15 Nerdy AF Celebs That Are Also Smoking Hot

There’s nothing better than finding a girl that can rock your world and then talk to you about cool stuff when all the fun is over. Maybe someone you can just hang out with all night long playing video games. Going out partying every other night is not the ideal plan for everyone, there are many of us who would rather stay at home reading some books, binge watching shows, studying, or even pwning some noobs in World of Warcraft.

Some celebrities are known for their beauty. I don’t know any of them but I assume not many stars would really enjoy gaming every night or studying on a weekend. Most of them are mainly focusing on how they look like all the time, or on meeting other super-hot celebs and talk to them about the next best vegan diet or something. Despite all of this, there are some babes that are the best of both worlds.

Many of the girls on this list don’t really take their celebrity status too seriously and instead focus on better things to invest their time in. Whether it's spending their weekends raiding with their guild online, speaking many languages at a very advanced level, or simply getting into some of the best schools money can buy, these girls have made the best out of their lives while continuing to be the at the top of what they do. It doesn’t hurt that they’re ridiculously hot, either. These are the kind of girls everybody tries to find, because they know those are the ones you can actually talk to, have as a best friend, and if you’re lucky enough, snatch them as a partner for life.

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15 Kate Beckinsale

Kate Beckinsale is the most flawless actress on the planet. Apart from being incredibly funny and having a geeky/naughty sense of humor, Kate has the looks, the smart, and the accent that would blow any dude away.

Kate Beckinsale can look like pretty uptight from afar, but she actually seems really fun to be around. If you check out her Instagram, you'll find many penis-related jokes and pictures of her funny animals on her feed. The facts that the Underworld star has a great sense of humor and is a total bombshell aren’t the only reasons she’s on this list. Kate Beckinsale is also an exceedingly good writer and has won the W.H. Smith young competition twice during her teens back in England. As if all that wasn’t enough, Kate studied Literature in Oxford and can speak fluent German, Russian, and French. In my personal opinion, I think it's safe to say that Kate should win the award for the hottest nerd on Earth.

14 Kristen Bell

Kristen Bell is the absolute cutest. Even though you kind of hated her in Forgetting Sarah Marshall because she played the girl who broke Jason Segel’s heart, the real-life Kristen is totally different. She is really funny and has starred in cult classics like Fanboys. She even had a role in the geek favorite show: Heroes. This beautiful actress has also voiced characters for the Assassins Creed video game series and is known to love Comic Con attendees. She says that it’s not only because of the geekiness but because people who go there are cool enough to be different than the rest. What a babe.

Kristen is married to Dax Shepard, another geeky actor, and together they make the funniest celeb couple in history. They are constantly making public jokes about each other and sharing their hilarious feuds with the world. They even make their own funny music videos on their trips and post them on youtube. Seriously, if you guys haven’t seen their video for Toto’s Africa, do it now and thank me later.

13 Natalie Portman

via blogspot.com

When it comes to academic success, few A-listers can compare to Natalie Portman. The Israel-born actress graduated from Harvard in psychology and even skipped the premier of her movie Star Wars: Episode I so she could study for her high school finals. She has always been attracted to science. While still in high school, she co-wrote a scientific paper alongside other scientists. Together, they entered the prestigious Inter Science Talent Search where they reached the semifinals. She is also a published researcher in the psychology field.

Apart from being incredibly stunning and academically driven, Portman has also mastered many languages, including Spanish, German, French, and Japanese, in addition to Hebrew. Apart from English, the Academy Award-winning actress has been said to have a conversational level in all 5 of those languages. We can certainly say that Portman has the looks and the smarts. Apart from acting, she usually takes part in activist groups against terrorism and is a well-known animal rights advocate.

12 Mila Kunis

Nowadays, Mila Kunis may be too occupied raising her kids and being a super cool wife to Ashton Kutcher, but the beautiful Ukrainian-born actress was once a huge World of Warcraft addict. You might have forgotten that the That’s 70’s Show actress used to date Macaulay Culkin. Together they would play the popular online game for hours.

Mila Kunis has stated that she was so hooked on the game she had to quit it entirely in order to have a life and keep doing gigs. I know how you feel Mila, World of Warcraft is probably the most addictive game ever to have existed. Now she says she enjoys Call of Duty a lot, which is maybe a better choice since it’s less time-consuming. Guys have loved Mila Kunis since her early days, and after Forgetting Sarah Marshall she probably became their biggest crush. It might come as a surprise to know that she is also the voice of the geeky unlovable character Meg on Family Guy every week.

11 Emma Watson

Although she’s not the only nerdy Emma, since Emma Roberts and Emma Stone are both geeky and pretty as well, Watson is arguably the prettiest and the nerdiest. In a good way of course.

The 26-year-old British actress rose to fame in the Harry Potter movie series where she played Hermione, the know-it-all wizard with crazy hair that later turned out to be totally hot. This reminds you why you always have to be friends with the nerdy girl in school.

I’m assuming Hermione isn’t a far stretch different from the real-life Emma. In a recent interview, it was revealed that Watson knew the script for the movies so well, that she knew all the lines of her costars, and would always ruin takes because she mouthed the words her fellow actors were saying during a scene. The actress, who most recently starred as Belle in Beauty and the Beat, is also incredibly smart. She attended Oxford University and is now one of the most prominent advocates for female rights in the world.

10 Allison Brie

Guys fell in love with Allison Brie when she played Annie on Community, the straight A’s, geeky girl who had an everlasting crush on Jeff during the whole six seasons. Guys and even most girls have fantasized about her being their cute girlfriend with a sexy side. Allison Brie is one of those girls who knows is cute, but that doesn’t stop her from just trying to be one of the boys and having fun. That’s why everyone loves her. During her high school days, she worked as a clown for kids’ birthdays and went by the name of Sunny. Later, in college, the Mad Men star would go naked into the yard of her dorm and swing from a tree just to cheer her roommates up. I don’t know if that’s a geeky joke or just hot.

Today, Annie -err I mean Allison – has put those naked days behind her, and in 2017 she wed her boyfriend of many years, fellow funnyman Dave Franco.

9 Adrianne Curry

Winner of the first season of America’s Next Top Model, Adrianne Curry wouldn’t strike you as a geek at first glance, but when you get to know her better, you can tell she’s a total nerd. This beautiful model has become a regular at Comic-Con, wearing many costumes including her usual Princess Leia and Imperial Officer garments. As always, she looks super sexy and rocks all those costumes. Knowing most of the guys that go to Comic-Con, they must go crazy over her.

Asides from that, Adrianne Curry is the ultimate World of Warcraft player, too. She’s not just some noob you can gank while riding your mount in Azeroth, she’s actually badass. She used to be in a hardcore raiding guild in the game and went by the name of Melkorsangel. She has even convinced her significant others to play with her. Man, I should show her my character in WoW and maybe she’d notice me then (winky face).

8 Rosario Dawson

via wallpaper4desk.tk

There are many nerdy celebs, but few of them can say they have their own comic book series. A few years ago Rosario Dawson started a comic book series called Occult Crimes Taskforce and it looks awesome. The series has 4 issues and it follows some fictional police officers who are on the hunt for practitioners of magic around New York City. The actress, known for her roles in Rent, Sin City, and other popular movies, created the comic book along with two other people and it has garnered quite a cult following.

As if being incredibly beautiful and writing her own comic book series wasn’t enough, Rosario is also a huge Star Trek fan. She can speak Klingon fluently, and if asked on the subject, she will show you how well she knows the language. She has also stated that when she gets her hands on a holodeck, nobody will ever see her again.

7 Jennifer Connelly

You guys know her from her roles in A Beautiful Mind, Blood Diamond, Requiem for a Dream, and other brilliant movies. She has probably won you over in all of them. Who wouldn’t fall in love with her, she’s always super cool and looks like the smartest girl in every room she walks into. Well, the truth is she not only looks smart, she is pretty nerdy in real life as well.

The Oscar-winning actress is married to Paul Bettany, another celeb who's very smart, although he has previously said that his accent helps him sound a lot more sophisticated than he actually is. They wed in 2003 and have started a family since then. Connelly studied at Yale and Stanford., and speaks both Italian and French fluently. Connelly was also named Amnesty International Ambassador for Human Rights Education in 2005 and has appeared in many advertisements addressing the importance of clean water in our planet. In addition to that, she sought donations for the multinational non-profit organization named Charity: Water. Keep on rocking on Jennifer.

6 Lucy Liu

OK, I have to admit that I got a weakness for Lucy Liu. She was awesome in Charlie’s Angels, and I always remember her as princess Pei Pei since I’m a super fan of Shanghai Noon. That movie is awesome!. Lucy just looks like a very cool chick and you can tell she’s got the smarts to back it up. When she was young, she studied the martial art of kali-eskrima-silat, so you know she can kick your ass, too.

Growing up in Queens, Lucy was raised in a Mandarin speaking home and started learning English at the age of 5. Liu later attended New York University and then transferred to the University of Michigan, where she earned a bachelor’s degree in Asian languages and culture. She speaks five languages fluently. Apart from acting, Lucy is an accomplished artist. She started publishing her work under her Chinese name and later held some exhibitions of her paintings, donating her share of the profits to UNICEF.

5 Zooey Deschanel

via sharenator.com

Zooey Deschanel could actually be the spokesperson for geeky celebs. For one, she was married to Ben Gibbard, the lead vocalist of the indie band Death Cab for Cutie. Ok, that’s probably more hipster than geeky, but we’ll take it. She’s also allergic to eggs, dairy, and wheat gluten. Totally nerdy, right?

This hot momma is pretty funny, too. If you haven’t seen her on FOX’s New Girl, you should hop on that train as soon as possible. In the show, she plays Jess Day, a character that seems to be very much like Zooey's real self. Jess is a somewhat awkward teacher that gets caught up in very uncomfortable situations with her roommates. Guys all over the world fall in love with Jess and her big blue eyes because she’s just so darn pretty. This cute actress is also one of the lead vocalists for the indie duo She & Him and has shown off her singing talent in many movies and advertisements.

4 Marina Orlova

This Russian bombshell moved to the U.S to pursue a career in modeling, but after being told she was too short, she has made a living making useful youtube videos that teach you the meaning of complicated words and its origins. The internet sensation and creator of the channel HotFotWords has two degrees in philology, a career that studies the origins of words. It’s true, there are tons of hot girls trying to make a name for themselves on the popular platform, but few have the smarts to back up their beauty like Marina does, and she has taken full advantage of that fact. I don’t think I’ll ever use the word “floccinaucinihilipilification”, but watching her explain to me what it means, I really can’t complain.

Since she started HotForWords, Marina has become a total celeb and has started other channels like HotForNutrition. In 2012, she started Bankrate.com, a popular website that helps you with your finances and explains many complicated economic terms to its clients.

3 Katee Sackhoff

via followingthenerd.com

She is Howard’s dream girl in The Big Bang Theory, and while I’m not a big fan of the show, I can understand his sentiments completely. Katee is mostly known for starring as Captain Kara “Starbuck” Thrace on the popular Sci-Fi series Battlestar: Galactica, but her geeky resume doesn’t stop there. She starred in Riddick and is also a very prominent voice actor, taking part in animated series like Star Wars: Clone Wars, and many characters on Robot Chicken. Not only that, as a gamer, she also voiced a female character in Halo 3, another kickass game.

As if all that wasn’t enough, she also appears regularly in Comic-Con, and has been dating Karl Urban since 2014, known forever by Lord of the Rings fans as Eomer. Most geeky guys would go nuts just by knowing any girl that plays Halo or who even knows about Comic-Con, and that’s why Katee is the perfect girl for them.

2 Alexis Knapp

Alexis is one of those girls who looks so bad, you can’t help but be attracted to her. You may have seen her for the first time when she appeared as the hot party girl in Project X, but Alexis is a total nerd, and proud of it, too. The actress is well-known for appearing in the Pitch Perfect movies and is arguably one of the sexiest girls alive. She’s also a hardcore gamer, or well, maybe ex-hardcore gamer. Many girls in this list have seen the consequences of playing too much World of Warcraft, and Alexis is no exception. She used to play a lot a few years back and even took part in the ranked Player Versus Player mode the game has. She must’ve dialed it back now that she has a daughter, but she still loves everything related to science and gaming. She also used to post many nerdy jokes on Instagram related to the galaxy, and I couldn’t understand any of them. I guess some geeks are just not on her level.

1 Olivia Munn

via dreadcentral.com

Olivia is known for being one of the hosts of the popular series Attack of the Show! that aired on G4. The live TV series would review new technology, preview video games, and talk about almost anything relevant to pop culture at the time. She was a great co-host because you could tell she really loved all that stuff. The actress also starred in the series Newsroom and had guest roles in many series. In one of her latest projects, she played as a sexy mutant in X-Men: Apocalypse. The movie wasn’t that great, but Olivia looked pretty hot in her mutant costume.

This stunning actress doesn’t really embrace the term nerd or geek and thinks that everyone has enough technological knowledge nowadays to be classified as one. Olivia is known to love first person shooter games and says she would love to invest in hoverboards when they start coming out.

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