 2013.

Popular steaming powerhouse, Netflix, has released hundreds of original series and films since 2013, when House of Cards became the first TV Show to be coined a "Netflix Original". The company reached an all-time record in releases in 2016, when 126 titles were made available during the year. That's more than any other network or cable channel in America released, hands down. With a steady following of loyal viewers, Netflix is a popular go-to for comedies, dramas, documentaries, animation and stand-up comedy. Many of the series have become instant hits. Orange is the New Black, Making a Murderer and Narcos were amongst the Netflix pioneers that paved the way for future successes. For a very low monthly membership fee, Netflixers are treated to an ever-growing database of original programming.

But is too much of a good thing...not a good thing? It seems that the Netflix execs have reached a "hit or miss" territory. Yes, many of these Original programs are amazing. In fact, way more are hits than misses. Some, however, are just plain and simply bad. It's not  easy to navigate the always expanding collection of Originals. We know from experience that the Netflix reviews are not to be trusted. Instead of frustrating yourself scrolling through the hundreds of options, take a look at this list and you'll instantly know what to avoid. I've gone through the worst of the worst so that you don't have to. Here are the 15 Netflix Original Series That Need To Be Cancelled ASAP.

15 Fuller House

Fuller House is a special kind of bad. Yes, we loved Full House. From 1987 to 1995, it was a big part of our lives. But you know what? We were kids then. Elementary school kids who enjoyed the silliness of Uncle Jesse and didn't find Kimmy Gibbler all that annoying. Fast forward more than 2 decades into the future, and we're not feeling these characters anymore. Do we really care that D.J. Tanner is now a widowed veterinarian? The answer is "no". In fact, the only people who really like this show are tweens who never saw the original. Their generation are to blame for the renewal of this nightmare. That's right, it has been confirmed that a third season will be released later this year, ugh! The show also continues to win People's Choice and Teen Choice Awards, which doesn't help. Let's just cross our fingers that this never makes it to a fourth season. Avoid at all costs!

14 The Ranch

Am I the only person who is super over Ashton Kutcher? Sure, he was funny, charming and pretty hot for a time- but I feel like he hasn't evolved at all in almost 20 years. The guy is pushing 40 and he's still playing these dumb jock roles. I guess that's what he's good at, but it doesn't work for me anymore! Netflix decided to throw him into a role where he's dumber than ever; a ranch-raised, football player with a very unconvincing accent. I just can't. One or two episodes, sure. Danny Masterson is actually quite good in this show, which is a shame, because everyone else is subpar. This is kind of like a cross between Home Improvement and Two and a Half Men, but with way more stupidity and far less laughs. Rotten Tomatoes gave it an approval rating of 56% (see? It's not just me) but Netflix still went ahead and renewed this atrocity for a second season. Skip it.

13 Haters Back Off

OK, I swear I gave Haters Back Off a fair chance. I really wanted to like it, I did. So, Miranda Sings was already a developed character/internet personality that I had no previous knowledge of. YouTube personality Colleen Ballinger is the actress/creator of the protagonist;  a super-awkward and untalented singer/dancer/comedian/fill-in-the-blank. The whole idea is that we are supposed to find it funny to watch Miranda basically suck at life. The show is centered around her narcissistic belief that she is wonderfully talented. The result? Pain. I actually felt uncomfortable watching this because it was so bad! Again, Rotten Tomatoes is with me. With a rating of 47%, I'm hardly exaggerating how awful this show is. Save your time and blacklist this one. Not even worth watching on a sick day. I can't believe this was renewed.

12 Lovesick

Lovesick wasn't totally terrible, but it shouldn't have been renewed. Originally released on Channel 4 Network in the United Kingdom,  Netflix picked this up in 2016 and, for some reason, decided to renew it for a third season. The show focuses entirely on main character Dylan's sex life, in the wake of being diagnosed with an STD. In a panic, he has to contact his former bedmates and notify them of his condition. The first season was kind of fun; the flashback stories were amusing and cute. But after just 6 episodes (season 1 was not very long), the storyline is already exhausted. We get it. We don't need to watch you call more women and tell them that you have chlamydia. Most of the show is not credible (how does this very average guy get so many women?!) which makes it less entertaining. Watch only as a last resort.

11 Flaked

Here's another show that fell way below my expectations, sadly. Will Arnett is usually great, and so I had high hopes for Flaked! The first season revolves around Arnett's character, Chip, who falls for his best friend's love interest. The plot is immature and uninspiring, focusing way too much attention on surfer-type 40-somethings and their hurt feelings. I can appreciate that there are some components of Flaked that work. 60% of Chip's character is well-developed (he's a recovering alcoholic who is dealing with the realities of a failed marriage) but unfortunately, it's not enough to carry this show into watchable territory. Too bad. Will Arnett is really dreamy and Venice Beach is a great location for a show. I just can't bring myself to care enough about the development of the storyline.

10 Marseille

Marseille is the first French Original series released on Netflix, and I can't stress how disappointed I am with it. First off, Gerard Depardieu is one of my all-time favorite actors. I live for French cinema. Marseille is actually an embarrassment to the talented cast. So where do we begin? The show is just so incredibly Americanized, robbing the viewers of an authentically European experience. It's basically like watching Scandal, but with French-speaking people who don't quite get it. It's no surprise that the show was very badly criticized in France. In a way, it's a mockery of the French culture, albeit an unintentional one. Despite it being an all around epic flop, the series was renewed for a second season, scheduled to hit Netflix later this year.

9 Between

Between is a Canadian-produced science fiction series that was originally released on City network. Outside of Canada, the series is distributed by Netflix as an Original. The story follows a town plagued by a mysterious disease that kills everyone over the age of 22 years old. Despite having a reasonably interesting premise, the show lacks depth and the acting is subpar. The main character, Wiley Day (played by Jennette McCurdy) is the only "close to A-lister" making this feel more like an after-school special than a Netflix Original. The series has been around for two seasons, and a third is "pending". Based on the reviews, let's hope that Between stays buried. This show is not worth a watch - please cancel!

8 Chelsea

Who at Netflix decided to give Chelsea Handler her own docu-series (Chelsea Does) AND a talk show (Chelsea)? Why do we need so much of this woman? The answer is: we don't. We've already seen her stand-up routines. She can be funny, at times, but too much Chelsea is not good for anyone. I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with her. While I can appreciate her brash, in-your-face personality, it's exactly that that turns me off of her. It seems like Chelsea is more concerned with being shocking than with being authentic. It would be refreshing to see her give up the act from time to time, but unfortunately, this show is filled with cheesy one-liners, crude jokes and sexual banter. She has some great guests, but unfortunately, isn't a great host.

7 Sense8

Sense8 is one of those shows that might be considered good to someone who really likes science-fiction. Unfortunately, I do not fall into that category, so I stand with those who wouldn't be sad to see this Original leave Netflix. The premise is that 8 complete strangers suddenly have the power to tap into each other's brains, feelings, emotions and languages. They remain connected to each other throughout the series. It's a cool concept...I guess...I just can't find pleasure in this type of show, unfortunately. A little too far out for me! Most critics agreed that the pace of the show was extremely slow, although the second season (set to be released in May, 2017) is supposed to be better. Who knows. I won't be watching to find out.

6 Grace and Frankie

Grace and Frankie is a Netflix comedy starring Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin, as Grace and Frankie, two besties who are ready to embrace their retirement. That is, until their respective husbands' profess that they are in love...with each other. Forced to live with each other, Grace and Frankie go through all the ups and downs one would expect when one's husband suddenly comes out of the closet in his 60's. The premise alone is comical, but the show misses the mark. Too many forced laughs. While I can appreciate that the show is a pioneer for seniors, it's just not for me. Perhaps we are just so over-exposed to young, hot actors that seeing oldies on screen is off-putting. I don't know. I just can't sit through an entire episode, let alone 3 seasons! Why, Netflix?

5 Hemlock Grove

In all fairness, Hemlock Grove has been cancelled already. It still deserves a spot though, because it might've been the absolute worst show that was ever broadcast on Netflix as an Original Series. Based on the novel by Brian McGreevy, this horror-thriller show was such an epic flop. It was highly anticipated, due to the success of the novel, and the collaboration of horror master Eli Roth. Despite having great "bones", and a huge initial viewing upon its release, Hemlock Grove ultimately secured a rating of only 46% on Metacritic. Shockingly, it managed to remain in production for three entire seasons before being axed. The third season wrapped up in 2016, and most of us were able to forget this atrocity. It remains viewable on Netflix, so make sure to avoid this when  selecting your next binge.

4 Marco Polo

Marco Polo was one of the biggest atrocities to hit Netflix. Yes, it has been cancelled, but again, it sucked so much that you need to be warned not to watch it. The idea was to make an epic historical drama, but ultimately, the series turned into a huge flop, resulting in a $200 million loss for Netflix. Marco Polo received a shockingly low score of 24% on Rotten Tomatoes, ranking it  the lowest Netflix Original series of all time. Way to go, Netflix! Unfortunately, the show had potential to be a huge hit. Historical dramas have previously become blockbusters, but Marco Polo just didn't have what it took to be a hit. Luckily, Netflix canned it before they lost even more money, avoid if you see this in your Originals list! It's really not good.

3 Cooked

With the amount of cooking programs available to us (on Netflix alone there are tons of documentaries) Cooked leaves little to be desired. It's not terrible, it's just a little boring and redundant. The 4-episode first season takes us through the history of cooking. Host Michael Pollan brings us on a culinary journey that explains how the four elements (fire, air, water and earth) shaped cooking over the generations. He provides a critique of our nutritional ignorance; pointing out how ingredients have become saturated with chemicals and robbed of healing properties in the last 50 or so years. The problem is, we already know this stuff. It's repetitive and subsequently not super pleasurable to watch. No  one really wants to watch 4 hours of this guy telling us how bad our decisions are, right? Skip it. It's pending renewal but hopefully Netflix will nix it.

2 Chasing Cameron

Chasing Cameron is a Netflix Original reality TV show that follows the life and times of Cameron Dallas. Who? That's right, Cameron Dallas. He's a social media guru and modern-day entrepreneur who rose to fame with his Vine videos. The 22 year old proves that you can make it big at any age, just by having the right following online. Although the show would probably make for a good 1-hour special, Netflix decided to turn this into a 10-episode season (very unnecessary). The result is following Cameron around on his "tours", watching him and his crew have 20-something-year-old meltdowns, and a lot of really bad clothing and hair choices. I didn't know who this kid was before, and I don't really want to follow up. Peace out. Not for me.

1 Chelsea Does

Chelsea Does gets the final spot on this list. A totally ridiculous documentary focusing on Chelsea Handler's take on a plethora of subjects (online adultery sites, views on marriage and relationships, drug addiction, etc). It's fine if you care about Chelsea Handler's position on these subjects, but if you don't, might as well skip this Netflix special. You can get the same material from pretty much any of her stand-up comedy specials. Only slightly better than her talk show, this special is currently pending renewal. Unless you are a die-hard Chelsea fan, you probably won't love this, so avoid it unless all other options have been exhausted.

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